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听电影学英语-紫罗兰 18

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  [00:02.92]他觉得他错了 and he thinks he made a mistake.
[00:04.99]这混蛋本来就错了 No shit, he made a mistake.
[00:07.59]你最好别再打算和他见面 You better not be thinking of seeing him.
[00:10.02]我们还是夫妻 我有权这么做 We’re stiII married. l owe it to him.
[00:13.40]不 你们已经分居了 No, you’re not. You’re separated.
[00:15.40]他还说你在床上很恶心 And he said you were Iousy in bed...
[00:17.40]而布莱恩却公开他对你的爱 whereas1 Brian CaIIahan just professed2 his Iove for you.
[00:20.30]这和布莱恩没关系 帕蒂 lt’s reaIIy a nobrainer, Patti.
[00:22.30]好了 凯特 奇斯不是那样的人 看看这3个月 Oh, Kate, Chazz isn’t some guy l’ve been seeing for three months.
[00:26.27]我和他结婚7年了 l’ve been married to him for seven years.
[00:29.41]6年你是痛苦中度过的 Six of which you were miserabIe.
[00:31.41]老天 你记得我第一眼见他的时候是多爱他吗 Oh, God. Do you remember how much l Ioved him when we filrst met?
[00:34.32]我还是要和他谈谈 l have to taIk to him.
[00:36.32]想想那个我遇见的伪君子吧 Think of what a hypocrite l’d be if l’ve been, you know...
[00:38.82]跟你说和墨菲坐下好好谈谈 teIIing you to sit down with Murph for weeks...
[00:40.86]而我却没有给过奇斯一个解释的机会 and l don’t even give Chazz the chance to taIk.
[00:48.60]我们分居后你改变了多少? HoWmuch could you have chanGed sInce We separated?
[00:51.73]很多 基本变了个人 A Iot. EntireIy different human being.
[00:56.30]我建议从我们开始复合 l’ve considered starting therapy.

[00:59.97]想彻底的改变 ReaIIy want to work from the inside out.
[01:03.41]那很好 奇斯 That’s great, Chazz.
[01:05.41]不 这 这很好 No, it rThat is great.
[01:07.45]我 只是 有一件事总是 l just One thing that’s aIways
[01:11.35]我想有一个原因总让我们之间有隔阂... l guess one reason why l’m hesitant about trying again...
[01:13.69]就是我不知道我是怎么了 你是那么的吸引我 is that l have no idea what it is about me that fucking interests you.
[01:18.06]你漂亮 你聪明 你性感 You’re beautifuI. You’re smart. You’re sexy.
[01:20.93]你美妙 你幽默 You’re fantastic. You’re funny.
[01:25.00]你有漂亮的头发 你 You’ve got great hair. You
[01:27.57]所有的一切 你都那么的美好 Just everything. You’ve got good styIe.
[01:33.78]还记得我我们第一次见面吗 Remember when we filrst started seeing each other?
[01:38.01]你到饭店里带了本书给我 是吗? AII right? You brought me a book To the restaurant, right?
[01:42.95]海明威 是吗? Hemingway, was it?
[01:45.55]我不能记全它的名称 但 它 l can’t remember the exact titIe, but it was
[01:48.86]它很棒 非常棒 lt was lt was good. lt was reaI good.
[01:51.03]那你为什么没有读完它 And so why Why did you stop reading them?

  [01:54.43]当你和我结婚时候 没有嫁给牛津大学的教授 When you marrIed me, you dIdn’t marry a professor at Oxford3.
[01:57.60]我没有什么幻想 Okay? l made no fucking iIIusions...
[02:02.34]就像我学院派的理论 as to my academic prowess.
[02:07.08]我变了 Listen. l’ve changed.
[02:09.11]我已经改变了 我想做的更好 可以吗 l’ve changed. l wanna be better. Okay?
[02:11.51]我甚至雇佣了个新的经理 l even hired a new manager to come in,
[02:14.36]所以我可以早点回家 so l get home earIier at night.
[02:15.48]不是在2点 3点 4点 我一直在家 l’m not in 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. l’m home.
[02:17.92]好 这样的话 你每晚那么早回去 你要做什么 Okay, and then, when you get home earIier each night, what wouId you want to do?
[02:21.42]帕蒂 这是什么 是西班牙异教裁判所 Aw, Pat, what is this, the fucking Spanish lnquisition?
[02:25.56]拜托 都是问题 问题 Come on. Question, question What
[02:28.33]你在和我开玩笑吗? Are you kidding me?
[02:31.07]我们在这里呼吸新鲜的空气 Yeah, we’rewe’re here to cIear the air.
[02:33.94]就是为了提问 To ask questions.
[02:36.97]我们在这里为了找回我们的过去 We’re here to get back together.
[02:39.14]就是这样 对吗? That’s it. Right?
[02:41.64]这就是我想要的 That’s what l want.
[02:45.75]快点啊      对不起 那是你这么想 奇斯  l mean, come on.         See, that’s the thing about you, Chazz.
[02:48.32]你根本不听我说的 我们到这里是要交流 You don’t Iisten, because we came here to taIk...
[02:50.59]我们不正在谈心吗? and that’s just what we’re doing TaIking.
[02:55.29]如果我们能再次做爱的话 lf we couId make Iove one more time
[02:58.66]你在担心什么 她没有准备回到他的身边 What are you WorrIed about? She’s not Gonna Get back toGether WIth hIm.
[03:01.43]他带着戒指 大声抱怨      很明显啊  He wears rings on his thumbs, for crying out Ioud.         Very good point.
[03:05.50]我们有更悠久的感情关系 我们需要 However, we’ve aII been in reIationships much Ionger than we shouId have...
[03:08.40]只是我们不想伤害对方 just because we didn’t want to hurt the other person.
[03:10.51]如果她回到那男人的身边 会伤了我的心 lf she goes back to this guy, it’s gonna break my heart...
[03:13.01]我太爱这女孩了 l’m so in Iove with this girI.
[03:15.01]哦 上帝 你不会破坏我的感情吧? Aw,Jesus. You’re not gonna get emotionaI on me, are you?
[03:17.48]闭嘴 我不能和你分享我的感觉 Shut the fuck up. What, I can’t share my feelInGs WIth you?
[03:19.98]你知道有多少次泪流满面的谈话 You know how many tearyeyed conversations
[03:21.37]我都在你身边陪到最后吗 l’ve had to sit through with you?

