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听电影学英语-足球老爹 17

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  [00:04.26]the opposite of everything I’ve taught you. 所有与我所教给你们相反的事
[00:04.67]Does that make sense? 这样说你们明白吗?
[00:06.52]What have l-- What have l told you to do? 我,我都跟你们说了什么?
[00:08.04]Always play the ltalians. 总是让意大利兄弟表演
[00:08.93]Okay. There you go. 好的,你明白
[00:12.08]we’ll get some fresh legs in there. 我们换上其他队员
[00:13.04]Gian Piero, Massimo, 吉安 皮埃罗,马西莫
[00:15.04]Give you guys a rest? 你们俩休息一下?
[00:15.97]Okay. Grazie. 太好了,感谢
[00:16.82]Rest? Yeah. 休息? 是的
[00:19.08]Thanks. 感谢
[00:19.74]Break people’s clavicles. 折断某人锁骨
[00:20.34]Wh-What else have I taught you? 我还叫你们什么了
[00:22.74]Tattoos are cool! 纹身很酷
[00:23.71]Chop block. 背后铲球
[00:26.60]Don’t remember that one. 忘记那个
[00:26.74]Coffee is the lifeblood 咖啡是生命的源泉
[00:29.00]that fuels the dreams of champions. 还可以达成冠军之梦
[00:29.78]Right. Hold on. 对,等一下
[00:38.15](all cheering)
[00:39.30]Whoo-hoo-hoo! 哇哈哈
[00:42.71](Mark) Way to go, Byong Sun! 干得好,孙伯洋
[00:46.19](all cheering)
[00:52.56]All right. What else? 好,还有什么
[00:52.85]The most important thing is winning. 最重要的就是胜利
[00:56.71]No. No, no, no, no. The most important thing 不,不,不,不 最重要的是
[00:57.89]is--is having fun and trying your best, all right? 尽你最大努力去踢并且开心,明白了吗?
[01:02.85]So, let’s get out there and do everything 好了,都上场然后去做
[01:03.89]the opposite of what I’ve taught you. 所有与我所教给你们相反的事
[01:06.89]Sound like a plan? 听起来像个计划了吗?
[01:09.41]Bring it in. Here we go. 好了,来吧
[01:10.67]Yes. 好的
[01:13.67](Phil) What are we gonna do? 我们要做些什么
[01:16.67](boys) Don’t listen to Phil! 不听菲尔的话
[01:17.56]Take the field. Here we go, guys. Have fun! 好了,上场吧,踢得开心
[01:20.71](Jim) Down by one, the Tigers have both Italians 落后一球 猛虎队却让意大利兄弟
[01:22.71]sitting on the bench? 坐板凳?
[01:25.45]Odd move by Coach Phil Weston. 菲尔 韦斯顿教练作了奇怪的决定
[01:28.71]Stop them, guys! 队员们,阻止他们
[01:30.89]Goal, and the Tiger goalie goes down hard! 球进了 同时猛虎的门将重重的倒下了
[01:34.00]Oh, my-- 哦,我的...
[01:35.52](Buck) That’s it. 好的
[01:36.63]That’s the intensity1 I’ve been looking for. That’s it. 那才是我所要看到的干劲 很好
[01:42.26]The Tiger goalie looks okay. 猛虎队的门将看起来没事了
[01:43.89]Hey, ref? Injury? Time out? 喂,裁判 受伤,暂停
[01:44.41]Coach Weston is taking no chances. 韦斯顿教练没有冒险
[01:47.41]Can I borrow your glasses? 我能借下你们的眼睛吗?
[01:50.04]Would you mind? Thank you. 你介意吗? 多谢
[01:50.19]I appreciate that. 感激
[01:52.56]You look like you need those. 你需要这个
[01:54.45]Thank you. Appreciate that. 谢谢 感谢
[01:55.45](Phil) You all right? 你没事吧?

