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NPR 2012-07-23

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 Residents of the Colorado city of Aurora1 are coming to gather to grieve for those killed in the deadly rampage at a theater on Friday. President Obama will visit with families of the victims and faith leaders will lead an evening vigil. Colorado Public Radio's Megan Verlee reports the attack has people in Aurora reeling?. A make shift memorial has grown up near the site of Friday's attack, piled with flowers and Teddy Bears as people stop by to mourn the victims. Cindy Acree represents Aurora and the state legislature and says the community is coming together. 

We've got to maintain this hopeful spirit. But it's going to take a lot of faith and a lot of public support to help families heal from this. 
Shooting suspect James Holmes has his first court appearance Monday morning where he'll be represented by a public defender2. Prosecutors3 have until Thursday morning to file charges against him. For NPR News, I'm Megan Verlee in Denver, Colorado. 
Meanwhile the University of Colorado says it is investigating whether Holmes who was a former student obtained deadly material through the school that was used in booby traps in his apartment. Bomb experts spent Saturday removing explosive material from his building. Aurora Police Chief Dan Oats says authorities are preparing for this week's court appearances by collecting as much evidence as they can about Holmes' recent actions.
We are focusing on how he got the materials that he got there were used in the shooting, that were used in the apartment. We are focusing on anyone who knew him and statements he may have made. 
Aurora police chief Dan Oats.
Violence has continued in Syria's two largest cities, Damasks and Aleppo, which until about a week ago, had been relatively4 peaceful. The BBC's Jim Muir reports from Beirut hundreds of people have fled from their homes in both places.
Reports from activists5 in Aleppo said there were more clashes during the night between the rebel Free Syrian Army and government forces. They said a building in the /cipher dowland/ district collapsed6 under attack fire. And they reported a big explosion of the officer's club after clashes around its parameter7. /dowland/ Damasks meanwhile state television showed government troops back in control of the /kabun/ quarter on the northeast side of the capital after an attack involving heavy artillery8, tanks and helicopters. 
The BBC's Jim Muir reporting.
Penn State University removed a statue of the late football coach Joe Paterno from in front of the football stadium today. The university’s decision comes in the wake of a scathing9 report that blamed Paterno and three formal Penn State officials for failing to stop sexual predator10 and former coach Jerry Sandusky from attacking children. The athletic11 conference, the NCAA disclosed it will announce Monday what kind of sanctions Penn State could face for the abuse scandal.  
You're listening to NPR News.
The winner of this year's British Open Golf turned Ernie Els. He began the final round today 6 shots behind the leader Adam Scott who failed to capitalize on his lead from yesterday. 
Great Britain has its first winner of the tour de France bicycling race. Bradley Wiggins claimed the winner's yellow jersey12 as cyclists ended their grueling 3 week race in Paris today.
The International Olympic Committee has rejected calls to mark the 40th anniversary of the Munich Massacre13 at the opening ceremonies of this summer Olympic Games in London. NPR's Howard Berkes reports instead there will be a private commemoration on the date of the actual anniversary. 
International Olympic committee president Jacques Rogge says the ceremony remembering the 11 Israelis killed by Palestinian terrorists in Munich will be held in September on the 40th anniversary of the tragedy. On Friday President Obama joined the families of the victims and calling for a moment of silence at London's opening ceremony next week. But Rogge again said no.
We feel that the opening ceremony is an atmosphere that is not fit to remember such a tragic14 incident. 
Actually the opening ceremony in Vancouver 2 years ago paused to remember the /Gorgia Lucia/ athlete killed during training and 2002 Salt Lake city Olympics began with commemoration of the 09/11 attacks. Howard Berkes, NPR News, London.
Thousands of Spaniards watch? Madrid this weekend to protest spending cuts by the Spanish government. The government says the reductions are needed because Spain might have to ask Europe for a bail15 out if things get worse. This week struggling Spanish banks were promised billions of dollars in European aid.
I'm Korva Coleman, NPR News.


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