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听电影学英语-足球老爹 16

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  [00:01.00]How much you pay him to make those calls? 你花了多少钱让他黑哨
[00:02.52]You are one wisecrack away 你只差一步远
[00:03.89]from being thrown out of this game. 就要被判出局
[00:04.04]I don’t want to get thrown out. 我不想出局
[00:06.15]Can’t a guy just be enthusiastic about the game? 一个人不能为比赛而狂热一点吗
[00:08.78]You can be enthusiastic... 你可以狂热
[00:10.67]That’s all I want to do. 我就想那样
[00:10.82]I just wanna have fun. 我只是不想太拘束
[00:11.89]...at a respectable1 level. 但要适可而止
[00:13.71]Now, go to your places! 马上回到你们的位置
[00:15.22]And keep your comments to yourself. 对着你自己去发表意见
[00:19.22]Wow! What was that all about? 哇,到底是怎么回事
[00:22.34]Here’s all I heard. 我都听到了这些
[00:22.48]The ref said.... 裁判说
[00:23.48](sputtering) 然后我爹说
[00:24.48]Then my Dad said...
[00:25.85](sputtering) 接着裁判说
[00:27.48]Then the ref said....
[00:29.48](sputtering) 还有问题吗
[00:30.74]Any more questions?
[00:31.26]Hit the road. Move it. 回去待着,快点
[00:34.11](referee whistling)
[00:34.89](boys cheering)
[00:37.41](Jim) Massimo with the ball, 马西莫控球
[00:37.93]trying to pass it off to his brother. 正准备传给他兄弟
[00:40.56]Come on! 不是吧
[00:42.56]But Buck2 Weston has figured out this Tiger offense3. 但巴克·韦斯顿已经识破了猛虎队的打法
[00:46.04]Go! 加油
[00:47.45](Phil) Get back on defense4! 快点回防
[00:51.08]What did I just say? 我说什么
[00:55.60]Bucky with another open shot. Goal! 巴奇再次在无人防守情况下射门 球进了
[00:58.11]Gladiators take the lead. 勇士队领先了
[00:59.08]Yes! 好
[01:01.11]Was anyone listening? 有人听我的吗?
[01:02.26]The Italians have effectively been shut down. 意大利兄弟被有效的抑制住了
[01:03.00]Great. 好极了
[01:05.52](Janice) That’s my boy! 好儿子
[01:07.48](whistle blowing) 上半场时间到
[01:09.22]That’s the half.
[01:14.78]Honey, wh-where have you been? 亲爱的,你去哪了?
[01:15.93]I called you twice. 我打了两次电话给你
[01:16.67]What? Why isn’t Sam in his uniform? 什么?山姆怎么没穿队服?
[01:20.30]So, how’s it going? 怎么样了?
[01:21.56]It took me all morning to convince5 him to come. 我用了整个上午说服他来比赛
[01:23.93]And the only reason he is here is to support his team. 现在他来这里的原因也只是来为他的队员加油
[01:25.45]What, he doesn’t want to play for me? 什么,他不想再为我踢了?
[01:25.97]He would love to play for you 他当然愿意
[01:29.08]but you’ve turned him into a benchwarmer. 但你从来都只让他坐板凳
[01:31.34]Sound familiar? 听起来很熟悉么?
[01:33.60]Look, I just wanted 你知道,我只是想
[01:34.11]to get to the championship game, that... 取得最终胜利
[01:38.97]Well, you’re here, Phil. 是的,你只是为了胜利,菲尔
[01:45.11]I’m not crying. It’s frustration6. 我没哭,只是不爽
[01:48.00]Don’t worry. You’ll be all

  [01:49.19]If you play the second half the way you played the first half, 如果下半场你们的表现还像上半场一般
[01:52.45]I’m gonna trade the whole team to the Tigers next year. 那明年我把你们全队都转会给猛虎队
[01:56.56]Can I go in now? I have fresh legs. 我可以上场吗? 我的感觉好极了
[01:58.60](Buck) Philly, I can’t. 菲尔,不行
[02:00.56]It’s the championship game, all right? 这是总决赛,懂吗?
[02:01.34]Don’t bother me, okay? 不要打扰我了
[02:03.45]I didn’t play the week before, either. 之前的比赛我没上
[02:04.48]I promise you, I’ll play you next season, okay? 我允诺下赛季让你上
[02:06.11]You want to be Gladiators? 你们是勇士吗?
[02:07.89](boys) Yeah! 是的
[02:08.89]Let’s say, "We are Gladiators." 一起喊 “我们是勇士”
[02:11.11](boys) We are Gladiators! 我们是勇士
[02:12.37]Say it again! We are Gladiators! 再来一次 我们是勇士
[02:13.89]Okay, go out in the second half, I want you to stay focused. 好了,上场 在下半场,我要你们加倍集中
[02:19.26]You doing okay? I know this is tough. 你还好吗? 我知道这很难受
[02:21.19]Hey, guys. 嘿,你们俩
[02:25.30]Sam, you think I could talk to you? 山姆,我可以很你单独谈谈么?
[02:27.78]I guess. 行吧
[02:28.56]Honey, do you mind? 亲爱的,你介意吗?
[02:29.45]Sure. 不
[02:37.19]So, I just was thinking, uh... 呃,我正在想,这个
[02:38.74]You know, grown-ups are always telling kids 你知道,大人们总是跟孩子们说
[02:42.85]how they mess up, right? 他们如何犯错
[02:43.37]But the truth is 但事实上呢
[02:45.41]sometimes grown-ups screw7 up 大人们有时也会犯错
[02:48.37]but we don’t have anyone to tell us when we do it. 但我们犯错时就没人来提醒
[02:51.04]I screwed8 up, Sam. 我犯了错
[02:53.30]You think? 你感觉到了?
[02:56.30]I just got caught up in everything. 我对每件事都过于苛刻了
[03:00.30]I really lost my way, I mean, 我不知道自己是谁了 我是说
[03:04.71]I apologize. 我很抱歉
[03:09.19]I just wanna ask you if you-- if you can 我只是想知道 你,你能否
[03:10.45]find it in your heart to forgive me 真心的原谅我
[03:11.85]and you give me a second chance, 并再给我一次机会
[03:14.22]I’d like to make it up to you. 我愿意补偿你
[03:16.63]Okay. 好吧
[03:18.67]You accept my apology then? 你接受我的道歉吗?
[03:21.00]Yeah. 是的
[03:23.78]Thanks, buddy9. 谢谢你
[03:27.26]All right. You’re starting the second half. 好,下半场你要上场
[03:29.15](Sam) Really? 真的吗?
[03:30.89]Yeah. 真的
[03:31.41]You’re not worried about losing the game? 你不怕失去胜利吗?
[03:33.08]No, I’m worried about losing you. 不,我怕我失去你
[03:35.45]I brought your uniform just in case. 我刚好带了你的队服
[03:38.30]So, go suit up. 好吧,快去换上
[03:39.45]All right. 好吗?
[03:40.56]Okay? 好的
[03:44.71]Good job. 干得好

