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听电影学英语-蒸发的摩根夫妇 04

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  [00:05.28]Stop pushing the buttons. 不要再按了
[00:30.36]There’s an emergency. 有急事
[00:32.36]Well, I certainly hope so, Marshal1. 我想也是
[00:34.04]Thank you. Do you mind? Do you mind? 谢谢.不好意思,你可否?
[00:36.24]Not at all. 算了
[00:42.08]We checked the building’s security camera, 我们调过整栋楼的监视录影带
[00:42.60]but he was pretty careful about keeping his head down. 但他很狡猾,把脸挡住了
[00:47.08]So is Marshal Henderson okay? 请问韩警员没事吗
[00:50.28]He was wearing his vest. He’ll be all right. But this guy is still out there. 他有穿防弹背心,所以还好. 但凶手还在逃
[00:54.80]I recommend you both enter the Witness Relocation Program. 我希望你们加入证人保护计划
[00:57.80]- What? - What? 什么?
[00:59.64]- Hang on. Hang on. - Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait. -等等  -等一下
[01:02.16]Do you mean where they send you out into the middle of nowhere? 你是说那种会把你 送到不毛之地的计划吗
[01:05.16]- Yeah? Oh, no. - Okay, I’ll tell you what. -不要  -等等
[01:09.00]- No, no, no, no, no. - Why don’t we just look at all the options, -我才不要  -先听他说
[01:12.04]because I’m sure there are options. 我相信一定还有别的方法
[01:12.36]And where? What? Where do we go? 要去哪?我们得去哪? 做什么?

[01:13.72]- We can’t reveal that until you’re on the jet. - There’s a jet? -我们得到飞机上,才能告诉你目的地 -还得坐飞机?
[01:19.88]- So, it’s out of the city? - Here’s what I think we should do. -所以不是在纽约吗  -我觉得我们该这么做
[01:22.56]Let’s just stay logical 冷静一点
[01:24.40]and examine all the parameters2, if that’s possible. 谨慎考虑所有因素后再下结论
[01:25.08]I can’t leave. I can’t leave. I have a company to run. 我不要走. 我不能走, 我有我的公司要管
[01:27.24]Well, we’ve both got companies to run, 我们都有自己的公司
[01:28.76]- so that’s important, but I think... - Right. -所以那很重要啊  -没错
[01:30.12]Right. So, who runs my business? 好,那谁来掌管我的公司
[01:32.28]All I’m saying is, I think there are other things which should... 我想说的是,一定还有别的┅
[01:34.80]- And what about... - For instance... -还有┅ -举例来说┅
[01:34.96]...all of our friends and our family? 我们的亲友怎么办?
[01:37.64]What, we just up and disappear? 我们难道就这样人间蒸发
[01:39.96]I mean, we’d leave? That’s crazy. That’s nuts. Is that what you’re suggesting? 我们非走不可?这太荒谬了 全都乱了.这就是你所想的?
[01:45.16]Well, we don’t know what he’s suggesting 嗯我们还不知道他想的是什么
[01:47.00]because you haven’t actually stopped talking yet, so... 因为你一直在说话所以┅
[01:48.00]This isn’t the first time we’ve done this. 这不是我们第一次做这种事了

