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胡敏读故事记单词 体面的入场中

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  [00:00.00]amass-ancestor Animal testing
[00:05.69]"It was always my ambition to be a research analyst1"
[00:10.95]studying amphibian2 anatomy3 for the benefit of mankind."
[00:17.11]Said Dr.Cull4 to the high school students touring the laboratory.
[00:23.28]"My ancestors were all scientists and my father taught me"
[00:28.92]that it is simply amazing
[00:32.57]to appreciate all of the anatomical detail in each creature.
[00:38.22]There is nothing amorphous5 about them.
[00:42.95]I also hope that through my research
[00:47.20]we can understand the impacts of our society on these creatures
[00:52.98]so that we can know how to ameliorate environmental problems
[00:58.93]and amend6 our wrongs.
[01:02.38]Frogs,for example, are an indicator7 of environmental pollution"
[01:08.75]"You are very ambitious,Dr.Cull."
[01:13.80]A bright, amber-haired girl said.
[01:17.77]"So you are looking for analogies between animals and humans?"
[01:23.72]"Yes,and there are already ample findingsamid the analogues8 we already have."
[01:31.09]We know much about how anesthetics work,
[01:36.65]for example,based on clinical trials with rats."
[01:41.69]"Ooowww.I disagree with using animals for tests!"
[01:47.47]Another student suddenly said.
[01:51.12]"Some people think"
[01:54.08]that the ethics9 of using animals for testing are fairly ambiguous.
[02:00.01]But the amount of knowledge we have amassed10 about health,
[02:05.57]vaccines,antibiotics etc.is incredible.
[02:11.42]Many of your daily amenities11 are based on results from animal research.
[02:17.90]There is really nothing amateurish12 or careless about animal testing."
[02:25.16]Replied the Doctor.
[02:28.04]"But I've seen videos"
[02:33.50]of the amateur conditions in different research facilities
[02:38.75]and things look pretty bad for animals."
[02:42.72]Interjected yet another high school student.
[02:47.16]"I see we've hit on an interesting topic."
[02:51.52]Let's step into this conference room and discuss this further."
[02:56.59]ancient-apparatus13 Animation14 announcement
[03:03.95]Welcome to the 23rd Annual Animation Anniversary.
[03:09.70]I'm Dick Proctor your host for the evening
[03:14.74]and I'd like to open with a couple of words about recent developments.
[03:17.62]首先我想 简单介绍一下最近的发展情况,
[03:20.49]I don't have any funny anecdotes15 like I did last year;
[03:26.55]I got myself in enough trouble with a of couple of those.
[03:31.62]But you'll get plenty of comedy with our main speaker,
[03:36.48]Mr.Jerry Sprainer.
[03:39.72]I'm first proud to say that we have had appalling16 success
[03:45.07]in computer animation over this past year.
[03:49.83]Tiny boxes on our tables called computers
[03:54.48]have replaced ancient techniques animation.
[03:59.54]Tools we used ten years ago are on display at the local museum.
[04:05.71]Drawing apparatus from five years ago
[04:11.27]are collector's items with the status of antiques.
[04:16.31]And that device I used last week has already tripled in price!
[04:21.90]Some antagonism17 still remains18
[04:26.03]among a few an old-timers that we all still love,honor and respect,
[04:32.80]but we all anticipate a bright future for animation on computers.
[04:39.25]Anyway,I would now like to announce
[04:43.40]the beginning of a new animation movie project set in the Antarctic
[04:49.96]that will continue to merge19 traditional and computer animation.
[04:55.42]This project has full funding,will test even newer technology
[05:01.66]and,while the story is still only anecd-otal anticipation20 is great.
[05:08.22]We hope to annihilate21 other movies released in competition
[05:14.10]with this project at the box office.
[05:18.25]Anyhow,if there are no further announcements,
[05:22.98]and before they pull me off the stage,
[05:26.92]I would like to introduce our main speaker,
[05:31.18]a man for whom there is no apathy22, Mr.Jerry Sprainer.
