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英语听力:听电影学英语-高校天后/青春舞会皇后 02

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  [00:01.08]I have to fight against in my house. 是我在这个家庭里 需要抗争的事情之一
[00:04.36]Gross injustice1 is another. 另一项是反对十足的不公道
[00:05.24]The only person I can turn to is Stu Wolff, 我唯一可以信赖的人 是斯图·沃尔夫
[00:09.40]the greatest poet since Shakespeare 他是莎士比亚之后 最伟大的诗人
[00:09.92]and the lead singer of Sidarthur. 也是摇滚乐队Sidarthur 的主唱
[00:13.68]He'd see me through my dark suburban2 days. 我住在这暗无天日的郊区的日子里 他会一直这样看着我
[00:18.16]In the city, I took two subways and a bus to get to school. 在纽约,我得乘两次地铁, 再换乘公交才能到学校
[00:20.52]It amazes3 me that I can get to school 而在这儿我不用花上 1.5磅就可以到学校
[00:22.52]without it costing $ 1. 50. 我感到很惊奇
[00:24.84]Ow! Ugh! 啊!噢!
[00:27.12]Ow. 啊~~
[00:34.16]I shall be a bird in a cage with a good school district. 在这个校区里 我就像一只笼中之鸟
[00:34.28]Dellwood High. 戴尔丛林高中
[00:40.12]However, there is absolutely no point in being negative 尽管如此,我完全没有 必要对那些
[00:41.40]about things you just can't change. 无法改变的事情感到 消沉
[00:43.92]I look upon my new town as an empty stage 我把这个小镇看成 一张空白的画纸
[00:47.28]to which I'm allowed to bring my own script4. 我可以在上面尽情地 挥毫泼墨
[00:47.76]In my heart, I feel that a legend is about to be born. 我隐隐感觉到, 一段传奇就要诞生了
[00:50.24]That legend would be me. 而主人公, 就是我
[00:54.32]It's all about style 这都是流行
[00:57.44]Living with style 活出色彩
[01:02.60]I'm living in, giving in 我正生活在,
[01:06.56]Swimming in 畅游在
[01:07.76]Style 时尚中
[01:12.20]Hello. Hello
[01:15.40]Hey. 嘿
[01:15.88]I'm Lola Steppe. 我是洛拉·斯黛
[01:17.20]I'm from New York, originally. 我,原本是从纽约来的
[01:20.40]Ella Gerard. 埃拉·杰拉德
[01:21.80]I'm from right here, originally. 我,原本就是本地人
[01:24.44]Well, hi. 呃,hi
[01:29.32]Hi. Hi
[01:33.84]Hi! Hi!
[01:35.68]Hi. Hi
[01:36.80]Have you ever seen Sidarthur in person? 你亲眼见过Sidarthur乐队吗?
[01:40.28]No, but I think Stu Wolff 没有,但是我想 斯图·沃尔夫是
[01:41.48]is the greatest poet since Shakespeare. 莎士比亚之后 最伟大的诗人
[01:44.72]I do, too. 我也是啊!
[01:46.64]I have every CD they ever made. 我有他们的每一张专辑
[01:48.52]- You do? - Yeah! - 真的吗? - 是啊!
[01:48.92]And that's Stu Wolff dancing. 这是斯图·沃尔夫跳舞的 小册子
[01:49.48]I've downloaded some great shots of him. 我下载了一些关于 他的精彩镜头
[01:52.28]Here he is at the Grammys. 这是他在格莱美颁奖礼 上的情景
[01:55.40]This is where he lives. 这是他住的地方
[01:56.28]This is the dress that I'm gonna wear when we get married. 这是我和他结婚的时候 我打算穿的裙子
[02:01.44]This is him getting into his limo. 这是他钻进他的 豪华轿车的样子
[02:01.96]That black spot right there is his head. 那个黑点就是他的头
[02:04.24]What a wonderful black spot it is. 多么美妙的黑点啊
[02:05.20]Hi. Hi
[02:06.48]Carla Santini. 卡拉·桑提提
[02:09.08]Sidarthur. 是Sidarthur乐队啊
[02:10.00]My father is Stu Wolff's lawyer. 我父亲是斯图·沃尔夫 的律师
[02:11.76]Really? 真的吗?
[02:12.76]Your dad must have been in the same room as him and everything. 那你爸爸一定和他 在同一个房间谈论过
[02:17.12]Many times. 这有什么稀奇的
[02:18.32]Aren't you the girl who just moved into the Swenska house? 你不就是那个刚搬进 斯文斯卡的女生吗?
[02:19.84]Well, I'm Lola Steppe. 我叫洛拉·斯黛
[02:21.24]I didn't know our home had a name. 我还不知道我的 新房子原来有个名字呢!
[02:22.48]Is that supposed to be that famous New York sense of humor5? 在著名的纽约, 这算是一种幽默是吗?
[02:29.68]New Yorkers learn to laugh at themselves 从小开始, 纽约人就会自嘲
[02:31.56]and everything else when they're very young. 和一些其他东西
[02:32.76]My parents took me to New York for my birthday. 我爸妈曾经在生日的时候 带我去纽约
[02:36.72]I thought it was beautiful. The lights and everything. 那里漂亮极了, 灯火通明
[02:38.92]I know why they call it the greatest city in the world. 我终于知道为什么 纽约被称为世界上最好的城市了
[02:43.72]Ella Gerard, you are the sister of my soul! 埃拉·杰拉德, 你真是我的好姐妹
[02:43.80]You should see Park Avenue at Christmas. 你真该看看圣诞节时 的公园大道
[02:45.04]It's like walking through the Milky6 Way. 那感觉就像漫步 在银河上
[02:49.24]Except nobody gets mugged in the Milky Way. 除了一点 银河上没人会被打劫
[02:51.16](Bell rings) (上课铃响)
[02:54.52]We'll take our seats now. 我们该坐回位置了
[02:56.32]Miss Baggoli? 巴格丽女士?
