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News & Reports 2011-08-21

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 Hello and Welcome to News and Reports on China Radio International.

In This Edition
Top Chinese leadership and visiting US vice1 President Joe Biden vow2 to work together for bilateral3 ties and a global recovery.
North Korea's top leader Kim Jong Il visit Russia and is scheduled to meet with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.
Egypt recalls its ambassador to Israel after the killings5 of three Egyptian security men along the Egypt-Israel border in the latest round of Palestinian-Israeli violence.
India's most prominent anticorruption crusader, Anna Hazare, begins a public hunger strike and mass protest to push for government reform.
Hot Issue Reports
Biden's Trip Received by China's Confidence and Commitment to US Economy
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is in China, trying to reassure8 Chinese leaders to maintain their confidence in the U.S. economy.
As Su Yi reports, China's top leadership has made clear that it is confident the U.S. economy will recover and reassured9 its willingness to work together with the Americans for a global recovery.
"To get straight to the point, Mr. President, President Obama asked me to come to Beijing to meet with you and others to reaffirm absolute total commitment to a strong and enduring, positive relationship with China."
Biden has reaffirmed Chinese president Hu Jintao that the Obama administration is fully10 committed to the two countries' bilateral ties.
Earlier he told his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, that Sino-American relations are crucial to global economic stability.
Xi has promised that China will avoid an economic hard landing.
"We will work for three elements-stable and relatively11 fast economic growth, economic restructuring, and management of inflation expectations. We have confidence and the capability12 to maintain stable and relatively fast growth of the national economy. China's economy will never see a so-called 'hard landing.'"
China's Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai said in a briefing after the meetings that the two sides had found common ground on how to implement13 a global economic recovery.
"Both (countries) said they would work to strengthen cooperation, work with other relevant countries in coordinating14 macroeconomic policy, and promote, strengthen, stabilize15, recover and develop the world economy through bilateral and multilateral talks, including the G20. China and the U.S. are willing to take the responsibilities required to fulfill16 this."
Biden's trip comes amid mounting tension between the two nations over the staggering U.S. debt.
China is the U.S. government's biggest foreign creditor17, holding 1 trillion dollars of U.S. debt.
Earlier this month, the United States suffered a historic credit downgrade by rating agency Standard & Poor's.
To reassure confidence, Chinese Premier18 Wen Jiabao gave Biden a ringing endorsement19 of the resilience of the U.S. economy.
"Although the United States is undergoing some economic hardship, I believe that it is able to overcome its difficulties and return to a robust20 track of development. The prosperity and stability of the United States is favorable for the whole world."
Biden's meetings with Chinese leaders have also underlined the issues around U.S. arms sales to Taiwan and the denuclearization talks on the Korean Peninsula.
This is Biden's first trip to East Asia as vice president. He will also visit Mongolia and Japan.
For CRI, I'm Su Yi.
North Korea Top Leader Visits Russia
North Korea's top leader Kim Jong Il is now on a visit to Russia during which he is scheduled to meet with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.
North Korea's state-run broadcaster KRT has confirmed the visit through a newsreader.
"Our leader Kim Jong-Il will pay a visit to Siberia and the Far Eastern region of the Russian Federation21 at the invitation of Dmitry Nikolaevich Medvedev, president of the Russian Federation. During the visit the top leaders of the two countries will have a meeting."
The country's official news agency KCNA says Kim's special train passed through Khasan, the border railway station of Russia in the morning of Aug. 20. It says the visit marks a historic occasion in boosting the friendship between the two countries.
Russian media earlier reported that the North Korean leader will travel to Ulan Ude, where he is expected to meet with Medvedev around mid-week.
Kim's visit comes one day after Russia sent its first batch22 of humanitarian23 aid to North Korea.
Russian Foreign Ministry24 said the deliveries of up to 50,000 tons of food will end in September, and Russia regards the humanitarian operation as "a contribution to the traditionally neighborly relations between people of the two countries".
