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听电影学英语-战争之王 05

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  [00:01.05]我常更换船和飞机注册的名字 I’d often changed the registration1 of a ship or a plane...
[00:04.32]但从来没有这么急过 ...but never on such short notice.
[00:09.88]妈的,来得真快! Damn! They’re hauling.
[00:12.75]什么?KONO?怎么拼? What? Kono? How do you spell that?
[00:15.65]K-O-N-O,很好 K-O-N-O, okay, well, that’s good.
[00:17.55]KONO,K-O-N-O Kono, K-O-N-O.
[00:20.71]挂什么国旗?荷兰,好 What are we flying? Dutch? Got it.
[00:22.65]拿个荷兰国旗给我 Vit, get me a Dutch flag, will you?
[00:35.45]快,否则我把你扔到海里 Faster! Or I’ll send your ass2 in!
[00:38.61]- 尤里,找不到荷兰 - 啥!? Yuri, I don’t have Dutch! What?
[00:40.71]- 有比利时的 - 有屁用 I’ve got Belgian. What the fuck use is that?
[00:42.61]刚漆上的船名 He’s painting a name registered
[00:43.68]是在荷兰注册的 in the fucking Netherlands.
[00:46.85]我有个法国国旗 所以呢? I’ve got a French flag. So?
[00:49.22]横过来... Turn it sideways...
[00:51.38]就是荷兰 ...it’s Dutch.
[00:54.02]这就是为什么你是我弟弟 That’s why you’re my brother.
[01:18.22]好极了 All right, good!
[01:19.32]每个人都要装无辜样 Everybody look innocent now.
[01:30.55]俗话说,人人都有个价码 They say every man has his price.
[01:33.25]但不是每个人都能得到 But not every man gets it.

[01:35.02]国际警察杰克·瓦伦丁就无法被收买 Interpol Agent Jack3 Valentine couldn’t be bought.
[01:37.95]至少用钱买不到 At least, not with money.
[01:40.12]对杰克来说,荣誉才是他的价码 For Jack, glory was the prize.
[01:43.12]嗯...是柯诺号,不是克里斯多号 Yeah, it’s the Kono; it’s not the Kristol.
[01:45.98]柯诺,K-O-N-O Kono, K-O-N-O.
[01:48.38]这船没问题,长官 It’s clean, sir.
[01:49.88]没问题? It’s clean?
[01:51.25]可看起来不像 It sure doesn’t look clean.
[01:53.25]我要登船检查 I’m going to go aboard.
[01:54.85]发讯号让他们以为 克里斯多号在阿鲁巴岛南方 Phone in a sighting of the Kristol south of Aruba.
[02:05.02]即使当我遭遇称职的国际警察时 Even when I was up against an overzealous agent...
[02:07.61]我还是有很多方法来防止他们搜查 ...I had a number of methods for discouraging a search.
[02:11.15]我经常把装军火的箱子 I routinely mislabeled my arms shipments
[02:13.35]标示成“农用机械” "Farm Machinery4."
[02:14.98]我还将集装箱标识为有化学辐射 And I have yet to meet the lowly paid customs official...
[02:17.68]我还没见过哪个低薪的海关人员 ...who will open a container...
[02:18.92]会愿意打开“辐射废料”的箱子 ...marked "Radioactive Waste"
[02:20.92]来核对 to verify its contents.
[02:23.18]不过我最喜欢的技俩是一箱 But my personal favorite is the unique combination...
[02:25.48]在热带烈阳下晒了一星期的马铃薯 of week-old potatoes and tropical heat.
[02:43.68]真难闻 Smells.
[02:47.32]长官,克里斯多号在我们北方出现 Sir, Sighting of the Kristol, due north.
[02:50.95]最重要的是 Most importantly, I kept a number of intelligence people

