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NPR 2012-07-22

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 Police have triggered a controlled explosion at the apartment of James Holmes. He's the man suspected in the mass shooting at the Aurora1 Colorado movie theater. Police say the apartment is filled with chemicals, explosive material and trip wires. Kirk Siegler of member station KUNC was close by when the preemptive explosion went off. 

I am staying here just about 100 yards across the street from the suspect's apartment. We just heard one loud blast following authorities yelling fire in the hall.
Kirk Siegler reporting.
Aurora police sergeant2 Cassidee Carlson says earlier today bomb experts found a trip wire inside Holmes' apartment. 
This trip wire was set up to clearly detonate when somebody enter that apartment. It was set up to kill that person.
Authorities have since disabled at least one other trigger device. James Holmes allegedly killed 12 people and wounded 58 others at a movie theater early Friday. Fans were there to watch a premier3 of the latest Batman film when the gunman opened fire. Aurora police learned of the explosives at Holmes' apartment after they arrested him. Authorities say they'd continued would? rather they've dealt with all major threats inside but they continued to investigate other hazards and to collect evidence. 
A South Dakota wild fire has forced evacuation of more than 240 homes and caused the closure of Wind Cave National Park. The Myrtle Fire started 2 days ago and has charred4 more than 7500 acres in the Black Hills, but still only 15% contained. South Dakota public broadcasting's Charles Michael Ray reports.
While high temperatures and low humidity are making it difficult for those battling the Myrtle Fire, information officer Kelly Stover says cruise are happy they're getting the air resources they need. She says fire fighters on the ground are getting help from above by 6 helicopters and 3 air tankers5
For up a ?? fire to have all those air resources, that's pretty unusual. But because there's really nothing going else going on in the region. We were able to get those, so we're really lucky with that right now. Cruse in the Black Hill have put out more than 15 lightening caused wild wire since Monday. Stover notes that afternoon thunderstorms brought in more lightening today, which could mean more new fires. For NPR News, I'm Charles Michael Ray in Rapid City, South Dakota.
A military jury sentenced an air force instructor6 to 20 years in prison today for sexual misconduct. Staff Sergeant Luis Walker was convicted yesterday on 28 accounts of rape7 and other sexual attacks at Lackland air force base in Texas. Earlier today he asked jurors for leniency8. He could have faced life in prison. During the trial 10 women testified that Walker assaulted them in 2010 and 2011. He's one of the 6 air force instructors9 charged with sexual attacks against recruits. 
This is NPR News.
Syrian rebels and government troops are battling in Aleppo. That's a city considered loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. It's a commercial hub and is Syria's largest city. Fighting continues in Damasks after a bombing this week killed 4 key members of Assad's government, including the defense10 secretary. The violence has prompt? thousands to flee into Lebanon and Iraq.
United Nations has condemned11 Debby Clashes in the west of Ivory Coast in which up to a dozen people are reported killed. NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton says 7 of the dead lost their lives in a UN protected displaced people's camp. 
Despite the presence of UN peace keeper, angry youth reportedly set fire to the camp. Residents sought refuge there last year after deadly fighting in the town of Duekoue in western Ivory Coast during the post-election violence. The latest incident followed the reported killing12 of 4 people on Thursday in /anatakon/ Kokoma, a neighborhood where mainly people from Malike tribe live. Witnesses say in an apparent revenge attack, Kokoma used torch the displaced people's camp in Niambly. Most of the camp's residents hail from the /geilet/tribe which was closely allied13 to Ivory Coast ousted14 president during last year's troubles. Ofeibea Quist-Arcton, NPR News, Dakar.
Pope Benedict's butler is out of Vatican custody15 and under house arrest. Paolo Gabriele was arrested in May and accused of stealing Vatican documents and then leaking them. The documents told power struggles within hierarchy16 of Roman Catholic church. It's not clear yet whether Gabriele will stand trial.
I'm Korva Coleman, NPR News in Washington.


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