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听电影学英语-紫罗兰 12

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  [00:01.22]早上好 Good morning.
[00:03.79]要我为你做什么吗?  ls there something you need from me?
[00:04.73]是啊 我要跟你谈谈 Yeah. l need to taIk to you.
[00:05.82]不 你不想      你干嘛要这样?  No, you don’t.         Why are you being Iike this?
[00:07.82]你为什么就是不肯跟我谈谈呢?  Why won’t you just taIk to me?
[00:09.17]也许是因为我把你的话当耳旁风吧 ProbabIy ’cause l couId care Iess about what you have to say.
[00:11.76]我只是想道歉 好吗? 你能别这么对我吗? Look, l want to apoIogize, aII right? You can’t do that for me?
[00:14.46]我是说 就当尊重我一下嘛 l mean, it wouId be the respectfuI thing to do.
[00:16.57]哦 尊重 真是个有趣的词汇 Oh, respectfuI. lnteresting choice of words.
[00:18.90]你自己玩去吧 我要上班了 Go fuck yourseIf. l’m going to work.
[00:21.94]凯特 凯特 别这样 嘿 嘿! Kate. Kate, come on. Hey. Hey!
[00:26.11]对于那天晚上发生的事我真的很抱歉 好吗? Look, l am so sorry for what l did that night. Okay?
[00:29.91]我是说 如果有什么办法可以让… l mean, if there was any way...
[00:31.92]时光倒流 我一定不会再犯这种错了 l couId turn back the cIock and undo1 it, l wouId.
[00:34.85]把这种念头埋进你那木鱼脑子里吧 Get this through your thick skuII.
[00:37.22]我不想听 l’m not interested.
[00:39.52]拜…凯… Come Ka
[00:44.06]算了吧 Whatever.
[00:46.93]你什么? 你在她学校外面等她上班? You did what? YouYou waited for her outside her schooI before she went to work?
[00:51.27]说真的 那我还能怎么办呢? SeriousIy, what eIse was l supposed to do?
[00:53.87]我都打给她N次了 可她却说我是讨厌鬼 You know, l caIIed her a coupIe times, and she caIIed me a douche bag.
[00:56.97]我…我只是想道个歉 ll just want to apoIogize.

[00:59.01]噢 原来只是这样 你就是想道歉 Oh, that’s what this is about. You just want to apoIogize.
[01:01.65]对啊 嘿 我只是希望有个机会… Yeah. Hey, l’d just Iike the opportunity...
[01:04.18]能说声对不起 知道吗?      是啊 当然啦  to say l’m sorry, you know?         WeII, of course.
[01:06.18]就跟你想再和她重修旧好一点都没关系 Has nothing to do with the fact that you want to get back together with her
[01:08.92]就是跟那个失去的人重燃爱火 You know, get another shot at the one who got away.
[01:11.42]如果她真的能再接受 倒是个不错的主意 lf it comes to that and she’s Iookin to get Murphed again, aII the better.
[01:14.79]你才是这样呢      打得不错 伙计们  Look, you’re one to taIk.         NIce Game, fellas.

  [01:16.79]带着个已婚女人去吃汉堡和鸡尾酒       Takin’ married women out for hamburgers and cocktaiIs.
[01:19.66]嘿 什…不是的 我们只是叙叙旧      叙旧?  Hey, what No. We were just reminiscing.         Reminiscing?
[01:22.53]没错      然后当天晚上她就跟老公分手了?  Yeah.         And that night she and her husband break up?
[01:24.87]纯属巧合? 我觉得你脱不了干系 Coincidence? l think you’re guiIty.
[01:26.94]我们只是…只是在说她为什么不写作了 We were justWe were taIking about why she hasn’t been writing.
[01:29.44]就这样 我只是觉得这是对她天赋的浪费 That’s aII. l just think it’s a big waste of her taIents.
[01:31.94]你读过她的作品 你知道她有多棒 You’ve read her stuff2. You know how good she is.
[01:35.01]我记得大一的时候 l mean, l remember freshman3 year...
[01:37.01]第一次读到她的一篇作品 the filrst time l read one of her stories.
[01:39.65]天哪 她真的能让人有 HoIy shit. l mean, she couId reaIIy
[01:42.17]身临其境的感觉 不是吗? transport you, you know?
[01:43.75]身临其境? Transport you?
[01:47.72]喔! 你真的陷得太深了 兄弟 Whoo! You’re in it thick, brother.
[01:50.39]我是说 不管是他…还是你… I mean, no knock on hIm or you
[01:52.50]都不应该把短暂的生命浪费在写律师身上 but Iife is too short to spend it writing about Iawyers.
[01:55.90]为什么? 因为那些才卖得出去? Why? Because those actually sell?
[01:58.80]因为有了这些你们才能养家糊口? Because WIth those you can actually make a lIvInG?
[02:01.40]听着 我知道你跟布莱恩想成为文坛巨子 Look, l know you and Brian want to be these Iiterary giants
[02:04.11]但你猜怎么着 but guess what.
[02:05.05]没人再会看那些狗屁了 好好想想吧 Nobody reads that shit anymore. l mean, think about it.
[02:07.61]你正坐着火车去上班 You’re on the train going to work...
[02:09.61]或是你在海边享受着难得一周的假期 or you’re enjoying your one week’s vacation down the shore.
[02:12.82]你还会想遭福克纳(美国小说家)的罪吗? You reaIIy wanna suffer through FauIkner?
[02:14.92]又或是跟小约翰葛雷森共度? Or do you want to kick back with a IittIeJohn Grisham?
[02:17.69]我懂了 你不喜欢布莱恩的书 So l take it you didn’t Iike Brian’s book.
[02:19.76]你说笑吗? 我甚至都没能看完它 Are you kIddIn’me? I couldn’t even f’l’nIsh It.
[02:21.76]无聊得我都快哭了 怎么了? 你呢? Bored me to tears. Why? What about you?
[02:24.93]某种程度上说 还是不错的 So far, it’s very good.
[02:27.00]对 但那不是重点 Yeah, but that’s not even reaIIy the point.
[02:29.07]我觉得那是他真正想写的东西 l think it’s that he’s writing something that matters to him.
[02:32.44]我是说 这是…这就是作家存在的意义 l mean, that’s That’s why we aII do it.

