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高级休闲英语Unit 7 Sports

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[00:00.00]Unit 7 Sports Task 1 At the Sports Shop
[00:03.60]第七单元  运动  作业1 在体育商店
[00:07.20]Wow! They have everyt- hing here. Look at all the different types of racquets they have.
[00:10.26]哇,这里什么都有。看看  他们这里所有不同类型  的球拍。
[00:13.32]Now don't get distracted1. We came here to buy badminton racquets,
[00:15.46]现在不要心烦意乱,我  们来这里买羽毛球拍,
[00:17.60]so don't wander off through the tennis and squash2 racquets.
[00:19.10]不要在网球和壁球球拍  中间徘徊。
[00:20.59]Oo ... these ones are nice, but they're so expensive -- ~80!
[00:23.78]这些不错,但是太贵了- 80!
[00:26.96]I didn't know you could get such expensive badminton racquets.
[00:29.48]我知道你不能买这么贵  的羽毛球拍。
[00:32.00]I think ~30 is about what we're looking for. What about these? ~28.50.
[00:35.44]我想30大概是我们想要  找的。这些如何?28.5.
[00:38.88]That's okay for us, isn't it?This one is too thick for me.
[00:40.93]那对我们还可以,不是  吗?这个太厚了。
[00:42.98]No, you want a smaller grip3. Here, this is a ladies' racquet. How does that feel?
[00:45.79]不是,你想要一个小  一点的把手。这里,这个  是女士的球拍,感觉如  何?
[00:48.60]Oh that's better. It's nice and light. So, shall we get these two?
[00:51.37]哦,这个比较好。又  漂亮又轻。我可以要  两支吗?
[00:54.14]Yes. Now, we need shuttlecocks to play with. Can you see them anywhere?
[00:56.93]可以,现在我们需要  羽毛球。你看见它们了  吗?
[00:59.72]Here they are. There are two types -- plastic
[01:01.72]它们在这里。这里有两种  类型-塑胶
[01:03.71]or the more traditional type with real feathers.
[01:05.21]还是更传统一些的羽毛  的。
[01:06.70]I think the ones with real feathers are better to play with, don't you?
[01:08.70]我想真羽毛的会更好用  一些,你认为呢?
[01:10.70]Yes, I do, but they're a bit more expensive. Oh, never mind, I think it's worth it.
[01:13.97]我同意,但是它们有点  贵。没关系,我认为它  物有所值。
[01:17.25]They'll last longer too. The plastic ones tend to get beaten up more easily.
[01:19.52]它们能用的持久。塑胶  的往往更容易坏。
[01:21.78]So, that's 12 pounds a carton. I suppose we'd better get two cartons , right?
[01:24.75]那是12磅一盒。我想  我们最好要两盒,对吗?
[01:27.72]Yes, I think so. Look at these tennis balls, they're so expensive!
[01:30.10]是的,我也这么认为。  看看这些网球,它们太  贵了
[01:32.47]Well, what do you expect? They're Prince -- it's an expensive make.
[01:35.17]你认为怎样?它们是  精品-昂贵的构造。
[01:37.87]Now I need a pair of good tennis shoes.
[01:39.31]现在我需要一双不错的  网球鞋。
[01:40.75]Ah, I saw them over there behind the golf clubs.Let's see what I can afford.
[01:43.60]我看见它们在那边,  高尔夫球棍的后面。  我们去看看我能负担  起的有什么。
[01:46.44]Well, certainly not Nike! How about these Reeboks?
[01:48.73]当然不是Nike  这些 Reeboks的如何?
[01:51.01]Mm ... they don't look strong enough for the way you throw yourself around the court.
[01:53.28]它们看起来不是很坚固,  如果你把它们扔在球场  上。
[01:55.55]What about Wilson? They always seem to last well.
[01:57.13]Wilson怎么样?它们总  能持久。
[01:58.72]Yeah, you're right-my last ones were Wilson and they lasted more than five years.
