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听电影学英语-征婚广告 13

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  [00:03.28]My first two husbands were friends of my brother Dave. 我头两个丈夫也是我兄弟戴夫的朋友
[00:06.08]Both of them bastards1. But then, so was my brother Dave. 都是混蛋,不过,我兄弟戴夫也是
[00:13.16]Things seemed to be going according to plan with me and Kevin. 我和凯文的一切似乎都顺理成章
[00:16.64]We had our work, we got a house, then it was time to have kids. 我们有了工作,有了房子, 接着该有孩子了
[00:21.60]But he was never ready. 但他从没做好准备
[00:21.88]I was 34. Then 35, then 36. 我当时34,然后35,然后36
[00:24.40]Then instead of children, Kevin decided2 to have Veronica. Ronnie. 最终凯文没要孩子, 而是找了维罗妮卡,朗妮
[00:29.24]Chatty as hell and 15 years younger. 非常健谈而且年轻15岁
[00:32.92]They got married two months ago. 他们两个月前结婚了
[00:38.20]Did I mention that she’s pregnant? 我说了她有怀孕吗?
[00:46.88]Go get it. 去捡回来

[00:55.40]- What are you doing in the real world? - Dogsitting. My brother and his wife... -你在这现实世界干什么? -遛狗,我弟弟和他太太...
[00:58.48]...are at marriage counseling. They don’t want her to know they’re having trouble. ...在做婚姻辅导, 不想让它知道他们有问题
[01:02.36]You’re a dog guy. 你也爱狗啊
[01:05.36]You kidding me? I’m half Labrador. Throw that ball. See who gets it. 开玩笑,我是半条拉布拉多猎狗, 扔个球,看谁先拿到
[01:08.80]- I found him. I found the one I want! - Austin. -我找到我要的了 -奥斯汀
[01:12.00]- I found my puppy! - You did? -我找到了我的狗 -是吗?
[01:13.88]- I’m getting a puppy! - You are? That’s amazing! -我找到了一条狗 -是吗?太棒了
[01:15.16]- It’s so exciting! - I’m so happy for you. -太好了 -真为你高兴
[01:18.36]- Let’s go get him! - We’ll be right behind you, bubba. -我们去领它吧 -我们就来,伙计
[01:24.32]- Thought it’d be good for him. - Great idea. Yeah. -这对他有好处 -是个好主意
[01:25.00]I was gonna ask you if you thought he was too young. 我还担心他养狗年纪小了点
[01:29.52]- But it’s a good age, right? - I think so. Yes. -但年纪很合适对不对? -是的
[01:30.68]- A boy needs a dog, right? - Absolutely. -男孩需要一条狗是吧? -一点不错
[01:32.84]Who else is gonna eat his vegetables for him? 别人谁会替他吃蔬菜呢?
[01:36.56]I can’t tell you what it means to me that Austin’s so happy in school. 你不知道他在学校过得开心对我有多重要
[01:41.92]He’s just lucky to have you in his life. 他能遇到你是他的幸运
[01:45.40]I found him, Dad. I found my puppy. Come on in, he wants to kiss you! 爸,我找到我的狗了, 快来,它想亲你呢
[01:45.80]We both are. 也是我的
[01:54.04]Oh, I think you’re gonna need a bigger trailer. 恐怕你需要大点的拖车了

