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听电影学英语-一个美国新娘的自白 08

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  [00:03.52]Who was he? You all know him. 什么人? 你们都认识他
[00:07.40]He's the guy you had a crush on. 他是一个令人迷恋的男人
[00:09.80]Perfect-looking, sensitive, with deep-set eyes and... 五官端正, 目光敏锐 还有一双迷人的眼睛
[00:15.36]Yeah, he was hot, and you didn't have a shot. 简直酷呆了, 没人能电倒他
[00:18.84]Except me, once. 除了我, 而且仅仅一次
[00:19.12]No one did. 没人能
[00:22.04]Sort of. Maybe. 或者算是吧
[00:25.92]Senior year, our American lit class assigned study partners for the final. 毕业那年, 我们被安排在一起 准备美国文化的期末考试
[00:32.04]I found it hard to concentrate on anything other than his ass1. 但他的屁股真的很诱人
[00:35.96]You know, Hemingway's great. I won't argue that... 海明威真的太伟大 我不会再跟你争论了
[00:39.12]Don't you ever just crave2 the sweet poetry of a convoluted3 Dickensian sentence? 狄更斯的诗句真的令人陶醉
[00:39.72]...but that macho terseness4? 但是不是缺乏点男子气概?
[00:46.40]The only thing I was craving5 was the sweet poetry of his tongue. 对我而言, 最令人陶醉的是他的谈吐
[00:50.04]Yeah. 是的
[00:53.92]Your button. 你的纽扣
[00:57.88]Thanks. 谢谢
[01:02.40]Now, what would you do here? 这时你会怎么做呢?
[01:05.28]Young, single, and hottie guy leaning in. 一个心仪的帅哥要吻你
[01:07.64]Pull him behind the stacks? 把他推开?
[01:07.76]Kiss him, grab him? 吻他, 还是掴他一巴掌?
[01:13.72]Sam? You okay? Sam? 你还好吗?
[01:14.08]Luke? Luke?
[01:16.68]Luke took me to the emergency room that night. Luke那晚带我去看急诊
[01:17.16]By the time I was up and walking, the semester had ended... 我能走的时候已经是期末了
[01:22.64]...and I never saw him again. 我也没有再见过他了
[01:25.52]I actually managed to sprain6 an ankle, bruise7 a knee, and kill a romance... 这次事故我扭伤了脚 并且擦伤膝盖
[01:28.04]...all in one klutz-o-rific instant. 最可恶的是断送了一段浪漫的爱情
[01:29.72]Oh, and I also got a C on the exam. 对了, 那学期我得了个C
[01:33.76]- No way was he going in for a kiss. - Thanks, Kristin. - 他进不来骚扰我们的 - 谢谢
[01:38.84]You can't change the past. You might as well be able to live with it. 过去是无法改变的 我们能做的就是接受现实
[01:40.32]I know, it's just that those kind of memories are sort of comforting. 我知道, 只是有点怀恋而已
[01:44.24]I mean, I've always looked at Luke, as dumb as it sounds... 我到处寻找着Luke
[01:49.40]...as the one who got away. 虽然有点可笑
[01:50.36]You mean, up until you met Ben. 你是说直到遇见Ben?
[01:52.60]Right. Until Ben. 对, 直到遇见Ben
[01:58.44]No, no, no. No disapproving8 stares allowed. No, no, no 别这样盯着我
[02:00.80]- What are you thinking? - Nothing. - 在想什么呢? - 没有
[02:04.12]Just that I haven't heard you gush9 about Ben like that in a long time. 只是很久没有听到你称赞Ben了
[02:06.52]Luckily, that disturbing thought was shoved out of my mind by something else. 虽然不顺耳, 但却是事实
[02:12.04]There it was. 是它了
[02:14.64]I knew it the instant I saw it. 看第一眼就知道非它莫属了
[02:15.52]My Excalibur. 我的亚瑟王神剑
[02:17.24]Only instead of pulling it out of a rock... 但是想要把它买下来
[02:20.20]...I just had to make sure I didn't have to sell my car to afford it. 就得把我的小车卖掉!
