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听电影学英语-战争之王 04

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  [00:03.58]英镑...这些才是最好的 ...drachmas, rubles, rupees, and pounds-fucking-sterling.
[00:07.32]当然,美国陆军也插了一脚 Of course, the U.S. Army got a piece of the action.
[00:10.35]80年代陆军薪资很低,即使现在也一样 Army salaries were no better then than they are today.
[00:13.95]而其中有些军官 And some of the brass1,
[00:14.92]像陆军的撒登中校 like Lieutenant2 Colonel Southern...
[00:16.92]需要钱来进行他私人的战争 needed to raise money for their own private wars.
[00:19.82]很高兴认识你 Good to make your acquaintance.
[00:22.12]维(塔利),这点钱算个屁 This is bullshit money,
[00:24.28]还不够塞牙缝 This is small-fucking-potatoes.
[00:26.52]啥?你想做“正当”的生意? What do you want to do, go more legit?
[00:28.02]不,是更加“不合法” No, more illegal.
[00:30.45]我现在只想要 What I would give right now
[00:31.55]一盘卷心菜和马铃薯 for cabbage and potatoes.
[01:00.98]这不关我们的事 It’s not our fight.
[01:03.32]维,快吧! Vit, come on!
[01:06.22]咱们走,快 Let’s go. Come on.
[01:19.38]卖枪就像卖吸尘器一样 Selling guns is like selling vacuum cleaners.
[01:22.08]打电话 You make calls,
[01:22.95]谈价钱 pound the pavement,
[01:23.92]处理订单 take orders.
[01:24.95]我是什么都做的死亡商人 I was an equal opportunity merchant of death.

[01:27.45]除了救世军(慈善组织)之外 不管什么军我都卖 I supplied every army but the Salvation3 Army.
[01:32.95]我把乌兹枪卖给穆斯林 I sold Israeli-made Uzis to Muslims.
[01:41.28]我把共产主义造的子弹 卖给法西斯主义 I sold communist-made bullets to fascists4.
[01:44.78]奥洛夫先生,希望你 不是打算要卖这个东西 I hope you’re not thinking of selling these, Mr. Orlov.
[01:47.05]是...个人用的 Personal use.
[01:48.58]个人用的? Personal use.
[01:49.58]这里有10万发子弹 There’s a hundred thousand bullets here.
[01:51.55]我比较喜欢打枪 I’m kind of trigger happy.
[01:53.48]喜欢打枪? Trigger happy?
[02:00.58]我还把军火运到阿富汗 I even shipped cargo5 to Afghanistan
[02:02.58]尽管他们在打我的苏联盟军 when they were still fighting my fellow Soviets6.
[02:05.58]我从来没卖给本·拉登 I never sold to Osama Bin7 Laden8.
[02:07.78]不是因为道德问题 Not on any moral grounds.
[02:09.25]而是那时他的支票总是跳票 Back then, he was always bouncing checks.
[02:21.58]80年代中期 By the mid-’80s...
[02:22.55]我的武器 my weapons were represented in eight...
[02:24.45]被用在世界前10名的战区中的8个 ...of the world’s top ten war zones.
[02:56.02]有双重身份的生活不是什么问题 There’s no problem leading a double life.
[02:58.15]但三重、四重身份 It’s the triple and quadruple lives
[02:59.75]最终才会出问题 that get you in the end.
[03:01.25]那时我带着法国、英国 Back then, I carried a... French, British, Israeli,
[03:04.08]以色列、和乌克兰的护照 and Ukrainian passport...
[03:05.42]还有美国的学生签证 ...and a student visa for the U.S.,
[03:07.22]但那是另一个故事啦 but... that’s another story.

  [03:09.18]我还有6个手提箱 I also packed six different briefcases9...
[03:11.45]用于不同的地区 ...depending on who I was that day
[03:13.38]和不同的身份 and the region of the world I was visiting.
[03:16.28](哥伦比亚,1989) North of Cartagena, Colombia - 1989
[03:20.71]如果没有我 Without operations like mine,
[03:22.48]有些国家 would be impossible for certain countries
[03:24.65]根本打不了一场像样的战争 to conduct a respectable war.
[03:27.35]虽然武器禁运有点儿不方便 I was able to navigate10 around those
[03:28.78]不过还难不倒我 inconvenient11 little arms embargoes13.
[03:31.71]世上一共有三种基本的军火交易 There are three basic types of arms deal.
[03:33.92]白色,合法的 White, being legal.
[03:35.05]黑色,违法的 Black, being illegal,
[03:36.55]还有我最中意的颜色...灰色 and my personal favorite color, gray.
[03:39.71]有时我把交易弄得太复杂 Sometimes I made the deal so convoluted14...
[03:42.05]就连我自己 it was hard for me to work out
[03:43.62]也搞不清楚 if they were on the level.
[03:45.08]为了避开执法人员 To keep authorities in the dark
[03:46.42]我通常使用暗语 I often spoke15 in code.
[03:48.38]妈妈是火箭发射器 Rocket launchers were "mothers."
[03:49.98]孩子是火箭 The rockets, "children."
[03:51.48]AK-47自动步枪是天使王 The AK-47 assault rifle was the "Angel King."
[03:55.38]我是尤里 嗯...是...拉伍... It’s Yuri... Yeah. Well, Raoul...
[04:00.62]拉伍,天使王明天会到 Raoul, the Angel King will arrive tomorrow.
[04:05.08]你也是,哈利路亚,呵呵 Hallelujah to you, too.
[04:07.32]如果我不出纰漏的话 The point is, if I’ve done my job right
[04:09.78]武器禁运法根本无法执行 an arms embargo12 should be practically impossible to enforce.
[04:14.52]什么? What?
[04:16.28]妈的,慢慢讲! Okay, just slow the fuck down.
[04:19.28]我不知道你在说什么 I can’t understand you.
[04:20.81]“走漏消息”是什么意思? Wha-What do you mean, tipped off?
[04:23.88]他们知道我们在哪儿? 他们在哪儿? They know where we are? Well, where are they?
[04:26.68]我还有多少时间? 不多了? Well, how long have I got? Not long?
[04:29.45]啥意思?妈的! What does that mean? Shit!
[04:31.42]要我甩掉他们吗? 用这种船? Do we try to lose them? On this?
[04:33.22]尤里,我们得避一避 Yuri, we have to get off this thing.
[04:34.81]不,谁也不准离开 No. No one’s going anywhere.
[04:36.42]减速,减到非常慢 给我争取点时间 Slow, dead slow. Buy me time.
[04:41.98]是,我是尤里 Yeah, it’s Yuri.
[04:43.32]把那个蠢旗摘下来! Get that fucking rag down!
[04:45.58]我需要另一个船名 I need another handle for this tub.
[04:47.42]和我们大小和吨位相当的 Something in our weight class.
[04:49.52]你,快下去 You! Over the side.
[04:50.81]我们要换名字了 We’re changing the name. Now!
[04:54.65]现在!当然要真的名字! Yes, it’s got to check out.

  [04:56.85]就我来说 The way I look at it,
[04:58.08]名字不重要 what’s in a name?
[04:59.68]有短一点的名字吗? Have you got a shorter name?


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15 spoke XryyC     
n.(车轮的)辐条;轮辐;破坏某人的计划;阻挠某人的行动 v.讲,谈(speak的过去式);说;演说;从某种观点来说
  • They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.他们的轮辐螺帽是从我们公司获得的。
  • The spokes of a wheel are the bars that connect the outer ring to the centre.辐条是轮子上连接外圈与中心的条棒。
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