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听电影学英语-紫罗兰 02

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  [00:01.44]下班之后 我最不想做的一件事 lt’s my one day off, and the Iast fuckin’ thing l wanna do...
[00:04.15]就是上饭馆 is go to a restaurant.
[00:06.15]所以我会弄完它 然后晚饭时吃 So l’m just gonna filnish this, and have it for dinner.
[00:19.16]你知道什么才是最糟的 You knoW What’s really terrIble Is...
[00:21.26]我甚至不确定到底有没有告诉他 I don’t even knoW If I told hIm or not.
[00:23.63]我是说 我以为我说了 但可能我没说 I mean, I thInk I dId. Maybe I dIdn’t.
[00:26.64]别被他忽悠过去了 Don’t you dare Iet him gasIight you.
[00:29.54]他是故意这么干的 He does this shit on purpose.
[00:31.61]他今晚根本不想来因为他不喜欢我 He didn’t want to come tonight ’cause he doesn’t Iike me.
[00:34.48]我不知道 我觉得原因可能不止这样 l don’t know. l think it’s much bigger than that.
[00:37.95]好吧 希望这样可以让你好受点 WeII, if it makes you feeI any better,
[00:40.23]我挺高兴他没来 l’m gIad he’s not here.
[00:44.32]凯特 33岁生日快乐 Oh, Kate, happy 33rd birthday.
[00:47.22]怎么时间就是过得这么快呢? How the heII did that happen so fast?
[00:49.23]我的天哪      嗯?  Oh Oh, my God.         Mmm?
[00:51.36]你绝对不会相信我刚刚看见谁走进来了 You are not gonna beIieve who l think just waIked in here.
[00:53.96]慢慢转过去 然后告诉我是不是眼花了 Turn around reaIIy sIowIy, and teII me if that’s who l think it is.
[00:57.73]噢 天哪 真不敢相信 是他 Oh, my God. I can’t belIeve It. That’s hIm.
[01:01.77]那你看到谁跟他坐一起吗? And do you see who’s sitting with him?
[01:04.01]布莱恩·凯勒翰怎么会 What the hell Is BrIan Callahan

[01:07.17]跟这个酗酒的蠢蛋呆一起? hanGInG out WIth that drunken fool for?
[01:08.85]你觉得他们认出我们了吗? Do you think they’d even recognize us?
[01:11.15]你进来的时候注意到坐在那里的是谁吗?  Did you catch who was sittin’ over there when you waIked in?
[01:14.17]没有 谁? No. Who?
[01:14.98]就在那儿 是帕蒂和凯特 RIGht there. That’s PattI and Kate.
[01:18.69]我们该过去打个招呼吗? ShouId we go say heIIo?
[01:20.99]我哪儿也不会去的 Look, l’m not goin’ anywhere.
[01:21.89]我敢肯定她还恨我 l’m sure she stiII hates me,
[01:22.86]不过你倒是该过去叙叙旧 你说呢? but you shouId probabIy go over, don’t you think?
[01:25.23]她们是谁?      我们的前…女友  Who are they?         ExgirIfriends of ours.
[01:28.56]我们以前就像这样 很要好  We were... kinda Iike this. The four of us were reaI tight.
[01:32.60]就是大家… You know, everybody
[01:34.36]很久以前的事了 那时我们还在读书 lt was a Iong time ago. Back when we were in coIIege.
[01:35.87]我们还是孩子      就像你这种年龄  We were kids.         Like your age.

