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195 八国首脑会议场外的示威者试图突破路障

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195  八国首脑会议场外的示威者试图突破路障

Activists1 to Try to Break Through Barriers at G-8 Summit
Roger Wilkison
Genoa, Italy
19 Jul 2001 20:10 UTC

World leaders will soon begin arriving in the Italian port city of Genoa for a three-day meeting of the seven largest industrialized democracies plus Russia. Activists opposed to globalization are 1)signaling they plan to break through steel 2)barriers that have been erected2 in a four-square-kilometer zone around the summit 3)venue3. 4)Sporadic marches on Thursday kicked off what organizers say will be a wave of demonstrations5 during the summit. Local authorities fear some protests could turn violent.
As thousands of police and other security personnel 5)patrolled the streets and squares of Genoa, one of the more 6)radical groups involved in the protest movement announced it intends to storm parts of the city center that have been 7)sealed off to everyone but 8)delegates to the summit, journalists, Italian authorities and local residents.
The Tute Bianche, or White Overalls6 group, has 9)vowed to scale or topple the steel and concrete barricades7 that block access into the so-called red zone near the 13th Century Ducal Palace, where the Group of Eight leaders begin their summit Friday. Luca Casarini, the head of Tute Bianche, told Italian television Thursday police will have to use violence to stop his people from "retaking the downtown area".
Genoa's inner city is 10)ringed by four-meter-high barriers that have blocked off dozens of narrow streets and 11)alleys. Police erected the barriers to prevent a repetition of the violence that marred9 a European Union summit in Gothenburg, Sweden last month.
Mr. Casarini has called on the security forces to disobey orders and let his people into the red zone so they can vent8 their anger at the G8 leaders, whom they accuse of oppressing workers and farmers and keeping Third World countries 12)mired in poverty. He says up to 10,000 activists will carry 13)Plexiglas shields Friday to break through the security barriers. On Tuesday, Mr. Casarini warned that thousands of protesters wearing gas masks and motorcycle helmets would storm the summit venue.
Italian authorities are not taking his threat lightly. As many as 20,000 police, 14)paramilitary troops and other uniformed personnel are preparing for the worst. But Mr. Casarini has promised that demonstrators will not carry weapons or break any windows.
Thousands of demonstrators are already in the city, and more continue to arrive. Many residents are staying home or have left town to avoid 15)clashes between police and demonstrators.
Meanwhile, on Thursday, opponents of Iran's government 16)staged a demonstration4 protesting public executions in that country. Signs carried by the demonstrators urged G8 leaders not to back President Mohammed Khatami, whom they called the smiling face of a 17)repressive 18)regime.
Later in the day, another demonstration protesting what marchers called a denial of rights by rich countries to immigrants from poor nations attracted thousands of people. But police say they are more concerned about mass demonstrations scheduled for Friday and Saturday in which most of the 800 or so groups united under the anti-globalization umbrella are expected to take part.

(1) signaling[ `sI^nLlIN ]n.打信号, 发信号
(2) barrier[5bArIE(r)]n.(阻碍通道的)障碍物, 栅栏, 屏障
(3) venue[5venjJ]n.地点, 会议地点, 比赛地点, 管辖地
(4) sporadic[spE5rAdIk]adj.零星的
(5) patrol[pE5trEJl]v.出巡, 巡逻n.巡逻
(6) radical[5rAdIk(E)l]adj.根本的, 激进的n.激进分子
(7) seal off v.把...封锁起来
(8) delegate[5delI^Et]n.代表vt.委派...为代表
(9) vow[vaJ]n.誓约v.宣誓, 立誓, 发誓
(10) ring[rIN]n.环, 环形物,拳击场vt.包围, 套住, 按铃, 敲钟vi.成环形,按铃
(11) alley[5AlI]n.小路, 巷, (花园里两边有树篱的)小径
(12) mire[5maIE(r)]n.泥潭v.陷入
(13) Plexiglas n.树脂玻璃(多用以制造飞机座舱罩、镜片等)
(14) paramilitary[pArE5mIlItErI; (?@) -terI]adj.准军事的, 辅助军事的
(15) clash[klAF]n.冲突, 撞击声, 抵触v.猛撞, 冲突
(16) stage[steIdV]n.舞台, 戏剧, 活动场所vt.上演, 筹备, 举行
(17) repressive[rI`presIv]adj.压抑的, 压制的
(18) regime[reI5Vi:m]n.政体, 政权, 政权制度



1 activists 90fd83cc3f53a40df93866d9c91bcca4     
n.(政治活动的)积极分子,活动家( activist的名词复数 )
  • His research work was attacked by animal rights activists . 他的研究受到了动物权益维护者的抨击。
  • Party activists with lower middle class pedigrees are numerous. 党的激进分子中有很多出身于中产阶级下层。 来自《简明英汉词典》
adj. 直立的,竖立的,笔直的 vt. 使 ... 直立,建立
  • A monument to him was erected in St Paul's Cathedral. 在圣保罗大教堂为他修了一座纪念碑。
  • A monument was erected to the memory of that great scientist. 树立了一块纪念碑纪念那位伟大的科学家。
3 venue ALkzr     
  • The hall provided a venue for weddings and other functions.大厅给婚礼和其他社会活动提供了场所。
  • The chosen venue caused great controversy among the people.人们就审判地点的问题产生了极大的争议。
4 demonstration 9waxo     
  • His new book is a demonstration of his patriotism.他写的新书是他的爱国精神的证明。
  • He gave a demonstration of the new technique then and there.他当场表演了这种新的操作方法。
5 demonstrations 0922be6a2a3be4bdbebd28c620ab8f2d     
证明( demonstration的名词复数 ); 表明; 表达; 游行示威
  • Lectures will be interspersed with practical demonstrations. 讲课中将不时插入实际示范。
  • The new military government has banned strikes and demonstrations. 新的军人政府禁止罢工和示威活动。
6 overalls 2mCz6w     
  • He is in overalls today.他今天穿的是工作裤。
  • He changed his overalls for a suit.他脱下工装裤,换上了一套西服。
7 barricades c0ae4401dbb9a95a57ddfb8b9765579f     
路障,障碍物( barricade的名词复数 )
  • The police stormed the barricades the demonstrators had put up. 警察冲破了示威者筑起的街垒。
  • Others died young, in prison or on the barricades. 另一些人年轻时就死在监牢里或街垒旁。
8 vent yiPwE     
  • He gave vent to his anger by swearing loudly.他高声咒骂以发泄他的愤怒。
  • When the vent became plugged,the engine would stop.当通风口被堵塞时,发动机就会停转。
9 marred 5fc2896f7cb5af68d251672a8d30b5b5     
adj. 被损毁, 污损的
  • The game was marred by the behaviour of drunken fans. 喝醉了的球迷行为不轨,把比赛给搅了。
  • Bad diction marred the effectiveness of his speech. 措词不当影响了他演说的效果。
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