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TED演讲 :世人不知的亚马逊人智慧(2)

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 He was rescued by a group of isolated1 Indians called the Mats's.  他被一群叫做Matsés的与世隔绝的印第安人救了下来。

They beckoned2 for him to follow them into the forest, which he did.  他们示意他跟随他们进入丛林,他照做了。
There, they took out palm leaf baskets. 在那里,他们拿出了棕榈树叶筐,
There, they took out these green monkey frogs a these are big suckers, they're like this a and they began licking them.  里面他们拿出了这种绿色的猴蛙,个头都是大家伙,有这么然后他们开始舔这种蛙。
It turns out, they're highly hallucinogenic.  这种蛙有高度的致幻作用。
McIntyre wrote about this and it was read by the editor of High Times magazine.  麦金太尔把这个写了出来,《鼎盛时期》杂志的编辑看了。
You see that ethnobotanists have friends in all sorts of strange cultures.  从中你可以看出民族植物学家在各种奇怪的圈子都有朋友。
This guy decided3 he would go down to the Amazon and give it a whirl, or give it a lick, and he did, and he wrote,  这名编辑决定自己去亚马逊爽一下,舔一下,他真这样做了,他写到,
My blood pressure went through the roof,  我的血压爆表了,
I lost full control of my bodily functions,  我对我的身体机能完全失去了控制。
I passed out in a heap,  我昏厥了,
I woke up in a hammock six hours later,felt like God for two days.  六个小时后我在一张吊床里醒来,两天内都觉得自己跟神仙似的。
An Italian chemist read this and said, I'm not really interested in the theological aspects of the green monkey frog.  一位意大利化学家读后说,我对这种绿猴蛙魔幻的一面没太大兴趣,
What's this about the change in blood pressure?  可这个血压变化是怎么回事?
Now, this is an Italian chemist who's working on a new treatment for high blood pressure  现在,这名意大利化学家正在研究新的治疗高血压的方法,
based on peptides in the skin of the green monkey frog,  用的就是绿猴蛙皮肤中的肽,
and other scientists are looking at a cure for drug-resistant Staph aureus.  而其他科学家也正在研究用这个肽来治疗耐药性的金黄色葡萄球菌。
How ironic4 if these isolated Indians and their magic frog prove to be one of the cures.  如果这些隔绝的印第安人和他们的魔蛙是答案的话,那该有多讽刺。
Here's an ayahuasca shaman in the northwest Amazon, in the middle of a yage ceremony.  这里是一位亚马逊西北部的死藤水萨满,在卡皮木仪式中。
I took him to Los Angeles to meet a foundation officer looking for support for monies to protect their culture.  我带他去洛杉矶见一位基金会工作人员,寻求资金来保护他们的文化。
This fellow looked at the medicine man, and he said,  这个工作人员看了看这位药师,说,
You didn't go to medical school, did you?  你没上过医学院吧?
The shaman said, No, I did not.  萨满回答,没有。
He said, Well, then what can you know about healing?  他说,那么,对治病你能懂什么?
The shaman looked at him and he said, You know what? If you have an infection, go to a doctor.  萨满看着他,说,你知道么?如果你有感染,那你去看医生。
But many human afflictions are diseases of the heart, the mind and the spirit.  但很多人类疾病是心灵,头脑,和灵魂的病。
Western medicine can't touch those. I cure them.  西医治不了。我能。
But all is not rosy5 in learning from nature about new medicines.  但是从自然中提炼新药物也并不是那么美好。
This is a viper6 from Brazil,the venom7 of which was studied at the Universidade de Sao Paulo here.  这是条巴西毒蛇,毒液经圣保罗大学研究,
It was later developed into ACE8 inhibitors.  后来发展成ACE抑制剂。
This is a frontline treatment for hypertension.  治疗高血压的尖端药物。
Hypertension causes over 10 percent of all deaths on the planet every day.  地球上人类每天超过10%的死亡是因为高血压。
This is a $4 billion industry based on venom from a Brazilian snake,  这是个价值40亿美元的行业,用的就是巴西蛇的毒液,
and the Brazilians did not get a nickel.  但巴西人却一分钱也没得到。
This is not an acceptable way of doing business.  这样的做法是不可接受的。
The rainforest has been called the greatest expression of life on Earth.  热带雨林被称作地球上最伟大的生态体系。
There's a saying in Suriname that I dearly love:  苏里南有一句谚语我很喜欢:
The rainforests hold answers to questions we have yet to ask.  热带雨林中有我们还未知晓的问题的答案。


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v.(用头或手的动作)示意,召唤( beckon的过去式和过去分词 )
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