Kim visited Russia twice in 2001 and 2002.
Taliban Attack on British Council Compound in Kabul Kills 12
Taliban militants25 have stormed the British Council office in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing4 at least 12 people and taking over the compound for hours.
A suicide car bomb destroyed the compound wall and a number of armed men forced their way inside.
The Afghan Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack that marked the anniversary of Afghanistan's independence.
The country gained independence from Britain on August 19, 1919 after three bloody26 wars.
British Prime Minister David Cameron condemns27 the attacks.
"This is a particularly vicious and cowardly attack, but it is an attack that hasn't succeeded. I spoke28 to our ambassador in Kabul this morning and he assured me that all of the British Council staff is safe and are now back at the British Embassy and the Embassy is safe, but obviously there has been a tragic29 loss of life of Afghan police and others."
Syria: 20 Killed in Fresh Protests; Syrians Reject Foreign Interventions31
In Syria, at least 20 people are reported killed and dozens injured in fresh protests following the international call for President Bashar al-Assad to step down.
Syrian state television says a limited number of protests erupted after Friday prayers in several areas, including southern Deraa province and central Homos city.
The official SANA news agency reports at least five people have been killed by armed groups.
The reports cannot be independently verified as foreign journalists are banned from heading to restive32 areas in the country.
Meanwhile, the European Union is expanding its sanctions against Syria by imposing33 an asset freeze and travel ban on 20 Syrian nationals.
The EU is also preparing new restrictive measures, including an embargo34 on the import of Syrian crude oil.
The new EU sanctions come following U.S.-led calls for Assad to step down.
But some Syrians say the president is capable of leading "reforms" in his country.
Political analyst35 Sharif Shehadeh is one of them.
"The Syrian president is legitimate36, and he obtained his legitimacy37 from the Syrian people; the Syrian people who believe that the Syrian president, Mr. Assad, is the person who is capable of leading the reforming operation."
Some people in Damascus are backing his view, saying the United States should keep out of Syrian affairs.
"Syrian people of all backgrounds and spectrums-pro-(Assad), opposition38 or even the independents-completely refuse any type of external intervention30 in Syrian internal affairs, especially the American intervention, which means the concept of intervention is refused in our internal affairs."
Human rights groups say about two-thousand people have been killed and thousands of others arrested in Syria since mid-March.
Egypt Recalls Envoy39 to Israel Following Killing of Security Men
Egypt has decided40 to recall the country's diplomatic envoy to Israel after the killings of three Egyptian security men along the Egypt-Israel border in the latest round of Palestinian-Israeli violence.
The Egyptian government has also summoned the Israeli ambassador in Cairo to protest the killings.
Palestinian militants launched a series attacks in South Israel on Thursday, killing eight people. Israeli forces then chased down the attackers and killed at least six of them.
The gunmen who targeted Israeli vehicles on Thursday are believed to have crossed into southern Israel through the Egyptian desert.
The Egyptian security men were caught in the crossfire41 and might have been mistakenly killed by Israeli forces as Palestinian militants who were reportedly in Egyptian security uniforms when they launched the attacks.
Egyptians have held a protest outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo.
"This is an extreme humiliation42 to Egypt, and we reject this humiliation (from Israel). We have and always had called for our demand to end the peace treaty with Israel."
Following Thursday's conflict, Israel repeatedly bombed targets in the Gaza Strip, apparently43 in retaliation44 of the Palestinian attacks, killing 15 Palestinians so far, including militants and innocent civilians45.
Analysts46 say Thursday's attack signals a new danger for Israel from its border with the Sinai Peninsula, which was quiet under the rule of the former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak.
Indian Anti-corruption7 Campaigner Stages Hunger Strike
India's most prominent anticorruption crusader, Anna Hazare, has begun a public hunger strike and mass protest to push for government reform.
Hazare has been released from a New Delhi jail and was greeted by thousands of cheering supporters.
