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听电影学英语-蒸发的摩根夫妇 02

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  [00:02.04]But... 但是┅
[00:04.36]But what that means... 这也就是说┅
[00:14.56]I’m sorry. 不好意思
[00:20.92]Well, I... 我┅
[00:22.92]Basically, what I’m saying is, 总之我想说的是
[00:27.80]we want your money right now. 快捐钱吧
[00:28.96]So... 恩┅
[00:35.16]- Great speech. - Thank you. -不错啊  -谢谢
[00:39.68]- And you look fantastic tonight, by the way. - Thank you. -你看起来很漂亮  -谢谢
[00:42.36]I still don’t entirely1 understand what you’re doing here. 我还是不懂你为何会在这
[00:44.68]Well, breast cancer. I’m against it. 喔,就是乳癌嘛,我恨死它了
[00:50.04]Look, I just want to talk. I’ll talk now, I’ll talk later, I’ll talk tomorrow. 现在也好,等会也好,明天也好 我只是想聊聊
[00:53.20]I’ll talk at lunch, dinner, brunch2, snack time. 中午也好,晚上也好, 早上也好,中间休息时间也可
[00:54.08]Okay, okay. I get it. 我懂了
[00:56.72]You are available for talking. 你想聊聊是吧
[01:00.76]Yes. Yes. 是的
[01:02.60]Hey, Jackie. 哈罗,贾姬
[01:08.44]Jackie, how very nice. How are you? 贾姬,看到你真好 你好吗

[01:08.80]Mr. Morgan. 摩根先生
[01:13.64]What do I have tomorrow? 我明天有什么行程
[01:15.32]The PETA lunch. PETA的午餐聚会
[01:18.16]Barbecue, I imagine. 大概是烤肉之类的
[01:18.48]What about after lunch? 午餐之后呢
[01:20.52]Excuse me. Hello, Mrs. Morgan. 不好意思.你好,摩根小姐
[01:24.16]Hi, Adam. 你好,亚当
[01:25.52]After lunch, you have the Farmer conference call. 午餐后要和方先生进行电话会议
[01:26.52]Do I dare ask about dinner? 我可以问一下,那晚餐呢
[01:28.52]Meryl’s doing a showing at 7:00 for Mr. Rabelais. 她七点有场罗先生的秀要主持
[01:31.88]We’ve got Mr. Thompson for dinner at 7:00. 我们七点和汤先生有饭约
[01:33.56]Hey, you know, I think it would just be easier 不然这样好了
[01:36.72]if Jackie and Adam spoke3 to each other. 让他们自己去搞定
[01:39.40]- Excellent idea. - Excuse us. -就这么办  -恕我们失陪
[01:43.76]What happens with Paul after lunch? 保罗午餐后要干嘛
[01:45.44]- Well, he’s got... - Don’t mumble4, Adam. Enunciate5. -他要┅  -不要口吃,口齿清晰一点好吗
[01:48.92]- How’s the apartment? - It’s good. -房子如何?  -很好
[01:49.96]- So much more space without the golf clubs. - Yes. -没了高尔夫球具,空间变大了 -也对
[01:51.28]- How’s the hotel? - It’s nice. It’s nice. -饭店还好吗  -很好,很好
[01:55.48]There’s no one setting the snooze alarm for 15 minutes 至少不会有 每隔15分钟就响的重复闹钟
[01:57.32]before they actually want to wake up, so that’s nice. 所以还不算坏
[01:57.64]Yes, and I’ve really enjoyed not having anyone walk into the master bedroom 我很喜欢主卧室 再也没有踩的到处都是的脏脚印
[02:01.32]wearing their shoes and trailing dirt and germs from all over the city. 感觉整个城市都干净多了

