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零距离美语会话[家庭]Lesson 4:International Marriage

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Four     International Marriage.


 1   Introduction
A  Perhaps more than ever before, people from very different cultures marry each other. Such intercultural  and interracial marriages have been more common in countries like America and Canada where people from all over the world live, work, and study together. These relationships often have hidden problems and surprising benefits. 
B Every marriage requires commitment1, dedication2 and work. An international / intercultural marriage requires even more attention because of the many obstacles3 that a couple faces.  The obstacles come from family, friends, personal values, expectations, and bureaucratic4 procedures5.  To overcome these barriers, intercultural couples need to learn about one another's cultures, accept that cultural roots go deep and that people don't change easily or quickly.  And most important, they need to focus on the positives and talk with one another about which traditions they want to carry on as a couple and with their children.

 2   Sample Sentences
1. I think that anyone considering marrying a foreigner needs to look at things very closely6 before doing so.
2.  Marriage to someone from a different country does require some extra effort.
3.  It can be worth the effort however.
4.  Couples have said that the first five years of this type of marriage are the hardest.
5.  The key to a successful intercultural marriage is to develop understanding and patience.
6.   It isn't easy to deal with the legacy7 that we've all grown up with in our ethnic8, religious and socio-economic backgrounds.
7.  Do you ever feel the fear of abandonment by your family, friends and your spouse9?
8.  How would you describe your intercultural marriage?
9.  Understanding the diversity of cultures and traditions in one another's past can enhance10 a marriage relationship.
10.  Although there can be many problems in these international marriage relationships, they can also be very successful.
11.  I've been married for almost 3 years, and never once regretted it.

 3   Conversations
1.   Two women are talking about intercultural marriage.
A.  You are married to a foreigner, huh?  So what’s it like?
B.  Well, the first year of our marriage, we had great difficulty getting along.  The things that are important to me are not important to him. We had a lot of conflicts1.
A.  Yeah, I know what you mean.  The first year of any marriage is difficult for all couples, not to mention two people from different cultures. 
B. And now we have a two-year-old boy.  We’re very happy that he’s healthy and smart.
A. Oh, so he’s half Chinese and half American.  That’s unusual.  What languages does he speak, then?
B. Right now he speaks mostly Chinese, and he can say a few English words.  But he will learn.
A.  What does he look like?  Can people tell?
B.  Yes, people surely can.  He’s whiter than the Chinese kids, and his hair is a little blonde.  My husband says his eyes are very Chinese though.


1. An interculture couple are talking about relatives visiting without warning.
A:  Well, I can’t believe your uncle and aunt came to stay with us for a week, and they did not even call us in advance2.
B:  John, they are old-fashioned11 people from the Chinese countryside. That’s their custom.
A:  I know, but it is hard for me to get used to your relatives coming to visit us, and without warning.
B:  Don’t your relatives visit other relatives?
A:  Yes, but Americans never visit without calling in advance, and they almost never stay overnight12.
B:  I think that maybe Chinese families are closer than your families.
A:  I think you’re right!


3.  Tired of Western food.
A:  Sally, I’m tired of this Western food. I really miss my mother’s Sichuan cooking.
B:  I’m sure you do miss that type of cooking. But can’t you try to get used to Western food?
A:  I have tried. But Americans like butter, bread, sugar, and cream too much.
B:  I suppose you’re right, Lee. Maybe that’s why so many Westerners are overweight3.
A:  It’s interesting that Americans work very hard at their jobs, do not take naps4 during the day, and yet they can be so heavy.
B:  You see, because we are often busy working, we eat too much fast food, and that food is very fattening5.


4.  Money problems.
A:  Calvin, how much money did you spend last weekend?
B:  Lily, I’m not sure. Let me check, I think I spent $50.
A:  Why don’t you help me save money? You are always spending money.
B:  I know that I should learn how to save more, but I hope that we can spend a little on ourselves sometimes.
A:  I’m sorry. I guess I’m too extreme when it comes putting money in the bank.
B:  That’s okay. I’m sorry, too. It’s a good idea to prepare for the future possibilities.


4    Words and Expressions 
1. conflict   冲突, 抵触
2. in advance  事先; 预先
3. overweight  超重的; 过重的
4. nap  打盹儿, 小睡
5. fattening   用于养肥的


1 commitment uX0zS     
  • The builder had a commitment to finish the work on time.那个承建商答应过准时完工。
  • He made a commitment to pay the rent on time.他保证按时付房租。
2 dedication pxMx9     
  • We admire her courage,compassion and dedication.我们钦佩她的勇气、爱心和奉献精神。
  • Her dedication to her work was admirable.她对工作的奉献精神可钦可佩。
3 obstacles dd90fba719b2fdfca6d8d742bcae8f5a     
n. 干扰;障碍
  • I think most of these obstacles can be surmounted. 我认为这些障碍大多数都是可以克服的。
  • There's no formidable obstacles in the world. 世上没有无法逾越的障碍。
4 bureaucratic OSFyE     
  • The sweat of labour washed away his bureaucratic airs.劳动的汗水冲掉了他身上的官气。
  • In this company you have to go through complex bureaucratic procedures just to get a new pencil.在这个公司里即使是领一支新铅笔,也必须通过繁琐的手续。
5 procedures c06924df8f6a6a11232e3ae804ce2bb3     
程序; 手续; 步骤; 常规; 程序( procedure的名词复数 ); 手续; [计算机]过程; (为解决一个特殊问题而专门设计的)文字程序
  • procedures that must be followed to ensure full compliance with the law 为确保严格遵守法律所必须遵行的程序
  • You need to become fully conversant with the company's procedures. 你得对公司的程序了如指掌。
6 closely XwNzIh     
  • We shall follow closely the development of the situation.我们将密切注意形势的发展。
  • The two companies are closely tied up with each other.这两家公司之间有密切联系。
7 legacy 59YzD     
  • They are the most precious cultural legacy our forefathers left.它们是我们祖先留下来的最宝贵的文化遗产。
  • He thinks the legacy is a gift from the Gods.他认为这笔遗产是天赐之物。
8 ethnic jiAz3     
  • This music would sound more ethnic if you played it in steel drums.如果你用钢鼓演奏,这首乐曲将更具民族特色。
  • The plan is likely only to aggravate ethnic frictions.这一方案很有可能只会加剧种族冲突。
9 spouse Ah6yK     
  • Her spouse will come to see her on Sunday.她的丈夫星期天要来看她。
  • What is the best way to keep your spouse happy in the marriage?在婚姻中保持配偶幸福的最好方法是什么?
10 enhance vp3xS     
  • BBC backing for the scheme will enhance its credibility.英国广播公司对这一计划的支持将提高其可信度。
  • Good secretarial skills should enhance your chances of getting a job.出色的秘书工作技能会增加你找工作的机会。
11 old-fashioned FmIzps     
  • Why do you still dress in an old-fashioned mode?你为什么还穿款式陈旧的衣服?
  • Here is an old-fashioned pump for drawing water from a well.这里有一个旧式水泵可从井里抽水。
12 overnight uKmxv     
ad.前一天晚上,一夜间 a.前一天晚上的
  • She stayed overnight in the hotel. 她在旅馆过了一夜。
  • Our success is not won overnight. 我们的成功不是一夜之间得来的。
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