The white-clad, 73-year-old activist47 cloaked his demands for a tough anticorruption law in the halo of India's liberation hero Mohandas K. Gandhi.
"These traitors48 have looted the country. We will not tolerate it anymore."
Earlier in the week, Indian police briefly49 arrested Hazare after he declared his intention to hold a public hunger strike in defiance50 of their restrictions51 on the demonstration52.
He began his fast in jail and refused to leave when police tried to free him, demanding the right to hold a long public demonstration.
Hazare's standoff with authorities has galvanized the nation's anger at official corruption. Sympathy protests have been organized across the country in a show of support.
Hazare's protest is aimed at pushing the government to pass his version of a proposed bill to create a powerful ombudsman to police top officials.
Activists53 have criticized the current bill tabled in Parliament as too weak to be effective.
Government officials have criticized Hazare in turn, saying he was twisting time-honored protest tactics to subvert54 the legislative55 process and force elected officials to bow to his own agenda.
Norway Decides Killer56 Behring to Remain in Isolation57 for Another Four Weeks
Norway has ordered mass killer Anders Behring Breivik to remain in solitary58 confinement59 for the next four weeks despite his complaints.
Judge Hugo Abelseth made the announcement after a court hearing in Oslo.
"The Oslo court has decided to extend Breivik's isolation period by four weeks. The court has decided to extend it because police are worried he (Breivik) will tamper60 with police evidence, and the court agrees."
Breivik has admitted killing 77 people last month in a bomb attack in Oslo and a subsequent shooting spree on a nearby island.
Police have still not ruled out the possibility of accomplices61 to the crime and are keen to prevent Breivik from communicating with the outside world.
The 32-year old Breivik described his isolation as boring and monotonous62, and as a sadistic63 method of torture.
Under Norwegian rules, Breivik will likely remain in prison until he goes to trial in a year, but the conditions under which he is held may at some point be relaxed.
Spain Announces Further Austerity Measures
Spain has announced further austerity measures while unveiling a halving64 of sales tax on home purchases.
Spanish Economy Minister Elena Salgado says Spain seeks to strike a balance between cutting its national deficit65 and stimulating66 economic growth.
"We continue to work in both aspects-fiscal67 consolidation68 and structural69 reforms and in general everything that contributes to the creation of jobs in our country."
Under the new measure, sales tax for the purchase of newly constructed homes will be cut from 8 percent down to 4 percent in order to stimulate70 Spain's badly-hit construction sector71.
The temporary tax cut would last through till the end of the year.
The government will also increase corporate72 tax, which is aimed at bringing 2.5 billion euros in additional revenue in 2011.
Moves to cut drug costs for regional governments with a new bill on generic73 medicines will save 2.4 billion euros. A further 2.5 billion euros will be saved by front-loading tax payments from large businesses to 2013.
The government says the measures will make it easier for it to hit its deficit targets this year as it battles to avoid being dragged into a euro zone debt crisis.
Spain aims to cut its deficit to six percent of gross domestic product (GDP) this year.
The Spanish parliament has been recalled to vote next week on the measures, which are expected to win lawmakers' approval.
Severe Drought Hits Yunnan Province
A severe drought has hit more than 20 counties and cities in the central and eastern parts of southwest China's Yunnan Province.
The drought has affected74 nearly 6 million people in the province, about one-eighth of the total population.
More than 800,000 hectares of crops have been destroyed, among which 60,300 hectares have borne no harvest at all.
It's estimated that the province's direct economic losses in agriculture amount to 5 billion yuan.
Kong Chuizhu, Deputy Governor of Yunnan Province, says drought relief emergency plans have been carried out.
"We have raised more than 200 million yuan to combat the drought."
Since the flood season began in May, the province's accumulated rainfall has been 477 millimeters, 103 millimeters lower than the same period in the previous years.
During the main flood season of July and August, the accumulated rainfall has dropped to its lowest level since 1959.
Water reserves in some large reservoirs have dwindled75 to only a third of their total capacity.