  [03:22.48]那些都是酒会 好吗 That Was just the booze talkIn; all rIGht?
[03:24.49]等下 我有电话进来 知道吗 我刚想打你电话 HoId on. l got another caII. You know what? l’m just gonna caII you back.
[03:27.62]我是墨菲 Murph here.
[03:29.72]嘿 墨菲 我是凯特      你好 凯特 什么事  Hey, Murph, it’s Kate.         Hey, Kate. What’s up?
[03:33.76]我只是想跟你道歉 Um, l just wanted to apoIogize...
[03:37.17]那天我糟糕的行为 for my obnoxious4 behavior the other day.
[03:40.23]哦 好啊 接受你的道歉 Oh, weII, apoIogy accepted.
[03:42.64]你在干什么? 听起来有回音啊 What are you doing? You sound Iike you’re in an echo5 chamber6.
[03:45.41]不不 我在办公室 No, no. l’m just at the offilce.
[03:47.41]你在洗手间里和我电话 对吗? You’re talkInG to me WhIle you’re GoInG to the bathroom, aren’t you?
[03:49.64]不 我在办公室呢  No, l’m at the offilce.
[03:50.92]很好 洗完手后和我打电话 Nice. Wash your hands and caII me back.
[03:53.18]你的电话 我必须接啊 是吧? Look, you caIIed me. l had to pick up, right?
[04:15.04]你好 Hello?
[04:17.51]我是墨菲 都洗干净了 Murph here. AII cIean.
[04:21.51]我考虑过你说的话了... So, l’ve been thinking about what you said...
[04:24.18]我觉得 我...恩 and l think that l’ve been, um
[04:32.35]我相信你 所以 我冒昧的说 l want to beIieve you, so, uh, here’s what l propose.
[04:37.13]今晚8点 共进晚餐  Let’s have dinner. Tonight, 8:00.
[04:39.79]9点更合适 Uh, you know, 9:00 wouId be better.
[04:43.43]就9点吧      9点见  Make it 9:00 then.         AII right. 9:00 it is.
[04:47.14]到时见了 亲爱的 See you then, sweetheart.
[04:51.34]谢谢你的午餐 很美味 So thanks for Iunch. lt was nice.
[04:53.34]不客气      明天联系你  Yeah.         l’II caII you tomorrow, or something.
[04:56.88]就这样吗? That’s it?
[04:59.05]我们就这样结束约会 不邀请我去你的公寓吗? ls that the end of the date? l mean, you’re not gonna ask me up to your flat?


1 whereas XgQwB     
  • They want a house,whereas we would rather live in a flat.他们想要一座房子,而我们宁愿住在一套房间里。
  • Some praise him,whereas others condemn him.有些人赞扬他,而有些人谴责他。
2 professed 7151fdd4a4d35a0f09eaf7f0f3faf295     
  • These, at least, were their professed reasons for pulling out of the deal. 至少这些是他们自称退出这宗交易的理由。
  • Her manner professed a gaiety that she did not feel. 她的神态显出一种她并未实际感受到的快乐。
3 Oxford Wmmz0a     
  • At present he has become a Professor of Chemistry at Oxford.他现在已是牛津大学的化学教授了。
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4 obnoxious t5dzG     
  • These fires produce really obnoxious fumes and smoke.这些火炉冒出来的烟气确实很难闻。
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5 echo 6k7zU     
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6 chamber wnky9     
  • For many,the dentist's surgery remains a torture chamber.对许多人来说,牙医的治疗室一直是间受刑室。
  • The chamber was ablaze with light.会议厅里灯火辉煌。
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