[02:01.27]你是对的-我上一双  也是Wilson,用了五年  多时间。
[02:03.83]I'll have to ask the assistant for my size. You're size nine, aren't you?
[02:06.31]我要问问店员我的号码。  你是九号,对吗?
[02:08.79]Yeah. Oh, you've found some. Great! They're reduced too, even better.
[02:11.35]是的。哦,你已经发现  了。太好了  它们也  简化了,更好。
[02:13.91]I'll have to try them on though.They look good on you.~45.
[02:16.75]我要试试。它们看起来  很适合你。45.
[02:19.59]That's okay then, I'll get these. Now, do we need anything else?
[02:22.64]我要这双。现在,我们  还需要其他的东西吗?
[02:25.68]Well, actually I'd like a new tennis dress.
[02:27.42]事实上我想要一条新的  网球裙子。
[02:29.17]I saw some nice ones over there, near the track4 suits. Mm ... track suits.
[02:31.83]我看到那边有一些不错  的,
[02:34.50]I could do with a new one.You'd better watch the money, Kevin. You can't buy everything.
[02:37.16]我可以买一个新的。你  最好看看价格,凯文。  你不能买任何东西了。
[02:39.82]No, you're right. So, what about these dresses, is that what you want?
[02:42.33]你是对的。这些裙子  如何呢,是你想要的吗?
[02:44.83]No, not really.I don't like the colours, they're a bit bright.
[02:46.75]不是。我不喜欢颜色,  它们有一点亮。
[02:48.68]I'd prefer white with a little bit of black, not red and yellow.
[02:50.66]我更喜欢白色带一点点  黑色的,不是红色和  黄色。
[02:52.64]Oh, and ~73 for a tennis dress is really too much.
[02:55.27]73买一条网球裙子真的  太贵了。
[02:57.89]No, I think I'll forget the tennis dress for the moment.
[02:59.51]我想我一会就忘记网球  裙子了。
[03:01.13]What about shorts instead? These look okay. They're only ~32 too.
[03:03.98]用短裤代替如何?这些  看起来不错。它们只用 32.
[03:06.82]No, I have enough tennis shorts. Let's just pay and get out of here.
[03:09.25]不了,我有足够的短裤。  我们快点付钱离开这里  吧。
[03:11.68]I'm afraid if we stay any longer, we'll buy everything.Wow, look at this football!
[03:14.25]我担心如果我们再待  下去,我们会买的更多。  看看这个足球
[03:16.83]It's signed by all the members of the Man- chester United5 Team.
[03:18.61]曼彻斯特队所有的队员  都在上面签名了。
[03:20.39]That must be quite valuable.Well, I presume6 that's why it's in a glass box.
[03:23.33]那肯定相当值钱。我想  那就是为什么它会在  玻璃框里。
[03:26.26]I don't suppose they want to sell it. Oh, I can see a dartboard there.
[03:28.65]我想它们不是想卖。  我看到那里有一个掷镖  的圆靶。
[03:31.05]Didn't your brother say he wanted a new set of darts7? Oh, that's right.
[03:33.76]你哥哥不是说想要一个  新的飞镖吗?没错。
[03:36.48]Mm ... they're all different weights, I don't know which ones he uses.
[03:39.24]它们有不同的重量,  我不知道他用哪种。
[03:41.99]Well, I'll just tell him we saw them here.
[03:43.65]我会告诉他我在这里  看到了。
[03:45.30]Oh, but he does need a knee bandage8 for football.
[03:48.29]He's had a lot of trouble with his knee recently. This one is ~7.50,
[03:50.79]最近,他的膝盖有很多  问题。这个是7.5,
[03:53.29]I think I could get that for him anyway. Right, let's head for the cash desk.
[03:56.23]我想我能给他买一个。  好的,我们去收款台吧。
[03:59.16]I think that's all we can afford today.
[03:58.66]我想这是我们今天可以  负担的全部。


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