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听电影学英语-结婚大作战 02

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  [00:06.68]I would have seen the signs if I’d been there. 如果我要在场 早就看出苗头了
[00:09.16]It’s all right there. Look at Emma’s eyes-Like a hunter’s. 一清二楚 看看艾玛的眼神 猎人般凌厉
[00:14.04]And Liv’s hand How would you like that clasped around your throat? 看看丽芙的手 你想让这样的手扣住你的喉咙吗?
[00:18.76]Not that either of them can imagine hurting each other at this point. 那时候她们根本无法想象会伤害对方
[00:24.92]Why should they? They’ve been inseparable for 20 years. 她们怎么会呢? 两人已经形影不离了20年
[00:26.80]Okay, slow down. 好了 慢点
[00:30.48]Why can’t we run with iPods? 为什么我们不能听着iPod跑?
[00:32.60]We can’t run with iPods because iPods... 我们不能听着iPod跑是因为
[00:34.32]are for people who can’t be alone with their own thoughts. iPod是给那些无法沉思的人用的
[00:37.52]I’m literally1 running circles around you. Do you know that? 我完全是在绕着你跑 你知道吗?
[00:39.60]You know what a multitasker I am. 你知道我是多进程的
[00:39.92]Do you know how many things I can think about at once? 你知道我能同时想多少件事吗?
[00:43.52]You’re not enjoying my conversation? Is that what you’re saying? 你不想跟我说话? 你就是这意思吗?
[00:45.56]I’m hurt. I am very hurt, Liv.        I gotta go. 我伤心了 伤得很重 丽芙      我得走了
[00:47.56]All right. Have a good day.        Love you. 好的 祝你愉快      爱你
[00:48.76]Call me. Tell me how the meeting goes.        Watch this power walk. 给我打电话 告诉我会开得如何      你看着点
[00:53.24]Hey, did you get the changes to the brief? 你收到简报的改动了吗?
[00:56.52]Purse. It’s like the whole city is made out of lint2. 钱包 整个城市好像都是用棉线编的
[00:56.60]Read and highlighted in the cab.        Great. 看完了 在出租里把重点都标出来了      很好
[00:59.28]It’s an aggressive approach, exploiting the weaknesses of our plaintiffs case. 找出原告申述的弱点 是积极主动的一招
[01:03.96]and I think judicially3 we’ll find favor- 我想从审判上来看这对我方有利
[01:06.52]Particularly if we pull justice Givens. 尤其是如果我们提请司法假设的话
[01:09.64]Thank you, Liv. 谢谢你 丽芙
[01:11.64]Our best associate, Mr. Simmons. 这是我们最好的律师 赛门斯先生
[01:13.68]Maybe your approach is too aggressive. 也许你的办法太主动了
[01:16.60]I mean, if we pound them. 如果我们攻击了他们
[01:19.16]as you suggest, they’ll hardly be in the mood to settle. 像你建议的那样 他们就很难愿意和解了
[01:19.76]Mr. Simmons, you don’t- You don’t know me, but I- 赛门斯先生 你 你不了解我 但我
[01:24.12]I know you. 我了解你

