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NPR 2011-06-13

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Calls for the resignation of Congressman1 Anthony Weiner keep coming from both sides of the aisle2. The New York lawmaker has decided3 instead of stepping down, he'll undergo treatment following his Twitter scandal. Fellow Democratic Congressman Steny Hoyer calls the whole incident "bizarre and unacceptable."

"It's my understanding Mr. Weiner has indicated he wants to take a leave. I would hope he does so. I hope he reflects upon whether or not he can proceed. It seems to me extraordinarily4 difficult that he can proceed to represent his constituents5 in an effective way."

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan says it's time for Weiner to go.

"We've got to get this behind us 'cause it's a distraction6. And so yes, he should resign. I don't take pleasure in saying that."

Both lawmakers appeared today on CBS's "Face the Nation."

The huge wildfire in eastern Arizona is causing health concerns due to the smoke. NPR's Allison Keyes tells us health officials in neighboring New Mexico are warning residents there about possible respiratory hazards.

The fire that had been burning for weeks in Arizona jumped the state line two days ago, and residents as far away as Santa Fe are being warned about the tiny particles in this smoky place. People with asthma7, seniors, children and pregnant women are being asked to take extra precautions. Firefighter Brandon Ansell says gusty9 winds are making the battle against the forest fire a tough one.

"We've got fire as you can see, pretty much all around us, and they're predicting 15 to 20 sustained with 35 to 40 mile an hour gust8."

Firefighters say they're doing their best and trying to stay safe as they fight the second largest fire in Arizona's history. Allison Keyes, NPR News.

Early returns from Turkey's elections show Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's ruling party winning a third term in power but with fewer seats than before. NPR's Peter Kenyon reports from Istanbul the ruling party will have to find a way to work with the secular10 opposition11.

For Prime Minister Erdogan, the result must be seen as a disappointment. His ruling AK Party needed 330 seats to draft a new constitution without the help of the opposition. But preliminary returns project the party will come up a few seats short of that mark. Erdogan spent recent days talking about how his party would move quickly to redraft the constitution if it got a 2/3 majority. But even though it fell well short of that, the bottom line is that after more than eight years in power, the AKP has won the trust of the majority of Turks and is seen not as a dangerous party with roots in Islam but as a careful steward12 of a modern economy. The losers today were a host of smaller parties who fared badly as voters consolidated13 around the four largest political blocs14. Peter Kenyon, NPR News, Istanbul.

Syrian army troops and tanks have reportedly regained15 Jisr al-Shughour in northwestern Syria near the Turkish border. It's one of the strongest crackdowns since the uprising began three months ago.

This is NPR News from Washington.

The FBI is investigating a cyber-attack on the International Monetary16 Fund, the latest in a rash of hacking17 incidents on high-profile companies and institutions. A cyber-security specialist tells Reuters this latest attack was designed to infiltrate18 the IMF with the intention of gaining sensitive "insider privileged information." The IMF says it remains19 fully20 functional21 but has declined to comment on the extent of the attack. It comes as the lender of last resort looks for someone to replace former managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who quit last month after being charged with attempted rape22.

Tonight, the 65th Annual Tony Awards, Broadway's highest honors, will be presented in a special ceremony in New York. Jeff London reports.

Broadway's throwing itself a party after another record-breaking year. But members of Broadway's musicians' union plan to crash the party, setting up a line in front of the theater to protest the use of recorded music in the un-nominated "Priscilla Queen of the Desert." This year's favorite nominees23 are the musicals "The Book of Mormon" and "Anything Goes" and the plays "War Horse" and "The Normal Heart." Not up for Tonys this evening is "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark." That much-delayed 75-million-dollar musical officially opens on Tuesday. For NPR News, I'm Jeff London in New York.

Hollywood's summer box-office streak24 is cooling. Revenues this weekend dipped for the first time in a month. "Super 8", the sci-fi tale from JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg, bombed "X-Men: First Class" from the top spot, bringing in 37 million dollars on its debut25 weekend.

I'm Nancy Lyons, NPR News in Washington.


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