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听电影学英语-一个美国新娘的自白 13

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  [00:05.96]Better before a wedding than after. 最好在婚前解决
[00:06.32]Do you know how hard it is to get an interfaith marriage annulled1? 知道取消婚约是多么的难吗?
[00:11.60]You know what? To hell with them. 该死的王八蛋
[00:13.32]Should you really be saying to hell with a rabbi and a minister? 你在骂他们吗?
[00:16.68]Okay, maybe not. 可能不是
[00:19.28]But no one is gonna tell me who I should or shouldn't marry. 没人能决定我应该娶谁
[00:22.76]- And we can make this work. - You think? - 我们自己来决定 - 你是说?
[00:24.84]Sam, I love you, and that's what's important. Sam, 我爱你 这才是最重要的
[00:28.92]So let's fix it. 我们一起把关系修补好
[00:30.48]There he was, clawing his way to the surface. 这才是他: 努力寻找生机
[00:33.76]The prince charming I had missed for so long. 很久没有见他那么迷人了
[00:36.36]Maybe he was still there. Maybe we should go through with this. 或者他还是他 或者我们能一起度过难关
[00:40.92]Now, I say, let's kick things into high gear2. 我们加快进度
[00:45.44]Tonight we break out the serving platters, invite the parents... 今晚就宴请双方父母
[00:48.80]...and run down the wedding checklist. - Yeah. 一起确定婚宴客人名单 - 好的
[00:50.68]Of course, there was one teeny detail Ben was unaware3 of. 当然了, 还有一个小小的问题 Ben没有注意到
[00:55.56]But if he was this determined4, then I would tell him about Luke tonight. 既然他这么坚定 我今晚就告诉他关于Luke的事情
[00:57.60]Full disclosure. 全部招认
[01:01.24]After dinner, of course. 当然是在晚餐之后了
[01:01.72]We can't put the Stillmans and the Fogels together. They'll kill each other. 不能把Stillman和Fogel两家人 安排在一起, 他们会打起来的
[01:06.60]Yeah, Rich borrowed Jerry's snowplow three years ago. Totally mangled5 it. 对, Rich三年前弄坏了 Jerry的扫雪机
[01:11.28]But if you do that, that means the Nolfies have to sit at the rabbi and minister's table. 如果你这样做, 意味着Nolfie一家 要跟主婚人坐一桌
[01:16.60]Family, friends, others. The hierarchy6. Stillmans are cousins. 亲戚和朋友要分别坐在一起 Stillman一家是亲戚
[01:17.24]Well, the Nolfies are very important business associates. Nolfie是我们非常重要的商业伙伴
[01:21.00]- They handle all my direct mailings. - Direct mailings? - 他负责我们所有快运 - 快运?
[01:25.56]- Lf you want us to pay for the wedding... - Oh, you're gonna run out? - 如果你想我们负责婚礼的费用... - 什么, 你要全权负责?
[01:29.32]Mr. Direct Mailing is worth more than family? 快运先生比亲戚更重要吗?
[01:31.76]Enough! 够了!
[01:34.88]Sam has something she wants to say. Sam有事要说
[01:40.00]Ben and I had a talk this afternoon and came to a conclusion... 我和Ben今天下午达成共识
[01:43.28]...that the four of you have sadly proven to be true: 觉得你们四个都非常要强:
[01:44.56]That you'll never agree on anything having to do with this wedding. 永远不服从对方的安排
[01:50.32]So we've come up with a simple solution. Ben. 因此我们想出一个 简单的解决方法
[01:57.84]This is what we want. 这才是我们要的
[02:02.84]Get used to it. 就按这个办吧
[02:04.76]For the first time in forever, I felt like I was part of a couple. 第一次真正觉得 这才是我的婚礼
[02:08.32]- Yeah, this works. - I like it. It's gotta work. - 好, 这管用 - 我喜欢, 会管用的
[02:12.36]Now, who wants some pie? 谁想要点馅饼?
[02:13.40]- Oh, I'll have some. - Ice cream too. - 我要点 - 再要点冰淇淋
[02:17.08]Come on in, Nancy, it's open. Nancy进来吧, 门开着呢
[02:19.72]Hey, Sam. Sam. 嘿, Sam
[02:22.12]I'm sorry to come over like this, but you weren't answering your cell. 很抱歉打扰你们 因为你不接我电话
[02:24.68]Our designs were approved. Production is gearing7 up. We did it. 我们的设计被批准了 正要投入生产, 我们成功了!
[02:29.16]- They were? It is? We did? - Yes. - 是吗? 真的? 我们成功了? - 是的
[02:30.68]Oh, my gosh. 噢, 天啊
[02:34.84]That's amazing. 太惊喜了
[02:35.84]- Sam? - Hey, this is my coworker. - Sam? - 这是我同事
[02:40.24]We just... Everything went better than we thought. 因为...一切比我们想像中的还要好
[02:45.68]I'm Ben Rosen, Sam's fiancé. 我叫Ben Rosen, Sam的未婚夫
[02:47.20]Hey, I've heard a lot about you. I'm Luke Stinson. 经常听说你, 我叫Luke Stinson
[02:55.64]Luke. Luke?