  [01:25.96]All you need to know is how badly you want to win... 你只用知道自己有多想赢就可以了
[01:29.32]because we won’t be settling. 因为我们是不会和解的
[01:33.32]You’re right. She’s perfect. 你说得对 她非常出色
[01:36.76]Oh, Ms. Allan?        Hey, Robert. What’s up? 爱伦女士?      嘿 罗伯特 什么事?
[01:39.44]I think Ms. Delgado is looking for you. 我想德咖窦女士在找你
[01:43.92]Is she? W-Was she nearby? 是吗? 她在附近吗?
[01:44.92]She- She’s in her room.        She’s- 她在她的房间     她在
[01:51.76]Emma, there you are. 艾玛 你在这啊
[01:53.76]Oh, God, Deb. Hi.        I know. Isn’t it gorgeous? 哦 上帝 德比 嗨      我知道 很漂亮吧?
[01:55.24]God, I feel so blessed to have this body. 上帝 有这样的身材我真是觉得幸运
[01:58.64]You know, I am so late 我要迟到了
[02:00.20]No, no, no. Listen. You gotta help me out here. 不 不 不 听着 你得帮我的忙
[02:02.40]You know the debate team?       Yeah. 你知道辩论队的事吧?      是
[02:05.00]I cannot go to the state finals. 州决赛我去不了
[02:07.20]I mean, children talking about their little problems. 那些孩子们讨论他们那些小破事
[02:11.84]Ugh! You gotta do it for me. 你得代我去
[02:12.56]Yeah, Deb, I’m already doing your late bus patrol... 德比 我已经在帮你值晚班车的班
[02:18.20]and pep squad4 and your after-school detention5. 做啦啦队还有留堂的工作了
[02:21.20]You’re the debate team adviser6. I don’t think that I should- 你才是辩论队的指导老师 我觉得不该由我
[02:25.24]I know. I do so much. 我知道 我做的事太多了
[02:25.76]I wish I could just do the bare minimum. 我真希望只用做最低标准量就好了
[02:29.36]I so admire you for that. 真是羡慕你啊
[02:32.24]Anyway, all right, look. Here’s how we’ll work it out. 总之 听着 我们这样吧
[02:32.72]Thank you. 谢谢你
[02:34.64]- I’ll do the debate team-        Okay, good. 辩论队我负责      好 很好
[02:39.32]Uh-huh. If you take my Tuesday study halls for the rest of the year. 但是我负责的周二学习时间今年都由你来管
[02:42.16]Okay?        Yeah, that’s- No. 好吗?      行 那...不
[02:44.28]All right. You owe me, girl. 好了 你欠我的 姑娘
[02:47.04]Get out of the hallway, kids! 从走廊里滚出去 小孩
[02:49.80]You know why she does this? 你知道她为什么要那么做吗?
[02:51.28]You’re the best teacher at that school.        No, I- 你是那学校最好的老师      不 我
[02:53.52]She’s trying to overwork you, so you crack under pressure. 她想让你超负荷工作 你就会因担子太重垮掉了

  [02:56.96]I don’t know. I think she’s kind of sad. 我不知道 我觉得她有点可悲
[02:59.76]I mean, she’s been divorced, like, three times. 她离过婚 离了好像有三次
[03:02.56]She’s way ahead of us. 她领先我们好多啊
[03:04.00]I mean, where are our divorces? 我们还不知道什么时候能离婚呢?
[03:07.56]I gotta get married first. 我得先结婚
[03:09.60]God, I hate Daniel! 上帝 我恨丹尼尔
[03:13.08]No, Kevin. I’m dealing7 with a crisis. 不 凯文 我有麻烦要处理
[03:16.28]What’s your crisis? 你有什么麻烦?
[03:18.28]Uh, that’s code for "I don’t want to talk to you." 这话的意思就是"我不想跟你说话"
[03:19.04]Oh, I see. Well, then thank you for putting me through. 我明白了 谢谢你能接我的电话
[03:21.84]See? I told you those jeans would look great on you. 看? 我就说你穿这裤子会好看
[03:25.00]They aren’t too tight? 不会太紧吗?
[03:25.48]No, no. Not at all. But this- 不 不 完全不会 但是
[03:27.52]I mean, Emma, yellow- Not your color. 艾玛 黄色不适合你
[03:31.16]Okay? Seriously. Oh, but you know what? Try this. 懂吗? 说真的 不过 试试这个吧
[03:34.16]Because-You know what? Keep it. 因为 你知道吗? 给你吧
[03:36.16]It never hung right on me anyway. 我怎么穿都觉得不合适
[03:41.04]Of course it doesn’t hang right on you. 你穿当然不合适
[03:43.04]It’s... my size, and it’s new. 这是我的号 还是新的
[03:46.08]This is the Dolce blouse I told you about last week. 是我上周跟你提过的杜嘉班纳上衣
[03:50.76]Liv, I can’t.        Hey, hey. It was on sale. 丽芙 我不能      嘿 嘿 打折时买的
[03:51.64]I practically made money on it.        Liv, it’s too much. 我这完全是赚了      丽芙 这太贵了
[03:54.12]Emma, Emma. Emma- Just say thank you.just- 艾玛 艾玛 艾玛 说谢谢就行了
[03:59.80]Thank you. It’s beautiful. I love it.        Good. 谢谢你 很漂亮 我很喜欢     很好
[04:02.00]Now this- Emma’s stuff. Emma’s stuff. Let’s get rid of it at one point. 好了 艾玛的东西 艾玛的东西 找时间处理掉吧
[04:05.68]You moved out, like, a hundred years ago. Okay. 你八百年前就搬出去了
[04:07.68]Daniel’s sweater? Cardigan? You wanna try that?        Yeah, love it. 丹尼尔的毛衣? 想试试吗?     好 我很喜欢
[04:18.00]Tiffany box. 蒂凡尼的盒子
[04:20.16]You’re getting engaged?        I’m getting engaged. 你要订婚了?      我要订婚了
[04:22.80]I’m getting engaged!        You’re getting engaged! 我要订婚了      你要订婚了
[04:25.56]Emma-        No! Stop it. No. Liv! 艾玛      不 别这样 不 丽芙