[02:25.56]If you think I'm gonna let you see me in it now, you're crazy. 疯子才会买那么贵的婚纱
[02:28.56]Sam, they're here. Sam, 他们来了
[02:33.40]Okay. 好的
[02:43.84]- Hey, Sam. - Hi, Luke. - Sam你好 - 你好
[02:46.68]It's been way too long. 很久没见
[02:52.00]Our team liaison10, Samantha Hoyt. She'll begin the meeting. 现在由Samantha Hoyt主持会议
[02:52.12]Okay, let's get right to it. Ok, 马上开始吧
[02:57.20]Let me start with the demographic breakdown11 of your target consumer. 就从消费者的人群分布开始
[02:57.48]Welcome, everyone. 欢迎大家
[03:01.04]This chart divides the market into two important segments: 图表显示主要为两大市场:
[03:04.44]Family and personal consumption. 家庭和个人消费者
[03:07.92]Our campaign will aggressively target both. 是我们公司的主要吸引对象
[03:09.20]But before we go further, we'd like to know what you think of my figure. 进一步讨论之前, 先让大家 看一下我的身材
[03:16.88]I mean, our figures. 我们的数据(figures有数据及身材之意)
[03:17.48]"Our figures" is what I meant to say, not "my figure." 我是说"我们的数据"  不是说"我的身材"
[03:20.64]I mean, why would we care what you think of my...? 算了, 为什么你们会关注我的...?
[03:25.32]Why don't we all just take a moment to look through the charts. 现在看一下图表吧
[03:32.80]Damn, he's hot. 他真的帅呆了
[03:39.36]You know that old public speaking trick of imagining your audience in underwear? 这感觉就像只穿着内裤 在大众面前演讲一样
[03:42.84]Yeah, didn't work so much with Luke. 在Luke面前真是丑死人了
[03:45.68]- You were fine. It was great. - Nancy. - 你表现的很好, 没问题的 - Nancy
[03:46.76]Okay, rocky finish, but very strong start. 没有了化石, 却来一个风度翩翩的
[03:53.76]Well, look who discovered the local watering hole. 噢, 说曹操曹操就到
[03:59.32]Oh, that's it. Either I gotta stop drinking, or I'm kicking it up a notch12. 够了, 再呆下去我就无地自容了
[04:02.52]Light beer, please. It's your round. 来杯淡啤, 该你发挥了
[04:13.20]- Beer and wine. - So how's the ankle? - 啤酒和葡萄酒各一杯 - 你的脚怎么样了?
[04:17.20]- You remember that? - It's kind of hard to forget. - 你还记得? - 怎会忘记
[04:22.00]Yeah, well, my coordination13 is much improved these days. 还是有点不太协调
[04:24.76]Well, that's too bad. It was kind of cute. 太糟糕了, 想起来也有点搞笑
[04:28.72]- Should be a fun project, don't you think? - Yeah, definitely. - 计划挻有意思 - 是呀
[04:32.52]I always knew we'd run into each other again. 我就知道我们会再碰面
[04:35.32]I sort of had a feeling. 我有预感
[04:36.20]So I heard you requested me. 听说是你指定要我做的
[04:39.80]I was kind of surprised. 有点意外
[04:41.04]Yeah, I did some asking around... 我做过调查的
[04:41.16]All right, guilty. 说得我有点不好意思了
[04:44.64]...and I heard you were the brains of the department. 你是小组里面最能干的一个
[04:48.60]Oh, that's a nice ring, by the way. 哦, 戒指不错
[04:51.32]Congratulations. 恭喜你
[04:51.80]Thanks. Yeah, I just got engaged. 谢谢, 我刚订婚
[04:55.68]All right, I'll admit it. I sort of had an ulterior motive14. 好吧, 我承认是另有其意


1 ass qvyzK     
  • He is not an ass as they make him.他不象大家猜想的那样笨。
  • An ass endures his burden but not more than his burden.驴能负重但不能超过它能力所负担的。
2 crave fowzI     
  • Many young children crave attention.许多小孩子渴望得到关心。
  • You may be craving for some fresh air.你可能很想呼吸呼吸新鲜空气。
3 convoluted NvnzlG     
  • The snake slithered through a convoluted path.蛇在羊肠小道上爬行。
  • The policy is so convoluted even college presidents are confused.这项政策太令人费解,甚至连大学校长们也是一头雾水。
4 terseness 58c12330649a1022b94d16ba38d889cc     
  • If the main purpose of menus were to execute commands, terseness would be a virtue. 如果菜单的主要目的是执行命令,那么就应该精练。 来自About Face 3交互设计精髓
  • What strikes at a first reading is its vividness and terseness. 初读时它给人的印象是生动和简洁。
5 craving zvlz3e     
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8 disapproving bddf29198e28ab64a272563d29c1f915     
adj.不满的,反对的v.不赞成( disapprove的现在分词 )
  • Mother gave me a disapproving look. 母亲的眼神告诉我她是不赞成的。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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11 breakdown cS0yx     
  • She suffered a nervous breakdown.她患神经衰弱。
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12 notch P58zb     
  • The peanuts they grow are top-notch.他们种的花生是拔尖的。
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13 coordination Ho8zt     
  • Gymnastics is a sport that requires a considerable level of coordination.体操是一项需要高协调性的运动。
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14 motive GFzxz     
  • The police could not find a motive for the murder.警察不能找到谋杀的动机。
  • He had some motive in telling this fable.他讲这寓言故事是有用意的。
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