Meanwhile, a continuous heat wave in Yuhuan County in east China's Zhejiang Province has withered76 670 hectares of local rice paddies and caused a total harvest failure in half the area.
Farmers say water in the fields have evaporated because of high temperatures, leaving a high density77 of salinity78 that has damaged crops.
New Unmanned Air Vehicles Unveiled in Moscow International Air Show
Several Russian aircraft production companies have unveiled new unmanned air vehicles during this year's Moscow International Air Show.
The JSC Vega Radio Engineering Corporation presented Lutch, Russia's first unmanned air vehicle or UAV.
Designed to carry out air strikes, Lutch can carry up to 170 kilograms of ammunition79 and weapons control systems.
With an 800-kilogram maximum take-off weight, the aircraft is able to fly at speeds of up to 270 kilometers per hour with an endurance of no less than 18 hours.
Seroezhko Aleksander Aleksanderovich, chief of Vega's UAV project, further elaborates on the plane's advantages.
"The advantage of this UAV is that it can perform a variety of assignments in a wide range, including scouting80 and attacking. Moreover, it can take off on a short runway."
Another Russian aircraft producer, the Zala Aero Group, also unveiled a new UAV, called the ZALA 421-16E during the air show.
Under development for the past 14 months, the ZALA 421-16E tactical UAV is a 2.8m flying-wing type aircraft with a pusher propeller81 configuration82.
It's also equipped with a color PAL6 camera utilizing83 HD quality resolution. The ZALA 421-16E will be used during the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi.
This year's Moscow International Air Show features Russia's state-of-the art planes.
Boeing, Airbus, and other international aircraft producers have also sent their latest products to be displayed at the event.
China Daily: Where Are Our Tax Cuts?
Workers who earn high year-end bonuses in China sometimes take home much less after paying taxes than those who earn slightly lower ones.
The current taxation84 system divides the total bonus amount by 12 to determine the tax rate according to the progressive tax scheme as well as a quick-calculation tax deduction85 number. That means some taxpayers86 whose monthly bonus is slightly higher than the thresholds pay much more tax than those who earn a few yuan less. As a result, many citizens have called for a larger quick-calculation tax deduction to solve the problem.
The public reacted positively87 when state media reported earlier this week that the Central Government was considering revising the tax calculation in the next few months. But their joy quickly turned into disappointment when the State Administration of Taxation said the news was just a rumor88.
A commentary in "China Daily" notes that Chinese taxpayers were angry when they found out the tax regulator did not intend to make even the slightest change, because they believe they deserve tax cuts in the face of rising living costs.
Analysts predict the country's inflation rate may hit more than 6 percent in the third quarter. Amid high inflationary pressure, the nation's lawmakers have raised the income tax threshold by 1,500 to 3,500 yuan.
The commentary also says the rapid growth of the Chinese government's revenues has given people a further reason for requesting tax cuts. In 2010, the country's fiscal revenues climbed more than 20 percent year-on-year. In the first seven months of this year, the government collected more than 30 percent more revenue than during the same period last year.
The commentary argues that it is time for the State Administration of Taxation to conduct an investigation89 to find out who started the rumor and explain why a seemingly reasonable change in the taxation calculation has been postponed90 time and again.