  [02:05.84]- That must be very, very nice. - It is. -听起来不赖  -没错
[02:06.68]As is not stepping on discarded Lady Gillettes in the shower, 说真的,我还有点怀念
[02:09.04]which I have actually come to miss. 在淋浴间踩到 抛弃式刮胡刀的那段日子
[02:12.36]I can push Mr. Rabelais to 9:00 我可以安排罗先生到9点
[02:14.88]and Adam can reschedule Mr. Morgan’s dinner. 摩根先生的饭局也可以再排
[02:15.72]- I think I can if I... - Just do it. Be a man. -要是我可以┅  -做就对了. 像个男人吧
[02:18.24]Excellent. Then shall we say Daniel at 7:00? 太好了,那我们就约7点在丹尼餐厅?
[02:23.60]Okay. 好
[02:25.92]- Great. Terrific. - Great. Good night. -太好了  -嗯,晚安
[02:28.12]Good night. 晚安
[02:42.32]So... 那...
[02:47.16]Did you get the yucca? I know you like plants. 你有收到丝兰吗?我想说你喜欢盆栽
[02:51.52]And far, far away, there is now a galaxy6 called Meryl. 而且就在不久前,在遥远的太空之外 有名叫梅莉的银河系诞生了
[02:58.56]You have to stop sending things. It’s just getting very awkward. 你不要再对我献殷勤了,这样我很困扰
[02:59.40]I understand. I will. I promise. 我知道了,不会再有下一次了
[03:03.76]I just have one more little thing. 只是还有一件事
[03:14.28]Okay, look, I know you always wanted us to go and I procrastinated7, 我知道你一直都认为我们该往前看了 不过我一直拖时间
[03:19.64]but I thought this might make up for it. 但我认为这值得一试
[03:19.96]Dr. Tobin is apparently8 the best marriage counselor9 in the city. 托比医生是城里最好的婚姻谘询者
[03:23.16]Oh, no, I know who she is. I found her duplex on Madison. 我知道她是谁 我在麦迪逊大道看过她的公寓
[03:26.68]Okay. And the Lerners recommended her. 很好. 而且林氏夫妇很推荐她
[03:30.36]- Eric and Fiona? - Yes. -你是指艾瑞克和菲欧娜吗?  -对
[03:33.36]- They’ve been divorced a year. - They have, they have. -拜托,他们都离婚一年了  -我知道
[03:34.20]But the one thing they do agree on is how much they love Dr. Tobin. 但他们同时都对托比医师赞不绝口
[03:37.72]Apparently, she wrote some book. 她有出过书
[03:41.04]Yes. The Magic Marriage Myth. 我知道,神奇的婚姻秘辛
[03:44.72]You see? You are so well-read. I really miss that. 对啊,你太聪明了. 我就喜欢你这点
[03:46.92]It’s all about people’s expectations that their spouse10 will be the answer 那本书全在说人们 将婚姻的解答放在伴侣身上
[03:50.44]to all their problems when, in fact, they should be facing reality 然而事实却是
[03:53.44]and not asking their partners for more than they can give. 不要对伴侣要求太高
[03:55.64]Brilliant. Brilliant. 是的,就是那个意思
[04:00.80]I don’t know. I find her theory kind of depressing, don’t you? 我不懂. 我觉得她说的很悲哀耶 你不觉得?

  [04:06.68]Yep. Yep, yeah, if you do. 是,是,你说的对
[04:10.36]Can you please stop being so agreeable? Please? 你可以不要再继续迎合我了 好吗?
[04:16.20]Whatever you say. 遵命
[04:38.28]- So. - So. -嗯  -嗯
[04:41.28]So, you know, I have to do a showing tonight, 嗯,我今晚有个晚会
[04:43.96]and I’m gonna pick up my client at his townhouse. 而我得去接那个客人
[04:44.48]Yes. 好
[04:47.84]Do you wanna walk with me? 你要跟我一起走路去吗
[04:49.68]- Absolutely. Yes. - Okay. -当然  -好
[04:51.36]Adam, we are gonna walk. 亚当,我们要用走路去的
[04:54.84]- You’re going to walk? - Yes. -走路?  -对
[04:56.04]Is everything all right? Did we do something wrong? 一切都还好吗? 我们是否做错什么了
[04:58.36]No. Everything’s okay. 一切都很好


1 entirely entirely     
  • The fire was entirely caused by their neglect of duty. 那场火灾完全是由于他们失职而引起的。
  • His life was entirely given up to the educational work. 他的一生统统献给了教育工作。
2 brunch kWxzP     
  • They eat much the same thing for brunch every day.每天早午餐他们总是吃同样的东西。
  • What did you have for your brunch?你早午饭都吃些什么?
3 spoke XryyC     
n.(车轮的)辐条;轮辐;破坏某人的计划;阻挠某人的行动 v.讲,谈(speak的过去式);说;演说;从某种观点来说
  • They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.他们的轮辐螺帽是从我们公司获得的。
  • The spokes of a wheel are the bars that connect the outer ring to the centre.辐条是轮子上连接外圈与中心的条棒。
4 mumble KwYyP     
  • Her grandmother mumbled in her sleep.她祖母含混不清地说着梦话。
  • He could hear the low mumble of Navarro's voice.他能听到纳瓦罗在小声咕哝。
5 enunciate jovxd     
  • Actors learn how to enunciate clearly in the theatrical college.演员在戏剧学院学习怎样清晰地发音。
  • He is always willing to enunciate his opinions on the subject of politics.他总是愿意对政治问题发表意见。
6 galaxy OhoxB     
  • The earth is one of the planets in the Galaxy.地球是银河系中的星球之一。
  • The company has a galaxy of talent.该公司拥有一批优秀的人才。
7 procrastinated 3334d53a42b8716424c7c1ede6c051d8     
拖延,耽搁( procrastinate的过去式和过去分词 )
  • She procrastinated her return. 她拖延了归期。
  • He procrastinated until it was too late to do anything at all. 他因循坐误,一事无成。
8 apparently tMmyQ     
  • An apparently blind alley leads suddenly into an open space.山穷水尽,豁然开朗。
  • He was apparently much surprised at the news.他对那个消息显然感到十分惊异。
9 counselor czlxd     
  • The counselor gave us some disinterested advice.顾问给了我们一些无私的忠告。
  • Chinese commercial counselor's office in foreign countries.中国驻国外商务参赞处。
10 spouse Ah6yK     
  • Her spouse will come to see her on Sunday.她的丈夫星期天要来看她。
  • What is the best way to keep your spouse happy in the marriage?在婚姻中保持配偶幸福的最好方法是什么?
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