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听电影学英语-一个美国新娘的自白 09

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  [0-1:58.52]No, it's true. The low-fat, high-carb recommendations are a relic1 of the '70s. 是真的, 低脂肪、高热量 在70年代非常流行
[00:03.56]There are studies that show the benefits of curbing2 your carb intake3. 研究表明控制热量的摄入量 有很多益处
[00:05.04]- It's science now. - Really? - 现在是讲科学的 - 真的?
[00:08.40]- Like you need it. - Oh, you do? Come on, get serious. - 像你这样真的需要 - 是吗? 来吧, 一起探讨一下
[00:08.60]You've almost got me sold on going low-carb. 你在向我推销低热量饮食
[00:14.72]So how is next Wednesday, 10-ish? 下周三怎样?
[00:15.16]It's a date. 那就约定了
[00:17.84]He's hot. 他太帅了
[00:21.84]Okay, great. I got it. 好极了, 就这么定
[00:22.96]- All right. - Okay. - 好的 - Ok
[00:27.12]- See you. - Bye. - 再见 - 再见
[00:35.24]- What? - You and Luke sure work well together. - 什么? - 你跟Luke一起真相配
[00:39.72]Nancy, it's just work. Nancy, 只是一起工作
[00:41.00]Right. Just be careful. 好了, 小心点啊
[00:45.28]At home, we seemed to be arguing about everything. 我们在家里好像什么都要争论一下
[00:48.00]Maybe I should see if being a dad is something I'm cut out for... 为了养活几个孩子
[00:51.56]...with one kid before we start competing with the old lady in the shoe. 从而要为生活奔波, 有必要吗?
[00:55.96]Only children are so lonely, Ben. It's not fair to the kid. 只养一个孩子是很寂寞的 这对孩子不公平
[00:59.72]Do we have to talk about this now? 我们有必要现在讨论这个吗?
[01:03.80]Why not now? 为什么不?
[01:04.36]Well, it's 11:00 on a Thursday... 现在是星期四晚上11:00
[01:05.20]...and we need to plan our entire family life down to retirement4? 要不要把退休后的生活都计划好?
[01:10.64]That's not what I'm saying. 我不是说这个
[01:11.16]I thought we should discuss it, but if you're too tired... 我认为有必要讨论 如果觉得累的话...
[01:16.24]No, no, no. Okay, yeah, yeah, let's do it. 不, 不, 不累, 好吧, 我们继续
[01:22.08]How about this? 这样吧:
[01:22.20]Four kids, two of each, then we hit Arizona and wait out the clock? 男孩女孩各生两个 然后我们在亚利桑那州隐居一辈子
[01:29.72]Why can't you talk about this seriously? 你能不能严肃点?
[01:38.48]So just sleep on it, and we'll deal with it later. 我们现在最好去睡觉 明天再接着讨论
[01:43.68]Suddenly, the weeks were flying by, and later became soon. 这周很快就过去 不知不觉就是几周后了
[01:47.44]And by then, I had other things to worry about... 那时候, 我的心思已经放到别处了
[01:48.04]...like when I discovered my life seemed destined5 to be overrun by one thing: 例如突然发现自己周围 都是一样东西:
[01:54.32]Boxes. 箱子
[01:56.20]Soon after the moving boxes were cleared out... 刚把垃圾箱子清理掉
[01:56.44]...the gift boxes began to arrive. 礼物箱又来了
[02:01.32]Cool, we got a rice cooker. 好极了, 是电饭煲
[02:04.24]And a bread maker6. 还有面包炉
[02:07.84]And an asparagus steamer. 和芦笋蒸锅
[02:11.12]Oh, and another rice cooker. 噢, 还有一个漂亮饭锅
[02:14.88]The delivery guy came around so often, he was almost like family. 这邮差大哥经常来的 就跟家人一样
[02:23.92]Work was going well. 工作很顺利
[02:24.12]Some might say too well. 可以说是太顺利了
[02:27.08]And living with Ben? Well, that was teaching me a few things. 跟Ben生活得怎样? 嗯, 有些东西是我无法忍受的
[02:32.24]Like, I can't stand the stench of stale beer mixed with sweat and pizza sauce. 例如混杂着汗臭和比萨饼的啤酒气味
[02:40.64]Things weren't all smelly, though. 尽管这些东西都不一定是臭的
[02:42.68]We did find a gorgeous wedding site. 我们找到了一个举办婚礼的极佳场所
[02:44.56]I've seen it in the spring, and it's fabulous7. 我在春天的时候来过这里 简直仙境一般
[02:48.48]I'm counting on global warming to get me a dream wedding. 正盘算着全球变暖能带给我 一个做梦寐以求的婚礼
[02:51.64]So I had a honeymoon8 idea. 我已经计划好怎么度蜜月了
[02:53.96]- What? - Europe. - 怎样? - 到欧洲
[02:54.36]I'd love that. I've never been. 太好了, 我没去过
[02:54.80]Let's go backpacking. We'll get a Eurail pass and hit the countryside. 我们背个大包, 然后坐着火车 深入乡村间
[02:59.92]It was one of my biggest regrets after college. 大学毕业后就马上参加工作 而朋友们都跑到欧洲玩去了
[03:00.56]I went straight to work, and all my friends did Europe. 这是我最大的遗憾
[03:03.96]Well, I was thinking more like beaches and 400-thread-count sheets. 我比较喜欢沙滩 还有400线被褥
[03:07.16]- Yeah, everyone does that. - Well, there's a reason why. - 谁都会喜欢 - 只有一个原因
[03:11.12]- Hey, guys. - Hi. - 你们好 - 你好
[03:14.64]- Are you ready? - Yeah. - 准备好了没有? - 当然
[03:15.60]So are there any special requests? 有什么特殊要求?
