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零距离美语会话[娱乐]Lesson 2:I love going to the mall

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Two    I love going to the mall.

 1   Introduction
A    Clothing is pretty expensive in America.  As a general rule prices are fixed1, so don’t try bargaining for anything, except at some private sales and flea2 markets.  Of course, when they buy a car, they will negotiate.
B   Going shopping with foreigners is a good way to make friends with them.  Especially in China, you can be the guide, and also learn to say a lot of common things in English.
C   In American, people pay sales tax on many items that they buy.  For example, clothing, cigarettes, soda3, and gasoline are taxable items.  However, they don’t pay sales tax on food at the grocery store, unless the food they buy is prepared and ready to eat (at a restaurant, a supermarket or deli.

 2   Sample Sentences
1.  The leather shoes were priced at 1,000 RMB.
2.   You can always bargain here, but goods tend to come and go quickly so if you like it, buy it now!
3.   Where can I buy an English - language newspaper?
4.   I want something like this.
5.   I like the blue one in the window.
6.   What is it made of?  Will this material shrink?
     这是什么料子? 这种料子缩水吗?
7.   Is it color-fast / crease4 resistant5 / synthetic6 / pure cotton / silk / genuine leather / hand-made / imported / made here?
8.   How long will it take to alter?
9.   I’d like some shoelaces / shoe polish / moisturizing cream. 
10.  Can you show me how it works?
11.   I’d like a blouse / jacket made to measure.
12.   Can I pay by traveler’s cheque? / Do you accept credit cards?
      能用旅行支票付款吗?/ 能用信用卡付款吗?

 3   Conversations
1.    At the mall.
Anna Garcia is visiting her friend, Grace, in Tampa, Florida.
Grace:  Come in and have some coffee, Anna.  The kids have just gone out to the mall to hang out with their friends.
Anna:  I saw a lot of teenagers when Alan and I were there yesterday.
Grace:  They spend hours there, especially on weekends.
Anna:  Speaking of that trip, Alan bought a shirt at a department store, but the sleeves are too long.  Do you know a seamstress1 or tailor2 who can shorten them?
Grace:  I know several.  But wouldn't it be easier to take the shirt back and exchange it for the right size?
Anna:  Isn't that complicated3?
Grace:  No, it's easy.  We'll just take the shirt back to the men’s department and show them the sales slip4.  They'll exchange it for the correct size or give you a refund5.
Anna:  We?  Do you want to go with me?
Grace:  Sure.  I love going to the mall.
Anna:  What do you do there… hang around6, like the kids?

Helpful Information: 
At most stores, one can always exchange products or even get a refund7 within a certain amount of time if he or she still has the sales slip and the product is in good condition.  

2.    Bargain Hunting.
Saturday morning in Atlanta.
Liz:  Why are you reading the classifieds7?  What do you need?
David:  I'm looking for a bookcase, but I don't want to buy a new one.
Liz:  Are you having any luck?
David:  Not really.  There aren't any used bookcases listed.  But there are a few rummage8 sales8on Saturday.  I think I'll go to them.
Liz:  Do you mind if I go with you?
David:  Not at all.  These private sales are great places to bargain.  And sometimes you can find terrific things among all the junk.
Liz:  I learned to negotiate9 from my mother.  I thought I was pretty good at bargaining, but I had a problem the other day at Kimble's Department Store.
David:  What happened?
Liz:  I wanted to buy a beautiful wool sweater for my girlfriend.  It was priced at forty dollars, so I started by offering the salesclerk thirty.


Additional Information:
In America, supermarkets usually mail their sales papers to customers.  Also flea markets are popular, too.  Sometimes you can get a like new name-brand product there at a very low price for a couple of dollars.  One of the things that make flea markets appealing to Chinese is that most prices are open to negotiation9.  It seems to be a Chinese tradition to haggle10 over the price of virtually anything that is bought.

3.   At the Checkout11 Counter
In line at the checkout counter of a large, modern supermarket.
Roy:  Look at this headline10 - Elvis Baby Born on Spacecraft.  Where do these tabloids11 get such crazy stories?
Iris:  I've often wondered the same thing.  I also wonder who reads them.  Then I realize that I'm standing12 here reading them myself.
Roy:  It looks as though everyone in line reads them, or at least looks at the headlines.
Iris:  I think we picked the right line.  This one seems to be moving more quickly than the others.
Roy:  Maybe our checker is faster at scanning12 the food.
Iris:  I'm glad.  We have only about twenty things here, and I'm in a hurry to get home.
(The customer in front of them pays and leaves.)
Checker:  Good afternoon, ladies.  Paper or plastic?
Iris:  Paper bags, please.  You know, yours is the fastest-moving line in the store.
Checker:  Well, I'll let it go this time, but in the future, please don't use the express line with so many items.

