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听电影学英语-征婚广告 14

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  [00:02.64]We can have a conference. 可以开个家长会
[00:03.04]Oh, I’ll just go home now and go to bed and maybe stay there forever. 我只想马上回家, 然后永远呆在床上
[00:10.40]Sarah has a friend who lives practically next door. 莎拉有个朋友就住在隔壁
[00:11.36]That’s cool. I love weird1, huge coincidences. 太巧了,我喜欢巧合
[00:16.12]- Yeah. - Sure you don’t want to come in? 你真的不进来吗?
[00:17.84]We opened a bottle of wine. 我们开了瓶红酒
[00:18.00]Oh, I think I’d rather die, but thank you. Yeah. 喝酒不如让我去死,好意心领
[00:40.40]- Hi. - Hey. Jennifer kicked us out. -嗨 -詹妮弗把我们赶出来了
[00:43.80]- Both of us. - Oh, Mikey. -我们俩 -迈克
[00:45.48]God, I’m so sorry. 老天,我真难过
[00:48.08]- She’ll come around. - I told him it’s the holidays. -她会回心转意的 -我告诉他是因为假日
[00:50.96]People are under a lot of stress. 人们压力太大了
[00:53.12]I love this guy. I do. I love him. 我喜欢这家伙,真的
[00:55.64]- I love him. - We’ve been talking. -我喜欢他 -我们聊过
[00:57.68]We’ve been here a while. 我们来了有一会了
[01:01.88]- You all right? - Yeah. 你没事吧?
[01:03.88]- Let’s go. - Come on, Mother Teresa. -走吧 -来,特蕾莎
[01:05.24]- I hope it’s okay that I stopped by. - Oh, yes. Of course it is. -但愿我的拜访没问题 -当然没问题

[01:08.16]I’m so glad you did. 我很高兴你来
[01:08.84]We were talking on the phone, everything was going well... 我们在电话上聊得正欢时...
[01:11.20]...and then some strange woman said "emergency" and hung up. ...有个陌生女人说"有要紧事" 然后挂断了
[01:17.80]I called and no one answered, so I was a little worried. 再打来没人接听,所以有点担心
[01:20.56]- I think it’s very sweet, Jake. - It’s just a false alarm? -你真细心,杰克 -是虚惊一场?
[01:22.64]- Definitely a false alarm. - Good. -绝对是 -那就好
[01:23.56]No, my father’s friend, she got into a little bit of trouble... 是我父亲的朋友,她有点小麻烦...
[01:26.00]...and I had to help her out, and so I went over there for a while. ...我得帮她解决,所以过去了一会
[01:30.20]And after that I just drove around a while. 然后又开车转了一阵子
[01:35.96]Alone. I was alone. And... 一个人,我是一个人...
[01:36.84]- Yeah, alone by yourself, sure. - Yeah. -当然,就你自己 -对
[01:39.36]Well, anyway, the reason I stopped by... 我来这的目的是...
[01:42.04]...was I wanted to invite you out on my boat. ...想邀请你坐我的船
[01:45.64]- I don’t think that’s such a good idea. - Yes, it is. -这可不是什么好主意 -当然是
[01:46.92]No, because I... 不,因为我...

  [01:48.36]Boats are still on the water, right? 船总得在水里是吧?
[01:50.48]I hope so, otherwise I wasted a lot of time designing the hull2. 但愿是,否则我那么多功夫就白费了
[01:56.96]Yeah, actually, they’re aquatic3. 对,它们确实是在水上
[01:57.32]- Well, I don’t even know how to row. - I’ll teach you. -我连划船都不会 -我能教你
[02:02.60]- I’d love to teach you how to row. - Okay. How? -我很乐意教你怎么划船 -那好,怎么划?
[02:06.56]A challenge. 有问必答
[02:08.08]- We’ll have a lesson right now. Okay? - Okay. -马上开始上课行吗? -行
[02:12.64]So the thing about rowing is just you gotta relax, first of all. 划船要掌握的第一要素就是得放松
[02:16.92]And then it’s all about rhythm, balance... 接下来是节奏,平衡...
[02:19.40]- Rhythm and balance. ...and timing4. -节奏和平衡 -...以及时机
[02:20.60]- Watch those oars5, pal6. - Okay. -注意那些桨,伙计 -好的
[02:25.80]- And rhythm and timing, see? - Balance and rhythm. -节奏和时机,明白吗? -平衡和节奏
[02:27.84]- See, it’s not that bad, is it? - No, I like rowing. -看,还不错是吧? -对,我喜欢划船
[02:32.84]Then you want to make sure you get, you know, your hair out of the way. 还有就是,你得确保你的头发不会碍事
[02:42.00]That’s gotta hurt. 真疼
[02:43.04]- Michael? - You okay, pal? -迈克? -没事吧?
[02:45.32]Oh, no. Don’t stop what you’re doing. I was on my way out. 不,你们继续,我正要出去
[02:50.52]- Where are you going? - Oh, I just spoke7 to Jennifer. -你去哪? -我刚和詹妮弗通过话
[02:50.64]Easy there, Tex. 别动,特蕾莎
[02:52.20]Everything’s great. I got the couch, the dog’s gonna stay. 一切顺利,我睡沙发,狗留下
[02:57.80]You should stay here too. You shouldn’t be driving. 你也该留下,你开不了车
[02:59.36]- I’ll drive him home. Okay? - Yeah. 我送他回家,行吗?
[03:03.72]I thought we were gonna, you know, row the boat. 我还以为我们要...划船呢
[03:07.20]We will. Just stay exactly here and stay exactly you... 会的,你就留在这别走开...
[03:09.32]...and I’ll be back in about 15 to 20 seconds depending on traffic. ...我15到20秒就回来,视交通状况而定
[03:12.00]Just hold that thought. Where do you live? 安心等着, 你住哪?
[03:15.68]Of course you realize when Jake gets here, you’ll have to excuse yourself. 你一定明白 当杰克回来时你就得回避
[03:26.52]Bob! Bobby. No, Bob. 鲍伯,鲍比,不,鲍伯
[03:31.28]- You dropped these on my driveway. - Oh, thank you. -你把这个掉在我车道上了 -谢谢
[03:34.68]I’m really sorry. I’m sure that seemed pretty awkward, huh? 真不好意思,那场面想必很尴尬吧?
[03:37.52]No, no. Routine, really. 不,很正常,真的
[03:39.92]There’s nothing going on there with me and June. 我和琼什么事都没有