  [02:53.51]我会收买一些情报人员 on the payroll5 to supply their colleagues
[02:55.55]以便适时地向同僚提供假情报 with counterintelligence.
[02:57.98]我们走 Let’s go.
[03:11.02]走私枪支的第二条守则是 The second rule of gunrunning is:
[03:12.95]每次都要确定能收到钱 Always ensure you have a foolproof way to get paid.
[03:16.22]最好是 Preferably in advance...
[03:17.88]事先付款至海外的帐户 ideally to an off-shore account.
[03:20.02]这就是为什么 我如此小心筛选客户的原因 That’s why I chose my customers so carefully.
[03:22.78]我喜欢军阀和独裁者 Say what you like about warlords and dictators...
[03:25.45]他们通常很讲义气 they tend to have a highly developed sense of order.
[03:28.18]总是准时付钱 They always pay their bills on time.
[03:30.51]这是什么? What is this?
[03:33.35]6公斤的纯海洛因 Six kilos of pure.
[03:35.88]我总不能把这个 I can’t hand this to my fucking bank
[03:37.75]存进曼哈顿的银行吧 teller6 at Chase Manhattan.
[03:40.15]听请楚咯,你这混蛋 你该感谢我才对 Listen, asshole, you should be thanking me.
[03:44.15]你查了今天市场的价格吗? Have you checked the street price today?
[03:46.75]上周在边界有一堆货被查扣 With the seizures7 at the border last week,
[03:50.15]现在价格涨了三成 it’s jumped thirty percent.
[03:52.25]呃...呃... Whoa... whoa-whoa!
[03:53.51]我是卖枪的,不是贩毒的 I sell guns. I don’t sell drugs.
[03:57.18]多样化能降低风险 Diversify8.
[03:58.38]我是有原则的 I’ve got standards.
[03:59.88]你不给钱,我就不玩了 You don’t pay, you don’t play.
[04:02.61]去你妈的 Fuck you!
[04:04.08]你想干嘛? 操你! What are you doing? Fuck you!
[04:06.15]操你! Fuck you!
[04:06.92]别操了 No, you don’t fuck him.
[04:08.61]总有解决办法 We can work something out.
[04:12.61]不要,维! No, Vit!
[04:14.02]成交!成交! We have a deal!
[04:18.28]走私枪支第一条也是最重要的守则是 The first and most important rule of gunrunning...
[04:21.58]别被自己买卖的商品打伤了 is never get shot with your own merchandise.
[04:25.35]你没事儿吧? Are you okay?
[04:27.71]我想是 I think so.
[04:29.68]我们现在该怎么办? So what do we do now?
[04:31.95]我们庆祝一下 Let’s celebrate.
[04:57.12]那个北哥伦比亚的游击份子说得没错 That narco guerilla had his facts right.
[04:59.65]美国边境的缉毒行动 After shipping it stateside, the return on that blow


1 registration ASKzO     
  • Marriage without registration is not recognized by law.法律不承认未登记的婚姻。
  • What's your registration number?你挂的是几号?
2 ass qvyzK     
  • He is not an ass as they make him.他不象大家猜想的那样笨。
  • An ass endures his burden but not more than his burden.驴能负重但不能超过它能力所负担的。
3 jack 53Hxp     
  • I am looking for the headphone jack.我正在找寻头戴式耳机插孔。
  • He lifted the car with a jack to change the flat tyre.他用千斤顶把车顶起来换下瘪轮胎。
4 machinery CAdxb     
  • Has the machinery been put up ready for the broadcast?广播器材安装完毕了吗?
  • Machinery ought to be well maintained all the time.机器应该随时注意维护。
5 payroll YmQzUB     
  • His yearly payroll is $1.2 million.他的年薪是120万美元。
  • I can't wait to get my payroll check.我真等不及拿到我的工资单了。
6 teller yggzeP     
  • The bank started her as a teller.银行起用她当出纳员。
  • The teller tried to remain aloof and calm.出纳员力图保持冷漠和镇静。
7 seizures d68658a6ccfd246a0e750fdc12689d94     
n.起获( seizure的名词复数 );没收;充公;起获的赃物
  • Seizures of illicit drugs have increased by 30% this year. 今年违禁药品的扣押增长了30%。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Other causes of unconsciousness predisposing to aspiration lung abscess are convulsive seizures. 造成吸入性肺脓肿昏迷的其他原因,有惊厥发作。 来自辞典例句
8 diversify m8gyt     
  • Our company is trying to diversify.我们公司正力图往多样化方面发展。
  • Hills and woods diversify the landscape.山陵和树木点缀景色。
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