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2006年NPR美国国家公共电台一月-Communicating Through Karaoke

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Karaoke’s made its way from Japanese bars all the way to little kids’ birthday parties and video games. For commentator1 Andrew Lam and his family, Karaoke’s become more than entertainment.

On the recent occasion of my uncle’s sixty years birthday, my clan2 gathered from all over the country to celebrate. Instead of gifts, however, he had an unusual birthday wish: every one was asked to sing a song on the karaoke.

What began as an amusing exercise in merriment turned quickly into something I can only now describe as our first and only session of family group therapy. When it comes to matters close to the heart, my family is notoriously inexpressive. We rarely ever communicate to one another what we really feel. Immigrants and refugees from Vietnam, we often digest our losses and sorrows differently and alone. My uncle, who was going through a painful divorce, had not been able to convey to the family his profound sadness. He was still in love with his wife, but she had had it with him. He masks this with jokes and once said , while drunk , Vietnamese men don’t cry outward, all tears flow inward back into the heart.

But what we could not talk about, we discovered that some of us could at least sing out aloud. Thus the cousin whose wife took off with their daughter and left him high and dry sang Delilah, with a heart-breaking voice. And we managed to tell him that we were sorry for his troubles by singing along with every refrain. "Why, why, why Delilah, my, my, my Delilah"

Another aunt, now in declining health, took the mike to sing the theme song of Doctor Zhivago, dedicating it to the rest of us. “God speed my love,” She sang gamely in a hoarse3 whisper, “till you are mine again.”

My uncle’s turn and he chose a Vietnamese song titled "Come with Me, I Will Always Love You". His voice was beautiful but halfway4 through, he choked. Another aunt had to sing the rest of the song while my uncle cried. His tears were flowing outward finally and in front of everyone. As I listened to my relatives sing, it occurred to me that words “when song are turned poetic” become somehow acceptable in an Asian immigrant society where love and resentment5 often flow subterraneously6.

And what song did I sing at my uncle’s birthday party? I sang a few, but the one I dedicated7 to my entire clan was Carole King’s "You’ve Got a Friend". You know the lyrics8: "when you are down and troubled, and you need our help and care, and nothing, nothing is going right. Close your eyes and think of me. And soon I will be there to brighten even your darkest night." It was how I felt and I just went with it. In front of the family, I too, sang my heart out.

"~~ I'll be there. Ain't it good to know that you've got a friend ~~"


clan 家庭
merriment 欢喜,嘻戏
have had it 受够了, 忍无可忍了
hoarse 嘶哑的
resentment 怨恨
subterraneous 地下的, 隐匿的


1 commentator JXOyu     
  • He is a good commentator because he can get across the game.他能简单地解说这场比赛,是个好的解说者。
  • The commentator made a big mistake during the live broadcast.在直播节目中评论员犯了个大错误。
2 clan Dq5zi     
  • She ranks as my junior in the clan.她的辈分比我小。
  • The Chinese Christians,therefore,practically excommunicate themselves from their own clan.所以,中国的基督徒简直是被逐出了自己的家族了。
3 hoarse 5dqzA     
  • He asked me a question in a hoarse voice.他用嘶哑的声音问了我一个问题。
  • He was too excited and roared himself hoarse.他过于激动,嗓子都喊哑了。
4 halfway Xrvzdq     
  • We had got only halfway when it began to get dark.走到半路,天就黑了。
  • In study the worst danger is give up halfway.在学习上,最忌讳的是有始无终。
5 resentment 4sgyv     
  • All her feelings of resentment just came pouring out.她一股脑儿倾吐出所有的怨恨。
  • She cherished a deep resentment under the rose towards her employer.她暗中对她的雇主怀恨在心。
6 subterraneously b0a9ab40fd9152389ea7ef3ffe841ea4     
7 dedicated duHzy2     
  • He dedicated his life to the cause of education.他献身于教育事业。
  • His whole energies are dedicated to improve the design.他的全部精力都放在改进这项设计上了。
8 lyrics ko5zoz     
  • music and lyrics by Rodgers and Hart 由罗杰斯和哈特作词作曲
  • The book contains lyrics and guitar tablatures for over 100 songs. 这本书有100多首歌的歌词和吉他奏法谱。
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