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42 humiliation Jd3zW     
  • He suffered the humiliation of being forced to ask for his cards.他蒙受了被迫要求辞职的羞辱。
  • He will wish to revenge his humiliation in last Season's Final.他会为在上个季度的决赛中所受的耻辱而报复的。
43 apparently tMmyQ     
  • An apparently blind alley leads suddenly into an open space.山穷水尽,豁然开朗。
  • He was apparently much surprised at the news.他对那个消息显然感到十分惊异。
44 retaliation PWwxD     
  • retaliation against UN workers 对联合国工作人员的报复
  • He never said a single word in retaliation. 他从未说过一句反击的话。 来自《简明英汉词典》
45 civilians 2a8bdc87d05da507ff4534c9c974b785     
平民,百姓( civilian的名词复数 ); 老百姓
  • the bloody massacre of innocent civilians 对无辜平民的血腥屠杀
  • At least 300 civilians are unaccounted for after the bombing raids. 遭轰炸袭击之后,至少有300名平民下落不明。
46 analysts 167ff30c5034ca70abe2d60a6e760448     
分析家,化验员( analyst的名词复数 )
  • City analysts forecast huge profits this year. 伦敦金融分析家预测今年的利润非常丰厚。
  • I was impressed by the high calibre of the researchers and analysts. 研究人员和分析人员的高素质给我留下了深刻印象。
47 activist gyAzO     
  • He's been a trade union activist for many years.多年来他一直是工会的积极分子。
  • He is a social activist in our factory.他是我厂的社会活动积极分子。
48 traitors 123f90461d74091a96637955d14a1401     
卖国贼( traitor的名词复数 ); 叛徒; 背叛者; 背信弃义的人
  • Traitors are held in infamy. 叛徒为人所不齿。
  • Traitors have always been treated with contempt. 叛徒永被人们唾弃。
49 briefly 9Styo     
  • I want to touch briefly on another aspect of the problem.我想简单地谈一下这个问题的另一方面。
  • He was kidnapped and briefly detained by a terrorist group.他被一个恐怖组织绑架并短暂拘禁。
50 defiance RmSzx     
  • He climbed the ladder in defiance of the warning.他无视警告爬上了那架梯子。
  • He slammed the door in a spirit of defiance.他以挑衅性的态度把门砰地一下关上。
51 restrictions 81e12dac658cfd4c590486dd6f7523cf     
约束( restriction的名词复数 ); 管制; 制约因素; 带限制性的条件(或规则)
  • I found the restrictions irksome. 我对那些限制感到很烦。
  • a snaggle of restrictions 杂乱无章的种种限制
52 demonstration 9waxo     
  • His new book is a demonstration of his patriotism.他写的新书是他的爱国精神的证明。
  • He gave a demonstration of the new technique then and there.他当场表演了这种新的操作方法。
53 activists 90fd83cc3f53a40df93866d9c91bcca4     
n.(政治活动的)积极分子,活动家( activist的名词复数 )
  • His research work was attacked by animal rights activists . 他的研究受到了动物权益维护者的抨击。
  • Party activists with lower middle class pedigrees are numerous. 党的激进分子中有很多出身于中产阶级下层。 来自《简明英汉词典》
54 subvert dHYzq     
  • The rebel army is attempting to subvert the government.反叛军队企图颠覆政府统治。
  • They tried to subvert our state and our Party. This is the crux of the matter.他们是要颠覆我们的国家,颠覆我们的党,这是问题的实质。
55 legislative K9hzG     
  • Congress is the legislative branch of the U.S. government.国会是美国政府的立法部门。
  • Today's hearing was just the first step in the legislative process.今天的听证会只是展开立法程序的第一步。
56 killer rpLziK     
  • Heart attacks have become Britain's No.1 killer disease.心脏病已成为英国的头号致命疾病。
  • The bulk of the evidence points to him as her killer.大量证据证明是他杀死她的。
57 isolation 7qMzTS     
  • The millionaire lived in complete isolation from the outside world.这位富翁过着与世隔绝的生活。
  • He retired and lived in relative isolation.他退休后,生活比较孤寂。
58 solitary 7FUyx     
  • I am rather fond of a solitary stroll in the country.我颇喜欢在乡间独自徜徉。