  [01:37.87]你要不要过去打声招呼?      绝对不要  Are you gonna go over and say heIIo?         AbsoIuteIy fuckin’ not.
[01:40.61]你呢?      不要  Are you?         No.
[01:42.18]你应该过去 你应该过去打个招呼      别去  You shouId go over, man. You shouId just go say heIIo.         No.
[01:45.21]他没必要过去打招呼 No, he doesn’t need to go over, say heIIo.
[01:47.22]你没必要强迫自己去跟任何人说话 You don’t need to go taIk to another one of your IittIe conquests.
[01:50.29]你不好奇吗?      好奇啊  Aren’t you curious?         Yeah.
[01:52.79]但还没到能冰释前嫌去打招呼的程度 But not so much so that l’m gonna give them the satisfaction of waIking up and saying heIIo.
[01:57.09]你不过去会显得很没风度的  lt wouId be rude if you did not go over and say heIIo to her.
[01:59.80]知道吗? You know what?
[02:02.53]我要过去打个招呼 l’m gonna go say heIIo.
[02:04.70]好主意 代我向她们问好      去吧  That’s a good idea. TeII ’em l said heIIo.         Go for it.
[02:08.77]他来了 我看上去怎么样?      美呆了 He’s comInG over here. HoWdo I look?         You look Great.
[02:11.64]记住了 是他爱上你的 Remember, he was in Iove with you
[02:12.61]而且被甩的时候还哭得唏哩哗啦的 and cried Iike a baby when you dumped him.
[02:14.51]分手是双方面的 我也哭了  The breakup was mutuaI, and l cried too.
[02:16.30]但你始终占了上风 You stiII have the upper hand.
[02:18.28]难以置信 这太奇怪了 UnbeIievabIe. This is too weird1.
[02:21.45]你们还是朋友吗?  So you guys are stiII friends,
[02:23.55]还是诡异的巧合把我们聚到这儿? or is this just some bizarre coincidence we’re aII here?
[02:25.42]这正是我们所想的 We Were thInkInG the same thInG.
[02:27.42]我们看到你 然后就瞟到了那个讨厌鬼 We saw you, and then we spotted2 that douche bag...
[02:29.66]坐在你那桌 真不敢相信你居然还跟他有联系 sittin’ at your tabIe and couIdn’t beIieve you’re stiII taIking to him.
[02:32.16]不错 你还是这么伶牙俐齿 Nice. You stiII got the mouth.
[02:34.33]事实上 那个讨厌鬼刚巧是我的律师 ActuaIIy, that douche bag happens to be my Iawyer now.
[02:37.27]那个白痴绝对不可能会去法学院  There is no way that moron3 went to Iaw schooI.
[02:41.05]福德姆(英国地名) Fordham.
[02:41.97]那他真的通过了律师考试?  And he actuaIIy passed the bar exam?
[02:43.55]第三次考的时候 On his third try.
[02:45.07]他头两次肯定喝醉了  He was probabIy drunk the filrst two times.