[02:58.48]We have a new girl from New York City. 我们班有个刚从 纽约转来的女生
[02:58.52]Yes? 什么事?
[03:01.36]We do. 没错
[03:05.28]Miss Steppe. 斯黛小姐
[03:05.56]Miss Steppe. 斯黛小姐
[03:07.44]Miss Baggoli, I know it must show on your records 巴格丽女士, 我知道在你的
[03:10.80]that my name is Mary, 花名册上我的名字是 玛丽
[03:11.80]but everyone has referred to me as Lola 但从我还是个 啼哭的婴儿的时候
[03:12.88]since I was a squealing7 infant8 in my mother's arms. 每个人就都叫我洛拉
[03:16.48]I don't even know who this Mary is. 我甚至不知道玛丽 这个名字从哪儿来的
[03:19.76]I like that name. 我喜欢这个名字
[03:21.04]Lola. 洛拉
[03:22.56]Lola. 洛拉
[03:24.52]This is Lola. 这位是洛拉
[03:25.20]that you're sitting in my favorite seat in history class. 历史课的时候 你坐在我最喜欢的位置上了
[03:26.92]Lola, you should know 洛拉, 你该知道
[03:29.32]Me too, and I didn't think we had anything in common. 我也是, 原来我们还有一些共同点啊?
[03:30.12]I like to be dead center. 我喜欢正中央的感觉
[03:34.20]Besides, if you want to fit in, 并且,如果你想尽快 融入这里的话
[03:34.48]I've earned the center seat. 那个中间的位置 是属于我的
[03:37.08]you probably shouldn't draw attention to yourself. 你最好不要总是 把注意力吸引到你那儿
[03:40.04]In case you haven't noticed, I like the attention. 如果你实在没发现的话, 我告诉你我喜欢为人瞩目
[03:41.72]Chill. 真扫兴
[03:46.04]Also, I wouldn't hang out with Ella "Never Had a Fella." 还有,我不会和那个 永远没朋友的埃拉在一起
[03:49.08]She doesn't really have your potential, now, does she? 你和她不可能的, 不是吗?
[03:50.76]Look at her. 看看她,
[03:50.96]She dresses like a politician's wife 穿的像个政客的夫人
[03:54.88]with the hair and the shoes. 那发型,以及鞋子
[03:55.44]She's so random9. 她总是那么随意
[03:56.84]And what about those glasses? They are so 10 minutes ago. 再看看那幅眼镜? 实在是太过时了
[03:58.24]But I'm gonna stop myself before I get nasty10. 再说下去 我会感到恶心的
[04:01.84]I want to let you know that if you're careful, 总之,你如果 继续和她在一起的话
[04:04.68]you could be chilling11 with us. 我们就不会和你好了
[04:05.88]Chilling with you is what I've always dreamed of. 我才不愿和你们在一起呢!
[04:10.44]Hey, Ella, wait up! Do you mind if I sit with you? 嘿,埃拉,等等! 不介意我和你一起坐吧?
[04:14.16]Oh, no, that's fine. 不,当然,没关系
[04:14.72]This is great. 太好了
[04:15.04]When you eat outside in New York, your food gets dirty. 在纽约,如果你在户外吃东西, 食物就会受到污染
[04:19.20]So what's with the Great Santini? 那个高傲的桑提提 是个什么样的人?
[04:23.20]She's beautiful. She's popular. 她美貌, 她很受欢迎
[04:23.88]She's rich. 她家里很有钱
[04:25.96]In kindergarten, she used to bite the heads off dolls. 在幼儿园的时候, 她喜欢把玩具娃娃的头咬下来
[04:26.56]Ew. 哇
[04:30.92]Who's that guy smiling at us? 那个朝我们微笑的 男生是谁?
[04:34.72]That's Sam. 是萨姆
[04:36.60]Sam! 萨姆!
[04:40.48]Lola, Sam. 洛拉,这是萨姆
[04:40.76]Sam, Lola. 萨姆,这是洛拉
[04:42.76]Hi. Hi
[04:43.88]Hey. 嘿
[04:47.44]It's your first day here, right? 你是今天才来的吧?
[04:49.72]Yeah. 是啊
[04:50.24]Well, it's good to meet you. 见到你真高兴
[04:52.44]You too. 我也是
[04:54.08]I'll see you later. 待会儿见
[04:57.28]I couldn't possibly have a boyfriend. 我不能找男朋友
[04:59.84]I mean, I have to focus on my acting12 career. 我的意思是,我必须 将注意力集中在我的演艺生涯上


1 injustice O45yL     
  • They complained of injustice in the way they had been treated.他们抱怨受到不公平的对待。
  • All his life he has been struggling against injustice.他一生都在与不公正现象作斗争。
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  • Suburban shopping centers were springing up all over America. 效区的商业中心在美国如雨后春笋般地兴起。
  • There's a lot of good things about suburban living.郊区生活是有许多优点。
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使大为吃惊,使惊奇( amaze的第三人称单数 )
  • Your knowledge amazes me. 你丰富的知识令我吃惊。
  • The power that amazes, We look, but never will see? 为什么这种令人惊异的力量我们看到了却永不会明白?
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  • The pigs were squealing. 猪尖叫着。
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  • During the seventies,her acting career was in eclipse.在七十年代,她的表演生涯黯然失色。
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