[05:36.64]apparent-arable23 Apprentice24 interview
[05:44.08]"Well Jim, you can approach my desk now."
[05:48.66]I have done an appraisal25 of your application to be my apprentice,
[05:54.22]and I have a few questions for you.
[05:57.98]You don't seem to have any apparent experience
[06:02.74]in working with large aquatic26 appliances.
[06:07.31]You do know that the aquariums27 I clean and make
[06:12.27]are not for goldfish or restaurant shelves,right?"
[06:17.52]"Ummm.You mean you can put minnows in them too?"
[06:23.16]"No.I mean they put sharks, manta rays, whales, and seals in them!"
[06:30.92]Well,I applaud your effort
[06:36.07]and appreciate your coming across town for this interview,
[06:40.93]but you don't have the experience or aptitude28
[06:45.68]that is usually required for this type of apprenticeship29.
[06:50.83]I just can't approve hiring you."
[06:55.19]"Thank you sir."
[06:58.04]I am very appreciative30 of your apt assessment31 of my qualifications.
[07:04.10]But I believe you are wrong
[07:07.47]and I would like to appeal,uhhh,to you
[07:12.22]to give me approval to at least be your apprentice
[07:16.95]for an approximate test period.
[07:20.71]I know I don't know anything about aquariums.
[07:25.47]I don't even know an approximate amount of information about them!
[07:30.93]I come from the desert where arable land is a rare thing.
[07:37.38]But that's why I came to California, to work with water, sir.
[07:44.14]And I know you approve of determination.
[07:49.29]Well sir,I have that and I hope you will give me a try."
[07:55.64]"Hmmm.Okay Jimmy, I'll take a risk and give you a try."
[08:02.27]I will appoint you for a three-month test period.
[08:08.02]We'll take a look at how you're doing in three months and go from there."
[08:14.08]"Thank you sir! You won't be disappointed!"
[08:18.23]arbitrary-ascertain32 An ancient arena33
[08:27.66]Welcome you students to this site.
[08:32.39]Based on the archaeological evidence and artifacts we have found so far,
[08:38.95]we can ascertain that there was once a great arena here.
[08:44.23]Those arches over there were the main entrances
[08:49.79]and these articles that we found over there
[08:54.36]is the type once worn by gladiators.
[08:58.41]Take a look at them. The color is still bright
[09:04.08]because none of the dyes used then were artificial;
[09:09.72]they were well processed and obviously permanent.
[09:14.27]Now if we look at the land closer
[09:20.43]we can see that the area where the land slopes up
[09:25.47]is where the gladiators would ascend34
[09:29.31]to greet the leader of the tournament.
[09:32.87]For many gladiators that was their last ascent35 ever,
[09:38.32]they would never arise again.
[09:41.88]This array of arbitrary items and weapons
[09:47.44]found here in the center of the arena
[09:51.28]arouses the idea in me that the battle was arduous36.
[09:56.72]Note how many are broken.
[10:00.16]We can also see from these seeds that we can detect in lower layers of the soil,
[10:08.34]that aromatic37 spices were used as part of the celebration
[10:14.40]and spread throughout the arena.
[10:18.16]This area was quite dry even back then,
[10:23.31]these seeds must have come from a much more arboreal38 area.
[10:29.19]Other similar archaeological sites
[10:33.34]have seeds and artifacts from as far as the arctic region.
[10:38.98]You may wonder why I can be so articulate
[10:44.34]confident and ardent39 about this information.
[10:48.78]Well,I'm not being arrogant40,
[10:52.90]this area was simply a main artery41 of civilization
[10:58.57]and there are many other similar sites that I have researched
[11:04.22]all of my life.
[11:06.96]ascribe-astonish An asteroid42
[11:12.18]When the aspiring43 young man tried to assert his opinion
[11:19.03]that an asteroid was going to destroy Earth the following year,
[11:24.67]he was astonished to be kicked out of his association.
[11:30.73]He thought he had assessed the situation clearly,
[11:35.98]but he had been wrong to thinkthat the assorted44
[11:41.23]gentlemen would believe his core assumptions.
