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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-11-18

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 Air raid sirens went off in Tel Aviv earlier today. Israeli military says its rocket interception1 system brought down a rocket headed for the city. There are no reports of injuries. Israel bombarded Gaza in a series of overnight air strikes in response to militant2 rocket launches into Israel. The air strikes have killed at least 39 Palestinians and three Israelis. NPR’s Anthony Kuhn reports from Gaza City.

Children picked through the rubble3 of Hamas official Mahmoud Abusala’s house, which was leveled in an Israeli air raid. Other attacks destroyed Hamas police headquarters and the office of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. Visiting Tunisian, Foreign Minister Rafik Abdesslem and his delegation4 called on Israel to stop its attacks on Gaza one day after Egypt’s prime minister paid a similar visit. Militants5 launched around 60 rockets from Gaza at Israel on Saturday. Israel says militants have launched around 700 rockets at it in the four days since the conflict escalated6. Anthony Kuhn, NPR News, Gaza City.
President Obama goes to Thailand Sunday, the first stop on his Southeast Asian tour. Douglas Baction reports from Bangkok。 Thailand is expected to announce it will join negotiations7 for a strategic trade agreement.
The pact8 called the Trans-Pacific Partnership9 is intended to bolster10 trade between Southeast Asia and the United States. Currently 11 countries on both sides of the Pacific are negotiating the agreement which backers say will generate tens of billions of dollars in global income gains. Mr. Obama’s trip is part of his administration’s Pivot11 to Asia. Washington seeks to re-balance its military and economic interests there. Earlier this week, Washington and Bangkok signed a new defense12 cooperation agreement updating an old pact. For NPR News, I’m Douglas Baction in Bangkok.
President Obama will also visit Myanmar, the country also known as Burma, during his trip. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says there are signs of progress there. Clinton says with fledgling pro-democracy reforms, Myanmar can look forward to improved relations with the United States.
“The United States is responding not just with growing diplomatic engagement, but also with new economic ties that we believe will help encourage further political and market reforms, and thereby13 improve stability over time.”
Clinton spoke14 in Singapore today. She is expected to join the president in Thailand tomorrow. 
Two people are still missing from yesterday’s explosion and fire aboard an oil rig platform in the Gulf15 of Mexico. Coast Guard ships are searching. Reports say the blast began after workers used a torch to cut open an oil line. The Coast Guard says there is an oil sheen on the water, but that’s apparently16 leftover17 oil on the platform. Officials say this is containable. It will not be like the Deepwater Horizon accident in 2010. 
You’re listening to NPR News. 
French politicians and business leaders have reacted angrily to British weekly magazine The Economist18 for its cover story this week. It describes the French economy as the biggest danger to Europe’s currency. NPR’s Eleanor Beardsley reports The Economist called France a ticking time bomb in the heart of Europe.
Showing a bundle of baguette loaves with the dynamite19 fuse burning down, The Economist warned that France was a bigger danger to the euro currency than debt-stricken countries Italy, Spain and Portugal. The respected right-leaning British weekly said high taxes on businesses were eroding20 the country’s competitiveness, and that both French leaders and voters were dangerously behind on much needed economic reforms. Far-left French Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg said the Economist was known for exaggerations and French bashing. And even capitalist-minded business groups said the magazine’s claims were completely exaggerated. Socialist21 President Francois Hollande has now may reducing the French deficit22 and making French companies more competitive his top priority, to the point where left-leaning voters and unions have called him a traitor23. Eleanor Beardsley, NPR News, Paris.
President Obama urged Congress to pass legislation to make sure less affluent24 Americans don't see tax increases at the New Year. Mr. Obama used his weekly media address to talk about the “fiscal cliff.” This raises taxes on everybody and imposes spending cuts. In the Republicans' weekly response, New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte says the “fiscal cliff” cannot be averted25 unless lawmakers seriously address entitlement programs, such as Social Security. 
Football Hall of Famer and former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka is hospitalized. He is recovering from a minor26 stroke. Ditka says he wants people to know he is ok. 


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