4.  Looking for a pair of shoes.
Rita:  Hey Joe, what are you doing in this department store? 
Joe:  Hi, Rita, I'm just looking for a pair of shoes.  I won't be here for long. 
Rita:  Why not?  When I go shoe shopping, I have so many options13 for sneakers14 that I spend awhile looking at all of the choices.
Joe:  That's my problem.  I don't have a lot of options.
Rita:  What do you mean?  This is a big store, isn't it?
Joe:  Yes, but I have unusually big feet.  That wouldn't be too much of a problem except that they're also very wide, and only a few brands sell shoes that I can fit into.
Rita:  So how do you usually go about15 buying shoes, then? 
Joe:  Well, first of all, I can only go to certain stores that can guarantee16 me a large selection.
Rita:  Well, you're in the right store.  If they don't have it, no one will.
Joe:  After that I choose something from one of the few brands that I know will fit me.  I prefer white, so I ask them to bring me a pair of white sneakers in my size.  Since I’m usually only given one or two pairs of shoes that meet my qualifications17, it makes it a very easy choice.

5.   Shopping around.
Janet:  So what do you think of my new dress? 
Karen:  I think it's great!  I really like the color, and it goes really well with your eyes.  I've actually been eyeing that dress at Maxine's for a while now, but I wasn't sure I could afford ninety-five dollars for a dress at the moment.
Janet:  Um, ninety-five dollars?

Yes, that's the price they were advertising13 it at.  I was hoping it might go on sale soon.  Why, how much did you pay for it?
Janet:   I bought it for one hundred and forty-five dollars at Helen's Boutique18.  I didn't know I could get it cheaper somewhere else.
Karen:  Of course!  Everything at Helen's is overpriced19, and they sell things that you can find at almost every other clothing store!  Why didn't you shop around?
Janet:  I don't know, I just saw the dress and thought about how pretty it looks and how much I wanted it.  I guess I was too impulsive20.


Helpful Information:
The same products may be priced quite differently at different stores.  This happens everywhere.  Shopping around may take a lot of time, but it can be very worthwhile. 
 4    Words and Expressions
1. seamstress  女裁缝师
2. tailor  ((尤指男装) 裁缝师
3. complicated  复杂的; 难懂的
4. sales slip  销货单, 销货发票
5. refund   退还, 退款
6. hang around  闲荡, 徘徊
7. classifieds   分类广告
8. rummage sale 义卖, 清仓大拍卖
9. negotiate  谈判, 协商, 洽谈
10. headline   标题;大标题
11. tabloid   小报
12. scanning  电子光束扫掠,扫描
13. option 选择; 选择权; 选择自由
14. sneaker   运动鞋
15. go about  着手干;做
16. guarantee  保证;担保
17. qualification  资格, 限制,
18. boutique   流行女装商店,精品店
19. overpriced  定价过高的
20. impulsive   冲动的;易冲动的


1 fixed JsKzzj     
  • Have you two fixed on a date for the wedding yet?你们俩选定婚期了吗?
  • Once the aim is fixed,we should not change it arbitrarily.目标一旦确定,我们就不应该随意改变。
2 flea dgSz3     
  • I'll put a flea in his ear if he bothers me once more.如果他再来打扰的话,我就要对他不客气了。
  • Hunter has an interest in prowling around a flea market.亨特对逛跳蚤市场很感兴趣。
3 soda cr3ye     
  • She doesn't enjoy drinking chocolate soda.她不喜欢喝巧克力汽水。
  • I will freshen your drink with more soda and ice cubes.我给你的饮料重加一些苏打水和冰块。
4 crease qo5zK     
  • Does artificial silk crease more easily than natural silk?人造丝比天然丝更易起皱吗?
  • Please don't crease the blouse when you pack it.包装时请不要将衬衫弄皱了。
5 resistant 7Wvxh     
  • Many pests are resistant to the insecticide.许多害虫对这种杀虫剂有抵抗力。
  • They imposed their government by force on the resistant population.他们以武力把自己的统治强加在持反抗态度的人民头上。
6 synthetic zHtzY     
  • We felt the salesman's synthetic friendliness.我们感觉到那位销售员的虚情假意。
  • It's a synthetic diamond.这是人造钻石。
7 refund WkvzPB     
  • They demand a refund on unsatisfactory goods.他们对不满意的货品要求退款。
  • We'll refund your money if you aren't satisfied.你若不满意,我们愿意退款给你。
8 rummage dCJzb     
  • He had a good rummage inside the sofa.他把沙发内部彻底搜寻了一翻。
  • The old lady began to rummage in her pocket for her spectacles.老太太开始在口袋里摸索,找她的眼镜。
9 negotiation FGWxc     
  • They closed the deal in sugar after a week of negotiation.经过一星期的谈判,他们的食糖生意成交了。
  • The negotiation dragged on until July.谈判一直拖到7月份。
10 haggle aedxa     
  • In many countries you have to haggle before you buy anything.在许多国家里买东西之前都得讨价还价。
  • If you haggle over the price,they might give you discount.你讲讲价,他们可能会把价钱降低。
11 checkout lwGzd1     
  • Could you pay at the checkout.你能在结帐处付款吗。
  • A man was wheeling his shopping trolley to the checkout.一个男人正推着购物车向付款台走去。
12 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他们坚决反对对法律做任何修改。
13 advertising 1zjzi3     
n.广告业;广告活动 a.广告的;广告业务的
  • Can you give me any advice on getting into advertising? 你能指点我如何涉足广告业吗?
  • The advertising campaign is aimed primarily at young people. 这个广告宣传运动主要是针对年轻人的。
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