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  It's the water that defines1 Sydney. It's a playground, a front yard, and a highway upon which thousands of Sydneysiders, as the locals are called, get to and from work. Ocean and harbor beaches help 1)fuel the unique Sydney spirit. The harbor's most recognizable feature is its 2)dramatic Opera House. Completed in 1963, it looks like 3)billowing sails to sun, although the architect had orange sections in mind. While Australia is almost as big as the continental2 U.S. with only 18 million people, it has just about one fifteenth the population. Sydney's four million residents, make it Australia's largest city by far. It's also the capital of New South Wales, one of Australia's eight states and territories.

Announcer 1: We can crossover now to Stadium Australia and pick up the opening ceremony which I gather is just begun 4 hours of entertainment awaiting us. As we pick it up, and the crowd there of 110,000 watching the 4)stockriders coming in, apparently3 120 men on horses, and I'mkeeping a close lookout4 for Paul Hogan, who's supposed to be one of them.

Announcer 2: We had had word that Paul might be one of these riders. Interesting the stadium holding a 110,000, it's the largest ever Olympic stadium. Los Angeles' held 101and Moscows held 100,000, but this one is the biggest.

Announcer 1: And I think we're going to get dizzy with all the facts and figures apparently. that cloth was gone over the stadium, because there's a playing surface under there, the largest single cloth of its kind ever designed. Actually I'm not going to go crazy on numbers and facts and figures, you'll get dizzy, and you'll probably get bored at home. The horsemen came out shouting out 5)G'Day G'Day, and here we are, we get it in the flag, G'Day.

Announcer 2: And that flag is a painting by Ken5 Done, a very famous Australian artist, who's had quite a bit to do with the Olympics.

6)Under Southern Skies

There is a peace in our hearts, and a hope in our hands

We're a family of children, we come from many different lands

Our time is just beginning, our race is yet to run,

But if you would take us with you, then we have already won

(Announcer 1: Well the costume designer has certainly out done himself in that representation6 of the five continents, with those 5 people backing up the little green girl.

Announcer 2: And singing out there the southern skies.)

Under the southern skies, together in this land

Every voice in celebration

A family hand in hand under the southernskies,

as one we rise

And turn our eyes to see

All the wonders of the future in a world of harmony

Announcer 1: And now the People's Republic of China, 276 representatives. It is that the basketball star carrying the flag, Li Yudong.

Announcer 2: And of course medal chances spread right through the programmes, from disciplines like taekwondo, table tennis, badminton, and of course the diving. I'm sure they'll be very competitive7 in the diving events.

Announcer 1: If I was going to put money on a gold medal winner, I would put it on Ge Fei, Gu Jun in the Women's Badminton, right, now it's just about the 100% past time medal tick.


    The first of the shooting gold medals was decided8 yesterday, and competition continued today, with the Women's 10 meter Air Pistol9 final. Shooters are often considered a 7)breed apart from other athletes. They bear some of the sports' most exemplary characters, like Sweden's legendary10 Oscar Swahn, who won the last of 6 Olympic medals back in 1920 at the grand age of 72. Four years ago at Atlanta, it was Russia gold and silver in the Women's Air Pistol. The SydneyGames though was to bring three different nations to the medal dayis. The gold medal was won by China's Luna Tao, shooting consistantly throughout the teams shot final.

We are close to commencing11 the final rotation12, first subdivision for the Women's qaulifying...shots...and...  above the floor. The silver medal went to Yugoslavia's Jasna Sekaric and bronze to Australia's Annemarie Forder. For Tao it was one better than her runner up performance at last year's world championships.

    Fu Mingxia picked up a record eqaulling fourth Olympic diving title in dramatic fashion on her final two dives. Fu came out of retirement13 last year, and achieved a total of 609.42 points, to beat 8)compatriot Guo Jingjing into second place. Doerte Lindner of Germany was a distant third.

    Mainland athletes also dominated14 in the diving pool, 9)springboard champion Xiong Ni teamed up with Xiao Hailing15 to take the men's 10)synchronized springboard title. They led from the first round, and built a gap of more than 35 points over the second place Russian pair of Dmitry Sautin and Alexander Dobroskok of the five dives. Xiong and Xiao's win came hoton the heels of compatriots. Li Na and Sang Xue who got China's gold medal winning spree of to a good start in the women's events. The world cup champions scored an equaling convincing victory, finishing more than 30 points ahead of Canada's silver medal winning pair of Anne Montminy and Emilie Heymans.


    China scored a triple16 success before lunch at the Sydney Olympics, particularly sweet was a controversial victory in the Woman's 20 Kilometer walk.

It was the first time the 20km walk had been contested by woman as an Olympics, replacing the 10 km event from previous games. It gave Wang Liping a chance to answer critics, who claimed, Chinese athletes would 11)lag behind in endurance17 events at the Sydney Olympics. However she needed a bit of luck in winning the event. It came at the expense of Jane Saville, who suffered a cruel end to her challenge. The Australian was leading on the approach to the stadium when she was disqualified from the event, after a third warning for running. That allowed Wang, the 24-year-old daughter of a factory worker in ShenYang, to stride18 unchallenged to the line and claim the gold in 1 hour 29 minutes and 5 seconds. Norway's Kjersti Plaetzer was second and Maria Vasco of Spain third.


































