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听电影学英语-战争之王 08

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  [00:02.38]现在只好拼命想办法 which she had thanks largely to me
[00:04.88]才能维持她以往的生活水平 become accustomed.
[00:06.05]艾娃 Ava
[00:07.35]艾娃,这太贵重了 Ava, this is too much.
[00:09.11]尤里很宠爱你的 Yuri likes to spoil you.
[00:10.65]突然间 Then suddenly,
[00:11.51]我所有的圣诞礼物都一起来了 all my Christmases came at once.
[00:13.45]尼奇,你会走啦!好孩子! Nicki, you did it! Good boy!
[00:16.78]这才像我孙子! That’s my grandson!
[00:18.55]尤里,快来看你儿子在干嘛 Yuri, don’t you want to see what your son is doing?
[00:20.85]说施比受更有福的人 Whoever said it’s better to give than receive...
[00:23.08]一定没收过 ...never got a Christmas present like the one I got...
[00:25.51]像1991年戈巴契夫给我这样的礼物 in 1991 from Mikhail Gorbachev.
[00:28.61]到底怎么啦? What the hell’s the matter?
[00:29.85]结束啦!结束啦! It’s over!
[00:31.68]什么结束啦? What’s over?
[00:32.45]妈的,冷战,苏联,邪恶帝国 The Cold-fucking-War! The Soviet-fucking Union
[00:34.81]他说结束了 The Evil fucking-Empire! Mikhail’s saying no mas.
[00:37.31]一切都结束了! He’s throwing in the towel.
[00:38.25]都完了! It’s over!
[00:43.35]你儿子会走路了 Your son is walking.
[00:44.91]真棒,甜心 That’s incredible, honey.
[00:52.05]起码他会给宗教自由 At least they’ll get religious freedom.

[00:54.78]希望如此 Let’s hope so.
[00:57.28]我想回去看看 I think I’ll go back for a visit.
[00:59.85]你和狄米奇叔叔还有连络吗? Do you stay in touch with Uncle Dmitri?
[01:05.75]我不是傻瓜,尤里 I’m not a fool, Yuri.
[01:09.45]我不信你回去,是要卖百事可乐 I don’t think you’re going to Odessa to sell Pepsi-Cola.
[01:16.68]这是你希望被后人纪念的方式吗? Is this how you want to be remembered?
[01:20.65]我根本不希望留名青史 I don’t want to be remembered at all.
[01:22.65]如果是那样,就表示我已经死了 I’m being remembered, it means I’m dead.
[01:26.58]圣诞快乐 Merry-fucking-Christmas!
[01:30.01]维塔利,这是谁? Who is this, Vitaly?
[01:31.85]我叫天使 I’m Angel.
[01:32.71]她真的是天使 Her name really is Angel.
[01:36.08]她真是 She’s a fairy.
[01:40.15]让我把她放在圣诞树顶 Let’s put her on top of the Christmas tree.
[01:43.01]来 Come on
[01:49.18]我爱你 I love you.
[01:50.65]来 Come on.
[01:51.58]我爱你们 I love you all.
[01:55.45]拿着 Take this.
[02:14.75]我要回乌克兰 I’m going back to Ukraine.
[02:20.25]我想念奥德萨 I miss Odessa.
[02:31.05]我想你 I miss you.
[02:32.25]我也想你 I miss you.
[02:36.48]小心啊,尤里 你卖的东西是可以杀人的 Be careful, Yuri. Those things you sell kill.
[02:41.91]你的心 Inside.
[02:45.81]你过度紧张了 You’re high.
[02:48.68]也许吧 That’s true.
[02:53.35]嗨,克里斯丁 Hello, Christian1.
[02:58.68](乌克兰,奥德萨,1992) Odessa, Ukraine - 1992
[03:02.61]冷战时期 During the Cold War, the Red Army stationed nearly
[03:05.01]因为是战略要地 one million troops in Ukraine...