[11:46.30]He tried to give assurances of their accuracy,
[11:52.05]but the verbal assault on his theory made him feel
[11:57.32]as if he had been assassinated45.
[12:01.16]As he walked out of the building he saw that his most valuable asset,
[12:09.03]-his car, had been stolen.
[12:13.00]With his aspirations46 crushed even further
[12:18.64]he walked home to assemble what was left of his life.
[12:23.78]He just couldn't stop thinking
[12:27.73]that those men to whom he had ascribed such wisdom
[12:33.48]were unable to assume an open mind to consider other ideas.
[12:39.51]He had aspired47 so much for their respect,
[12:45.07]to become assimilated with them.
[12:48.60]The aspect of this experience that would stay with him the most, however,
[12:54.84]was the humiliation48.
[12:58.19]But the day was not over yet.
[13:04.07]As he turned the corner to his home he began to see the ash in the air.
[13:10.41]When he looked up he saw that his house had been burned down.He was numb49.
[13:17.78]Luckily the neighbors came over,
[13:22.22]put their arms around him
[13:25.88]and assisted him to a nearby home to rest.
[13:30.74]When the assessor came in to tell him that he didn't have fire insurance,
[13:36.80]the young man went white.
[13:40.27]When he was found dead the next morning,
[13:44.92]the neighbors pooled together money to pay for his funeral.
[13:49.96]The association promptly50 forgot him.
[13:54.93]They only remembered him 10 months later
[13:59.37]when the whole world saw with their own eyes
[14:03.94]that an asteroid was heading straight for earth.
[14:08.09]astound-authoritative51 An auction52
[14:17.63]Before we start today's auction
[14:21.75]let me remind all participants
[14:25.72]that experts who are authoritative in their fields have authenticatedeach item.
[14:33.38]Tax attorneys will also be present at the end of the auction
[14:39.91]to answer all tax and audit54 questions.
[14:44.66]Please note that you can view close-ups of each item
[14:51.04]on the audiovisual equipment attached to walls throughout the room.
[14:56.89]Please keep the volume of the headsets just audible,however,
[15:03.65]as not to disturb your neighbor.
[15:07.31]I am now honored to say
[15:10.47]that all auguries55 for this auction are excellent. Let us begin!
[15:17.13]Our first item is an authentic53 atlas56 of the stars
[15:22.70]drawn by a famous astronomer57 in the year 1414.
[15:28.76]We were astounded58 to have this item be available to you all.
[15:34.64]Are there any bids?
[15:37.48]Ah yes,we start the bidding with the audacious former astronaut,
[15:43.44]Buck Williams,at $ 25,000. Any others? Thank you, sir.
[15:51.01]The bid is at $30,000.
[15:54.96]Now we have $35,000 from the famous athlete Cal Ripken.
[16:01.52]Yes sir, $ 38,000. Others?
[16:06.79]And again from Mr.Williams we have $40,000.Any others?
[16:13.95]Mr.Ripken you have attained59 the item of your choice.
[16:18.81]The atlas is yours for $42,000.
[16:23.54]I sense a slight asymmetry60 with your purchasing this item.
[16:28.87]I was sure Mr.Williams would want to augment61 his collection,
[16:34.43]but I guess your competitive attribut-es got the best of him this time.
[16:40.18]But this is not an audition62 for who can compete the best, Mr.Williams.
[16:47.26]Congratulations ! Now let us move to the next item in the auction.
[16:53.92]authority-badminton After the avalanche63
[17:03.58]Mick averted64 his eyes
[17:08.83]from the reflection of the sun bouncing off the Badge of the ski patrol captain.
[17:15.70]"I don't know how it happened for sure." He said."
[17:20.25]"I was walking up the mountain along the southern axis65"
[17:25.21]looking for alpine66 Bacteria
[17:29.18]when I became aware of movement in the background.
[17:33.94]Then,when I saw the avalanche I froze. It was an automatic response.
