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决胜六级听力必备 mode4

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Model Test 4    Section A
[00:03.53]1. M:It doesn't make any sense to go home for spring vacation now.
[00:08.72]W: That's right.
[00:09.69]Especially since you'll be graduating in May.
[00:12.88]Q: On what did the two speakers agree?
[00:16.30]2.Shall I bring you your coffee now or would you rather have it with your lunch?
[00:21.60]M: I'd like it now,please.
[00:23.80]Q: Where did this conversation most probably take place?
[00:28.21]3. M:Could you please explain the assignment for Monday,Miss Smith?
[00:32.89]W: Certainly. Read the chapter in your textbook
[00:36.08]and come to class preparing to discuss what you've read.
[00:39.42]Q: What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?
[00:44.54]4. W: If I were you, I'd be more careful about locking the back door at night.
[00:49.97]M: Don't worry.No one will break in.
[00:53.29]Q: What does the woman think will happen?
[00:56.76]5. W: Tickets are four dollars for adult.
[01:00.66]Children's tickets are half price.
[01:03.35]M:Okay.I'd like two adults' and two children's tickets,please.
[01:08.55]Q: How much did the man pay for the tickets?
[01:12.44]6.Did you buy a birthday present for your brother?Not yet,I've been thinking about getting him a record.
[01:20.72]He likes classical music.
[01:22.89]Q: Which record would the woman's brother like best?
[01:27.25]7. M: I hope that the bank will be open.
[01:30.83]W: The sign says: nine A.M.to five P.M. weekday
[01:35.43]nine A.M. to twelve noon on Saturdays,closed Sundays.
[01:40.75]Q: When will the bank be open on Saturday?
[01:40.75]8. W: I'm sorry,sir.
[01:43.34]Would you please spell your last name?
[01:46.14]M: Yes. It's Jensen. J-E-N-S-E-N.
[01:51.67]Q: What is the man's last name?
[01:54.60]9. M: Good morning.
[01:56.58]I'd like to speak to Mr.Adams,please.
[01:59.54]This is Edward Miller1 at the Sun Valley Health Center.
[02:03.30]W: Mr. Miller, my husband isn't at home.
[02:06.25]I can give you his business phone if you'd like to call him at work,though.
[02:06.32]Q:Where is Mr.Adams now?
[02:09.53]10. W:How much are these pillows,please?
[02:12.80]M: Four dollars each or seven dollars for the pair.
[02:16.41]Q: How much does one pillow cost?
[02:19.85]Section B
[02:21.39]Passage One
[02:22.62]By 1862 telegraph communications linked San Francisco with eastern cities
[02:29.34]and by 1869,the first transcontinental railroad connected the Pacific coast with the Atlantic seaboard.
[02:37.33]Today San Francisco has a population of almost three million.
[02:42.27]It is the financial center of the West
[02:45.17]and serves as the terminus for trans-Pacific steamship2 lines and air traffic.
[02:51.07]The port of San Francisco
[02:53.03]which is almost eighteen miles long with forty-two pier3
[02:57.42]handles between five and six million tons of cargo4 annually5.
[03:02.54]And now,if you will look to your right
[03:05.33]you should just be able to see the east section of the Golden Gate Bridge
[03:10.22]The bridge,which is more than one mile long
[03:13.27]spans the harbor from San Francisco to Marin County and the Red Wood Highwall
[03:18.92]It was completed in 1937 at a cost of thirty-two million dollars
[03:23.96]and is still one of the largest suspension bridges in the world.
[03:27.51]11. How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?
[03:31.27]12. What is the population of San Francisco today?
[03:35.71]13. How much did it cost to complete construction of the Golden Gate Bridge?
[03:41.22]Passage Two
[03:42.77]Man's first real invention
[03:44.73]and one of the most important inventions in history,was the wheel
[03:48.96]All transportation and every machine in the world depend on it.
[03:53.21]The wheel is the simplest yet perhaps the most remarkable6 of all invention
[03:58.41]Because there are no wheels in nature--no living things was ever created with wheel
[04:04.29]How,then,did man come to invent the wheel?
[04:07.29]Perhaps some early hunters found that they could roll the body on
[04:10.74]a heavy animal through the forest on logs more easily than they could carry it.
[04:16.39]However,the logs themselves weighed a lost
[04:19.89]It must have taken a great prehistoric7 thinker to imagine two thin slices on
[04:25.14]log connected at their centers by a strong stick
[04:24.14]This would roll along just as the logs did
[04:27.32]yet be much lighter8 and easier to handle.
[04:30.07]Thus the wheel and axle came into being
[04:32.81]and with them the first carts.
[04:35.29]14. Why was it remarkable of man to invent the wheel?
