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VOA双语新闻 Security Specialists Seek to Make Internet Sa

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Since the Internet emerged a decade ago as a free and accessible global communications network, there have been countless1 assaults by malicious2 computer viruses and numerous attempts by saboteurs to crash the system. The Internet has survived them all. But the future security of the Internet is uncertain.


Most of the hundreds of millions of regular Internet users have become so accustomed to e-mail, quick information and software sharing that they might take for granted the technical wonder of "the Net". But not Jonathan Zittrain. Zittrain is professor of Internet Governance and Regulation at Oxford3 University, and co-founder of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School. He says he is continually impressed by the open-endedness of the Internet.


"It is, to me, astounding," he says "to find ourselves with this collective instrumentality where one person or a handful of people, somewhere in the world, maybe for fun or maybe for money, maybe because they want fame, can write some interesting new software that does something new, make it available over the internet, and if it turns out to be popular, before they even know it, tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of people could be running the software in a matter of days."


The problem is that the code in which apparently4 desirable software is written can also contain malicious instructions. These types of code are called viruses. They might be designed, for example, to erase5 the memory on a personal computer's hard drive, and then to replicate6 themselves across the Internet and infect thousands or millions of other computers and servers.


Most viruses so far have ranged from the slightly annoying to the moderately destructive. But Zittrain says it seems only a matter of time before a determined7 group of programmers will create a virus capable of bringing down hospitals, businesses, governments and other vital institutions throughout the world, and even bring the Internet itself to a halt.


In his book The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It, Zittrain warns of a possible "cyber 9/11," referring to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States. Such an attack, he fears, might prompt governments to curb8 the accessibility and openness of today's Internet, a move that would undermine, the creativity - what he calls the "generativity" - of the network.


"That's why I believe we have to come up with a way to deal with the problem of bad code and bad actors, so as not to put the consumer in the uncomfortable position of having to choose between 'generative but unstable9' or 'not generative but reliable.'"


As an alternative, Zittrain recommends that the operational architecture of personal and business computers be divided into "green zones" and "red zones."


Green zones would be specially-fortified operating systems and data storage environments that are very difficult to penetrate10 or change, which would therefore be more stable and secure. That's where a computer's spreadsheets, payroll11 and medical records and other sensitive data could be safely processed and stored.


"Red zones" would be the riskier12 computer environments, where Internet browsers13 and everyday computer programs would be stored. Zittrain says the green and red zones would be insulated from each other.


"And the idea would be that nothing that happens in red mode can corrupt14 what's in the green mode of the machine." He acknowledges that these are novel architectures "but they might offer some path forward."


But others, like David Isenberg, a professor at the Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet and Society and the author of The Rise of the Stupid Network, worry that dividing computers into red and green zones could prevent new software being freely developed, shared and widely tested by the general online community.

但是有些人担心,红区和绿区的想法可能会阻碍网络的创造性, 因为这种创造性依赖于新的软件被整个网上世界自由地开发、分享和测试。在哈佛大学法学院伯克曼因特网和社会中心任教的艾森伯格是《愚蠢网络的兴起》一书的作者。

"The problem is the people in the red zone are very different than the people in the green zone," he says. "The edgy15 'internauts' who are out there exploring what might be illegal or dangerous might actually not provide a good market test for Mr. and Mrs. Generic16 Vanilla17 internet user."


One very controversial idea for preventing a "cyber 9/11" would be to establish licensing18 requirements for the computer industry. The people who want to write code and sell software would need to be licensed19, just like doctors, lawyers and other professionals, by a federal or state regulatory agency. Private software companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Sun would make operating systems that only run pre-approved software.


But Isenberg believes the best strategy for preventing future virus attacks and Internet sabotage20 is not to tighten21 the screws but to encourage more diversity in the computer world. He points to the fact that computer viruses are designed to attack specific operating systems. More than 90 percent of the world's personal computers use the same, relatively22 vulnerable operating system, Microsoft's Windows.


"I have nothing against Microsoft," he explains, "but I would also like to see more Macintosh systems, more Linux systems and maybe two or three other kinds of operating systems as well. That's the strongest, surest defense23 against having one virus wiping out all the Internet terminals."


However the line between openness and security on the Internet is drawn24, one thing is certain. As millions more people around the world discover the power and value of the Internet for commerce, entertainment and the exchange of knowledge, the specter of sabotage and the challenge of security will grow as well.

尽管如此,因特网的开放性和安全之间划下了一道界限,这一点是肯定的。随着世界各地的人们发现了因特网对商业、娱乐以及知识交流的巨大威力和价值,破坏的幽灵越来越可怕, 因特网安全也面临着更大的挑战。


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