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NPR 2012-07-28

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 The London summer Olympics are about to officially begin with the traditional opening ceremony. NPR .. reports the spectacle features thousands of performers and perhaps a bit of controversy1. Ten thsousand volunteer performers will sing, dance and act their way through an old British culture and history. Much has been kept a secret, but some sources have revealed details of the ceremony. Sunday Ta...of London reports on British's national health service, and a confrontation3 wonder how it gonna turn out. Between actors depicting4 .. and evil ..to the Harry5 Potter series, there could have been a potential .. The International Olympic Committee has said it won't have a moment of silence for members of the Israel Olympic team killed in 1972 terrorist attack. But the winner one of the slain6 Israeli has asked ceremony goers to stand in silent protest during tonigt's event.

The White House has released its federal budget defict predictions. The deficit7 projected to rise by $1.2 trillion by the end of the fiscal8 year. The 2012 fiscal year ends up Sepetember 30th. It's the forth9 euro roll, the deficit is reaching rather recent above one trillion dollars.  The white house projects next budget gaps will be just under a trillion dollars. Meanwhile the US economic growth slowed juring April May and June to an annual rate of 1.5%, according to government data released today. As NPR .. reports the slow down give the federal reserve more evidence that to add stimulus10 to the economy is needed. 
The slowdown in growth came as the coutious consumers pulled back a growth of spending to its slowest pace in the year. The weakest in spending was concentrated in the big ticket items like automobiles11. construction and exports also dragged down growth. The 1.5% growth rate is above what the economist12 has expected. But it's not enough to bring down the unemployment rate.  Federal Reserve Chaieman .. has made it clear that if the unemployment rate remains13 stuck at the current high levels, the reserve will take actions to try to stimulate14 growth. Federal policy makers15 will meet again next week ans will discuss whether it's time to take more actions.  
This is the sound from an ameteur video taking from an anti-Syrian government crowd that reportedly gathered in Syria's largest city, Allepo. The United States fears there maybe an inminent massacre16 in Allepo, as Syrian government troops battle rebels for control. US serecretary ...has strong words today for the syrian government about its store of chemical weapon, he demanded Syrian officials state these will never be used against anyone.    
At wall street the DOW JOHN INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE is up 200 points at 13,087.
This is NPR. 
The president of CNN is stepping down, J .. said in a memo17 to staff today that his news network needs a new leader with a new perspective. He'll leave by the end of this year. CNN is slipping among viewers, in the second quarter of this year the network G showed its weakest ratings for prime time has the lowest in more than 20 years. 
D airline..says it will shut down one of its reginal carriers based in the S.
..member association WBXU reports operations will cease in September. D was founded in 1977, and beginning in 1984 was ..'s partner, it became a wholly owned subsidiary in 2000. In a memo, D's connection vice2 president.. says while reginal lines has and will remain a key component18 of D's network. Customers expectations and cost of reginal flying have involved. Says as a response, .has announced its plans to reduce the total number of reginal jets in its network. D says S will continue to be an important D's market, common operations are scheduled to cease after September 29th this year.
Chinese authorities today ordered journalists to limit their reporting on deadly flood occurred in Beijing a week ago. The unexpectedly heavy rain kills at least 77 people. Beijing authorites were slowed to release information about victims, outraged19 residents started to compiling their own death tolls20。 They are also complaining about the city's poor drainage system, and whether city officials handle the emergency well.


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  • The long-distance call tolls amount to quite a sum. 长途电话费数目相当可观。
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