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疯狂英语听力 Movie Salon 1

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Movie Salon 1 Mission:Impossible 2
[00:01.91]电影沙龙 碟中碟2
[00:03.81]Swanbeck(from a recorded tape):Good morning Mr.Hung.Your mission ,should you choose to accept it involves recovery of a stolen item designated Chimera.
[00:11.52]You may select any two team members but it is essential that the third team member be Nyah Nordoff-Hall.
[00:17.68]She is a civilian and a highly capable preofessional thief.
[00:21.81]You have 48 hours to recruit Miss Nordoff-Hall and meet me in Seville to receive your assignment.
[00:27.12]As always,should you or any member of your IM force be caught or killed the secretary will disavow all knowledge of your actions.
[00:33.72]And Mr.Hunt,the next time you go on holiday,please be good enough to let us know where you are going.
[00:39.58]Recording Hint:This message will self-destruct in five seconds.
[00:43.55]Hunt:If I let you know where I'm going ,then I won't be on holiday.
[00:48.22]Hall:Now,who are you and what's it gonna cost me?
[00:53.92]Hunt:I wouldn't do that.
[00:55.41]Hall:What?(Hall close the cover and the alarm begins to ring.)
[00:57.29]Hunt:That.(The spanish security guarda hurry into the room.)
[00:58.15]Spanish:Mr.Case,it is you.(to his men)It is Mr.Case ,our security engineer.Apologize!
[01:03.53]Hunt:No.No.No need to apologize.Now Miss Hall,my associate has your necklace in a very safe place,
[01:09.38]but obviously we do feel the alarm should have gone off a little sooner.Isn't that right Miss Hall?
[01:14.37]Hall:Umm,Oh,absolutely.Much,much too long I'd say.
[01:18.58]Hunt:Under the circumstances I think we'd recommend resetting the sensors to respond to a lighter load.
[01:23.64]How do you feel about 40 kilos Miss Hall?
[01:28.11]Hunt:Shall we?(Hunt extends his hand to Hall.He suddenly stops as they are leaving.)Miss Hall?
[01:34.04]Hall:Um huh?
[01:35.61]Hunt:Haven't you forgotten something?
[01:37.41]Spanish:What are you trying to do Srta? Rob me?
[01:40.68]Hall:The thought has crossed my mind.I'm missing something here aside form my half million pound necklace.
[01:46.68]Even if I screwed up the job.I could have walked out of there with the bloody thing.
[01:49.35]Hunt:At least you walked.
[01:50.76]Hall:If you weren't going to let me get away with it,why did you watch me go through with it?
[01:53.58]Hunt:I wanted to see how good you were.I was hoping we might work together.
[01:57.24]Hall:Sounds terrific.(to the valet)Muchachos!Now be serious.Whatever it is you are talking about,you couldn't possibly want me after tonight's performance.
[02:07.50]Hunt:You didn't do that bad.
[02:09.07]Hall:You apologizing for me?Quite the gentleman,perhaps.
[02:13.59]Hunt:Not really.I triggered the alarm.(Hunt triggers the alarm again)Sorry.
[02:23.23]Hall:I don't do laundry,cook,or put up with cheating bastards who set me up on their territories and then can purge their mind.
[02:29.76]Hunt:Pull over and listen to me,will  you?Just listen.
[02:32.42]Hall:Listen to what?
[02:34.31]Hunt:I need your help,and I think you could use mine.
[02:37.73]Hall:Your help?What are you talking about?
[02:40.47]Hunt:You heard about Scotland Yard?Interpol?Interstate Authority? I can make them all go away.
[02:47.78]Hall:Oh,bloody hell.You're a spy.But if you want me,you gotta catch me.
[02:52.77]Swanbeck:Now someone on that flight planned an operation designed to bring the plane down and make it look like an accident.
[02:57.76]Someone skillful enough to bring the whole thing off without a hitch.
[03:01.26]Hunt:So there is one thing we know that Ambrose doesn't.
[03:04.16]Swanbeck:You do think it was Ambrose?You're not surprised.
[03:08.13]Hunt:Sean feels he hasn't done the job unless he leaves a lot of hats on the ground.
[03:11.79]Swanbeck:Yeah,the question is why.What was this Chinmera the culprits are carrying?
[03:16.15]Hunt:Only Ambrose knows that.
[03:18.19]Swanbeck:In any case you must recover this whatever Chimera and bring it to us.
[03:23.18]Hunt:Not only that but I have to figure out how he plans to make money with it.
[03:26.32]Swanbeck:That is where Miss hall comes in.
[03:28.74]Hunt:Excuse me.
[03:30.08]Swanbeck:Miss Hall and Ambrose had a relationship which he took very seriously.
[03:33.42]She walked away nad he has been wanting her back ever since.We believe she's our surest and quickest way of locating him.
[03:39.74]Hunt:And them what?
[03:41.39]Swanbeck:Well,make sure she continues to see him,gets him to confide in her and report to you.
[03:47.79]Hunt:You made it sound as if I was recruiting her for her skills as a thief.
[03:53.17]Swanbeck:Well then I misled you or you made the wrong assumption.
[03:56.90]Either way we are asking her to resume a prior relationship,not do anything she hasn't already done,voluntarily I might add.
[04:02.76]Hunt:No,She's got no training for this kind of thing.
[04:06.57]Swanbeck:What?To go to bed with a man and lie to him?She's a woman.She's got all the training she needs.