  [03:06.71]红军在乌克兰屯兵百万 because of its strategic military importance.
[03:10.21]柏林围墙倒后 The day after The Wall came down...
[03:11.81]军人就领不到薪水了 the paychecks stopped coming.
[03:13.58]你的证件 Your papers.
[03:15.35]愤怒的士兵和满仓库的武器 There’s nothing better for an arms dealer2...
[03:17.01]对军火贩来说 combination of disgruntled soldiers
[03:19.01]真是美妙的组合 and warehouses3 full of weapons.
[03:21.95]欢迎 Welcome.
[03:24.58]我寄望狄米奇将军 I was hoping Major General Dmitri Volkoff
[03:26.88]会打开各处军事基地的 would open a lot of armory4 doors
[03:28.65]武器仓库 in a lot of military bases.
[03:30.78]首先,起码他是我家人 For a start, he was family.
[03:32.98]他是红军极力吹捧的英雄 He was a highly decorated hero of the Red Army,
[03:35.45]现在却弄得脸上无光 and he was almost permanently5 shit-faced
[03:38.18]我不能私下卖政府的资产给你 I can’t just sell you government property, Yuri.
[03:43.28]我得向上级汇报 I have to report.
[03:44.98]向谁汇报?莫斯科? Report to who? Moscow?
[03:50.08]上周开始 As of last week
[03:50.98]莫斯科已经在外国了 Moscow’s in a foreign country.
[03:52.88]新国旗,新领导 New flag, new boss.
[03:54.28]新领导还没产生呢 There is no new boss yet.
[03:56.28]他们正忙着争夺 They’re all too busy squabbling over
[03:58.15]黑海边的 who’s gonna get the presidential holiday home
[04:00.55]总统度假别墅 at the Black Sea.
[04:02.08]它真豪华 It’s beautiful.
[04:03.85]你所熟悉的领导已经不管事了 The ones who know don’t care any more
[04:05.51]那些管事的却什么也不知道 and the ones who care don’t know.
[04:11.75]让我看看你的库存 Show me your inventory6.
[04:24.58]东西方 Those 45 years of mutual7 hatred8
[04:26.71]45年来的敌对 between the East and the West...
[04:28.01]造就了历史上 had generated the highest weapons
[04:29.68]最强大的武器 buildup in history.
[04:31.48]苏联有从地狱弄来的枪 The Soviets9 had guns
[04:32.48]堆得比山高 coming out of the demon10 hole.
[04:34.15]现在却没有敌人 Huge stockpiles, and now no enemy.
[04:38.38]总共多少支枪? How many Kalashnikovs do you have?
[04:42.95]四万 Forty thousand.
[04:45.25]有四万? Is that a four?
[04:47.01]我觉得不到四万 It doesn’t look like a four to me.
[04:48.55]看起来只有一万 It’s more like a one.
[04:50.98]的确有四万 No, it’s a four.
[04:52.28]我们说多少就是多少 It’s whatever we say it is.
[04:53.68]谁也不知道有差 Because no one else will know the difference?
[04:58.85]一个营才有一万支枪 Ten thousand Kalashnikovs for a Your stocks are battalion11.


1 Christian KVByl     
  • They always addressed each other by their Christian name.他们总是以教名互相称呼。
  • His mother is a sincere Christian.他母亲是个虔诚的基督教徒。
2 dealer GyNxT     
  • The dealer spent hours bargaining for the painting.那个商人为购买那幅画花了几个小时讨价还价。
  • The dealer reduced the price for cash down.这家商店对付现金的人减价优惠。
3 warehouses 544959798565126142ca2820b4f56271     
仓库,货栈( warehouse的名词复数 )
  • The whisky was taken to bonded warehouses at Port Dundee. 威士忌酒已送到邓迪港的保稅仓库。
  • Row upon row of newly built warehouses line the waterfront. 江岸新建的仓库鳞次栉比。
4 armory RN0y2     
  • Nuclear weapons will play a less prominent part in NATO's armory in the future.核武器将来在北约的军械中会起较次要的作用。
  • Every March the Armory Show sets up shop in New York.每年三月,军械博览会都会在纽约设置展场。
5 permanently KluzuU     
  • The accident left him permanently scarred.那次事故给他留下了永久的伤疤。
  • The ship is now permanently moored on the Thames in London.该船现在永久地停泊在伦敦泰晤士河边。
6 inventory 04xx7     
  • Some stores inventory their stock once a week.有些商店每周清点存货一次。
  • We will need to call on our supplier to get more inventory.我们必须请供应商送来更多存货。
7 mutual eFOxC     
  • We must pull together for mutual interest.我们必须为相互的利益而通力合作。
  • Mutual interests tied us together.相互的利害关系把我们联系在一起。
8 hatred T5Gyg     
  • He looked at me with hatred in his eyes.他以憎恨的眼光望着我。
  • The old man was seized with burning hatred for the fascists.老人对法西斯主义者充满了仇恨。
9 soviets 95fd70e5832647dcf39beb061b21c75e     
  • A public challenge could provoke the Soviets to dig in. 公开挑战会促使苏联人一意孤行。
  • The Soviets proposed the withdrawal of American ballistic-missile submarines from forward bases. 苏联人建议把美国的弹道导弹潜艇从前沿基地撤走。
10 demon Wmdyj     
  • The demon of greed ruined the miser's happiness.贪得无厌的恶习毁掉了那个守财奴的幸福。
  • He has been possessed by the demon of disease for years.他多年来病魔缠身。
11 battalion hu0zN     
  • The town was garrisoned by a battalion.该镇由一营士兵驻守。
  • At the end of the drill parade,the battalion fell out.操练之后,队伍解散了。
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