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听电影学英语-阿童木(Astro Boy) 02

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[00:03.88]Nobody likes a smarty-pants, kid. 没人喜欢自作聪明的小孩
[00:05.71]Take this boy to a safe place and keep him there. 把他带到安全的地方 看管起来
[00:08.09]What the... 什么
[00:09.13]- Dad! - I think it's for the best, Toby. - 爸爸 - 这样对你最好,透比
[00:11.05]But you said I could see the Peacekeeper. 但是你说过让我看 和平卫士的
[00:12.72]You still can, on tonight's news with everybody else. 你能看到 在今晚的新闻里
[00:17.31]ELEFUN: Ladies and gentlemen, 女士们先生们
[00:19.23]allow me to present Blue Core energy. 下面展示的是蓝核能量
[00:23.40]- Wow. - ELEFUN: Blue Core energy, - 哇 - 蓝核能量
[00:26.11]a new self-sustaining power source 一种新的自给自足的能源
[00:28.65]much stronger than nuclear energy and infinitely1 cleaner. 比核能更加强大 而且永远无污染
[00:33.20]The raw materials came from space. 原材料来自外太空
[00:35.66]A fragment of a star millions of light-years away that no longer even exists. 一块千万光年外的星际碎片
[00:40.96]This is now all that's left of it. 这是硕果仅存的一块
[00:43.87]Properly harnessed, this small sphere could transform 如果善加利用 这块小物体
[00:48.17]not only Metro2 City, but life for those on the Surface, as well. 不仅能改变大都会 更能够改变地表
[00:56.64]Imagine cleaning up Earth's water. 想象看净化地球的水源
[00:59.01]Imagine bringing back the forests. 想象看重建茂密的森林
[01:01.18]Imagine overcoming the effects of centuries of pollution. 想象看解决多个世纪以来的污染
[01:04.27]I know he's a bit of a dreamer, but he's a brilliant scientist. 我知道他是有点白日梦 但他是优秀的科学家
[01:07.90]He's a dangerous idiot who happens to have a high IQ. 他是个危险的白痴 恰巧拥有高智商
[01:11.32]Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a free lunch. 不幸的是,任何事都有消极的一面
[01:14.32]When we extracted the positive blue energy from the fragment, 当我们提取出碎片的正面能量
[01:17.70]we were left with this highly unstable3 by-product4, negative red energy. 同时留下的是极不稳定的副产品 负红能量
[01:22.87]STONE: I like that one. 我喜欢
[01:24.21]Women voters are partial to the color red, you know. 女性选民偏爱红色,你知道吗?
[01:27.04]Until we discover how to safely dispose of it... What... 到我们研究出正确处理之前… 什么…
[01:30.63]What are you doing? Stop! 你在干嘛?住手!
[01:33.05]- Keep the cores apart or you'll kill us all! - Do as he says. - 把两个核分开!否则会害死大家! - 照他说的做
[01:37.97]This is outrageous5! What are you intending to do with it? 太过分了! 你想干什么?
[01:41.39](CHUCKLES) I'm gonna give the people of this city 我要给这个城市人们一个理由…
[01:44.48]- a reason to re-elect me. - How? - 再次选我当总统 - 怎么?
[01:46.85]The only way you can, Doctor. I'm gonna kick some butt6. 要是你会怎么做,博士 教训一下别人
[01:54.61]- This is so unfair. - Now cool off, hotshot. - 这不公平 - 安静点,神童
[01:57.99]Please don't leave me in here, sir! 拜托别把我留在这,先生!
[01:59.24]I can't stand small places. Anywhere but here! 我受不了狭隘的空间 除了这哪都行!
[02:02.04]Jeez, kid. You're like 13 years old. It's time you grew a backbone7. 天啊,你有13岁了吧 该长大了
[02:07.37]Thanks for the life lesson, and thank you for this. 谢谢你的忠告 也谢谢你的磁卡
[02:10.84]ELEFUN: As one friend to another, don't do this, Tenma. 作为一个朋友的忠告 别这么干,天马
[02:13.34]Come on, Elefun. You know as well as I do, without military funding 茶水,你也知道的 没有军方的投资
[02:16.97]all of our research, including yours, would grind to a halt. 我和你所有的研究都得搁浅
[02:21.18]Start it up. 开始
[02:39.03]I told President Stone, "You gotta bring out the big guns." 我告诉史东总统 “你得拿出大枪”
[02:42.58]"Onward and upward, Toby." “永不止步,透比”
[02:44.70]Load the Blue Core. 装载蓝核
[02:53.96]Hold on. This Blue Core, it's all sweetness and light, right? 且慢,这个蓝核 是正面又阳光的,是吗?
[02:58.47]I mean, "Save the dolphins," "Give peace a chance," and so forth8? 比如“拯救海豚” “热爱和平”之类的?
[03:01.30]It's pure positive energy. 它是纯正面能量
[03:04.18]Call me a dreamer, but I think