  [03:40.24]They were late from the museum, and I made her stay for dinner. 他们回来晚了,所以我留她吃晚饭
[03:43.52]Well, thank you for bringing these... 谢谢你送这些...
[03:51.56]- You’re back. - Yeah, he... He passed out. -你回来了 -对,他...他醉得厉害
[03:55.40]He couldn’t tell me where he lived. 没法告诉我他住哪
[03:59.52]- 321 something. - Yeah, that was all I got. -总之是321号 -对,我就听到这些
[04:04.00]- I’m Bob, by the way. - Oh, my manners have completely left me. -我叫鲍伯 -哦,我都忘了介绍了
[04:06.44]- I’m so sorry. Jake Anderson. - How you doing? -不好意思,杰克-安德森 -你好
[04:09.44]- My brother Michael. - Oh, sorry. Here you go. -我兄弟迈克 -不好意思,打个招呼
[04:12.20]Pleasure to meet you. 幸会
[04:15.72]This is Bob connor, parent at the school. 这是鲍伯-康纳,学生家长
[04:17.48]We were just... what were we? 我们刚才...什么事来着?
[04:22.48]Sarah left stuff at my place tonight, thought it’d be better to get it back. 莎拉今晚把东西丢在我那了, 所以我给送过来
[04:25.68]I’ll get out of the way. 我就走
[04:27.04]- Talk to you tomorrow, Sarah. Okay? - Okay. -明天再聊好吗? -好的
[04:28.60]- Nice to meet you guys. - Pleasure. -两位幸会 -幸会
[04:35.88]Hey, I better get going. Where do you want me to put him? 我得走了,该把他放在哪?
[04:39.64]- Maybe I’ll put him here. - No, you don’t... -也许就放这吧 -不,你别...
[04:41.88]we’re sitting down now, buddy8. 坐好,伙计
[04:44.04]Yeah, I... 好了,我...
[04:47.04]- I better get going. - You don’t have to go. You could stay. Sit. -我还是走吧 -没必要走,你可以留下,坐吧
[04:50.20]No, no, no. Really, I should go. 不,真的,我该走了
[04:56.96]Jake. Jake, please let me explain. 杰克,杰克,请听我解释
[05:00.84]- You don’t have to. - I want to. -用不着 -我想解释


1 weird bghw8     
  • From his weird behaviour,he seems a bit of an oddity.从他不寻常的行为看来,他好像有点怪。
  • His weird clothes really gas me.他的怪衣裳简直笑死人。
2 hull 8c8xO     
  • The outer surface of ship's hull is very hard.船体的外表面非常坚硬。
  • The boat's hull has been staved in by the tremendous seas.小船壳让巨浪打穿了。
3 aquatic mvXzk     
  • Aquatic sports include swimming and rowing.水上运动包括游泳和划船。
  • We visited an aquatic city in Italy.我们在意大利访问过一个水上城市。
4 timing rgUzGC     
  • The timing of the meeting is not convenient.会议的时间安排不合适。
  • The timing of our statement is very opportune.我们发表声明选择的时机很恰当。
5 oars c589a112a1b341db7277ea65b5ec7bf7     
n.桨,橹( oar的名词复数 );划手v.划(行)( oar的第三人称单数 )
  • He pulled as hard as he could on the oars. 他拼命地划桨。
  • The sailors are bending to the oars. 水手们在拼命地划桨。 来自《简明英汉词典》
6 pal j4Fz4     
  • He is a pal of mine.他是我的一个朋友。
  • Listen,pal,I don't want you talking to my sister any more.听着,小子,我不让你再和我妹妹说话了。
7 spoke XryyC     
n.(车轮的)辐条;轮辐;破坏某人的计划;阻挠某人的行动 v.讲,谈(speak的过去式);说;演说;从某种观点来说
  • They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.他们的轮辐螺帽是从我们公司获得的。
  • The spokes of a wheel are the bars that connect the outer ring to the centre.辐条是轮子上连接外圈与中心的条棒。
8 buddy 3xGz0E     
  • Calm down,buddy.What's the trouble?压压气,老兄。有什么麻烦吗?
  • Get out of my way,buddy!别挡道了,你这家伙!
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