[17:41.69]Luckily it missed me,but there must have been some kind of Backlash
[17:48.04]because I was swept off my feet onto my backbone67 by something.
[17:53.82]By then I woke up and you were here."
[17:57.76]"Well you're lucky you're okay." Answered the captain."
[18:03.40]"Others have been less fortunate."
[18:06.93]Here,you can use my auxiliary68 skis to help you get down the mountain.
[18:13.80]They're all I have available,
[18:17.25]unless you want to try to walk down on a pair of badminton rackets.
[18:23.20]Anyhow,you shouldn't come in this area again without being authorized69.
[18:29.86]This is an autonomous70 managed region
[18:35.51]and local authorities are real hard-core about their autonomy.
[18:41.25]In addition, they have noted71 that temperatures thisyear are higher than average.
[18:48.33]This increases the risk of avalanches72.
[18:53.37]They don't have many avenues to spread this information and warn people
[19:00.32]because the only way to get here is via aviation.
[19:05.65]Their attempts to warn potential visitors were to no avail for you,
[19:12.42]unfortunately,but they are starting to automate73 a process
[19:18.58]for obtaining permits for others.
[19:22.63]This will be a method for them to give weather warnings."
[19:27.46]"Thanks." Mick said as he strapped74 on the skis."
[19:33.03]"It's a beautiful area.I'll be Back for sure."
[19:37.39]baffle-battery A balcony with a view
[19:47.24]Dr.Martin watched the preparation for the banquet from the balcony.
[19:54.89]His wife had banished75 him from helping76 because it was in his honor.
[20:00.64]He wiped the sweat from his Bald head in frustration77, however,
[20:06.60]because he loved to bake and run the barbeque himself,
[20:11.56]even as he loved to manage thedistribution of barrels of beer to the bar.
[20:17.23]As he leaned on the barrier he heard a bark
[20:21.67]and turned to look towards the river.
[20:25.33]Another barge78 was floating by loaded upwith old,discarded car batteries.
[20:32.27]A recent ballot79 to ban putting the trash in a local garbage dump
[20:37.84]had failed
[20:40.48]and the barge was taking its baggage up the river to the next town.
[20:45.94]That city had baffled its own residents
[20:50.19]by offering to accept the trash at a Bargain rate.
[20:55.05]Apparently there was a large area of barren land
[20:59.81]that they had not been able to use.
[21:03.88]Now people marching in protest beset80 that city.
[21:09.03]More people were jumping on the bandwagon each day.
[21:14.49]The only winner was the barge company;
[21:18.64]the deal had saved them from going bankrupt.
[21:23.08]It was difficult to Balance
[21:27.24]the needs of society with its desire to protect the environment,
[21:32.70]thought the Dr. as he frowned.
[21:36.46]We just have a way of battering81 this planet
[21:41.03]even as we feel we need to live more comfortably.
[21:45.68]Dr.Martin was brought back quickly to his setting, however,
[21:51.32]when he heard a noise
[21:54.27]and looked down to see that his wife had fallen down the basement steps.
[21:59.60]He ran down to help. His banishment82 was certainly over now.


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30 appreciative 9vDzr     
  • She was deeply appreciative of your help.她对你的帮助深表感激。
  • We are very appreciative of their support in this respect.我们十分感谢他们在这方面的支持。
31 assessment vO7yu     
  • This is a very perceptive assessment of the situation.这是一个对该情况的极富洞察力的评价。
  • What is your assessment of the situation?你对时局的看法如何?
