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英语听力:听电影学英语-伟大辩手 15

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   [00:02.08]I can't accept that, sir. 我不能接受,先生

  [00:04.68]It would be inappropriate. 这很不合适
  [00:13.72]It would be inappropriate. 这很不合适
  [00:16.32]Who's it from? 谁写的?
  [00:17.48]It's from Harvard. 哈佛
  [00:19.28]Maybe it's more money. 没准又是钱
  [00:21.88]Hmm. 嗯
  [00:23.40]"We have been informed by Tau Kappa Gamma “我们被某无名氏告知
  [00:24.84]"that your team delivers... “贵队用
  [00:27.96]"canned speeches: “事先准备好的辩论词,”
  [00:30.92]"Arguments written by faculty1 rather than students. “论据都是被老师而不是学生写成的,”
  [00:35.20]"Therefore, we are changing the topic. “所以,我们现在改变辩题,
  [00:36.28]"You will have the same amount of time “你们与哈佛的辩论队
  [00:38.00]"to write new arguments as the Harvard team: “有相同的时间去准备新的辩论词,
  [00:40.80]48 hours." “48小时,”
  [00:43.84]Coaches help students all the time. 教练帮助学生很正常啊
  [00:44.44](James) Yes, sir. 是的
  [00:46.24](Henry) "Both teams will be delivered “两队都会收到同样的
  [00:49.32]the same reference books." “参考书籍,”
  [00:51.00]Yes, sir. 是
  [00:52.12]"Our new topic: Resolved: “我们新的题目:辩题:
  [00:53.92]"Civil disobedience is a moral weapon in the fight for justice." “消极抵抗是维护公正的道德武器,”
  [00:56.40]Wiley College will be arguing the affirmative." “威利学院为正方,”
  [00:58.08]Thank you, sir. 多谢了
  [01:01.52]I can't reach Mr. Tolson. Nobody knows where he is. 我找不到托森先生 没人知道他去哪儿了
  [01:06.60]They're setting us up to lose. 他们是想让我们输
  [01:08.00]We can't win without him. 我们没他赢不了
  [01:09.60]You're wrong. We can't win without him. 不对,我们能赢
  [01:15.84]Thoreau? 梭罗?
  [01:19.24](Henry, reading) "...less desponding free spirits, “……奋发图强之士
  [01:19.72]is in her prisons..." 是其监狱……”
  [01:21.92]"Under a government which imprisons2 any unjustly, “在一个监禁正义之士的政府统治之下
  [01:25.20]the true place for a just man..." 正义之士的真正栖身之地也就是监狱,”
  [01:25.20]Here's your coffee, sir. 咖啡来了,先生
  [01:28.48]Thank you, Mr. Wilson. 谢谢,威尔森先生
  [01:29.28]Just Wilson. 叫威尔森吧
  [01:32.16]Thank you, Wilson. 谢谢你,威尔森
  [01:32.64]"and less desponding spirits..." 奋发图强之士……”
  [01:33.96]"...has provided for her freer “为自由和
  [01:36.92]But you have to use the Massacre3 at Amritsar. 但是你必须提到阿密萨惨案
  [01:38.92]Agreed, James, 我同意
  [01:39.04]but we'll save it for the rebuttal. 但是我们必须用这个当驳
  [01:40.40]We're going to save the best for last 我们得把最好的留到最后
  [01:42.28]because you have to leave the audience... 因为你必须让观众……
  [01:44.16]I think we should get into Gandhi's concept of Satyagraha. 我觉得我们必须谈谈甘地的非暴力不合作
  [01:49.16]I don't agree. 我不同意
  [01:51.76]I don't think people are gonna understand what... 我不觉得人们会明白……
  [01:52.32]what... Sadagara? 什么?非暴合作?
  [01:53.52]Sactchmaget? Sactchma... 暴力合作?暴合力……
  [01:55.24]Satyagraha. 非暴力不合作
  [01:56.40]From the Sanskrit. 从梵文来的词
  [01:59.68]Meaning truth and fairness. 意思是真相和公平
  [02:10.84]I told you. 我说了吧
  [02:10.84]It's... It's obvious to me 我看这个比较明显
  [02:12.64]that we should begin the debate with Gandhi. 我们应该用甘地开场
  [02:13.60]That's exactly why I won't do it. 那就是我们不该做的
  [02:16.72]Why should I do the obvious thing? 为什么我应该去做这么明显的事情?
  [02:16.72]Because that's what wins debates! 因为这样就能赢!
  [02:18.56]Listen to what you're saying. This is Harvard, okay? 听听你自己的话,这是哈佛!
  [02:20.28]The first thing you think when you think civil disobedience is what? 你听到消极抵抗的时候第一个想到的是什么?
  [02:23.08]But Gandhi is a strong point! 但是甘地是个很有力的依据
  [02:23.64]That's why we should use Gandhi! 那就是我们应该用甘地的原因!
  [02:25.44]I want to win! Do you want to win? 我想要赢!你想赢吗?
  [02:27.32]Yes, I want to win, but he's right! 是,我想赢,但是他是对的
  [02:30.00]This is not getting us anywhere! 这样是没用的
  [02:31.40]He didn't put you in charge! 他没让你负责!
  [02:31.92]Tolson told me I was in charge! 托森说了我负责的
  [02:33.72]You're "in charge" does not mean... 你的“负责”不代表着……
  [02:35.08]So I can make decisions. 我就可以做决定
  [02:36.36]Yes, we are! 我们用!
  [02:36.88]We're not starting with Gandhi! 我们不用甘地开场!
  [02:38.16]Do you hear yourself? You sound like a kid! 你看看你自己,你像个小孩一样
  [02:40.16]Well, you are a kid! 你才是!
  [02:43.96]Fellas, come on! 大家停停!
  [02:44.12]- I'm an idiot? - Yes! - 我是个笨蛋? - 没错!
  [02:44.92]To hell with you! To hell with you! 你们去死吧! 你们去死!
  [02:48.04]To hell with this debate! 辩论也去死吧!
  [02:49.88]To hell with me? To hell with me? 我去死? 我去死?
  [02:51.60]Just because I disagree with you? 就因为我不同意你的意见?
  [02:52.56]If you're gonna walk out, fine! 如果你要退出,没问题!
  [02:54.48]We're not chasing you! 我们不会求你回来!
  [02:54.84]We are so tired of chasing you! 我们求你都求烦了!
  [03:04.32]He's coming back, isn't he? 他还会回来吧?
  [03:06.40]See if I care! 不关我事!
  [03:39.20](Distant train whistle blows)
  [03:55.28](Horn honks)
  [04:12.32]How you doing, man? 你好吗?
  [04:19.68]## (Honky tonk piano)


1 faculty HhkzK     
  • He has a great faculty for learning foreign languages.他有学习外语的天赋。
  • He has the faculty of saying the right thing at the right time.他有在恰当的时候说恰当的话的才智。
2 imprisons 061cdfda138d2df09735cfefec786f57     
v.下狱,监禁( imprison的第三人称单数 )
  • Gatsby was overwhelmingly aware of the youth and mystery that wealth imprisons and preserves. 盖茨比深切地体会到财富怎样禁锢和保存着青春与神秘。 来自辞典例句
  • And he who defines his conduct by ethics imprisons his song-bird in a cage. 那用伦理道德界定他行为的人就像将他歌唱的鸟儿关进了笼子。 来自互联网
3 massacre i71zk     
  • There was a terrible massacre of villagers here during the war.在战争中,这里的村民惨遭屠杀。
  • If we forget the massacre,the massacre will happen again!忘记了大屠杀,大屠杀就有可能再次发生!
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