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听电影学英语-紫罗兰 05

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  [00:04.31]大苹果 Big AppIe.
[00:12.05]慢慢来 需要我的时候就叫我 Take as much time as you want. Buzz1 me when you need me.
[00:15.89]谢谢 Thank you.
[00:59.40]需要我的时候就叫我 Buzz me When you need me.
[01:01.40]你好? 打扰一下 你好?  Hello? Excuse me. Hello?
[01:04.57]呃 嘿      呃 你是谁?  Uh, hey.         And, uh, Who are you?
[01:08.14]我是帕蒂 是吉尔默尔房地产公司的 l’m Patti. l’m with GiImore ReaIty.
[01:10.17]我过来看下环境 l’m here doing a preview.
[01:11.68]是吗? 我还以为我们对这里有专属权 ReaIIy? l thought we had an excIusive on this property.
[01:14.98]我不这么认为 噢 我的天 Not to my understanding. Oh, my gosh.
[01:17.61]一定是开玩笑的吧 You gotta be kidding me.
[01:19.02]瞧瞧你啊      哈 墨菲  Look at you.         Aw, Murph.
[01:21.39]一个月里面2次      看上去很错嘛  Twice in one month.         Lookin’ gorgeous2, huh?
[01:23.49]哈 谢谢 不好意思那天没能聊上 Aw, thanks. Sorry we didn’t reaIIy taIk.
[01:26.53]没事 布莱恩跟我说那天凯特很不爽  Yeah, Brian toId me Kate was in rare form that night.
[01:29.48]对 你也知道的 Yeah. You know how that gets.
[01:32.20]那是什么状况? 你卖房地产了?      对  So what’s the deaI? You seIIin’ reaI estate now?         Yeah.
[01:37.27]没错 为了写书 赚点钱糊口 Yeah, you know, heIps pay the biIIs whiIe l’m working on my new noveI.
[01:41.61]嗯 你知道的 我很喜欢你的处女作 WeII, you know, l Ioved the filrst one.
[01:43.78]尽管 我得跟你说 我不怎么喜欢… AIthough, l gotta teII you, l did not take too kindIy...
[01:46.22]里面那个以墨菲为原型的角色 to your representation3 of the Murph.
[01:48.22]对 抱歉抱歉 我已经把他尽量粉饰了 Yeah, sorry. Sorry about that. l tried to mask that as best l couId.
[01:52.15]是啊 不怎么显著 Yeah, hardIy.

[01:55.29]那听着 你能 呃…你能不能在这儿等一下? So Iook. What do you, uhYou mind maybe just stickin’ around for a IittIe bit?
[01:59.39]我们可以叙叙旧  We couId catch up.
[02:00.86]好啊 当然 可以 就在这儿呆着 Yeah, sure. Yep. Right here. Stick.
[02:04.20]那么门罗 跟我说说 这里有什么好的? So Monroe, taIk to me. What are we Iookin’ at here?
[02:07.44]好的好的 充足的阳光 来来往往的邻居… Okay. Okay. Terrifilc Iight, upandcoming neighborhood...
[02:12.41]很棒的古代法国的古董 reaIIy terrifilc oId French country antiques4,
[02:14.99]而且左邻右舍也在增加中 and the neighborhood is growing.
[02:16.51]街角还有个星巴克 There is a Starbucks on the corner.

  [02:18.58]这里只是需要一点修缮 Just needs a IittIe bit of work.
[02:20.99]我得说可不止一点修缮 l’d say it needs more than a IittIe bit.
[02:22.72]呃 墨菲先生 WeII, uh, Mr. Murphy
[02:23.55]我的确有跟你说过这里需要再装修的 l did teII you that it requires a IittIe refurbishing.
[02:25.75]只需要 呃 做一点杂活就好了 lt’s a, uh, handyman speciaI.
[02:27.76]哦 那我看上去像个杂工吗?  Oh, and l Iook Iike a handyman to you?
[02:30.23]当然 我并不是指你 ObviousIy, l didn’t mean you.
[02:31.89]门罗 少来了 我只是开你玩笑的 Monroe, come on. l’m just breakin’ your baIIs.
[02:34.16]我只是…我有点吓到 l’m just l’m in shock.
[02:35.36]这就是你花了200万弄到的? This is what you get for two miIIion doIIars, huh?
[02:37.60]太让我伤心了 lt breaks my heart.
[02:38.99]我有跟你提过我在西边的公寓吗? Did l ever teII you about the apartment l had on the Upper West Side?
[02:41.50]全是90年代的风格 Got it in the mid’90s for a song?
[02:44.21]现在都给我前妻了 所以那是两个亏本投资 Now the exwife has it, so that’s two bad investments.
[02:47.98]只要装修好了 这里会成为很好的住所的 You know, uh, with the right kind of vision, this couId be a very speciaI home.
[02:52.25]邻里都在变化呢 The neighborhood is changing.
[02:59.92]我们为什么不 呃…谈一下呢? Why don’t we have a, uh a taIk?
[03:04.16]跟你说了这里是私有的 ToId you it was an excIusive.
[03:07.20]那么听着 我有…一个坏消息 门罗 So Iook, l got l got some bad news, Monroe.
[03:11.60]我是这位女士的大学同学 l went to coIIege with this woman,
[03:13.36]甚至还跟她的好朋友交往过 even dated her best friend, okay?
[03:14.60]我觉得我们合作得很愉快 So l’m thinkin’, you and l have had a pretty good run here.
[03:17.17]事情进展得也很顺利 但是 呃 l thought things went weII, but, uh,
[03:19.42]我不能再接受你的服务了 l’m not gonna need your services anymore.
[03:21.88]这么做是不恰当的 墨菲先生 That’s reaIIy inappropriate, Mr. Murphy.
[03:23.80]我可是为你奔波很久了 l work very hard for you.
[03:24.91]我知道 但是 她是老朋友 我…我必须这么做 l know, l know. But Iook, she’s an oId friend. l l gotta do this.
[03:29.79]滚开  Fuck off.
[03:31.37]那不是…我是说 你怎么能这么说 ? That’s not l mean, why wouId you say that?
[03:32.65]你怎么能这么说?      滚吧  Why wouId you say that?         Fuck off’.
[03:40.90]那么 帕蒂… So, PattI
[03:43.67]我不得不 呃 让门罗走人了 l just had to, uh, Iet Monroe go.
[03:46.57]所以我要找新的房地产代理商了 So l’m Iookin’ for new reaI estate agent.
[03:48.67]我想也许你能帮我 你说呢? l thought maybe you might be my girI. What do you say?