[04:40.65]15. According to this passage, what might be the first wheel?
[04:45.79]16. Where might the idea for the wheel have come from?
[04:50.49]Passage Three
[04:52.01]Good morning, and welcome to American studies 101
[04:52.01]I would like to begin this semester by discussing the region of the United States known as the Northeast
[04:58.64]This region includes twelve states and a small are
[05:02.01]called the District of Columbia that is the home of the national government.
[05:07.13]The Northeast is a very important part of the United States
[05:11.00]for although it covers only about six percent of the nation's geographical9 are
[05:16.25]it contains approximately one-fourth of the country's population
[05:20.64]New York,the most popular city in the United States
[05:24.66]and several other large cities are located in this region.
[05:28.01]Why are these twelve states so important.
[05:30.98]In the first place
[05:32.42]the Northeast was one of the first sections of the country to be settled by European
[05:37.80]Busy cities developed there when most of America was still a sparsely10 settled wilderness11.
[05:43.60]Many crucial events in the nation's early history took place there
[05:47.49]I'll be describing some of those events Wednesday in my second lecture.
[05:51.88]Today the Northeast is a great manufacturing and trading region
[05:56.32]Thousands of factories produce a wide variety of good
[05:59.69]and provide other regions of the country with items they need.
[06:03.66]Many large manufacturing firms have their central headquarters here.
[06:08.00]Some of the country's largest banks
[06:10.43]investment agencies,and publishing houses are found in the Northeast
[06:15.00]Several of its cities are noted12 for their museum
[06:18.94]Some of the cuntry's best known colleges and universities are also located in this region.
[06:25.03]Finally the Northeast is the principal location for much of the country's international trade
[06:31.30]In the heart of this region New York city is the home of the United Nations.
[06:36.19]17. When is the lecture probably given?
[06:40.63]18. What is this lecture mainly about?
[06:44.60]19. How is the Northeast described in the talk?
[06:48.93]20. According to the speaker why is the Northeast an important part of the Unied States today


1 miller ZD6xf     
  • Every miller draws water to his own mill.磨坊主都往自己磨里注水。
  • The skilful miller killed millions of lions with his ski.技术娴熟的磨坊主用雪橇杀死了上百万头狮子。
2 steamship 1h9zcA     
  • The return may be made on the same steamship.可乘同一艘汽船当天回来。
  • It was so foggy that the steamship almost ran down a small boat leaving the port.雾很大,汽艇差点把一只正在离港的小船撞沉。
3 pier U22zk     
  • The pier of the bridge has been so badly damaged that experts worry it is unable to bear weight.这座桥的桥桩破损厉害,专家担心它已不能负重。
  • The ship was making towards the pier.船正驶向码头。
4 cargo 6TcyG     
  • The ship has a cargo of about 200 ton.这条船大约有200吨的货物。
  • A lot of people discharged the cargo from a ship.许多人从船上卸下货物。
5 annually VzYzNO     
  • Many migratory birds visit this lake annually.许多候鸟每年到这个湖上作短期逗留。
  • They celebrate their wedding anniversary annually.他们每年庆祝一番结婚纪念日。
6 remarkable 8Vbx6     
  • She has made remarkable headway in her writing skills.她在写作技巧方面有了长足进步。
  • These cars are remarkable for the quietness of their engines.这些汽车因发动机没有噪音而不同凡响。
7 prehistoric sPVxQ     
  • They have found prehistoric remains.他们发现了史前遗迹。
  • It was rather like an exhibition of prehistoric electronic equipment.这儿倒像是在展览古老的电子设备。
8 lighter 5pPzPR     
  • The portrait was touched up so as to make it lighter.这张画经过润色,色调明朗了一些。
  • The lighter works off the car battery.引燃器利用汽车蓄电池打火。
9 geographical Cgjxb     
  • The current survey will have a wider geographical spread.当前的调查将在更广泛的地域范围內进行。
  • These birds have a wide geographical distribution.这些鸟的地理分布很广。
10 sparsely 9hyzxF     
  • Relative to the size, the city is sparsely populated. 与其面积相比,这个城市的人口是稀少的。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The ground was sparsely covered with grass. 地面上稀疏地覆盖草丛。 来自《简明英汉词典》
11 wilderness SgrwS     
  • She drove the herd of cattle through the wilderness.她赶着牛群穿过荒野。
  • Education in the wilderness is not a matter of monetary means.荒凉地区的教育不是钱财问题。
12 noted 5n4zXc     
  • The local hotel is noted for its good table.当地的那家酒店以餐食精美而著称。
  • Jim is noted for arriving late for work.吉姆上班迟到出了名。
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