  • The castle rises in solitary splendour on the fringe of the desert.这座城堡巍然耸立在沙漠的边际,显得十分壮美。
59 confinement qpOze     
  • He spent eleven years in solitary confinement.他度过了11年的单独监禁。
  • The date for my wife's confinement was approaching closer and closer.妻子分娩的日子越来越近了。
60 tamper 7g3zom     
  • Do not tamper with other's business.不要干预别人的事。
  • They had strict orders not to tamper with the customs of the minorities.他们得到命令严禁干涉少数民族的风俗习惯。
61 accomplices d2d44186ab38e4c55857a53f3f536458     
从犯,帮凶,同谋( accomplice的名词复数 )
  • He was given away by one of his accomplices. 他被一个同伙出卖了。
  • The chief criminals shall be punished without fail, those who are accomplices under duress shall go unpunished and those who perform deeds of merIt'shall be rewarded. 首恶必办, 胁从不问,立功受奖。
62 monotonous FwQyJ     
  • She thought life in the small town was monotonous.她觉得小镇上的生活单调而乏味。
  • His articles are fixed in form and monotonous in content.他的文章千篇一律,一个调调儿。
63 sadistic HDxy0     
  • There was a sadistic streak in him.他有虐待狂的倾向。
  • The prisoners rioted against mistreatment by sadistic guards.囚犯因不堪忍受狱警施虐而发动了暴乱。
64 halving c6f26b86dcde43d12ca22a6b8a0bba9a     
n.对分,二等分,减半[航空、航海]等分v.把…分成两半( halve的现在分词 );把…减半;对分;平摊
  • You searched those halving your salary cut your enthusiasm. 你呈现,薪水减半降低了你的任务热情。 来自互联网
  • Halving the repeater spacing made it possible to quadruple the bandwidth. 把增音机间隔缩小一半,就能使带宽增加三倍。 来自互联网
65 deficit tmAzu     
  • The directors have reported a deficit of 2.5 million dollars.董事们报告赤字为250万美元。
  • We have a great deficit this year.我们今年有很大亏损。
66 stimulating ShBz7A     
  • shower gel containing plant extracts that have a stimulating effect on the skin 含有对皮肤有益的植物精华的沐浴凝胶
  • This is a drug for stimulating nerves. 这是一种兴奋剂。
67 fiscal agbzf     
  • The increase of taxation is an important fiscal policy.增税是一项重要的财政政策。
  • The government has two basic strategies of fiscal policy available.政府有两个可行的财政政策基本战略。
68 consolidation 4YuyW     
  • The denser population necessitates closer consolidation both for internal and external action. 住得日益稠密的居民,对内和对外都不得不更紧密地团结起来。 来自英汉非文学 - 家庭、私有制和国家的起源
  • The state ensures the consolidation and growth of the state economy. 国家保障国营经济的巩固和发展。 来自汉英非文学 - 中国宪法
69 structural itXw5     
  • The storm caused no structural damage.风暴没有造成建筑结构方面的破坏。
  • The North American continent is made up of three great structural entities.北美大陆是由三个构造单元组成的。
70 stimulate wuSwL     
  • Your encouragement will stimulate me to further efforts.你的鼓励会激发我进一步努力。
  • Success will stimulate the people for fresh efforts.成功能鼓舞人们去作新的努力。
71 sector yjczYn     
  • The export sector will aid the economic recovery. 出口产业将促进经济复苏。
  • The enemy have attacked the British sector.敌人已进攻英国防区。
72 corporate 7olzl     
  • This is our corporate responsibility.这是我们共同的责任。
  • His corporate's life will be as short as a rabbit's tail.他的公司的寿命是兔子尾巴长不了。
73 generic mgixr     
  • I usually buy generic clothes instead of name brands.我通常买普通的衣服,不买名牌。
  • The generic woman appears to have an extraordinary faculty for swallowing the individual.一般妇女在婚后似乎有特别突出的抑制个性的能力。
74 affected TzUzg0     
  • She showed an affected interest in our subject.她假装对我们的课题感到兴趣。
