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听电影学英语-结婚大作战 04

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  [00:05.64]You are going to live with Emma and Fletcher. 你要和艾玛还有弗莱彻一起住了
[00:16.44]You’re irritating1 me. 你这是在气我
[00:18.84]I can’t believe it. 难以置信
[00:20.44]It’s so weird2 having this on my finger. I mean, hey, look. 手指上带着这东西感觉真是奇怪 看啊
[00:21.64]It even sparkles3 in the rain.        Blinding. Ouch. 在雨中都是亮闪闪的      炫目啊 哎哟
[00:24.80]So I’m thinking about getting Dj Humble4 to spin at my party. 我在考虑婚礼上要请韩波当DJ
[00:28.80]I don’t know though. Is that weird?        You should go for it. 但我还没想好 会奇怪吗?      我觉得你该请
[00:29.84]I’m not really a big band kind of girl.        Whatever. 我其实不是很喜欢乐团      管他呢
[00:31.84]It’s your wedding.        Oh. My mom can’t fly up until the wedding. 这是你的婚礼      我妈妈要到婚礼那天才能来
[00:36.24]She’s too busy with work. But who cares. I’ve got you, right? 她工作太忙了 但是谁在乎呢 我有你 对吗?
[00:38.04]Yeah. I’m so psyched.        So would you come with me to meet her? 是啊 我太激动了     那你跟我一起去见她吗?
[00:43.16]I’m sorry. What? Meet who?        Marion St. Claire. 抱歉 什么? 见谁?     玛瑞安·圣克莱尔
[00:47.68]Haven’t you been listening? I’ve got an appointment with her on Friday. 你没听我说话吗? 我跟她约了周五见
[00:48.68]You already made an appointment?        Yeah. 你已经约好了?      是的
[00:50.72]You just got engaged last night.       I know. 你昨晚才刚订婚啊      我知道
[00:54.04]But technically5, I’m already behind. 但是理论上讲 我已经晚了
[00:56.04]You gotta book early if you want the Plaza6. 如果想在广场酒店办 早就得预约好
[00:58.32]The Plaza? I can’t believe this. 广场酒店? 我简直不敢相信
[01:01.60]What-What’s the matter? Why are you mad? 怎么了? 你为什么生气了?
[01:01.80]I’m not mad. No, not at you. 我不是生气 不 我不是对你生气
[01:04.24]I just don’t know what’s taking Daniel so long. 我只是不明白丹尼尔还在磨蹭什么
[01:07.36]Oh, God. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have- 噢 天啊 我很抱歉 我不应该
[01:11.36]We don’t have to talk about this. Let’s just drop it. 我们不用说这个 别提了
[01:14.12]He’s gonna be dead soon.        Why? What- 他很快就要死翘翘了      为什么? 什么
[01:16.12]Call you later.        What are you go- 回头给你电话      你要干什么

  [01:18.16]Liv, you let him do this his own way. 丽芙 让他按自己的方式来
[01:22.48]Excuse me. Excuse me. 借过 借过
[01:26.52]Excuse me! 借过
[01:30.48]Honey! 宝贝
[01:32.48]Will you just marry me, already? 你能娶我吗?
[01:34.48]Yeah. Okay. 好 可以
[01:39.28]Isn’t that what you want? ’Cause it’s what I want... 这不就是你想要的吗? 这是我想要的
[01:41.32]and I just wanna know if you want to marry me. 如果你想娶我的话我想知道
[01:42.80]Don’t you wanna get married? 你不是想结婚吗?
[01:43.00]Honey, can we talk about this later? 宝贝 我们回头再谈这个好吗?
[01:46.44]Oh, you changed your mind? I saw the Tiffany box in the closet. 你改主意了? 我看到了柜子里的蒂凡尼的盒子
[01:49.88]Right? 对吧?
[01:56.04]Oh, my God. 噢 上帝啊
[01:58.64]It’s not a ring? 那不是戒指?
[02:00.64]If it’s a key chain I’m gonna kill myself... 那要是钥匙链的话我就杀了自己
[02:03.92]and I’m taking you down with me. 还要拖你垫背
[02:12.56]你想要 想要结婚吗?
[02:14.56]You know what I will tell you? 你知道我想说什么吗?
[02:16.56]I have never met a more obnoxious7... 我这辈子从没碰到过比你更讨厌
[02:18.60]complicated, overbearing. 更难懂 更自大
[02:24.12]gorgeous, smart, sexy woman in my life. 更漂亮 更聪明 更性感的女人
[02:26.80]And- 而且
[02:30.56]if you had just waited until tonight- 要是你能等到今晚
[02:34.64]then you wouldn’t be the woman I fell in love with... 那你就不是我爱上的那个女人了
[02:36.20]because she doesn’t know how to wait. 因为我爱的人不知道什么叫等待
[02:38.20]Will you hold that for a second?        Yeah. 你能帮我拿一下吗?      好的
[02:39.80]Which is fine, as long as I get to spend the rest of my life... 不过没关系 只要我能与她共度余生
[02:43.04]trying to catch up with her. 努力跟上她的脚步
[02:48.52]Liv?        Hmm? 丽芙?      嗯?
[02:49.76]Will you marry me? 你愿意嫁给我吗?
[02:52.60]Are you proposing?        Mmm. 你是在求婚?      嗯
[02:54.60]Really? Honey, it’s so out of nowhere. 真的? 宝贝 这真是太突然了
[02:59.20]Liv, shut up. Yes or no?        Yes. Yes. 丽芙 闭嘴 愿意还是不愿意?      愿意 愿意
[03:03.56]Babe.        Yes. 宝贝      是的
[03:04.44]This is not how I planned it.        Are you kidding? 这跟我计划的不一样     你在开玩笑吗?
[03:11.44]I love ""Bring Your Hot Girlfriend to Work’’ day.        Totally. 我爱死"带火辣女友上班"了      绝对的
[03:16.20]And that is the journey that brought. 那两个年轻新娘就是如此才在