32 ascertain WNVyN     
  • It's difficult to ascertain the coal deposits.煤储量很难探明。
  • We must ascertain the responsibility in light of different situtations.我们必须根据不同情况判定责任。
33 arena Yv4zd     
  • She entered the political arena at the age of 25. 她25岁进入政界。
  • He had not an adequate arena for the exercise of his talents.他没有充分发挥其才能的场所。
34 ascend avnzD     
  • We watched the airplane ascend higher and higher.我们看着飞机逐渐升高。
  • We ascend in the order of time and of development.我们按时间和发展顺序向上溯。
35 ascent TvFzD     
  • His rapid ascent in the social scale was surprising.他的社会地位提高之迅速令人吃惊。
  • Burke pushed the button and the elevator began its slow ascent.伯克按动电钮,电梯开始缓慢上升。
36 arduous 5vxzd     
  • We must have patience in doing arduous work.我们做艰苦的工作要有耐性。
  • The task was more arduous than he had calculated.这项任务比他所估计的要艰巨得多。
37 aromatic lv9z8     
  • It has an agreeable aromatic smell.它有一种好闻的香味。
  • It is light,fruity aromatic and a perfect choice for ending a meal.它是口感轻淡,圆润,芳香的,用于结束一顿饭完美的选择。
38 arboreal jNoyf     
  • Man was evolved from an ancestor that was probably arboreal.人大概是从住在树上的祖先进化而来的。
  • Koala is an arboreal Australian marsupial.考拉是一种澳大利亚树栖有袋动物。
39 ardent yvjzd     
  • He's an ardent supporter of the local football team.他是本地足球队的热情支持者。
  • Ardent expectations were held by his parents for his college career.他父母对他的大学学习抱着殷切的期望。
40 arrogant Jvwz5     
  • You've got to get rid of your arrogant ways.你这骄傲劲儿得好好改改。
  • People are waking up that he is arrogant.人们开始认识到他很傲慢。
41 artery 5ekyE     
  • We couldn't feel the changes in the blood pressure within the artery.我们无法感觉到动脉血管内血压的变化。
  • The aorta is the largest artery in the body.主动脉是人体中的最大动脉。
42 asteroid uo1yD     
  • Astronomers have yet to witness an asteroid impact with another planet.天文学家还没有目击过小行星撞击其它行星。
  • It's very unlikely that an asteroid will crash into Earth but the danger exists.小行星撞地球的可能性很小,但这样的危险还是存在的。
43 aspiring 3y2zps     
  • Aspiring musicians need hours of practice every day. 想当音乐家就要每天练许多小时。
  • He came from an aspiring working-class background. 他出身于有抱负的工人阶级家庭。 来自辞典例句
44 assorted TyGzop     
  • There's a bag of assorted sweets on the table.桌子上有一袋什锦糖果。
  • He has always assorted with men of his age.他总是与和他年令相仿的人交往。
45 assassinated 0c3415de7f33014bd40a19b41ce568df     
v.暗杀( assassinate的过去式和过去分词 );中伤;诋毁;破坏
  • The prime minister was assassinated by extremists. 首相遭极端分子暗杀。
  • Then, just two days later, President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. 跟着在两天以后,肯尼迪总统在达拉斯被人暗杀。 来自辞典例句
46 aspirations a60ebedc36cdd304870aeab399069f9e     
强烈的愿望( aspiration的名词复数 ); 志向; 发送气音; 发 h 音
  • I didn't realize you had political aspirations. 我没有意识到你有政治上的抱负。
  • The new treaty embodies the aspirations of most nonaligned countries. 新条约体现了大多数不结盟国家的愿望。
47 aspired 379d690dd1367e3bafe9aa80ae270d77     
v.渴望,追求( aspire的过去式和过去分词 )
  • She aspired to a scientific career. 她有志于科学事业。
  • Britain,France,the United States and Japan all aspired to hegemony after the end of World War I. 第一次世界大战后,英、法、美、日都想争夺霸权。 来自《简明英汉词典》
48 humiliation Jd3zW     
  • He suffered the humiliation of being forced to ask for his cards.他蒙受了被迫要求辞职的羞辱。
