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疯狂英语口语绝招 Calmness

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Key words
[00:01.65]The Most Common Expressions
[00:04.13]Don't lose your head!
[00:09.20]Calm down.Keep your hat on!
[00:16.48]It's nothing to be surprised about.Don't make such a big deal out of it.
[00:29.96]It's no wonder.There's no point in making a big fuss1 about it.
[00:42.97]No need to shout!Please try to control yourself.
[00:55.43]Don't get carried away!Be a little more levelheaded.
[01:07.19]Take your time.We're in no hurry.
[01:17.14]Just take it easy,and I'll take care of it.
[01:26.94]There's no need to get upset about that.I'm sure things will turn out all right.
[01:42.82]What's the rush?Learn to walk before you run.Don't put the cart before the horse.
[02:00.27]The Informal Exprssions
[02:03.09]Get a hold of yourself!
[02:08.18]Take a deep breath.Pull yourself together.
[02:18.06]You can't expect me to believe that.
[02:26.52]Don't be scared.He's just like a turtle on its back.
[02:39.22]No need to get so worked up about that.
[02:47.44]Let's not put all our eggs in one basket.
[02:56.38]Be reasonable.Let's be adults about this.
[03:07.35]Just take it with a grain of salt.Leave it to the last minute.
[03:20.67]There is no need for haste.We have to observe carefully what's going on there.
[03:38.44]Don't make a lot of fuss over nothing.I suppose it's only natural.Boys will be boys!
[03:59.49]The Formal Exressions
[04:02.08]There is really no reason to be alarmed.
[04:11.95]Make sure you don't lose your temper!
[04:19.55]What we've done is pretty good as far as it goes;but we should still remain modest.
[04:37.00]The mistake we made isn't at all important.There's no need to lose any sleep over it.Something's sure to turn up.
[05:01.19]As far as I am concerned,whatever it takes,I want to know the whole truth,both the good and  the bad so I can prepare to deal with it.
[05:27.42]Nevertheless,the present prosperity must not blind us to the fact that we used to suffer great poverty and that if we do not follow the correct principles,we'll revert2 to poverty again.
[06:07.28]The idea of achieving security through increased military build-up is,at the present state of military technique,a disastrous3 illusion4.
[06:34.68]It is impossible to achieve peace as long as every single action is taken with a possible future conflict in view.The primary objective5 of all political actions should therefore be to bring about a peaceful co-existence and even loyal cooperation between nations.
[07:28.08]Nothing could be more risky6 than to succumb7 to the power of words and to limit ourselves to that.Nothing could be more dangerous than to believe anything just because they are said.So do remember that seeing is believing.
[08:12.96]It would be easy on this anniversary simply to praise and to express support.But if we really are mindful of the company,then we must make it more effective by recognizing its shortcomings and correcting them.
[08:59.92]A:Hey,what are you screaming about?
[09:01.96]B:My wallet's gone.What are we going to do?
[09:05.18]A:What did you have in your wallet?
[09:06.98]B:Everything.Oh,man!What are we going to do?How are we going to get home?
[09:12.39]B:My ID,credit cards,bank cards and the $300 I just got from the ATM this morning.I told you to take your wallet with you.Why didn't you listen to me?
[09:22.81]A:OK,it's not the end of the world.Calm down...Wait,I thought you always keep your change in your pocket.So how much you have?
[09:31.14]B:Well,I have...I have three quarters.Three quarters!What can we do with three quarters?We can't even take the bus home.Home,Mom is not even home.
[09:42.19]A:Let me think.Ok,we'll call Mrs.Young next door.We'll tell her what happened and that we are calling a cab home.Ask her to please pay for the cab for us.Mom is going to pay her back when she gets home.


1 fuss Ifkz4     
  • My mother makes a fuss of me every time I come home.我每次回家,母亲总对我体贴备至。
  • Stop all this fuss and do your homework.别大惊小怪了,去做你的家庭作业吧。
2 revert OBwzV     
  • Let us revert to the earlier part of the chapter.让我们回到本章的前面部分。
  • Shall we revert to the matter we talked about yesterday?我们接着昨天谈过的问题谈,好吗?
3 disastrous 2ujx0     
  • The heavy rainstorm caused a disastrous flood.暴雨成灾。
  • Her investment had disastrous consequences.She lost everything she owned.她的投资结果很惨,血本无归。
4 illusion iaqxx     
  • The sun appears to go round the Earth,but it's an illusion.太阳看起来好像绕着地球转,但这只是个错觉。
  • They were under the illusion that the company was doing well.他们误以为该公司生意很好。
5 objective CHBxY     
  • He tried to take an objective view of the situation.他试图对形势有个客观的看法。
  • The cultivation in good taste is our main objective.培养高雅情趣是我们的主要目标。
6 risky IXVxe     
  • It may be risky but we will chance it anyhow.这可能有危险,但我们无论如何要冒一冒险。
  • He is well aware how risky this investment is.他心里对这项投资的风险十分清楚。
7 succumb CHLzp     
  • They will never succumb to the enemies.他们决不向敌人屈服。
  • Will business leaders succumb to these ideas?商业领袖们会被这些观点折服吗?
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