1) fuel  vt.支持,刺激 

2) dramatic a.激动人心的,惹人注目的

3) billow   vi. 波涛汹涌,如波浪一般飘动

4)  stockrider   n. 骑马的牧羊人或牧牛人,牛仔注释

5)  G'Day: Good day, 即”你好” 注释

6)  这首歌由澳大利亚小姑娘妮琦·韦伯斯特(Nikki Webster)演唱

7)  breed  n. (遗传)品种;种族,品种;种,族注释

8)       compatriot  n. 同胞,同国人        

9)       9) springboard  n. 跳板

10) synchronize  vt. 使在时间上一致,使同步

11) lag  vi. 落后,延迟



1 defines e5ce027803090c376e63626f7fc5c76b     
规定( define的第三人称单数 ); 使明确; 精确地解释; 画出…的线条
  • This name defines us all. 这个名字造就了我们。 来自演讲部分
  • The range of incomes over which this happens defines the 'poverty trap'. 发生在这种情况的收入范围,称为“贫困陷阱。”
2 continental Zazyk     
  • A continental climate is different from an insular one.大陆性气候不同于岛屿气候。
  • The most ancient parts of the continental crust are 4000 million years old.大陆地壳最古老的部分有40亿年历史。
3 apparently tMmyQ     
  • An apparently blind alley leads suddenly into an open space.山穷水尽,豁然开朗。
  • He was apparently much surprised at the news.他对那个消息显然感到十分惊异。
4 lookout w0sxT     
  • You can see everything around from the lookout.从了望台上你可以看清周围的一切。
  • It's a bad lookout for the company if interest rates don't come down.如果利率降不下来,公司的前景可就不妙了。
5 ken k3WxV     
  • Such things are beyond my ken.我可不懂这些事。
  • Abstract words are beyond the ken of children.抽象的言辞超出小孩所理解的范围.
6 representation uVFxV     
  • The painting is a representation of a storm at sea.这幅画描绘的是海上的暴风雨。
  • All parties won representation in the national assembly.所有政党在国民大会中都赢得了代表资格。
7 competitive yOkz5     
  • Some kinds of business are competitive.有些商业是要竞争的。
  • These businessmen are both competitive and honourable.这些商人既有竞争性又很诚实。
8 decided lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
9 pistol sNbxQ     
  • He drew his pistol and aimed at the enemy soldier.他拔出枪对准敌兵。
  • The escaped criminal fell at the sound of a pistol.手枪一响,逃犯应声倒下。
10 legendary u1Vxg     
  • Legendary stories are passed down from parents to children.传奇故事是由父母传给孩子们的。
  • Odysseus was a legendary Greek hero.奥狄修斯是传说中的希腊英雄。
11 commencing d6f4016eb6455d604f065085a248da43     
开始( commence的现在分词 )
  • Joan was very much against commencing drug treatment. 琼极力反对进行药物治疗。
  • Commencing in 1474, mathematical, astronomical and astrological works appeared in printed form. 从1474年起,数学、天文学和占星术的著作开始印刷出版了。
12 rotation LXmxE     
  • Crop rotation helps prevent soil erosion.农作物轮作有助于防止水土流失。
  • The workers in this workshop do day and night shifts in weekly rotation.这个车间的工人上白班和上夜班每周轮换一次。
13 retirement TWoxH     
  • She wanted to enjoy her retirement without being beset by financial worries.她想享受退休生活而不必为金钱担忧。
  • I have to put everything away for my retirement.我必须把一切都积蓄起来以便退休后用。
14 dominated 334b534a2e3ae8d7b66f1cbabd9888b2     
受控的 -tive
  • As a child he was dominated by his father. 他小时候由父亲主宰一切。
  • His personality dominated over the other members of the committee. 他的人格影响委员会的其他成员。
15 hailing 858a5800ac94fe94c988c05995a2830c     
下雹子( hail的现在分词 ); 如冰雹般地降下; 致敬; 打招呼
  • Many are hailing Rendell's ideas as visionary. 许多人都称赞伦德尔的想法很有远见。
  • 'Somebody hailing us,'said Hunter, who was on guard. “有人在叫我们。”站岗的亨特说。
16 triple Dp0yu     
  • Twelve is the triple of four.十二是四的三倍数。
  • He received triple wages for all his extra work.由于额外的工作他领取了三倍的工资。
17 endurance endurance     
  • She reached the end of endurance.她到了忍受的极限。
  • The exercise obviously will improve strength and endurance.这种锻炼会明显改善体力增加耐力。
18 stride 7hKyR     
  • In a big stride he came out of the room.他一个箭步出了房间。
  • The boy walked with a confident manly stride.这男孩以自信的男人步伐行走。
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