  • He will wish to revenge his humiliation in last Season's Final.他会为在上个季度的决赛中所受的耻辱而报复的。
49 numb 0RIzK     
  • His fingers were numb with cold.他的手冻得发麻。
  • Numb with cold,we urged the weary horses forward.我们冻得发僵,催着疲惫的马继续往前走。
50 promptly LRMxm     
  • He paid the money back promptly.他立即还了钱。
  • She promptly seized the opportunity his absence gave her.她立即抓住了因他不在场给她创造的机会。
51 authoritative 6O3yU     
  • David speaks in an authoritative tone.大卫以命令的口吻说话。
  • Her smile was warm but authoritative.她的笑容很和蔼,同时又透着威严。
52 auction 3uVzy     
  • They've put the contents of their house up for auction.他们把房子里的东西全都拿去拍卖了。
  • They bought a new minibus with the proceeds from the auction.他们用拍卖得来的钱买了一辆新面包车。
53 authentic ZuZzs     
  • This is an authentic news report. We can depend on it. 这是篇可靠的新闻报道, 我们相信它。
  • Autumn is also the authentic season of renewal. 秋天才是真正的除旧布新的季节。
54 audit wuGzw     
  • Each year they audit our accounts and certify them as being true and fair.他们每年对我们进行账务审核,以确保其真实无误。
  • As usual,the yearly audit will take place in December.跟往常一样,年度审计将在十二月份进行。
55 auguries ebd5557db998664a95132557abd09c1c     
n.(古罗马)占卜术,占卜仪式( augury的名词复数 );预兆
  • So far, the auguries look gloomy. 但迄今为止,前景似乎不容乐观。 来自互联网
56 atlas vOCy5     
  • He reached down the atlas from the top shelf.他从书架顶层取下地图集。
  • The atlas contains forty maps,including three of Great Britain.这本地图集有40幅地图,其中包括3幅英国地图。
57 astronomer DOEyh     
  • A new star attracted the notice of the astronomer.新发现的一颗星引起了那位天文学家的注意。
  • He is reputed to have been a good astronomer.他以一个优秀的天文学者闻名于世。
58 astounded 7541fb163e816944b5753491cad6f61a     
  • His arrogance astounded her. 他的傲慢使她震惊。
  • How can you say that? I'm absolutely astounded. 你怎么能说出那种话?我感到大为震惊。
59 attained 1f2c1bee274e81555decf78fe9b16b2f     
(通常经过努力)实现( attain的过去式和过去分词 ); 达到; 获得; 达到(某年龄、水平、状况)
  • She has attained the degree of Master of Arts. 她已获得文学硕士学位。
  • Lu Hsun attained a high position in the republic of letters. 鲁迅在文坛上获得崇高的地位。
60 asymmetry zyIzlK     
  • These bands must introduce longitudinal asymmetry in the planetary albedo.这些云带必定引起行星反照率的经向不对称性。
  • In any event the asymmetry is clear enough.总之,不对称是非常明显的。
61 augment Uuozw     
  • They hit upon another idea to augment their income.他们又想出一个增加收入的办法。
  • The government's first concern was to augment the army and auxiliary forces.政府首先关心的是增强军队和辅助的力量。
62 audition 8uazw     
  • I'm going to the audition but I don't expect I'll get a part.我去试音,可并不指望会给我个角色演出。
  • At first,they said he was too young,but later they called him for an audition.起初,他们说他太小,但后来他们叫他去试听。
63 avalanche 8ujzl     
  • They were killed by an avalanche in the Swiss Alps.他们在瑞士阿尔卑斯山的一次雪崩中罹难。
  • Higher still the snow was ready to avalanche.在更高处积雪随时都会崩塌。
64 averted 35a87fab0bbc43636fcac41969ed458a     
防止,避免( avert的过去式和过去分词 ); 转移
  • A disaster was narrowly averted. 及时防止了一场灾难。
  • Thanks to her skilful handling of the affair, the problem was averted. 多亏她对事情处理得巧妙,才避免了麻烦。
65 axis sdXyz     
  • The earth's axis is the line between the North and South Poles.地轴是南北极之间的线。
  • The axis of a circle is its diameter.圆的轴线是其直径。
66 alpine ozCz0j     
  • Alpine flowers are abundant there.那里有很多高山地带的花。