  [01:48.84]- Well... - Excuse me. -可是┅  -不好意思
[01:52.36]We’ll get a list of people to contact. 我们会找出该联络的人
[01:54.68]But first, we’ve got to get you to a safe location. 但在那之前 我们得送你们到安全之处
[01:57.04]And what happens if you never find this man? 如果你永远找不到凶手 怎么办?
[02:00.04]We’ll find him. 我们会找到的
[02:01.72]In the meantime, we put you in a temporary spot 在此之前 必须先把你们安置到暂歇之处
[02:02.72]until we can find a more permanent site. 直到我们找到一个永久的落脚处
[02:05.08]What do you mean by "permanent"? 永久的?
[02:07.24]I don’t mean permanent. I mean official site. 喔我是说,正式的落脚处
[02:09.08]Yeah, but you said permanent. 可你刚刚说永久的
[02:12.60]So if you don’t catch this guy, 所以如果你找不到凶手
[02:13.76]then the official site becomes the permanent site? 那我们就得待在 这个永久的正式落脚处?
[02:15.64]Right, so why don’t we just let him explain that bit. 嗯我们先让他说完嘛
[02:19.80]Oh, no. No, no, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I can’t do this. 不,不,不.我很抱歉但我做不来
[02:23.48]Really, I can’t. I’m, you know... 说真的我不行
[02:25.84]I’m a New Yorker. You know, I was born here. This is my home. 我是纽约客,我生于此住于此
[02:29.52]I’ve had bagels in other parts of the country. 我只吃过其他州的培果
[02:32.84]I don’t even like Connecticut. 我甚至不喜欢康涅狄格州
[02:33.04]This man is a professional killer3. 这个凶手是职业杀手
[02:39.20]He found you in one night, and he’ll keep coming back. 他可以在一天内找到你, 而且绝不会罢手
[02:40.88]Wouldn’t you rather live someplace else than die in New York? 你难道宁愿死在纽约也不愿搬到别的地方
[02:47.08]Meryl? 梅莉?
[02:51.28]I’m thinking. 我在想
[02:53.44]There’s nothing to think about. If you want to live, you’re out of options. 没什么好想的, 你想活下来的话,就只有一条路
[02:59.12]I’m sorry, I don’t mean to drag our personal problems into this, 不好意思, 我或许不该在这时候,谈论私人问题
[03:05.80]but at this exact moment, 但此时此刻
[03:05.84]I can’t commit to spending the rest of my life with my husband. 我无法答应你将我的下半生交给我老公
[03:11.32]I know exactly how you feel. 我懂你的感受
[03:15.00]This is just a temporary location. You’ll be there a week at most. 这只是暂时的,最多只需一周
[03:17.36]We’ll look into arranging separate sites afterwards, 之后我们会把你们安置到不同地方去
[03:20.04]but first, we’ve got to get you out of the city. 但在此之前,我们得先让你们离开这里
[03:31.24]You won’t tell me where I’m going, so I don’t know how to dress. 你又不告诉我去哪, 我怎么知道要带什么衣服
[03:32.60]You... I don’t... 你┅我不认为┅

  [03:39.64]This, ’cause it’s pretty? 这件,是因为它太漂亮了吗
[04:00.20]Now that we’re on the jet, can you tell us where we’re going? 现在既然我们都登机了, 可否麻烦你告诉我们要去哪
[04:02.36]Ray, Wyoming. 怀俄明州的雷镇
[04:07.40]Is that anywhere near Phil, Wyoming? 是在怀俄明州的菲尔附近吗
[04:14.60]Here are your temporary IDs. 这是你们的临时身分证
[04:17.44]You’ll be in seclusion4, 你们将会与世隔绝
[04:19.96]but just in case you run into anybody, we don’t want you using your real identities. 但以防万一, 我还是不希望你们用真实身分
[04:23.64]Meryl Foster5? 梅莉佛斯特?
[04:24.96]You’ll be under the care of Marshal Clay Wheeler. 魏警员会负责照顾你们
[04:27.96]He’s also the sheriff in town. 他也是镇上的警长
[04:29.48]Meryl, you’re Clay’s cousin from Chicago. 梅莉,你将会是魏警长从芝加哥来的亲戚
[04:32.48]You haven’t seen him in five years, since he visited you and Paul. 自从他上次拜访你们之后, 你们已经有五年没见面
[04:36.00]- Any questions? - Do we get a movie? -还有问题吗?  -这些之后会拍成电影吗


1 marshal qjJyy     
  • The oldest general was appointed marshal of the armies.资格最老的将军被任命为军队的元帅。
  • Marshal your arguments before debating.辩论前整理一下你的论点。
2 parameters 166e64f6c3677d0c513901242a3e702d     
因素,特征; 界限; (限定性的)因素( parameter的名词复数 ); 参量; 参项; 决定因素
  • We have to work within the parameters of time. 我们的工作受时间所限。
  • See parameters.cpp for a compilable example. This is part of the Spirit distribution. 可编译例子见parameters.cpp.这是Spirit分发包的组成部分。
3 killer rpLziK     
  • Heart attacks have become Britain's No.1 killer disease.心脏病已成为英国的头号致命疾病。
  • The bulk of the evidence points to him as her killer.大量证据证明是他杀死她的。
4 seclusion 5DIzE     
  • She liked to sunbathe in the seclusion of her own garden.她喜欢在自己僻静的花园里晒日光浴。
  • I live very much in seclusion these days.这些天我过着几乎与世隔绝的生活。
5 foster dfwzy     
  • Nowadays young couple sometimes foster.现今年轻夫妇有时领养别人的孩子。
  • The captain did his best to foster a sense of unity among the new recruits.队长尽力培养新成员之间的团结精神。
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