  [04:26.08]Oh, my God!        Oh, my God! 我的上帝      我的上帝
[04:29.96]I have to look.        Stop it! No! No! 我必须看      别这样 别 别
[04:32.60]No, no! 不 不
[04:34.80]You can’t stop me. 你不能阻止我
[04:39.20]I’m sorry. 很抱歉
[04:42.48]But he should see your face when you first see the ring. 但是应该让他看到你第一次见到戒指时的表情
[04:44.84]Good call. 说得对
[04:46.32]You always think of others, Emma. 你总是替别人着想 艾玛
[04:48.32]It never occurs to me like that. 我从来没想过这些
[04:50.32]I mean, sometimes it does. 我是说 有时候会
[04:55.40]I’m really happy for you. 我真替你高兴
[04:57.88]Promise me you won’t tell anyone until after he proposes. 答应我在他求婚前你谁也不会告诉
[04:59.84]Oh, God. I would never. I’d be out of my mind. 天 我当然不会 我又没疯


1 literally 28Wzv     
  • He translated the passage literally.他逐字逐句地翻译这段文字。
  • Sometimes she would not sit down till she was literally faint.有时候,她不走到真正要昏厥了,决不肯坐下来。
2 lint 58azy     
  • Flicked the lint off the coat.把大衣上的棉绒弹掉。
  • There are a few problems of air pollution by chemicals,lint,etc.,but these are minor.化学品、棉花等也造成一些空气污染问题,但这是次要的。
3 judicially 8e141e97c5a0ea74185aa3796a2330c0     
  • Geoffrey approached the line of horses and glanced judicially down the row. 杰弗里走进那栏马,用审视的目的目光一匹接一匹地望去。
  • Not all judicially created laws are based on statutory or constitutional interpretation. 并不是所有的司法机关创制的法都以是以成文法或宪法的解释为基础的。
4 squad 4G1zq     
  • The squad leader ordered the men to mark time.班长命令战士们原地踏步。
  • A squad is the smallest unit in an army.班是军队的最小构成单位。
5 detention 1vhxk     
  • He was kept in detention by the police.他被警察扣留了。
  • He was in detention in connection with the bribery affair.他因与贿赂事件有牵连而被拘留了。
6 adviser HznziU     
  • They employed me as an adviser.他们聘请我当顾问。
  • Our department has engaged a foreign teacher as phonetic adviser.我们系已经聘请了一位外籍老师作为语音顾问。
7 dealing NvjzWP     
  • This store has an excellent reputation for fair dealing.该商店因买卖公道而享有极高的声誉。
  • His fair dealing earned our confidence.他的诚实的行为获得我们的信任。
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