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VOA慢速英语2011--Education Group Gives $170 Million to 7 Countries

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Education Report - Education Group Gives $170 Million to 7 Countries


教育报道 - 全球教育合作组织向7个国家提供1.7亿美元资助

This is the VOA Special English Education Report.


A three-year effort in developing countries will seek to put twenty-five million children in school for the first time. Another goal of the Global Partnership1 for Education is to train six hundred thousand teachers.

一项发展中国家三年工作计划将寻求把2500万儿童送入学校。全球教育合作组织(Global Partnership for Education)的另一个目标是培训60万名教师。

The partnership recently awarded nearly one hundred seventy million dollars in grants to seven countries. These were the first grants since the organization changed its name a few months ago from the Fast Track Initiative. Fast Track was founded in two thousand two.

该合作组织最近向7个国家拨付了近1.7亿美元资助。这是该组织数月前更名后的第一笔资助,此前该组织名字为快行道倡议(Fast Track Initiative),创建于2002年。

Charles Tapp is an adviser2 to the partnership.

查尔斯.塔普(Charles Tapp)是该合作组织的一名顾问。

CHARLES TAPP: "There had been a lot of evolution of the old Fast Track Initiative, which was essentially3 something of a donors5 club, I think. And what was clear from our perspective [was] that we were not just a funding entity6. This was indeed a partnership."


The partnership includes almost fifty developing countries, as well as donors, civil society groups and teacher organizations. It also includes private companies, international development banks and United Nations agencies.


Members of the partnership's board of directors visit a school in Kigali, Rwanda

The latest grants were awarded to Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Moldova, Mongolia and Timor-Leste. Mr. Tapp says the grant to Afghanistan is worth almost fifty-six million dollars.

最新一笔资助被拨付给了阿富汗、科特迪瓦、几内亚比绍、马里、摩尔多瓦、蒙古和东帝汶。 塔普先生说,给阿富汗的资助价值近5600万美元。

CHARLES TAPP: "[The] Afghanistan government has made a very strong commitment of allocating7 as much of its own resources as it can for education. Historically, Afghanistan has had some very, very well-educated people. [They] tend to come from sort of the urban centers. But obviously given the recent troubles and problems in Afghanistan over the last twenty years or so, the quality of education has plummeted8."


Mr. Tapp says Ivory Coast received forty-one million dollars to help in its recovery from recent political violence.


CHARLES TAPP: "One of the key areas that we're actually providing support for under this program is actually looking to build and also repair classrooms, provision of textbooks. And another thing that we're looking at has been working with the government to try and get school feeding programs in place. You get a number of areas of Cote d'Ivoire with very, very poor nutritional9 standards."


More countries are now looking for help from the partnership.


CHARLES TAPP: "Unfortunately, given the current global financial climate and the fact that there are still sixty-seven million kids out of school around the world, demand for our financing seems to be increasing rather than decreasing."


But many donor4 countries are reducing their spending. So Mr. Tapp says the global partnership must show them that their money is being well-spent.


CHARLES TAPP: "I think the fundamental thing that is important to do is actually to be able to show people who are providing financing that their funds are achieving success. And it's very clear that in the Global Partnership partner countries that you're seeing more kids getting to school for longer and for a better education. "


And as education improves, he says, so does the health of a country.


The Global Partnership for Education plans to make more grants in twenty-twelve -- first in May or June and then in November.


And that's the VOA Special English Education Report. We have captioned10 videos of our reports and other programs at the VOA Learning English channel on YouTube. I'm June Simms.

Contributing: Joe De Capua


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  • The company has gone into partnership with Swiss Bank Corporation.这家公司已经和瑞士银行公司建立合作关系。
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  • Please advise other considerable hotels for this captioned group. 请推荐其它一些高级的旅馆给这一群打标语的人。
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