  [01:56.97]Yeah, I’m all right. 没事了
[01:58.34]Just want to do a little vision2 test here. All right? 简单测一下视力,好吗
[02:01.56]Is that better or worse? 好是不好
[02:02.56]Worse. 不好
[02:04.22]Better or worse? 好是不好
[02:05.60]Worse. 不好
[02:07.22]Better or worse? 好点吗
[02:08.37]Better! 好了
[02:09.63]Okay. Put those on. Let’s go, guys. 好,戴起来 好,我们开始
[02:09.78]Okay. All right. Come on. 好的,好的 加油
[02:12.26]Thanks. 多谢了
[02:15.04]He’s okay. 他好了
[02:22.15](Jim) Play resumes3. 比赛继续
[02:22.78]The Gladiators still dominating4 the field. 勇士队依然掌握优势
[02:26.19]Wow. An amazing save by the Tiger goalie! 哇,漂亮的扑救
[02:29.56]Yes! That’s my baby! 好,我的宝贝
[02:31.08]He stopped that goal. 他阻止了那个进球
[02:36.11]Tigers with the ball. 猛虎队控球
[02:38.74]Mark! Mark! 马克,马克
[02:40.00]On the neck! 放到脖子上
[02:41.22]Yes! 好
[02:42.15]Mark Avery kicks the ball up, 马克 艾弗里把球踢了起来
[02:43.78]catches it on the back of his neck. 放到了他的脖子上
[02:47.26]Yes. 对
[02:48.85]The rest of the Tigers are forming some kind of wedge5. 其余的队员正在组成楔型
[02:50.89]Break through. Win the ball back! 上啊,把球抢回来!
[02:51.41]Knock those clowns down. 撞倒那群傻子
[02:55.45]Mark Avery leads the league 马克·艾弗里带队
[02:58.67]in the least amount of time played. 只剩下一点点时间了
[03:00.19]Hey, keeper. 喂,门将
[03:07.71]Ew! 咦
[03:15.37](gags) 安布罗斯漂亮的一脚吊射
[03:17.85]Ambrose with a powerhouse kick!
[03:22.04](referee whistling) 好棒
[03:25.78](boys cheering)
[03:29.52]Yes! 太棒了
[03:29.82]Hunter, I’d give you a kiss but you just ate a worm. 亨特,真想亲你一口 但你刚吃了条虫
[03:35.04]Yeah! Can you smell it? 你闻到了吗
[03:35.82]Yeah! All right, Mark! 太棒了,马克
[03:36.70]I love you, Dad! 爸,我爱你
[03:36.93]It’s the smell of victory, baby! 宝贝,那是胜利的香味
[03:38.74]See if you love me at the end of the game. 看看到比赛最后 你还爱不爱我
[03:43.19]Let’s go, guys. Stay focused. 加油啊,集中精力
[03:44.82]Every time you say something back to me, 每次你回应我点什么
[03:44.89]it makes me love you more! 我就更加觉得爱你
[03:49.22]I can’t-- I can’t believe this. 我无,我无法相信
[03:55.11](Jim) Hunter is tearing down the field! 亨特正带球推进
[03:57.89]And he kicks the ball to Jack6. 他把球传给了杰克
[04:00.93]Get over there! Go, Hunter! 快过去,亨特
[04:03.41]Jack takes the ball into the corner. 杰克把球带到底角
[04:10.04]Whoa! It’s a little bit high. 哇,好像高了点
[04:11.82]Wait a second, what’s going on? 等等,看那
[04:13.71]It’s like they’re forming some sort of mega person. 看起来他们在组成一个巨人
[04:20.11]Did everyone see that? 你们都看见了吗?

[04:25.22]A header by Byong Sun from Ambrose’s shoulder for a goal. 孙伯洋坐在安布罗斯肩膀上 头球进门
[04:28.85]Way to go, Bing Bong! 好样的,“冰棒”
[04:30.15]That’s not legal. Is that legal, ref? 那犯规了 裁判,那没犯规吗?
[04:32.63]Great hustle7. Gian Piero and Massimo. 不错的创意 吉安 皮埃罗还有马西莫
[04:33.41]You’re back in. Okay. 换你们上 好
[04:36.15]But remember, share the ball. 但要记住 要注意配合
[04:36.56]Okay. Team. 好的,配合
[04:38.15]Right? Team. Yeah. Good. Good, good. 是的,配合 好的,好的
[04:39.30]Okay, guys. 好好干
[04:41.19](Jim) The Italians are back in. 意大利兄弟回来了
[04:42.08]And Massimo steals the ball. 马西莫断球成功
[04:49.48]Less than a minute left to play. 比赛剩下不到一分钟
[04:51.37]The Gladiators are completely out of sync here. 勇士队完全乱了套
[04:56.63]And the ball goes to Ambrose who fakes8. 安布罗斯接到球 晃了一下对手
[04:59.52]Watch it! It’s a trap! Stay with the ltalians! 那是陷阱,盯住意大利人


1 intensity 45Ixd     
  • I didn't realize the intensity of people's feelings on this issue.我没有意识到这一问题能引起群情激奋。
  • The strike is growing in intensity.罢工日益加剧。
2 vision yhLwc     
  • The wall cuts across our line of vision.那面墙挡住了我们的视线。
  • Much reading has impaired his vision.大量读书损害了他的视力。
3 resumes dec1970e2892e0258f2b933067b3b3ca     
n.摘要,概略,履历( resume的名词复数 )v.重新开始( resume的第三人称单数 );重新获得;重新占用;恢复
  • Later we received resumes of what she had said. 后来我们收到她讲话的摘要。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Night resumes her reign. 夜幕又降临了。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
4 dominating 13cc65165a048c8f7a1b7616e78ca70d     
adj.有领导作风的;统治的,独裁的v.控制( dominate的现在分词 );在…中占首要地位;在…中具有最重要(或明显)的特色;在…中拥有最重要的位置
  • He is dominating and active in manner. 他有领导作风而且能采取主动。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Gradually commodity production becomes the dominating form. 商品生产逐渐地成了统治的形式。 来自英汉非文学 - 家庭、私有制和国家的起源
5 wedge Xp5yV     
  • Put a wedge under the door so that it will stay open.在门下面插个楔,好让门开着。
  • The box won't wedge into such a narrow space.那盒无法塞进那么小的地方去。
6 jack 53Hxp     
  • I am looking for the headphone jack.我正在找寻头戴式耳机插孔。
  • He lifted the car with a jack to change the flat tyre.他用千斤顶把车顶起来换下瘪轮胎。
7 hustle McSzv     
  • It seems that he enjoys the hustle and bustle of life in the big city.看起来他似乎很喜欢大城市的热闹繁忙的生活。
  • I had to hustle through the crowded street.我不得不挤过拥挤的街道。
8 fakes aeb1ab9d1678e3266141d94417cdacdb     
骗子( fake的名词复数 ); 赝品
  • The experts discovered several fakes in the art collection. 专家们在这批艺术收藏品中发现了几件赝品。
  • Fakes do exist, and now we are coming across them. 冒充的事,实际上是有的,现在就碰到了。
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