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NPR 2012-06-06

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 US officials say another top al-Qaeda leader has been killed in Pakistan by a drone strike. The man known as Abu Yahya Al-Libi was considered the No.2 al-Qaeda leader and a former top associate to Usama bin1 Laden2. NPR’s Tom Gjelten says the killing3, if verified, could be the biggest blow to al-Qaeda since the death of bin Laden over a year ago.

Abu Yahya Al-Libi or the Libyan was famous in jihadist(伊斯兰圣战士) circles for having escaped from a US military prison in Afghanistan in 2005. He and three other suspected al-Qaeda members picked a lock, crawled over a wall, and made off in a getaway vehicle. Abu Yahya later became known both for his theological writings and his military leadership. He was a top US target. A US official, confirming his death in a drone strike, said Abu Yahya oversaw4 al-Qaeda’s operations against the west. He was widely considered to be the No.2 in al-Qaeda behind Ayman al-Zawahiri, who took over after Usama bin Laden was killed. The US official says no one in al-Qaeda even comes close to Abu Yahya in terms of his expertise5. Tom Gjelten, NPR news, Washington.
The Senate is voting a legislation designed to bridge the pay gap in the work place between men and women, who currently earn an average of 77 cents for every dollar males earn. Under the bill, companies would be required to show that differences in pay are not based on gender6.
A landmark7 recall vote is under way in Wisconsin whose republican governor Scott Walker is fighting to stay in office, efface(抹去) his midterm challenge from democrat8 Tom Barrett after coming under fire, for cartelling public sector9 union rights.
Voters in New Jersey10 are choosing which of the two long serving democratic incumbents11 will return to congress next year. As NPR’s Joe Rose tells us, the primary contest has been a tough fight.
Bill Pascrell and Steve Rothman are both democrats12, both have represented districts in suburban13 northern New Jersey for 16 years. But congressional redistricting means that only one of them will be returning to Washington next year. And both men all calling in all the political favors they can. Steve Rothman, who is an early supporter of President Barak Obama, earned the endorsement14 of Obama campaign advisor15 David Alexrod. Bill Pascrell got the endorsement of former President Bill Clinton, who appeared at the Get Out the Vote rally last week. Political observers say turnout could be crucial in a race that is expected to be close. Joe Rose, NPR news, New York.
Disney programing is going junk food free. The company announced today it’ll become the first US base media that work to ban junk food ads from all its channels, radio stations and websites that were geared toward children. 16 other big companies, including Coco Cola and Campbell Soup also pledge to offer kids healthier options by the year 2014.
At last check on Wall Street, the Dow was up 27 points at 12,128. This is NPR news.
Queen Elizabeth has delivered a rare thanks to the millions of people across Britain who took part in the last 4 days of Diamond Jubilee16 Celebrations.
Prince Philip and I want to take this opportunity to offer our special thanks and appreciation17 to all those who have a hand in organizing this Jubilee Celebrations.
Prince Philip could not be at the grand *, celebrating the Queen’s 60 year in reign18 though. The 90-year-old is in hospital, recovering from a bladder infection.
The Flame spyware that infect computers across the Mideast exploited a security flaw in Microsoft window operating system. NPR’s Steve Han reports the flaw open millions of computers around the world to potential attacks.
The Flame virus enabled its creators to lock a key district, turn on and turn off microphones and suck down nearly any information passing through an infected machine. It is so ambitious, many security experts assume it was created by a government agency intent on spying. Because it was discovered in computers in Iran, suspicion has focused on the US and Israel. Over the weekend, Microsoft announced the vulnerability that allowed the virus to infect its targets was wide spread. Its creators discover a way to trick computers into believing that a malicious19 program was in fact created by Microsoft. Microsoft has now fixed20 up that bug21. Steve Han, NPR news, *.
Recent gains in US stocks today with Dow up 28 points at 12,129 in trading of 2 billion shares; Nasdaq up 19 or more than a 0.5% at 2,779; S&P500 also up more than 0.5% at 1,285.


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