[03:01.32]Excuse me. 对不起
[03:06.84]Hold on, I just... 等等, 我只是...
[03:09.04]Wait here. Have some pie. 在这等一下, 吃点馅饼
[03:26.72]Ben? Ben?
[03:27.96]Ben, is everything okay? Ben, 还好吗?
[03:30.64]So that's Luke? 他就是Luke?
[03:33.80]Sam, what's going on? Sam, 到底什么回事?
[03:37.96]We've been working together since January, and we've had this proposal... 我们从一月就一起工作 我们一起完成计划
[03:42.72]...except, of course, that one time in bed. 当然了, 除了床上那次
[03:42.76]And you didn't mention his name to me... 你没有跟我提过他
[03:49.48]- Ben, please, I can explain... - Sam, what did you do? - Ben, 别这样, 我可以解释 - Sam, 你到底做了些什么?
[03:54.36]Try to understand. 你要信任我
[03:57.28]There's nothing going on between Luke and me now. 我跟Luke现在没什么
[04:01.96]Now? 现在?
[04:02.12]You mean there was something? 你是说以前有?
[04:06.00]- Did you sleep with him? - No. - 有跟他睡吗? - 没有
[04:09.36]No, I kissed him, okay? I kissed Luke. 没有, 只是接吻, 好吗? 我吻了Luke
[04:15.12]Do you have any pie plates? 要点心吗?
[04:20.00]Later. 晚点吧
[04:25.80]But I stopped it, before it went any further. 但我在进一步发展之前控制住了
[04:30.04]I swear to you, it meant nothing. 我敢保证, 没有发生过
[04:32.28]- Well, then why didn't you tell me? - I was going to. Tonight, in fact. - 好, 那为什么不告诉我呢? - 正准备, 就在今天晚上, 真的
[04:34.92]But I'm just... I'm stupid. And believe me, if I could turn it back... 我真的太愚蠢了, 居然放纵自己 如果可以回头的话...
[04:39.48]Sam, it's not just the kiss, okay? You lied to me. Sam, 不单单是接吻这么简单 你欺骗了我
[04:43.68]You haven't exactly made it easy for me to talk to you lately. 最近你都没给机会我说
[04:47.88]- Oh, and this guy you can talk to? - Well, yes, but we've been... - 这家伙就可以说了? - 嗯, 我们只是...
[04:51.04]This isn't about him. It's about us. 这跟他无关, 是我们的问题
[04:55.72]Okay? I feel like an idiot8. 你当我是白痴啊?
[04:55.92]You're damn9 right it's about us. 居然变成我们的问题了


1 annulled 6487853b1acaba95e5982ede7b1d3227     
v.宣告无效( annul的过去式和过去分词 );取消;使消失;抹去
  • Their marriage was annulled after just six months. 他们的婚姻仅过半年就宣告取消。
  • Many laws made by the former regime have been annulled. 前政权制定的许多法律被宣布无效。 来自《简明英汉词典》
2 gear gear     
  • We have to gear our lives to the new changes.我们必须使自己的生活适应新的变化。
  • The teeth of the wheel gear into each other.齿轮互相啮合。
3 unaware Pl6w0     
  • They were unaware that war was near. 他们不知道战争即将爆发。
  • I was unaware of the man's presence. 我没有察觉到那人在场。
4 determined duszmP     
  • I have determined on going to Tibet after graduation.我已决定毕业后去西藏。
  • He determined to view the rooms behind the office.他决定查看一下办公室后面的房间。
5 mangled c6ddad2d2b989a3ee0c19033d9ef021b     
  • His hand was mangled in the machine. 他的手卷到机器里轧烂了。
  • He was off work because he'd mangled his hand in a machine. 他没上班,因为他的手给机器严重压伤了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
6 hierarchy 7d7xN     
  • There is a rigid hierarchy of power in that country.那个国家有一套严密的权力等级制度。
  • She's high up in the management hierarchy.她在管理阶层中地位很高。
7 gearing RsnzId     
  • The Department is gearing up for increased intake of students. 这个系正在为扩大招生做好准备。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • However perhaps the biggest change is to gearing. 当然最大的改动也许是生产效率模式(gearing)。 来自互联网
8 idiot FcWze     
  • Only an idiot would make such a thoughtless remark.只有草包才会说出这样没有头脑的话来。
  • You are behaving like a perfect idiot.你表现得像个十足的白痴。
9 damn jnyzC     
  • Damn this useless typewriter!这台破打字机真该死!
  • I knew damn well what he was going to say.我非常清楚他要说什么。
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