  • His manners are affected.他的态度不自然。
75 dwindled b4a0c814a8e67ec80c5f9a6cf7853aab     
v.逐渐变少或变小( dwindle的过去式和过去分词 )
  • Support for the party has dwindled away to nothing. 支持这个党派的人渐渐化为乌有。
  • His wealth dwindled to nothingness. 他的钱财化为乌有。 来自《简明英汉词典》
76 withered 342a99154d999c47f1fc69d900097df9     
adj. 枯萎的,干瘪的,(人身体的部分器官)因病萎缩的或未发育良好的 动词wither的过去式和过去分词形式
  • The grass had withered in the warm sun. 这些草在温暖的阳光下枯死了。
  • The leaves of this tree have become dry and withered. 这棵树下的叶子干枯了。
77 density rOdzZ     
  • The population density of that country is 685 per square mile.那个国家的人口密度为每平方英里685人。
  • The region has a very high population density.该地区的人口密度很高。
78 salinity uYvx9     
  • In the sea water sampled the salinity is two parts per thousand.在取样的海水中,盐度为千分之二。
  • In many sedimentary basins the salinity of the formation water increases with depth or compaction.在许多沉积盆地中,地层水的含盐量随深度或压实作用而增高。
79 ammunition GwVzz     
  • A few of the jeeps had run out of ammunition.几辆吉普车上的弹药已经用光了。
  • They have expended all their ammunition.他们把弹药用光。
80 scouting 8b7324e25eaaa6b714e9a16b4d65d5e8     
  • I have people scouting the hills already. 我已经让人搜过那些山了。
  • Perhaps also from the Gospel it passed into the tradition of scouting. 也许又从《福音书》传入守望的传统。 来自演讲部分
81 propeller tRVxe     
  • The propeller started to spin around.螺旋桨开始飞快地旋转起来。
  • A rope jammed the boat's propeller.一根绳子卡住了船的螺旋桨。
82 configuration nYpyb     
  • Geographers study the configuration of the mountains.地理学家研究山脉的地形轮廓。
  • Prices range from $119 to $199,depending on the particular configuration.价格因具体配置而异,从119美元至199美元不等。
83 utilizing fbe1505f632dff25652a1730952a6464     
v.利用,使用( utilize的现在分词 )
  • Utilizing an assembler to produce a machine-language program. 用汇编程序产生机器语言的过程。 来自辞典例句
  • The study and use of devices utilizing properties of materials near absolute zero in temperature. 对材料在接近绝对零度时的特性进行研究和利用的学科。 来自辞典例句
84 taxation tqVwP     
  • He made a number of simplifications in the taxation system.他在税制上作了一些简化。
  • The increase of taxation is an important fiscal policy.增税是一项重要的财政政策。
85 deduction 0xJx7     
  • No deduction in pay is made for absence due to illness.因病请假不扣工资。
  • His deduction led him to the correct conclusion.他的推断使他得出正确的结论。
86 taxpayers 8fa061caeafce8edc9456e95d19c84b4     
纳税人,纳税的机构( taxpayer的名词复数 )
  • Finance for education comes from taxpayers. 教育经费来自纳税人。
  • She was declaiming against the waste of the taxpayers' money. 她慷慨陈词猛烈抨击对纳税人金钱的浪费。
87 positively vPTxw     
  • She was positively glowing with happiness.她满脸幸福。
  • The weather was positively poisonous.这天气着实讨厌。
88 rumor qS0zZ     
  • The rumor has been traced back to a bad man.那谣言经追查是个坏人造的。
  • The rumor has taken air.谣言流传开了。
89 investigation MRKzq     
  • In an investigation,a new fact became known, which told against him.在调查中新发现了一件对他不利的事实。
  • He drew the conclusion by building on his own investigation.他根据自己的调查研究作出结论。
90 postponed 9dc016075e0da542aaa70e9f01bf4ab1     
vt.& vi.延期,缓办,(使)延迟vt.把…放在次要地位;[语]把…放在后面(或句尾)vi.(疟疾等)延缓发作(或复发)
  • The trial was postponed indefinitely. 审讯无限期延迟。
  • The game has already been postponed three times. 这场比赛已经三度延期了。
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