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Ballot Boxes BECome Divisive Issue Ahead of US Elections

There is a new divisive issue in the U.S. presidential election: the ballot drop box. The issue has taken on new urgency following cost-cutting measures at the U.S. Postal Service. The measures have slowed mail delivery nationwide. U.S. election offi...

分类: 2020年VOA慢速英语(八)月


Could Mumbai's Poor Areas BECome Resistant to COVID-19?

A recent study of the poorest areas in India's city of Mumbai found that more than half of the people have developed COVID-19 antibodies. It is a sign that some of India's most crowded settlements could be moving toward herd immunity. Herd immunity h...

分类: 2020年VOA慢速英语(八)月


The violence that has BECome increasingly common in Egypt

From VOA Learning English, welcome to AS IT IS! Hello, Im Steve Ember. Today Christopher Cruise reports on the violence that has BECome increasingly common in Egypt. Next - to the continuing fighting in Somalia, where United Nations observers say the...

分类: 2020年VOA慢速英语(五)月


2020年CRI Xiaomi BEComes market leader in India

As smartphone maker Xiaomi prepares for its initial public offering in Hong Kong, the company has now surpassed Samsung in the Indian market to BECome the market leader for smartphones in the country. At this mobile phone store in Mumbai, Xiaomi smar...

分类: 2020CRI中国国际广播电台


2020年CRI China strives to BECome innovation-driven country:

Chinese Science and Technology Minister says China will increase investment into basic science research and enhance international cooperation on technological innovation in efforts to BECome an innovation-driven country. Chinese Science and Technolog...

分类: 2020CRI中国国际广播电台


2019年CRI Meth BEComes the most abused drug in China,police

A new report says the number of drug addicts in China declined last year through a series of national campaigns to crackdown on drug trafficking. However, the same report notes authorities are facing more challenges in containing the import and sale...

分类: 2019CRI中国国际广播电台


2019年CRI Shanghai moves forward to BECome sci-tech innovati

Shanghai is marching ahead toward its goal of BEComing an internationally influential science and technology innovation center through cooperation with local companies and multinationals. U.S. tech giant Microsoft's new Artificial Intelligence (AI) a...

分类: 2019CRI中国国际广播电台


美国国家公共电台 NPR How To Like Jazz: Charlie Parker

SARAH MCCAMMON, HOST: This new year, how about some new music? (SOUNDBITE OF MONTAGE) ANDREA BOCELLI: (Singing in non-English language). TRAVIS SCOTT: (Rapping) Made this here with all the ice on in the booth. UNIDENTIFIED MUSICAL ARTIST: (Vocalizing...

分类: 2020年NPR美国国家公共电台1月


Baghdad Tunnel BEComes Art Space for Iraqi Protesters

A bright, colorful wall of art is making over a once dark, uninviting passage under Tahrir Square in Baghdad, Iraq. We want a nation, not a prison, is the message of one painting of a man breaking free from jail. Another reads, Plant a revolution, an...

分类: 2019年VOA慢速英语(十一)月


美国国家公共电台 NPR How Rick Perry BECame A Key Figu

NOEL KING, HOST: One of the key people involved in the impeachment inquiry is Rick Perry, the U.S. secretary of energy. It was Perry who urged President Trump to make that July phone call to Ukraine's president. In that call, Trump asked the Ukrainia...

分类: 2019年NPR美国国家公共电台10月


美国国家公共电台 NPR Save The .... McDonald's? One Fr

NOEL KING, HOST: In the French port city of Marseille, there is a fight going on to save a McDonald's. For France, McDonald's is often a symbol of everything that's despised about American fast food culture and globalization. But when a franchiser wa...

分类: 2019年NPR美国国家公共电台10月


VOA慢速英语--Saturn BEComes ‘Moon King’ with 20 New D

The planet Saturn is being recognized as the moon king of our solar system. Jupiter used to hold the record for most moons orbiting around it. It has 79. But scientists in the United States have announced the discovery of 20 new moons around Saturn....

分类: 2019年VOA慢速英语(十)月


Saturn BEComes ‘Moon King’ with 20 New Discoveries

The planet Saturn is being recognized as the moon king of our solar system. Jupiter used to hold the record for most moons orbiting around it. It has 79. But scientists in the United States have announced the discovery of 20 new moons around Saturn....

分类: 2019年VOA慢速英语(十)月


美国国家公共电台 NPR When Efforts To Eat 'Clean' BECo

STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: You know the common advice when it comes to your diet. Try for moderation, people say. You don't want too much of anything. It turns out that advice applies even to the way you think about your diet. An extreme focus on eating on...

分类: 2019年NPR美国国家公共电台10月


美国国家公共电台 NPR 'Don't Stop Believin" Goes On

(SOUNDBITE OF SONG, DON'T STOP BELIEVIN') JOURNEY: (Singing) Don't stop believin'. NOEL KING, HOST: You don't stop hearin' it. Journey debuted this song in 1981. It was a Top 40 hit back then, and Don't Stop Believin' has BECome even more popular ove...

分类: 2019年NPR美国国家公共电台9月


VOA慢速英语--'Apple-Polishers' Often BECome the 'Teacher'

Now, the VOA Learning English program Words and Their Stories. The fruit of apple trees is a popular food in many countries. Some word experts say that no other fruit is used in more English language expressions than the apple. For example, you can b...

分类: 2019年VOA慢速英语(九)月


美国国家公共电台 NPR Our Language Is Evolving, 'BECau

AUDIE CORNISH, HOST: The Internet has BECome a place where we spark and build relationships. We're all one LOL away from friends, family or a potential love match. And yet there is plenty of potential for miscommunication. Who among us hasn't wondere...

分类: 2019年NPR美国国家公共电台8月


美国国家公共电台 NPR When The Kids Grow Up, Motherhoo

LULU GARCIA-NAVARRO, HOST: Mothers of sons may know the feeling when their little boy isn't so little anymore and feels far away. That's what drives the new film Otherhood. Three longtime friends have sons who grew up together, moved to New York and,...

分类: 2019年NPR美国国家公共电台7月


美国国家公共电台 NPR D.C. Prosecutors, Once Dubious,

D.C. Prosecutors, Once Dubious, Are BEComing Believers In Restorative Justice STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: Let's come back to the United States now and note that anybody who spends much time watching television in America learns how the justice system works....

分类: 2019年NPR美国国家公共电台7月


美国国家公共电台 NPR Joy Harjo BEComes The First Nati

MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: The United States has a new poet laureate. She is Joy Harjo, the first Native American to hold the position. In making the announcement, Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden called Harjo a champion of the art of poetry whose, q...

分类: 2019年NPR美国国家公共电台6月