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听电影学英语-战争之王 07

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  [00:01.01]至少原来是这么安排的 At least, that was the plan.
[00:02.81]摄影师被困在迈阿密了 I guess the photographer got stuck in Miami.
[00:05.45]说有飓风,但新闻上只字未提 Hurricane. Though there’s nothing on the news.
[00:08.78]这种事儿总是突如其来 Those things can come out of nowhere.
[00:12.71]拍照取消了 So... the job’s been cancelled,
[00:14.48]更麻烦的是 and wouldn’t you know it,
[00:15.31]星期二才有飞机去纽约 there’s no flight to New York until Tuesday.
[00:17.75]我明天走 You can hitch1 a ride with me if you like.
[00:19.08]如果你愿意,可以搭我的飞机 I’m leaving tomorrow.
[00:20.98]趁此,不如我替你照张像吧 Meanwhile, why don’t I take your picture?
[00:25.92]经验告诉我 In my experience,
[00:27.18]最成功的两人关系 some of the most successful relationships...
[00:28.85]都是从撒谎和欺骗开始的 are based on lies and deceit2.
[00:31.21]关系发展到最后也是撒谎和欺骗 Since that’s where they usually end up anyway...
[00:33.18]不如就这样开始吧 it’s a logical place to start.
[00:35.18]就那儿,别动 Right there. Hold it there.
[00:37.31]我的天啊! Oh, my God!
[00:42.41]为了让她相信我的财富 使我几乎破产 I nearly went broke trying to convince her I was anything but.
[00:47.38]我不信她 I knew Ava was not the kind of woman
[00:49.01]会被能搭一趟私人飞机所诱惑 to be seduced3 by a ride in a private jet
[00:50.95]除非飞机是我的 unless you owned the jet.
[00:53.31]是你的飞机吗? This is your plane?

[00:54.78]那是我的名字 That is my name.
[00:56.71]我当然在撒谎 Of course, I was lying.
[00:58.15]飞机是租的,还有车子 The plane was rented, like the car
[00:59.65]和身上的西装 and even the suit I was standing4 in
[01:01.85]起飞前我才贿赂机员 At the last minute,
[01:02.68]漆上我的名字 I’d bribed5 the crew for the paint job.
[01:04.98]还好降落前 Luckily, by the time we landed...
[01:07.11]她的眼睛没离开过我身上 Ava wasn’t looking anywhere but in my eyes.
[01:10.88]我居然浑然不知 I had no idea.
[01:13.85]真抱歉我没认出你 I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you.
[01:16.11]不用道歉啦 我穿各种衣服只是为了挣钱罢了 Don’t apologize. I put clothes on for a living.
[01:19.35]我倒希望你脱下来 A least you’re not taking them off.
[01:20.98]假如摄影师能来 I would be, if half the...
[01:21.98]那我就会脱了 ...photographers had their way.
[01:24.25]你呢? What about you?
[01:25.78]我做运输生意 I’m in transport.
[01:27.31]大部份是国际空运 International air freight6, mostly.
[01:29.58]生意很好吧 Business is good.
[01:32.71]你是哪儿人? Where’re you from?
[01:34.11]我生在乌克兰,在纽约布鲁克林长大 I was born in Ukraine, but I grew up in Brooklyn.
[01:36.41]不会吧! No.
[01:37.31]怎么了?你也是? What, you too?
[01:38.35](乌克兰)威廉堡 Williamsburg.
[01:43.85]那...敬飓风一杯 Here’s to a hurricane.