  [02:47.05]他已经戒酒2年了 Been sober for two years now.
[02:48.61]那他还是一头恶心又不诚实的猪 He’s stIll a dIsGustInG, dIshonest pIG.
[02:51.58]你干嘛要雇他当你的律师呢? Why wouId you hire him to be your Iawyer?
[02:54.28]我是说 你…你现在是个有名的大作家了 l mean, you’re You’re a big, famous writer now.
[02:57.95]我在沙滩上…读了你的《岁月流觞》 By the Way, I read Day After Day... on the beach.
[03:02.99]很喜欢      很相近了 是《暗夜流觞》  Loved it.         CIose. NIGht After NIGht.
[03:05.76]记住了 不管怎么说 MemorabIe. Either way
[03:09.30]我觉得你可以请到比他更好的 l think you couId do better than him.
[03:10.86]真是不错她的火气还是这么大 Good thing she got over aII that anger.
[03:12.27]凯特 你们俩都分手12年了 You know, Kate, you guys did break up 1 2 years ago.
[03:15.47]他背叛了我 这可是重创 He cheated on me. Those are deep wounds.
[03:17.47]他 就 是 个 鸟人  He... Is... a... prIck4.
[03:21.51]谢谢 能跟你说话真好 This has been pIeasant. Nice to taIk to you.
[03:24.45]嘿 顺便一问 你什么时候会出书呢? Hey, by the way, when are you working on another book?
[03:28.35]你…这段时间都在干什么呢? Are youWhat are you doin’ these days?
[03:31.69]呃 呃 事实上 呃 我…我正在写呢 Yeah. Yeah. ActuaIIy, weII, l’m l’m stiII working on it.
[03:36.23]但是这 呃…会很好看的 But it’s, um lt’s gonna be great.
[03:38.29]只是我在做 你知道 为参考…读了很多书 lt’s just that l’m doing a Iot of, you know, reading now... for research.
[03:43.43]虽然…它们不怎么相关 但是内在…相通 lt’s lt’s about the disconnectedness, but the interconnectness.
[03:48.00]你知道 我们的生活… You know, the Iives we Iead
[03:50.57]就好像 是重叠交错的但是… lt’s, Iike, about the overIapping but the
[03:53.31]那个 就是 却从来不能触碰… the,you knoW, never really touchInG5...
[03:56.98]这样 就是 我们感觉 所以… that, you know, we feeI, so
[03:59.32]但是年底应该就会完成了 But it shouId be done by the end of the year.
[04:02.05]听上去不错 期待拜读你的大作 Sounds great. l Iook forward to reading it.
[04:05.59]回见      回见 See ya.         See ya.
[04:09.63]噢 天哪 我真像个白痴 Oh, my God. What a fucking retard6.
[04:12.63]这个…是重叠交错的 但是这个… ’’The’’’and it overIapping, and the’’
[04:15.43]说的是什么东西啊?      我不知道  WhatWhat is that?         l have no idea.
[04:17.60]你又没准备开始再创作 不是吗?      对啊  You haven’t started writing again, have you?         No.
[04:20.34]但我不能…我不想跟他说这个 But l can’t l’m not gonna teII him that.

  [04:22.84]嘿 你开玩笑呢吧?  Look. Are you kIddInG me?
[04:24.80]你真以为天下有免费的午餐啊? Do you thInk there’s such a thInG as a free lunch?
[04:26.18]你在跟一个25岁的女孩约会 You date a 25yearoId girI,
[04:28.55]当然会面对一些无理要求 you’re gonna deaI with irrationaI behavior.
[04:30.11]对 我只是觉得她有点无法预测 Yep. l’m starting to think she’s unstabIe.
[04:32.37]上星期她还想跟我一起嗑药 Last week she wanted us to do ecstasy7 together.
[04:34.65]她当然是无法预测的 她的脑子就是个草包  But of course she’s unstable8. Her braIn Is frIed
[04:37.36]动起来 姑娘们 Move your feet, Iadies.
[04:37.99]听着 你还有其它的事要操心  WeII, Iook. You got bigger things to worry about.
[04:41.02]我是说 下星期就要出书了 我跟鲍勃谈了 I mean, the book comes out next Week, and I spoke9 to Bob...
[04:44.56]他说那群维京人很是担忧 and he says the... gang at Viking sounds worried.
[04:46.80]担忧? 担忧什么?  Worried? Worried about what?
[04:48.87]这还用问? 他们当然是担心销量啦 What do you mean about what? They’re worried about saIes.
[04:50.37]这书会大卖的 我拿我汉普顿的房子打赌 The book is gonna seII. l’II bet my house in the Hamptons,
[04:53.92]它会成为畅销书的 this book is gonna be a best seIIer.
[04:55.14]跟你赌了      拜托 墨菲 没必要打那么重  l’II take that bet.         Come on, Murph. No need to hit it so hard.
[04:58.81]上帝啊 瞧啊 都怪你不好 Jesus. Look at You got me aII upset.


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n.(车轮的)辐条;轮辐;破坏某人的计划;阻挠某人的行动 v.讲,谈(speak的过去式);说;演说;从某种观点来说
  • They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.他们的轮辐螺帽是从我们公司获得的。
  • The spokes of a wheel are the bars that connect the outer ring to the centre.辐条是轮子上连接外圈与中心的条棒。
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