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听电影学英语-紫罗兰 13

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  [00:02.92]* 你和我 * ’ You and I.’
[00:06.32]* 会充满了幸福和希望 * ’ Were so full oflove and hope.’
[00:10.43]* 你能让这一切尽快实现吗 * ’ Would you GIve It all up noW.’
[00:14.03]* 还是深陷在困苦中 * ’ Or Would you GIve In lust1 to spIte2 them all.’
[00:17.97]* 你要冲出牢笼 * ’And you GIve It all aWay.’
[00:21.64]* 你应该现在就走出阴霾 * ’ Would you GIve It all aWay, noW.’
[00:25.41]* 不要沉沦了 * ’Don’t let It come apart.’
[00:29.28]* 不想看这你沉沦下去 * ’Don’t Wanna see you come apart.’
[00:33.62]* 因为你走出了阴霾 * ’ ’Cause you GIve It all aWay.’.’
[00:35.65]你在开玩笑吗 他们喜欢你 Are you kIddInG me? They love you.
[00:38.17]他们想和你交易 但前提是 They wanna be in business with you, but what they are expecting...
[00:41.49]是另外一部法兰克奈克 对吗 is another Frank Knight3 book, okay?
[00:44.99]事实上你已经得到了它的预付款 To say nothing of the fact that you aIready got your advance for it.
[00:47.90]如果他们希望的话我可以还给他们  l’II give the advance back, if that’s what they want.
[00:49.73]就为了这个吗? ls it such a chore?
[00:51.17]只需要你花6个月去写这些  lt takes you six months to write those things.
[00:52.98]这不是时间的问题 lt’s not about the time.
[00:54.34]我... 对其他的事感兴趣 l’m... interested in other things.
[00:56.97]我想写点其他的      那你不能同时写吗  l wanna write about other things.         And you can’t do both?
[00:59.71]你有没有读过 进入黑夜的漫长过程 这本书 You ever read A LonG Day’s Journey Into NIGht?
[01:01.71]你这么说是什么意思 你就这么喜欢让我难堪 Why do you do that to me? Do you enjoy making me feeI Iike an idiot4?
[01:04.88]好吧 抱歉 书中父亲这个角色 Okay. Sorry. The father in the pIay

[01:06.88]是建立在奥尼尔自己父亲上的 明白吗 Based on O’NeiII’s own father, aII right?
[01:08.89]角色中他拥有一个非常棒很能赚钱的职业 He had a very Iong and Iucrative career as a stage actor...
[01:11.39]这些在《基督山伯爵》中演绎了一次又一次 pIaying the same roIe over and over again in The Count of Monte CrIsto.
[01:14.42]为什么 因为他擅长这些 并使他富有 Why? ’Cause he was good at it, and it made him rich.
[01:17.09]但在他快死的时候 他回首过去 But by the end of his Iife, he reaIizes that by doing so...
[01:20.30]他失去了成为一个真正伟大的艺术家的机会 it cost him the chance to be a truIy great artist.
[01:23.03]我不想重蹈覆辙 l don’t wanna be that guy.
[01:25.07]你是在提醒我不该和他一样去赚钱... You’re aware you may not make the same kind of money...