[04:12.94]Hunt:I don't think I can get her to do it.
[04:15.76]Swanbeck:You mean it will be difficult?
[04:17.96]Swanbeck:Well this is not Mission Difficult,Mr.Hunt,it's Mission Impossible.
[04:21.62]Difficult should be a walk in the park for you.I'm open to a suggestion if you can think of a quicker way to get to Ambrose.
[04:26.84]You're welcome to try.By the way,you might want to take a look at these if you have any further qualms about getting her to do the job.
[04:32.93]Nekhorvich(from a video tape):Every search for a hero must begin with something that the hero requires,a villain.
[04:40.35]Therefore in a search for our hero,Bellerophon,we created a monster Chimera.
[04:49.23]Luther:Nekhorvich was a molecular biologist.Why was he going on about an old Greek myth?
[04:54.06]Hunt:Nekhorvich specialized in recombining DNA molecules.In the myth,Bellerophon was a prince who killed the Chimera,
[05:04.80]the monster with the head of a lion and the tail of a serpent who plagued the ancient world.
[05:14.28]I think Nekhorvich created a monster virus in chimera ,and the anti-virus to kill it in Bellerophon.
[05:23.55]Luther:That simple,huh?
[05:26.77]Hunt:Why not?
[05:30.42]Hunt:Building up and running yet?That's not exactly it.
[05:39.38]Luther:Sorry,but this is a Biocyte facility,a storage structure.I'll have it up in a minute.OK,take a look at this.
[05:49.49]Hunt:Start from the inside out.
[05:51.06]Luther:All storage and production of Chimera is done here in this lab on the 42nd floor.
[05:57.51]Sean:Hunt's target will be the Chimera stored and manufactured at Biocyte on the 42nd floor.
[06:04.36]If you look at Hunt's operational history,and I have ,he invariably favors misdirection over confrontation.
[06:13.16]He'll never break into Biocyte from the bottom where security is the heaviest.
[06:18.54]Luther:No garage entrances.Lobby's protected by five guards on a rotating patrol.
[06:23.79]Hunnt:Not going in from the ground.Show me the atrium.
[06:29.25]Luther:The atrium?One of a kind.Runs down through the center of the building.
[06:34.87]Provides 24-hour natural light via mirrors and daylight storage cells.
[06:39.39]Optimal growing conditions for the virus.Ends in a glass floor which doubles as part of the lab ceiling.
[06:45.08]The atrium roof closes a sundown and if the louvers are up for more than 40 seconds at night,
[06:53.02]the civil emergency alarms are tripped.Those even I can't stop.
[06:56.84]Ethan,we have a total of 40 seconds to get you in and the cables out.
[07:01.93]Sean:No,Hunt will prefer to enter Biocyte somewhere from the top where security is minimal.
[07:09.17]He'll undoubtedly engage in some acrobatic insanity before he'll risk harming a hair on a security guards' head.
[07:17.26]Hunt:You get that copy?
[07:21.78]Billy:Five on five.
[07:24.29]Hunt:Luther,How we doing?
[07:26.48]Luther:Not there yet,Ethan,but I'll give you the word.
[07:29.62]Hunt:Billy,ready to go?
[07:33.83]Billy:OK,anchors away in five.
[07:36.33]Luther:I'm not ready the luvers aren't moving.
[07:38.29]Billy:Come on Luther,we gotta go.
[07:40.02]Luther:Wait,there's a break -in access code.
[07:42.76]Billy:Luther,we're out of time.On the count.
[07:47.12]Luther:Come on baby.Open up.Open up.
[07:53.16]Luther:Come on.
[07:58.01]Hunt:We're going down.
[07:59.97]Luther:Ethan wait!
[08:01.38]Hunt:There it is guys,the last bit.What is the top did?
[08:09.51]Sean:Why?You going to make me a better offer?
[08:12.72]Hunt:£37 million?Not really.
[08:16.85]Sean:Oh,somebody has been slipping you our mail.Come on out here,you had girl.(Sean points Hall with a gun.)
[08:27.27]Hunt:Sean,she doesn't belong here.Let her go.
[08:33.20]Sean:She wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you Hunt.From this moment you are responsible for what happens to her.
[08:50.08]And if you are looking out for her well-being ,I suggest you advise her to pick up the injection gun and bring it to me.
[08:57.86]Ball's in your court,Hunt,I am waiting.
[09:14.19]Hall:Things haven't exactly worked out the way you thought they would,Ethan.
[09:20.51]Sorry.(Hall picks up the injection gun and injects the virus into her own body.)
[09:28.56]Hall:You're not going to shoot me Sean.Not this bitch.Cause she is worth £37 million.
[09:37.46]Hunt:What do you think you were doing?
[09:42.92]Hall:I wasn't thinking Just trying to stop you from getting hurt ,that's all.
[09:47.60]HUnt:You who don't have a conscience.(Hunt tries to finc a way to get the both of them out of the building but he can't.)
[09:50.65]Hall:I guess I lied.You can't get us both out of here,can you?(Hall takes Hunt's gun and points it at her chest.)
[09:56.87]I'm infected with chimera.You know you don't have a choice,just do it.Do it now!(Before he leaves Hall,Hunt promises to get the antivirus to save her.)
[10:07.37]Hunt:You've got 19 hours and 58 minutes.I'll get Bellerophon into your system before then.
[10:16.02]Just stay alive.I'm got going to lose you!

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