  [02:35.14]对 他是很有天赋没错 WeII, Iook, he’s got a gift, okay?
[02:38.37]他可以写很好的故事 而人们也喜欢看好故事 He can write a good story, and peopIe Iike a good story.
[02:41.95]布莱恩所要做的只是回去… What Brian needs to do is he needs to go back...
[02:45.32]再写一本奈特探长的书 and write another Detective Knight4 book.
[02:47.65]让我卖出电影版权 然后你猜怎么着 Let me seII the movie rights, and guess what.
[02:49.65]我们就会有大把大把的钱了 We aII make a piIe of dough5.
[02:51.65]知道吗 墨菲 不是什么都讲钱的 You know, Murph, it’s not aII about the money.
[02:55.46]是没错 帕蒂 AII right, Patti.
[02:57.46]那么 说到钱… So, speaking of money...
[03:00.50]我该在这个合同的哪里签字? where do you need me to sign this contract?
[03:03.13]我不得不说这笔钱对我来说真是及时雨 l cannot teII you what a Iifesaver this is to me.
[03:07.14]我会拿了这次的佣金 然后开始我的创作 l’m gonna take this commission6, and l’m gonna go back to writing.
[03:10.71]好的 等你想出版的时候… Yeah, weII, when you have something to pubIish...
[03:12.78]希望你别去找别人 好吗? l don’t want you taIking to anybody eIse, okay?
[03:14.78]你来找我 You come and see me,
[03:15.49]我保证会把你的书交到可靠的人手里 and l’II put your book in the right hands.
[03:17.98]好吗?      当然 完美的建议 AII right?         Yeah. Perfect filt.
[03:19.98]很好      好的  AII right.         AII right.
[03:21.99]还有记得 我要你来我周五晚上的派对 And remember, l want you to come to my party Friday night.
[03:24.49]出来透透气会对你很好的 lt’II be good for you to get out of the house, enjoy yourseIf.
[03:27.19]能让你走出分居的阴影 Get over the whoIe separation.
[03:29.33]当然 我会的 谢谢 墨菲      没事  Sure. Yeah, l wiII. Thanks, Murph.         AII right.
[03:32.66]还有记得 要带上凯特 好吗? 这是你欠我的 And remember, you gotta bring cake, okay? You owe me one.
[03:44.51]我从没想过你能做到 美女 l didn’t think you had it in you, bright eyes.
[03:47.11]干得不错 很好 NiceIy done. Very nice.
[04:00.02]* 孩子 *  ’Son.’
[04:03.36]* 你做了什么 * ’ What have you done.’
[04:07.36]* 你被洪流击退 * ’ You’re cauGht by the rIver.’
[04:11.20]* 你被陷入深渊 * ’ You’re comIn’undone.’
[04:16.04]* 生活 * ’LIfe.’
[04:19.44]* 如你想象的一般不易 * ’ You knoW, can’t be so easy.’
[04:23.38]* 但你不能就此放弃 * ’But you can’tjust leave It.’
[04:27.18]* 不能被束缚更深 * ’ ’Cause you’re not In control no more.’
[04:30.82]* 你要冲出牢笼 * ’And you GIve It all aWay.’

  [04:33.73]《烂透的悲伤》 帕蒂·帕特森著
[04:35.49]* 你应该现在就走出阴霾 * ’ Would you GIve It all aWay, noW.’
[04:39.03]* 不要沉沦了 * ’Don’t let It come apart.’
[04:42.63]* 不想看这你沉沦下去 * ’Don’t Wanna see you come apart.’
[04:48.57]* 孩子 * ’Son.’
[04:51.31]* 你做了什么 * ’ What are you doInG.’
[04:55.11]* 经历了这些苦难 * ’ You learned7 a hard lesson.’
[04:58.85]* 你抵住了洪流 * ’ When you stood by the Water.’


1 undo Ok5wj     
  • His pride will undo him some day.他的傲慢总有一天会毁了他。
  • I managed secretly to undo a corner of the parcel.我悄悄地设法解开了包裹的一角。
2 stuff Itsw1     
  • We could supply you with the stuff in the raw tomorrow.明天我们可以供应你原材料。
  • He is not the stuff.他不是这个材料。
3 freshman 1siz9r     
  • Jack decided to live in during his freshman year at college.杰克决定大一时住校。
  • He is a freshman in the show business.他在演艺界是一名新手。
4 knight W2Hxk     
  • He was made an honourary knight.他被授予荣誉爵士称号。
  • A knight rode on his richly caparisoned steed.一个骑士骑在装饰华丽的马上。
5 dough hkbzg     
  • She formed the dough into squares.她把生面团捏成四方块。
  • The baker is kneading dough.那位面包师在揉面。
6 commission 1bkyS     
  • The salesman can get commission on everything he sells.这个售货员能得到所售每件货物的佣金。
  • The commission is made up of five people,including two women.委员会由五人组成,其中包括两名妇女。
7 learned m1oxn     
  • He went into a rage when he learned about it.他听到这事后勃然大怒。
  • In this little village,he passed for a learned man.在这个小村子里,他被视为有学问的人。
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