  [01:27.10]你已经适应了这些 知道吗 you’ve grown accustomed to, aII right?
[01:29.37]出版的话 那会是种挑战 And GettInG publIshed That’s Gonna be a challenGe.
[01:32.24]不需要再提醒你 l don’t need to remind you
[01:33.17]关于刺杀肯尼迪的第二个例子 是吗 whatJ.F.K. said about second acts, do l?
[01:34.78]是菲茨杰拉德 It Was F. Scott FItzGerald.
[01:37.21]你不用再跟我这么废话了 关键是 Are you gonna break my baIIs about particuIars? The point is
[01:39.98]关键是 他说 没有第二幕戏了 The point is, he said there are no second acts.
[01:42.42]我不相信 我认为你也同意我的看法 I don’t belIeve that, and I don’t thInk you do eIther.
[01:45.05]那你为什么要办这次的聚会 Or else Why Would you be throWInG thIs party...
[01:47.09]找来凯特的大学同学 就是为了让她来参加吗? for Kate’s colleGe frIends lust to Get her to come?
[01:52.73]我回来啦 l’m home!
[01:57.70]布莱 布莱 BriBri!
[02:00.44]欢迎回来 WeIcome back.
[02:03.54]什么事 你要出门吗 What’s up? Are we goin’ out?
[02:06.54]恩 我要去墨菲的聚会 Uh, actuaIIy, l’m heading to Murph’s party.
[02:09.15]嘿 你还生我气吗      当然还气你  Hey. Are you mad at me?         Of course l’m stiII mad at you.
[02:12.95]你认为我的小说是堆垃圾 记得吗? You caIIed my noveI a piece of shit, remember?
[02:15.52]亲爱的 我说的是气话 Dude, l was upset.
[02:19.22]别气了啦 我希望你能和我一起去 Come on. l wanted you to come with me.
[02:24.06]我会为你打扮好的 好吗? l’m gonna make it up to you, okay?
[02:26.23]在墨菲的聚会后 After Murph’s party,
[02:27.49]我会带你去切尔西 我们一起跳舞 l’II take you to that pIace in CheIsea and we can go dancing.
[02:31.73]伯妮 我觉得我们需要谈谈 Bernie, l think we need to taIk.
[02:37.07]你不会这么做的 You’re not going to do this.
[02:43.75]你在西雅图有了份好的工作 You got a great job waiting for you in SeattIe...
[02:46.28]而我不想离开纽约 and l don’t want to Ieave New York.
[02:50.25]你没有必要因为我而阻碍你自己 And l don’t think you shouId Iet me stand in your way.
[02:53.26]你想这样结束了吗 That’s how you wanna end it?
[02:55.63]就6个月 我们就这样结束了 After six months, that’s how we’re gonna end?
[02:59.76]我 我们有过快乐的时光 Look, weWe’ve had fun.
[03:02.93]我们在一起很开心 但我们不合适  But we’re good together, but we’re not great.
[03:06.44]我们很合适 We’re good enough.
[03:07.40]你不认同我是最棒的那个男人... You don’t Iook at me and think that l’m the greatest guy...
[03:10.11]可以干出番事业来让世人震撼 that ever waIked the face of the earth.
[03:12.21]不要异想天开 布莱 那不会是你啊 Don’t

  [03:15.65]是啊 我明白 这就是重点 Yeah, l know. That’s the point.
[03:17.65]但你至少要留一点希望给我 But you shouId at Ieast think that l am.
[03:20.12]好吧 你认为我是你见过的最完美的女孩吗 WeII, do you think l’m the greatest girI you’ve ever met?
[03:23.72]不 不 我的意思是 可能会有人 No. No, but l mean, there is somebody out there
[03:26.96]一个男孩 可能在西雅图 某个乐队... A guy, maybe from SeattIe, who’s in a band...
[03:28.96]爱的很入迷 在夜晚中跳舞... and Ioves to do ecstasy5 and stay out Iate dancing...
[03:31.73]会觉得你是他生命中最美好的一切 and wiII think you are just the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him.
[03:34.63]你真他妈是个畜生      噢 不要发火骂人  You are such a fucking cock!         Whoa! Don’t start the mouth.
[03:38.97]为什么不? 才6个月过去了 就想把我一脚踹开 Why not? After six months you’re just dumping me out of the bIue?
[03:43.54]想安抚我就跟我说... Trying to make me feeI better by teIIing me...
[03:45.54]我会在西雅图遇见什么该死的舞者 l’II meet some asshoIe dancer in SeattIe?
[03:49.98]你只是想去和那个作家去鬼混 那个贱人 You just wanna go off with that writer, the bitch.
[03:52.38]噢 上帝 不是的 这和她一点关系都没有 Oh, God. No, this has nothing to do with her.
[03:54.55]她也不是什么贱女人      放屁  And she’s not a bitch.         BuIIshit.
[03:57.02]别闹了 伯纳黛特      畜生  Stop cursInG, Bernadette.         Cock.’
[03:58.25]什么      畜生  ReaIIy?         Cock!
[03:59.32]好了 够了      畜生  PIease, come on.         Cock!
[04:00.39]你简直就像个疯子      畜生  You’re acting6 Iike an idiot.         Cock!
[04:01.69]哦 我的上帝 你有完没完?      畜生  Oh, my God. Are you done?         Cock!
[04:03.86]好吧 Okay.
[04:07.03]你他妈真是个狗娘养的畜生 You are such a fucking cock!
[04:11.83]但是我爱你 But l Iove you!
[04:14.07]纽约是个多么有意思的地方 NeW York Is WeIrd7 lIke that.
[04:16.17]我还没有见过我的一半邻居呢 l stiII haven’t met haIf the peopIe in my buiIding...
[04:18.27]但我在路上随便走走就走到马克这儿来了 but l randomIy run into Mark here aII over town.
[04:20.78]但她还是不肯和我睡 And she stiII won’t sIeep with me.
[04:22.78]因为我在大学的时候都做了 Because l did in coIIege,
[04:24.86]我不想再重蹈覆辙 and l don’t need to revisit it.
[04:25.95]是啊 是啊 那是以前的事啦... Yeah, weII, that was some time ago...