  [01:46.55]如果没它,我就不会认识你 Without it, I never would have met you.
[01:50.15]这可不是巧合,尤里 This is no accident, is it, Yuri?
[01:57.05]这是命运的安排 It feels like fate.
[01:59.75]我不信命运 I don’t believe in fate.
[02:02.85]那你信什么? What do you believe in?
[02:46.55]风景漂亮,还是你漂亮? Is that a view, or is that a view?
[02:48.45]是风景啦 That’s a view.
[03:01.11]谢谢...谢谢大家 Thank you. Thank you all.
[03:07.38]恭喜你 Congratulations.
[03:08.58]恭喜你 Congratulations.
[03:09.61]谢谢 Thanks.
[03:12.91]别忘了,儿子 Always remember, son...
[03:14.88]总是会有些东西是在你之上的 There is something above you.
[03:16.41]会的,爸爸 Sure, Dad.
[03:17.75]四万元的水晶吊灯嘛 A forty-thousand-dollar crystal chandelier.
[03:22.95]别拘束,随处转转 Make yourselves at home. Go!
[03:26.18]走啊! Go!
[03:41.48]对不起,你一定很难过 I’m sorry. Today must be tough.
[03:45.25]今天如果我的爸妈能来 It’d be nice to have a couple more guests
[03:46.85]那就好了 from my side of the family.
[03:49.21]他们现在一定在天上看着你 I’m sure they’re watching right now.
[03:51.25]谢谢 Thank you.
[03:53.81]但是你不信这些,尤里 But you don’t believe that, Yuri...
[03:55.91]还记得吗? ...remember?
[03:59.55]我了解你,尤里 I know you, Yuri.
[04:01.55]我知道你不像表面上那样风光 I know you’re not everything you seem.
[04:05.38]别担心,我不会问很多问题的 Don’t worry, I won’t ask a lot of questions.
[04:08.88]因为我不想听你撒谎 I don’t want to hear you lie.
[04:11.85]你常挺而走险 You take risks.
[04:13.95]答应我,别把全家赔上了 Just promise me you won’t risk us.
[04:19.38]这就是 That’s the trouble with falling in love
[04:20.95]爱上梦中情人的麻烦 with a dream girl.
[04:22.21]她们会突然成为现实 They have a habit of becoming real.
[04:29.85]见到维塔利,我从没这么高兴过 I’ve never been so glad to see Vitaly.
[04:32.88]你们真他娘的天生一对儿 You’re fucking beautiful!
[04:36.68]老哥 Brother...
[04:37.38]谢谢你给我 Brother, thank you so much...
[04:38.68]这么漂亮的嫂子 for giving me such a beautiful sister.
[04:41.68]出了戒毒所,他乐疯了 He was out of rehab, and out of his mind.
[04:44.41]跳舞,跳舞,跳舞! Dance! Dance! We have to dance!
[04:46.41]得好好庆祝婚礼! All right, all right It’s a wedding, a celebration
[04:48.38]敬尤里! To Yuri!
[04:49.01]有一次,他救了我一命 For once, he rescued me.
[04:51.75](纽约,12月25日,1991) New York - December 25, 1991
[04:54.98]我依旧超支度日 I was still living way beyond my means.
[04:57.05]房贷超高 以信用卡养信用卡 Mortgaged7 to the hilt, using one credit card to pay another.
[05:00.75]我以前宠惯了她 Anything to keep Ava in the style to


1 hitch UcGxu     
  • They had an eighty-mile journey and decided to hitch hike.他们要走80英里的路程,最后决定搭便车。
  • All the candidates are able to answer the questions without any hitch.所有报考者都能对答如流。
2 deceit 3n5zM     
  • The boy's deceit made his mother very unhappy.这小孩的欺骗行为使他母亲非常不愉快。
  • The trader was truthful and without deceit.这位商人很可信,童叟无欺。
3 seduced 559ac8e161447c7597bf961e7b14c15f     
诱奸( seduce的过去式和过去分词 ); 勾引; 诱使堕落; 使入迷
  • The promise of huge profits seduced him into parting with his money. 高额利润的许诺诱使他把钱出了手。
  • His doctrines have seduced many into error. 他的学说把许多人诱入歧途。
4 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他们坚决反对对法律做任何修改。
5 bribed 1382e59252debbc5bd32a2d1f691bd0f     
v.贿赂( bribe的过去式和过去分词 );向(某人)行贿,贿赂
  • They bribed him with costly presents. 他们用贵重的礼物贿赂他。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • He bribed himself onto the committee. 他暗通关节,钻营投机挤进了委员会。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
6 freight hiJxQ     
  • Tons of freight were flown into this airport every day.每天有许多吨货物被空运到这个机场。
  • There is ten yuan in the bill for freight.发票中包括运费十元。
7 mortgaged ac6bcf6c05b21322b32e106232ed7bed     
v.抵押( mortgage的过去式和过去分词 )
  • The house is mortgaged to the bank for twenty thousand dollars. 这房子以两万美元押给银行。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • His business is failing; he's mortgaged all his assets to try to save it. 他的企业在亏损,他抵押了所有资产企图挽救它。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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