  [03:45.48]Now, give me that jacket. 好了,外套给我
[03:45.97]Thanks. 谢谢
[03:48.60]Oh. It’s bad? 哦,它不好吗?
[03:49.48]Horrible. 太差劲了
[03:50.63]Okay. 那好吧
[03:51.74](Phil) Hey, guys. 嘿,大家听好
[03:53.00]Everyone take a seat, if you would. 愿意的话,请先坐下
[03:55.04]I have something important I’d like to tell you. Um... 我有很重要的事要说一下
[03:58.67](sighs) 我希望大家知道我做错了
[04:00.89]I just want you guys to know that I know that I blew it.
[04:03.93]I--l--l--I completely blew it. 我,我,我,我完全错了
[04:09.19]And we should’ve just been having fun all along 本来我们都应该很开心的
[04:11.45]and honestly, I don’t know what happened. 坦白说,我也不明白我怎么了
[04:15.08]And I owe you, I owe all of you an apology. 并且我欠你们 我欠你们所有人一个道歉
[04:16.97]I am very, very, 我非常,非常
[04:20.26]very, very sorry. 非常,非常的抱歉
[04:24.78]With a capital "S" and a capital "ORRY." 大写的“S” 和大写的“ORRY”
[04:30.15]You know what I mean. 你们明白我的意思
[04:32.15]You--You guys are great kids. You’re unique 你,你们是群很棒的孩子 非常出众
[04:33.71]with--with--with your own strengths and talents, 有着你们的力量和才干
[04:36.56]and I should’ve been promoting that. 我本应该发扬这些的
[04:39.93]Instead, I wasn’t, ’cause I’m a lousy coach 但我没有,因为我是个无能的教练
[04:41.34]and I didn’t teach you anything. 而且我没教到你们任何东西
[04:43.85](all) What? What are you talking about? 什么 你再说些什么
[04:44.30]That’s not true, Dad. 爸,不对
[04:46.74]He didn’t teach me anything. 他没教我们任何东西
[04:47.71]He’s a lousy coach. 他是很无能
[04:48.48](Byong Sun) He tried to kill me. 他曾试图吃了我
[04:50.85]He taught us exactly how not to play soccer. 我只教了我们如何踢得烂
[04:55.71]Actually, Sam’s right. 实际上,山姆说的对
[04:56.85]That’s exactly what I did. 那的确是我教给你们的
[05:00.00]We just need to take the field 我们只要上场去
[05:00.78]and you guys just do e-e-exactly 然后你们只需要做


1 respectable vWExb     
  • She seems respectable enough.她看上去挺体面的。
  • His savings were just enough to pay for a respectable funeral.他的存款刚好够办一个体面的葬礼。
2 buck ESky8     
  • The boy bent curiously to the skeleton of the buck.这个男孩好奇地弯下身去看鹿的骸骨。
  • The female deer attracts the buck with high-pitched sounds.雌鹿以尖声吸引雄鹿。
3 offense HIvxd     
  • I hope you will not take any offense at my words. 对我讲的话请别见怪。
  • His words gave great offense to everybody present.他的发言冲犯了在场的所有人。
4 defense AxbxB     
  • The accused has the right to defense.被告人有权获得辩护。
  • The war has impacted the area with military and defense workers.战争使那个地区挤满了军队和防御工程人员。
5 convince MZ1yL     
  • It requires a lot of talking to convince him.要说服他很费口舌。
  • I have given over trying to convince him.我已经不再试图说服他了。
6 frustration 4hTxj     
  • He had to fight back tears of frustration.他不得不强忍住失意的泪水。
  • He beat his hands on the steering wheel in frustration.他沮丧地用手打了几下方向盘。
7 screw sD1zb     
  • Let's screw the two pipes together end to end.咱们把这两根管子接起来拧紧。
  • Can you screw up this handle for me?你能帮我把这个把手拧紧吗?
8 screwed screwed     
adj.用螺丝拧紧的,螺丝状的,喝醉的v.用螺丝拧紧( screw的过去式和过去分词 );拧上去;(和某人)性交;诈骗(钱财等)
  • an extremely screwed-up kid 一个十分神经质的孩子
  • He screwed up his face at the nasty smell. 闻到这令人作呕的气味,他皱眉蹙额。 来自《简明英汉词典》
9 buddy 3xGz0E     
  • Calm down,buddy.What's the trouble?压压气,老兄。有什么麻烦吗?
  • Get out of my way,buddy!别挡道了,你这家伙!
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