  [04:28.32]恩 你们也明白 一切都会改变的 and, uh, you know, things change.
[04:30.52]你 恩 肯能会感到惊讶      是吗  You, uh, might be surprised.         Yeah?
[04:32.86]你的头发越来越少了 这让我很惊讶 You got Iess hair. That surprised me.
[04:36.33]你知道的 这很有趣 是吗  You know, that’s funny. lsn’t that funny?
[04:39.36]不要误导我 布莱恩 Don’t Get me WronG, BrIan.
[04:40.55]我喜欢这书 我觉得我的工作还是相当不错的 We Iike the book, and l think we did a fairIy good job...
[04:43.50]撇开这些 尽管有些评论 of getting it out there in spite of the reviews.
[04:46.40]但就考虑下领一部侦探奈特系列 But just think about doing another one of the Detective Knight series.
[04:49.21]接着你就可以回到过去 也为了你自己 Then you can go back and do one for you.
[04:51.37]就像好莱坞 一本给他 一本写给自己 Just Iike HoIIywood: One for them, one for you.
[04:54.04]你们在说什么 一个给他们 一个... What are you taIking about? One for them, one for
[04:56.15]我已经给了你们5部 l’ve given you filve.
[04:57.23]给我自己5部怎么样 可以吗 How about filve for me? How’s that sound?
[04:58.65]你们知道吗? 他只是个低俗的文人 You know, he’s a fucking hack8.
[05:00.80]是个雇佣文人 He’s a hack.


1 lust N8rz1     
  • He was filled with lust for power.他内心充满了对权力的渴望。
  • Sensing the explorer's lust for gold, the chief wisely presented gold ornaments as gifts.酋长觉察出探险者们垂涎黄金的欲念,就聪明地把金饰品作为礼物赠送给他们。
2 spite uv7wD     
  • He has modern ideas in spite of his great age.尽管他年事很高,但思想观念却很入时。
  • In spite of his anger,his remarks were restrained.他尽管生气,说的话还是有节制的。
3 knight W2Hxk     
  • He was made an honourary knight.他被授予荣誉爵士称号。
  • A knight rode on his richly caparisoned steed.一个骑士骑在装饰华丽的马上。
4 idiot FcWze     
  • Only an idiot would make such a thoughtless remark.只有草包才会说出这样没有头脑的话来。
  • You are behaving like a perfect idiot.你表现得像个十足的白痴。
5 ecstasy 9kJzY     
  • He listened to the music with ecstasy.他听音乐听得入了神。
  • Speechless with ecstasy,the little boys gazed at the toys.小孩注视着那些玩具,高兴得说不出话来。
6 acting czRzoc     
  • Ignore her,she's just acting.别理她,她只是假装的。
  • During the seventies,her acting career was in eclipse.在七十年代,她的表演生涯黯然失色。
7 weird bghw8     
  • From his weird behaviour,he seems a bit of an oddity.从他不寻常的行为看来,他好像有点怪。
  • His weird clothes really gas me.他的怪衣裳简直笑死人。
8 hack BQJz2     
  • He made a hack at the log.他朝圆木上砍了一下。
  • Early settlers had to hack out a clearing in the forest where they could grow crops.早期移民不得不在森林里劈出空地种庄稼。
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