  [03:51.21]我很高兴…能帮到你 l wouId be pIeased... to heIp you.
[03:54.01]噢 谢谢 这样太好了 墨菲  Aw, thanks. That’s great, Murph.
[03:56.01]如果要我再花一个下午跟那家伙一起 lf l had to spend another afternoon with that guy,
[03:57.61]我一定会把他从屋顶上扔下去 l was gonna toss5 him off the roof.
[03:59.75]瞧瞧他带我看的这种烂房子 Look at these shithoIes that he shows me.
[04:01.85]噢 这样真的太好了 Oh, this couId be great.
[04:02.80]你真的可以终结我的真空期了 You couId reaIIy heIp end my dry speII.
[04:04.52]我已经8个月没卖出过房子了  l haven’t had a saIe in eight months.
[04:06.17]那太好了 瞧见没? AII right, you see?
[04:06.99]这是件好事 这次偶遇 This is a good thing a fortuitous meeting.
[04:10.09]她在卖房地产? 怎么会这样? She’s In real estate? HoWdId that happen?
[04:12.06]我不知道 我也没问 Look, l don’t know, and l was not about to ask.
[04:15.60]是没错 可是那天晚上 Yeah, but when we ran into her that night,
[04:17.48]她还说她在准备写新作呢 she said she was workin’ on a new noveI.
[04:19.47]对 可是 她已经10年没有出版过了 不是吗? Yeah, weII, Iook. She hasn’t pubIished anything in 1 0 years, right?
[04:22.00]所以她可能就需要份工作了 So she probabIy just needed the job.
[04:24.11]可这说不通啊 她是个很棒的作家 lt doesn’t make any sense though. She’s a great writer.
[04:26.27]她居然卖房地产…给你 She’s seIIing reaI estate... to you.
[04:28.54]你也读过她以前的东西 Look, you read her shit in the past.
[04:31.30]我是说 全是些深沉的废话 l mean, aII that esoteric nonsense.
[04:32.65]也许她只是没法出版它们吧  She probabIy just can’t get pubIished.
[04:34.17]什么? 噢 拜托 看到没? 这… What? Oh, come on. See? That’s
[04:35.38]你…这就是问题所在 就是这个 "深沉的废话" You areThat is the probIem, right there. ’’Esoteric nonsense.’’
[04:39.05]不是这样的 喜欢文学的人都上哪儿去了? No. See, where is Where are the peopIe that want Iiterature?
[04:42.62]是…我们是不是 这个社会 人们所要追求的… lsAre we, as a society, the type of peopIe that aII we want...
[04:46.50]就是些庸俗的类似爆米花式的垃圾呢? is puIp and popcorn6 and the same crap?
[04:50.07]难道我们不再对文化有所思考了吗?  Are we not an ideas cuIture anymore?
[04:52.10]布莱恩 我不会再跟你谈论什么"思考" Brian, l’m not gonna have the ’’ideas’’
[04:53.80]之类的话题了 行吗? conversation with you again, aII right?
[04:56.41]让它去吧 Let it rest.


1 buzz aSiyO     
  • My brain was in buzz.我的脑袋嗡嗡响。
  • A buzz went through the crowded courtroom.拥挤的法庭里响起了一片乱哄哄的说话声。
2 gorgeous 9fExl     
  • The gorgeous costume added to the brilliance of the dance.华丽的服装使舞蹈更加光彩夺目。
  • What a gorgeous day it is today!今天天气多好啊!
3 representation uVFxV     
  • The painting is a representation of a storm at sea.这幅画描绘的是海上的暴风雨。
  • All parties won representation in the national assembly.所有政党在国民大会中都赢得了代表资格。
4 antiques 9ce870d6afe5197dfabec02850f48aa0     
n.古玩,古董,古物( antique的名词复数 )
  • The room was furnished with antiques. 房间里摆放了古董。
  • a priceless collection of antiques 价值连城的古文物收藏
5 toss QJSz9     
  • Let's toss to see who pays it.让我们来掷钱币决定谁付账吧。
  • The matter made him toss in the bed.那件事使他在床上翻来覆去。
6 popcorn 8lUzJI     
  • I like to eat popcorn when I am watching TV play at home.当我在家观看电视剧时,喜欢吃爆米花。
  • He still stood behind his cash register stuffing his mouth with popcorn.他仍站在收银机后,嘴里塞满了爆米花。
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