[03:10.10]Oh, you're not joking. 哦,你不是说笑
[03:11.40]Sir, we're not putting something that dangerous into something that dangerous. 先生,我们不会把两个危险叠加
[03:16.36]Listen, Tenma, I've got an election to win. 听着,天马,还有个选举等我去赢
[03:19.32]I need my robot to be a fighter, not a lover. 我要的机器人是战士 不是爱人
[03:22.99]- Load the red one. - I won't. - 装载红色 - 我不能够
[03:25.24]Well, then I'll do it. Move over, sweetheart. 那么我自己来,让开,甜心
[03:27.83]- Hey! - No! - 嘿 - 不
[03:31.29]It's like a video game. 就像玩游戏
[03:40.68]Core loaded. 内核装载
[03:43.30]Piece of cake. 小意思
[03:44.85]HECKLER: Activate9 weapon drones. 启动无人机攻击
[03:53.36]DRONE: I hate this job. 我恨这工作
[03:58.86]I gotta get a better look. 我要找个好地方看
[04:00.53]SOLDIER 1: Time to check the classifieds. SOLDIER 2: I hear you. 该检查分类了 我听到了
[04:10.33]STONE: It's using that drone against the other drones. How's that possible? 它在用无人机对付无人机 怎么可能?
[04:13.29]TENMA: It's called "adaptive technology." It can absorb and control anything. 这叫做“吸融技术” 让他能吸收控制任何东西
[04:16.55]STONE: Well, I may have flunked10 out of college, 在大学我也许逃课了
[04:18.09]but I was right about the Red Core. 但是我对红核的判断正确
[04:20.01]You scientists think you're the only ones with the brains. 不是只有你们科学家 才会用脑
[04:26.01]Huh? Sir? 先生?
[04:41.15]Dad! Dad! 爸爸!爸爸!
[04:43.91]- Toby! - Dad! - 透比! - 爸爸!
[04:46.12]I can't open it! I can't open it! 我打不开!我打不开!
[04:49.54]Help me, Dad! Help! 救救我!爸爸,救命
[04:51.37]- Toby! - Dad! - 透比! - 爸爸
[04:53.08]TENMA: It's going to be okay, Toby. I'm going to get you out! 会没事的,透比 我会把你救出来的
[04:56.63]Everything's going to be fine, I promise.


1 infinitely 0qhz2I     
  • There is an infinitely bright future ahead of us.我们有无限光明的前途。
  • The universe is infinitely large.宇宙是无限大的。
2 metro XogzNA     
  • Can you reach the park by metro?你可以乘地铁到达那个公园吗?
  • The metro flood gate system is a disaster prevention equipment.地铁防淹门系统是一种防灾设备。
3 unstable Ijgwa     
  • This bookcase is too unstable to hold so many books.这书橱很不结实,装不了这么多书。
  • The patient's condition was unstable.那患者的病情不稳定。
4 by-product nSayP     
  • Freedom is the by-product of economic surplus.自由是经济盈余的副产品。
  • The raw material for the tyre is a by-product of petrol refining.制造轮胎的原材料是提炼汽油时产生的一种副产品。
5 outrageous MvFyH     
  • Her outrageous behaviour at the party offended everyone.她在聚会上的无礼行为触怒了每一个人。
  • Charges for local telephone calls are particularly outrageous.本地电话资费贵得出奇。
6 butt uSjyM     
  • The water butt catches the overflow from this pipe.大水桶盛接管子里流出的东西。
  • He was the butt of their jokes.他是他们的笑柄。
7 backbone ty0z9B     
  • The Chinese people have backbone.中国人民有骨气。
  • The backbone is an articulate structure.脊椎骨是一种关节相连的结构。
8 forth Hzdz2     
  • The wind moved the trees gently back and forth.风吹得树轻轻地来回摇晃。
  • He gave forth a series of works in rapid succession.他很快连续发表了一系列的作品。
9 activate UJ2y0     
  • We must activate the youth to study.我们要激励青年去学习。
  • These push buttons can activate the elevator.这些按钮能启动电梯。
10 flunked 22d4851a3e2958f8b24bdb0b15e15314     
v.( flunk的过去式和过去分词 );(使)(考试、某学科的成绩等)不及格;评定(某人)不及格;(因不及格而) 退学
  • I flunked math in second grade. 我二年级时数学不及格。
  • He flunked out (of college) last year. 他去年(从大学)退学了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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