  • Its main attractions are alpine lakes and waterfalls .它以高山湖泊和瀑布群为主要特色。
67 backbone ty0z9B     
  • The Chinese people have backbone.中国人民有骨气。
  • The backbone is an articulate structure.脊椎骨是一种关节相连的结构。
68 auxiliary RuKzm     
  • I work in an auxiliary unit.我在一家附属单位工作。
  • The hospital has an auxiliary power system in case of blackout.这家医院装有备用发电系统以防灯火管制。
69 authorized jyLzgx     
  • An administrative order is valid if authorized by a statute.如果一个行政命令得到一个法规的认可那么这个命令就是有效的。
70 autonomous DPyyv     
  • They proudly declared themselves part of a new autonomous province.他们自豪地宣布成为新自治省的一部分。
  • This is a matter that comes within the jurisdiction of the autonomous region.这件事是属于自治区权限以内的事务。
71 noted 5n4zXc     
  • The local hotel is noted for its good table.当地的那家酒店以餐食精美而著称。
  • Jim is noted for arriving late for work.吉姆上班迟到出了名。
72 avalanches dcaa2523f9e3746ae5c2ed93b8321b7e     
n.雪崩( avalanche的名词复数 )
  • The greatest dangers of pyroclastic avalanches are probably heat and suffocation. 火成碎屑崩落的最大危害可能是炽热和窒息作用。 来自辞典例句
  • Avalanches poured down on the tracks and rails were spread. 雪崩压满了轨道,铁轨被弄得四分五裂。 来自辞典例句
73 automate oPLyy     
  • Many banks have begun to automate.许多银行已开始采用自动化技术。
  • To automate the control process of the lathes has become very easy today.使机床的控制过程自动化现已变得很容易了。
74 strapped ec484d13545e19c0939d46e2d1eb24bc     
  • Make sure that the child is strapped tightly into the buggy. 一定要把孩子牢牢地拴在婴儿车上。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The soldiers' great coats were strapped on their packs. 战士们的厚大衣扎捆在背包上。 来自《简明英汉词典》
75 banished b779057f354f1ec8efd5dd1adee731df     
v.放逐,驱逐( banish的过去式和过去分词 )
  • He was banished to Australia, where he died five years later. 他被流放到澳大利亚,五年后在那里去世。
  • He was banished to an uninhabited island for a year. 他被放逐到一个无人居住的荒岛一年。 来自《简明英汉词典》
76 helping 2rGzDc     
  • The poor children regularly pony up for a second helping of my hamburger. 那些可怜的孩子们总是要求我把我的汉堡包再给他们一份。
  • By doing this, they may at times be helping to restore competition. 这样一来, 他在某些时候,有助于竞争的加强。
77 frustration 4hTxj     
  • He had to fight back tears of frustration.他不得不强忍住失意的泪水。
  • He beat his hands on the steering wheel in frustration.他沮丧地用手打了几下方向盘。
78 barge munzH     
  • The barge was loaded up with coal.那艘驳船装上了煤。
  • Carrying goods by train costs nearly three times more than carrying them by barge.通过铁路运货的成本比驳船运货成本高出近3倍。
79 ballot jujzB     
  • The members have demanded a ballot.会员们要求投票表决。
  • The union said they will ballot members on whether to strike.工会称他们将要求会员投票表决是否罢工。
80 beset SWYzq     
  • She wanted to enjoy her retirement without being beset by financial worries.她想享受退休生活而不必为金钱担忧。
  • The plan was beset with difficulties from the beginning.这项计划自开始就困难重重。
81 battering 98a585e7458f82d8b56c9e9dfbde727d     
n.用坏,损坏v.连续猛击( batter的现在分词 )
  • The film took a battering from critics in the US. 该影片在美国遭遇到批评家的猛烈抨击。
  • He kept battering away at the door. 他接连不断地砸门。 来自《简明英汉词典》
82 banishment banishment     
  • Qu Yuan suffered banishment as the victim of a court intrigue. 屈原成为朝廷中钩心斗角的牺牲品,因而遭到放逐。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • He was sent into banishment. 他被流放。 来自辞典例句
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