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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-11-13

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 A good friend of former CIA Director David Petraeus says the retired1 general is devastated2. Retired Army Colonel Steve Boriland said on ABC’s Good Morning America the revelation of the Petraeus’s affair with a female biographer has been punishing for Petraeus and his family. The former CIA Director’s wife Holley says Boiland is not exactly pleased. On NBC’s Today Show, meanwhile, former speaker of the House New Gigerige observed, 

“He is a tragic3 gam>guy to what is really a great career. I hope he and his family can get this together.” 
Meanwhile, officials say that despite the fact that he is no longer at the helm of the CIA, there is still a chance that Petraeus will be called to testify before Congress about the deadly attack on the US consulate4 in Benghazi, Libya.
New Jersey5 Governor Chris Christy says gasoline rationing6 in 12 counties will end early tomorrow. He says the supplies are back and long lines at gas stations are gone, but in Long Island, New York, tens of thousands are still without power and many are homeless. A long [bet] resident [Amy Cetron Dobo] lost her home. She says FEMA has given her family housing money, but it’s not enough. 
With tighten7 red/res money for too much because there is no place to live. And/As everybody has been displaced for there is no hotels anywhere around, there is no apartments or houses or very few and far between to rent. 
The storm has less>left () 67,000 customers of the Long Island power authority in the dark. 
There is turmoil8 in the [Upper Ashulonds] of the BBC. Larry Miller9 reports two senior executives there are out of the picture pending10 a review.
BBC News director Helen Boden and her deputy Steve M/Richel were asked to step aside during an internal investigation11 into how the broadcaster handle(d) claims of sex abuse relating to the late TV star Jimmy Salvel. Boden and Michel were in place when the BBC [spike>is back] in the investigation into Savel who was alleged12 to have abused hundreds of underage teens during his decades at the BBC. Lawmaker Philip Davis, 
The news departments in the crisis, [as] the whole of the BBC, is they really leads to together [av] together quickly. 
There is also criticism of the 700,000 payoff to [George Aan or so] who resigned after just 54 days as the BBC’s director general. The prime minister says [that’s are] to justified13. For NPR News, I’m Larry Miller in London.
Most of Venice has been swapped14 by heavy rain and high seas. The lagoon15 city’s high tide mark hit its sixth highest level over the past 150 years of record keeping. The same storm that’s swept Venice has also [retabic] in Tuscany, where hundreds have had to leave their homes.
On Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average up 14 points, the NASDAQ up one. This is NPR.
The investigation continues into a house explosion in Indian Naples this weekend. That left two people dead and dozens of homes uninhabitable. Several may have to be demolished16. Authorities have been working with utility companies in the search for answers. Fire officials do not yet determine the cause.
West African efforts are building in the battle against the al-Qaeda linked Islamist hardliners with a special focus on the north of Mali. NPR’s Ofeibea Quist-Arcton reports diplomacy17 and dialogue are still being pursued, but regional leaders have not ruled out military intervention18 in a bid to end the partition.
The West Africa bloc19 ECOWAS says it must dismantle20 by force if necessary transnational criminal and terrorists networks that have occupied northern Mali since a coup21 in March. Tens of thousands of people have left the region. Jihadists have imposed strictest Islamic law and destroyed secret tombs in historic cities including Timbuktu. Talks continue with some rebel representatives, but plans for a possible military deployment22 to northern Mali are taking shape. West African leaders have until the end of the month to present a credible23 strategy to the UN Security Council about ending the duel24 crisis in Mali. Ofeibea Quist-Arcton, NPR News, Dakar.
Officials have now called the results in a House race in a new Congressional District in the Phoenix25 area. Arizona voters have chosen Democrat26 [Kear Sten Cinima] over Republican rival [Vernant Parker]. Cinima becomes the first openly bi-sexual member of Congress. 


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