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胡敏读故事记单词 令人沮丧的门厅上

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  [00:00.00]foundation-frustrating1 A frustrating foyer
[00:07.00]It was so frustrating building a home by yourself,
[00:11.86]even if the fragrant2 smell of fresh wood made him feel good,
[00:17.01]Joe thought as he went to the fridge to get a beer.
[00:21.45]"I don't know if I'll ever see this thing through to fruition."
[00:26.49]Maybe I should just hire a freelance carpenter and be done with this.
[00:31.95]But he was a little bit afraid of fraud.
[00:36.31]He had heard that some freelancers3 were not so honest.
[00:40.96]Joe walked back to the foyer where he was putting on an addition to his home
[00:47.02]He had finished the foundation several weeks earlier
[00:51.49]and was now working on the frame.
[00:55.14]He stepped over the fragments of the framework and swore to himself.
[01:00.47]His work was fraught4 with problem
[01:04.24]and he had to make frequent trips to the hardware store.
[01:09.09]The frequency of his visits was so great
[01:13.35]that the staff at the store now greeted him by name.
[01:17.90]He was sitting only a fraction of a moment
[01:22.16]when the whole frame fell apart.
[01:25.81]It had been too fragile,just as he feared.
[01:30.57]He didn't even get angry;he just got up and went to the phone.
[01:36.03]"Hello,Carpenter School?"
[01:39.79]Can you send over one of your freshers to help with some home repair?"
[01:45.74]The helper arrived the next day and immediately began to improve Joe's work.
[01:52.30]He was a frail5 guy,but he knew what he was doing.
[01:56.98]Joe,not wanting to cause any friction6 about how things should be done,
[02:02.83]even began to stand on the fringes just to let the young man work.
[02:08.57]And sure enough the foyer was done by the end of the week.
[02:13.33]Thank god for schools of education.
[02:17.27]fuel-gearThe galactic garbage collector
[02:26.02]Gus,the best garbage collector in the Galaxy7,
[02:32.58]put on his space gear and set out to clean up another galactic mess.
[02:39.35]He hated all of these star wars,but it paid his bills.
[02:44.99]Arriving at the part of space where the most recent battle had occurred,
[02:52.12]Gus put on his helmet to protect himself from fumes8,
[02:57.48]fussed over the controls of his equipment,
[03:01.45]and then decided9 to fly around to gauge10 the extent of the mess.
[03:06.80]It was always a gamble cleaning up the wreckage11 of spaceships.
[03:13.04]You never knew what was going to blow up next,
[03:17.41]but Gus made sure he was funded adequately
[03:21.85]in case of some debilitating12 accident.
[03:26.29]That type of protection was fundamental to this type of work.
[03:32.53]It would be futile13 to work otherwise.
[03:36.69]When he had gazed long enough he knew that it would be a profitable day.
[03:44.86]Several pieces could be gathered to sell
[03:49.51]and a few placed in his galactic gallery.
[03:53.77]Some might even function as replacement14 ships for his friends.
[04:00.40]The furniture inside each was definite trash;
[04:06.33]the aliens had a totally different body shape.
[04:11.01]But Gus could furnish each ship with leftovers15 from other ships.
[04:16.47]He'd fulfill16 his quota17 today and more.
[04:21.04]Gus was furious,however,
[04:26.89]to discover that there was no fuel for him to gather.But his fury subsided18
[04:34.16]when he discovered a functional19 space blaster
[04:38.73]that he knew he could sell for a large sum of space dollars.
[04:44.29]Yep,the garbage business was good.
[04:48.65]gene-glimmer20 A giant of a man
[04:58.21]"If my friends from the ghetto21 could only see me now!"
[05:03.67]Said Tom to his partner
[05:07.15]as he put his hand up to block the glimmer from the gigantic glacier22
[05:12.79]he was surveying.He was on a survey of unique geological glacial features in Antarctica
[05:22.95]using the newest geometric equipment.
[05:27.39]It was a place that he had never thought he would visit when he was a child.
[05:33.32]But then his teachers had discovered he was a genius
[05:39.07]when he was a teenager and placed him in a school for gifted students.
[05:45.55]He flourished under their care.
[05:49.68]They even took samples of his genes23
[05:54.53]so that they would be able to decipher his genome
[05:59.86]to better understand how he had such a gift.
[06:04.41]It was a glamorous24 life,playing with the newest gizmos,
[06:10.36]receiving generous funding for research and the like.
[06:15.22]And Tom had even escaped the curse of geniuses;
[06:20.19]he had remained genuine and even gentle. Everyone liked him.
[06:26.85]Tom repaid their support by making numerous discoveries
[06:32.91]that generated even more patents.
[06:37.17]He made a robot to attack germs,
[06:41.53]he programmed a camera to understand hand gestures,
[06:46.60]and now he was mapping the planet.
[06:50.15]Previous maps generalized to the nearest 10 meters.
[06:56.21]His map would go to one tenth of a meter.
[07:00.47]It would have a tremendous impact.
[07:04.31]He was a giant in his field and quite famous.
[07:09.06]But he still remembered his childhoodin the poor regions of New York.
[07:14.52]And that was where the bulk of his income went;
[07:19.07]back to improving the lives of other children.
[07:23.79]Tom wanted to give others the same chance that he had been given.
[07:29.07]That was the gist25 of his nature,
[07:32.73]and that was the good that came from the generosity26 of others.
[07:37.77]glimpse-gratify The gorgeous blonde
[07:48.95]The gorgeous blonde made her grand entrance to the delight of all.
[07:56.50]When she took her first steps from the top of the staircase
[08:02.14]and then handed her hand to her gracious host,
[08:06.50]the glitter on her cheeks reflected the flashes of cameras.
[08:12.07]Her glorious dress produced oohs and ahhs from the women.
[08:18.13]And the latest gossip about
[08:22.20]whom she was seeing was on the lips of everyone.
[08:26.64]But her heart was made of granite28 and she didn't care for any one of them.
[08:35.71]She only wanted to gratify her own desire for attention,
[08:41.46]grant a few interviews where she would be praised
[08:46.21]and then return to her room to gorge27 herself on chocolate.
[08:51.17]Her only goal was to give the public
[08:55.85]enough of a glimpse of her to leave her alone for months.
[09:01.00]No one grasped this but her sister,the brunette.
[09:07.16]She governed every aspect of the blonde's life,
[09:12.31]including her global public relations campaign,
[09:17.58]the graphic29 portrayal30 of her life
[09:21.84]and even the glossary31 that her sister used when she spoke32.
[09:26.99]It seemed to be a gloomy life for the brunette,
[09:32.55]but she was the glue that held her sister together.
[09:37.28]And the brunette felt no need to grab any attention for herself.
[09:44.75]She was grateful for her sister's fame
[09:49.61]because she could be a part of it without it becoming hers.
[09:54.47]They were both doing exactly what they wanted to do
[10:00.42]and both were happy with who they had become.
[10:05.39]It was a match made in heaven.


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adj.产生挫折的,使人沮丧的,令人泄气的v.使不成功( frustrate的现在分词 );挫败;使受挫折;令人沮丧
  • It's frustrating to have to wait so long. 要等这么长时间,真令人懊恼。
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30 portrayal IPlxy     
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31 glossary of7xy     
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32 spoke XryyC     
n.(车轮的)辐条;轮辐;破坏某人的计划;阻挠某人的行动 v.讲,谈(speak的过去式);说;演说;从某种观点来说
  • They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.他们的轮辐螺帽是从我们公司获得的。
  • The spokes of a wheel are the bars that connect the outer ring to the centre.辐条是轮子上连接外圈与中心的条棒。
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