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2006年NPR美国国家公共电台四月-Large Sea Lion Population Threatens Fishi

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Renée Montagne: And here on the West Coast, the sea lion population has quadrupled since hunting stopped some 30 years ago. But fishermen are lobbying for a return of those days. Tom Banse explains.

Tom Banse: A clump1 of California sea lions is soaking up the fleeting2 sun on a floating dock in the Port of Gold Beach, Oregon. Their barking sounds almost like taunts4 in the fishing offices along the shore. A third generation river guide Sean Carpenter says sea lions have taken to stealing fish right off his customers' lines.

Sean Carpenter: There have been days where maybe a hundred fish were caught, hooked all day, and 25 landed, 75 go to the sea lions.

Tom Banse: Guides like Carpenter have gotten nasty emails and letters from clients who vow5 never to return. Maybe you would feel the same way if you paid $125 per person for a fruitless half-day fishing trip.

Sean Carpenter: People get very angry, and there's not a lot I can do. I mean, other than the paint ball, the banging around, trying to scare them, none of that works any more.

Tom Banse: So, Gold Beach is set to become the first West Coast community to hire its own civilian6 sea lion warden7, they'll patrol the bay this summer, going to the limit of what's legal to drive off the flippered fish fiends. Squirting them, making noise is ok, hurting them is not. Volunteers also plan to nail plywood barricades8 around favored sea lion haul outs. But Sean Carpenter figures the only long-term solution is resumed hunting.

Sean Carpenter: They are very ugly when they've got your fish in their mouth. But they are a beautiful animal and I don't know how people are going to react to hunting them. But that's what really needs to be done.

Tom Banse: Open season on California sea lions isn't as far-fetched as it would have been a few yeas ago. The animals have been highly protected since the early 1970's, at that time hunting had depressed9 their numbers to 1/4 or 1/5 of what we see today. Scientists have documented a tremendous recovery---the sea lion population seems to have rebounded10 all the way to its natural peak. That according to marine11 mammal specialist Brent Norberg of the Federal Fishery Service:

Brent Norberg: Now the population growth rate appears to be slowing or leveling off, which would give us an indication that it's reaching its balance point.

Tom Banse: Once these findings are published, states can apply to quote, "manage their sea lions". Columbia River Indian tribes are all for it, they want more aggressive control of sea lions that feast on week salmon12 runs and precious sturgeon. Oregon and Washington State have started a new offensive. This is human versus13 animal combat on the Columbia River. State Wild Life officers are firing salvos of fire cracker14 shells, rubber bullets and underwater charges to drive off a herd15 of about 100 sea lions. They're feasting below the first dam. The states bordering the big Western River are applying for federal permission to permanently16 remove the most voracious17 offenders18. Removal could entail19 capture and relocation or killing20, starting next year. But killing even a few of the charismatic sea lions is bound to stir passions in the animal rights community.

Tom Banse: For NPR news, I'm Tom Banse.

soak up (the sun/rays/sunshine etc): to sit outside for a long time enjoying the sun;吸收
floating dock: 浮动船坞
taunt3: a remark or joke intended to make someone angry or upset;辱骂, 嘲弄
haul out: a 'haul-out' is a place on land where sea lions congregate21. It's usually a massive rock formation.(From Laowai2006)
far-fetched: extremely unlikely to be true or to happen;牵强的, 不自然的
level off: to stop rising or falling and become steady;平整, 变平, 稳定
sturgeon: a large fish, from which caviar is obtained, or the meat of this fish;鲟鱼
voracious: having an extremely strong desire to do or have a lot of something;狼吞虎咽的, 贪婪的
charismatic: having charisma;神赐能力的, 超凡魅力的


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2 fleeting k7zyS     
  • The girls caught only a fleeting glimpse of the driver.女孩们只匆匆瞥了一眼司机。
  • Knowing the life fleeting,she set herself to enjoy if as best as she could.她知道这种日子转瞬即逝,于是让自已尽情地享受。
3 taunt nIJzj     
  • He became a taunt to his neighbours.他成了邻居们嘲讽的对象。
  • Why do the other children taunt him with having red hair?为什么别的小孩子讥笑他有红头发?
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嘲弄的言语,嘲笑,奚落( taunt的名词复数 )
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  • He had to endure the taunts of his successful rival. 他不得不忍受成功了的对手的讥笑。
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10 rebounded 7c3c38746f183ba5eac1521bcd358376     
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