  [03:18.24]these two young brides to my townhouse on that particular afternoon. 那个特殊的下午来到了我家
[03:24.52]No, no, no. Don’t do that. Not now. Not now. Let’s go. 不 不 不 别这么做 别在现在 我们走
[03:25.72]Okay. I’m good. 好了 我没事了
[03:27.72]I’m Marion St. Claire. 我是玛瑞安·圣克莱尔
[03:29.76]the most sought-after wedding planner in Manhattan. 曼哈顿最吃香的婚礼策划人
[03:42.00]Hi. We’re Marion’s 1:00 嗨 我们跟玛瑞安约了一点
[03:45.12]We’re both getting married, and we’re both each other’s maid of honor. 我们都要结婚了 要给对方互当伴娘
[03:48.36]No way. That’s incredible8. 不可能吧 太惊人了
[03:55.12]Ms. St. Claire will see you now. 圣克莱尔女士能见你们了
[04:00.12]Hi. I’m Liv Lerner.        Hi, Ms. St. Claire. Wow. 嗨 我是丽芙·能纳      嗨 我是圣克莱尔夫人
[04:02.40]This is Emma Allan.        What an honor. 这是艾玛·爱伦      很荣幸
[04:05.68]We’ve been best friends for a long time.        I can’t believe this. 我们是多年密友       我简直无法相信
[04:07.40]Sit. 坐下
[04:08.16]Okay.        Got it. 好的     明白
[04:15.80]A wedding marks the first day... 婚礼代表着
[04:17.12]of the rest of your life. 你余生的第一天
[04:19.40]You have been dead until now. 在这之前你们都是死亡的
[04:24.60]W-Were you aware of that? 你们意识到了吗?
[04:26.16]You’re dead right now. 你们现在就是死亡状态
[04:28.56]Angela, for example, will die dead. 举个例子 安吉拉 会以死亡的状态死去的
[04:29.12]I understand.        Thank you. 我明白     谢谢
[04:34.52]Now I’ve read the brief that she put together on you- 我看过了她写的关于你们的简介
[04:36.28]June weddings at the Plaza. 在广场酒店的六月婚礼?
[04:41.64]So it’s not even a remote possibility? 那么是完全没有可能了?
[04:46.72]If you’d gone elsewhere, not a chance. 如果你们去别的地方 完全没机会
[04:49.12]But you’ve come to me. 但是你们找到了我
[04:52.12]Call me dream catcher. I’ll answer. 叫我梦想实现者 我会答应的
[04:53.28]Ooh. Dream catcher. 梦想实现者
[04:59.08]I happen to have... 我刚好有
[05:00.12]three openings at the Plaza in june. 六月份三个在广场酒店的空缺


1 irritating 1qOzR6     
  • She found his preoccupation with money irritating.她对他一心只想着钱感到很厌烦。
  • He has this irritating mannerism of constantly scratching his nose.他老是挠鼻子,这个习惯真让人不舒服。
2 weird bghw8     
  • From his weird behaviour,he seems a bit of an oddity.从他不寻常的行为看来,他好像有点怪。
  • His weird clothes really gas me.他的怪衣裳简直笑死人。
3 sparkles da3e02496b769cec23d2241fcc92e5a5     
v.发火花,闪耀( sparkle的第三人称单数 );(饮料)发泡;生气勃勃,热情奔放,神采飞扬
  • The diamond sparkles with brilliant light. 金刚钻闪出灿烂的光辉。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
  • Her hand, which dangles over the side, sparkles cold with jewels. 她一只手耷拉在一边,闪耀着珠宝的寒光。 来自英汉文学 - 盖茨比
4 humble ddjzU     
  • In my humble opinion,he will win the election.依我拙见,他将在选举中获胜。
  • Defeat and failure make people humble.挫折与失败会使人谦卑。
5 technically wqYwV     
  • Technically it is the most advanced equipment ever.从技术上说,这是最先进的设备。
  • The tomato is technically a fruit,although it is eaten as a vegetable.严格地说,西红柿是一种水果,尽管它是当作蔬菜吃的。
6 plaza v2yzD     
  • They designated the new shopping centre York Plaza.他们给这个新购物中心定名为约克购物中心。
  • The plaza is teeming with undercover policemen.这个广场上布满了便衣警察。
7 obnoxious t5dzG     
  • These fires produce really obnoxious fumes and smoke.这些火炉冒出来的烟气确实很难闻。
  • He is the most obnoxious man I know.他是我认识的最可憎的人。
8 incredible q8fx7     
  • Some planets run at incredible speed.某些星球以难以置信的速度运行着。
  • Her answer showed the most incredible stupidity.她的回答显示出不可思议的愚蠢。
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