[03:18.00]- Well, I'd love to be dipped. - Oh, well. - 嗯, 我想热热身 - 好, 没问题
[03:21.88]That's a fabulous way to finish. 你们会学有所成的
[03:26.24]You got any beer? Because after a couple of drinks, I'm a great dancer. 有啤酒吗? 喝了啤酒 我会变成超级舞林高手
[03:30.64]Yeah, after a couple drinks, he thinks he's a great dancer. 喝完酒就成跳醉舞了
[03:35.88]Don't worry. We'll start simple. 别担心, 我们从简单开始
[03:36.40]Just relax. We're gonna start with something called the box step, all right? 放松点, 从盒子步伐开始学, 好吗?
[03:39.88]Just stay within this imaginary box on the floor as you lead. 想象这地板上有个盒子 然后就在盒子里面跳
[03:43.72]Ready? And one, two, three. 准备好了吗? 一, 二, 三
[03:48.80]One, two, three. Good. 一, 二, 三  好的
[03:50.20]- Now you try. Wait for the beat. - Come on. - 到你了, 跟着节奏 - 来吧
[03:58.24]Okay, that's, like, the cheesiest song ever. 好吧, 只不过这歌曲太没劲了
[04:00.16]I suppose you prefer a Springsteen anthem9. 要不要来点摇滚乐
[04:02.72]- That'd be great. - Ready? - 最好不过 - 准备
[04:04.72]And, one... No, that's a little too late. Try again. 一... 停, 要跟着节奏 再试一下
[04:07.16]A little late. Sorry. 对不起, 还是有点跟不上
[04:11.28]Ready? And, one... Oh, the other foot. 准备, 一... 噢, 另外一只脚
[04:13.96]Listen. One, two, three. 听着, 一, 二, 三
[04:17.04]And then it hit me. 又打击我了
[04:21.52]The beat and Ben had yet to be introduced. Ben一点不懂节拍
[04:24.52]He can't dance at all. 他根本不能跳舞
[04:26.68]Not even close. 甚至不能抱在一起
[04:28.40]But wait, hadn't we danced before? 等等, 我们不是一起跳过舞吗?
[04:37.24]Guess I was too distracted to notice. 可能是我当时太兴奋 所以没注意
[04:41.00]- Sorry. - Okay. - 对不起 - Ok
[04:45.08]- Five minute break. - We don't... We don't need a break. - 休息5分钟 - 不用... 我们不用休息
[04:48.88]The break is for me. 是我要休息
[04:52.44]What are you doing? Do you not wanna have a first dance? 你到底怎么了? 是不是根本不想跳舞?
[04:56.28]What I wanna do is go home, order Chinese, and veg on the couch, okay? 我现在最想做的是回家 然后慢慢享受些中国菜, ok?


1 relic 4V2xd     
  • This stone axe is a relic of ancient times.这石斧是古代的遗物。
  • He found himself thinking of the man as a relic from the past.他把这个男人看成是过去时代的人物。
2 curbing 8c36e8e7e184a75aca623e404655efad     
n.边石,边石的材料v.限制,克制,抑制( curb的现在分词 )
  • Progress has been made in curbing inflation. 在控制通货膨胀方面已取得了进展。
  • A range of policies have been introduced aimed at curbing inflation. 为了抑制通货膨胀实施了一系列的政策。
3 intake 44cyQ     
  • Reduce your salt intake.减少盐的摄入量。
  • There was a horrified intake of breath from every child.所有的孩子都害怕地倒抽了一口凉气。
4 retirement TWoxH     
  • She wanted to enjoy her retirement without being beset by financial worries.她想享受退休生活而不必为金钱担忧。
  • I have to put everything away for my retirement.我必须把一切都积蓄起来以便退休后用。
5 destined Dunznz     
  • It was destined that they would marry.他们结婚是缘分。
  • The shipment is destined for America.这批货物将运往美国。
6 maker DALxN     
  • He is a trouble maker,You must be distant with him.他是个捣蛋鬼,你不要跟他在一起。
  • A cabinet maker must be a master craftsman.家具木工必须是技艺高超的手艺人。
7 fabulous ch6zI     
  • We had a fabulous time at the party.我们在晚会上玩得很痛快。
  • This is a fabulous sum of money.这是一笔巨款。
8 honeymoon ucnxc     
  • While on honeymoon in Bali,she learned to scuba dive.她在巴厘岛度蜜月时学会了带水肺潜水。
  • The happy pair are leaving for their honeymoon.这幸福的一对就要去度蜜月了。
9 anthem vMRyj     
  • All those present were standing solemnly when the national anthem was played.奏国歌时全场肃立。
  • As he stood on the winner's rostrum,he sang the words of the national anthem.他站在冠军领奖台上,唱起了国歌。
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