  [02:04.88]- Hello? - So I know our dates aren’t beginning... -喂? -我们约会的开头...
[02:06.56]...or ending well, but I find the middle intriguing3. ...和结尾不怎么样,但中间挺不赖
[02:09.32]- Well, it’s not dull, is it? - That’s a good thing, right? -不算无聊是不是? -这是好事对吧?
[02:13.20]So, what do you say? You want to get together? 你怎么看?你还想继续吗?
[02:19.00]You really want to give it one more shot with me? Why? 你真的还想在我这费力气?为什么?
[02:22.16]Are you kidding me? You’re this whole new style, this whole new system. 开玩笑,你有全新的风格,全新的体系, 对性冲动的生动诠释
[02:23.88]Vivid grammar of eroticism.
[02:27.84]A completely unique constellation4 of attributes. My Halley’s comet. 是一颗绝对独特的星,我的哈雷彗星
[02:30.80]Do you write this stuff down? 你事先写好的吗?
[02:31.20]No, that actually came out of my head. 不,是即兴之言
[02:35.72]Sometimes I use notes. 偶尔也会写下来
[02:37.28]Hold on. Someone’s at the door. 等等,有人叫门
[02:41.16]- Dolly, what a surprise. - I’m in trouble, Sarah. I need help. -多莉,真没想到 -我有麻烦了,需要帮忙
[02:44.04]Hello? Sarah, is everything okay? Sarah. 喂?莎拉,没事吧?莎拉
[02:49.32]She can’t talk now. It’s an emergency. 她现在没空,有要紧事
[02:55.40]It’s Jeremy from San Diego. He’s here. 那个圣地亚哥的杰雷米来了
[03:01.64]- I don’t see why this is a problem. - Well, for one thing, you are 17, and she’s... -我看不出有什么问题 -首先,你才17,而她...
[03:07.84]- Forty-one. - Yeah, but those are just numbers. -41了 -对,可那些只是数字
[03:08.32]Look at Justin Timberlake and cameron Diaz. 看看贾斯汀和卡梅隆
[03:11.12]She’s gotta be what, 100? 她多大,100岁?
[03:11.56]Oh, come on, Jeremy, be nice. She’s probably the same age as me. 杰雷米,厚道点,她可能和我年纪相仿
[03:17.28]Some people go their whole lives looking for their soul mate. 有些人一辈子都在寻找知己
[03:20.32]And I found mine when I was 15. Sue me. 可我15岁就找到了,怪我?
[03:21.32]Fifteen? You said you were 17. 15?你说是17的
[03:28.00]- Dude, it is so not cool to lie to me. - I’m sorry. -伙计,骗我可不太聪明 -对不起
[03:29.08]I didn’t think you’d take me seriously if you thought I was a kid. 我担心你觉得我是个孩子就不会对我认真
[03:32.88]Of course I take you seriously. 我对你当然是认真的
[03:35.72]You’re a wonderful boy, honey. And we can always be friends. 你是个好孩子,亲爱的, 我们可以永远做朋友
[03:42.20]But just friends. You know that. 但只限于朋友,你明白的
[03:45.16]- Okay. - And there’s something else. -好吧 -还有件事
[03:50.68]I’m not really 41. 我不止41
[03:54.72]I’m 43. 我43了
[04:02.68]Do your homework. 好好做功课

  [04:12.52]I couldn’t bring myself to go over 50. It wouldn’t have been fair to him. 我不能让自己超过50岁, 那对他不公平
[04:18.08]- Good night. - Night. -晚安 -晚安
[04:22.76]- Thank you, Sarah. - Anytime. -谢谢,莎拉 -乐意效劳
[04:46.40]Sarah. Hi. 莎拉,嗨
[04:49.92]I was in the trailer-hood. I thought I might stop by. 我刚好路过,所以来看看
[04:52.28]Oh, good. 太好了
[04:52.56]Sarah? Is that you? 莎拉?是你吗?
[04:55.04]- Sarah! Hi! - June? -莎拉,嗨 -琼?
[04:59.96]- I didn’t know you were... - No. This is good. We’re all here. -我没想到你... -不,这正好,我们都在


1 bastards 19876fc50e51ba427418f884ba64c288     
私生子( bastard的名词复数 ); 坏蛋; 讨厌的事物; 麻烦事 (认为别人走运或不幸时说)家伙
  • Those bastards don't care a damn about the welfare of the factory! 这批狗养的,不顾大局! 来自子夜部分
  • Let the first bastards to find out be the goddam Germans. 就让那些混账的德国佬去做最先发现的倒霉鬼吧。 来自演讲部分
2 decided lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
3 intriguing vqyzM1     
  • These discoveries raise intriguing questions. 这些发现带来了非常有趣的问题。
  • It all sounds very intriguing. 这些听起来都很有趣。 来自《简明英汉词典》
4 constellation CptzI     
  • A constellation is a pattern of stars as seen from the earth. 一个星座只是从地球上看到的某些恒星的一种样子。
  • The Big Dipper is not by itself a constellation. 北斗七星本身不是一个星座。
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