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Leon Botstein (Conductor): Tchaikovsky is one of the most interesting and 1)enigmatic figures. His music is immensely popular, and it seems to all of its audiences as if it's about emotion. It's about intense emotion. Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake, 2)Nutcracker, Pathetique. It's so 3)externally present. Every sort of intensity1 of feeling, 4)pathetic feeling, depression, 5)exultation2, happiness, desire, frustration3. It is an extremely 6)frenzied, intense emotionally present form of music.

Jukka-Pekka Saraste (Conductor): The 7)Czar was a kind of ballet, and of course he wanted Tchaikovsky to write for his ballet and supported and sponsored these things. But interestingly enough, Tchaikovsky became famous in America because of his ballets, because of Bella Sheen and all these great Russian 8)choregraphers: first they came to America. And of course, they picked Tchaikovsky's music and these great ballets immediately.

William Littler (Critic): But those ballets are so beloved, and the music is more responsible even than the 9)choreography for their success, that some people don't realize there's a huge body of additional Tchaikovsky. But I don't think by any means the ballets overshadow the 10)symphonies. At least not the fourth, the fifth and the sixth symphonies. They don't overshadow the b-11)flat 12)minor piano 13)concerto. There are many Tchaikovsky hits. If you have one of those anthology of master pieces that the record companies 14)churn out with some regularity4, you'll find a lot of Tchaikovsky in it, and it's not just ballet.

Leon: He came from a modest 15)gentry5. But he was sent, for example, to the school for the civil service of the Russian Czars, and the school of jurisprudence in St. Petersburg, and he grew up with all of the futures6 of intellectuals, civil servants, and aristocrats8 of the reigning9 16)monarchy10. So he was, in that sense, privileged, although poor. For an aristocrat7, he was relatively11 poor. He was always in debt, for example, and later in life he needed 17)patronage.

Jukka-Pekka: He represented the European culture in St. Petersburg. And the tension between the Europeans and the Nationalists was exactly the tension between these two cultures in Russia. So, he represented something that the Czar family wanted St. Petersburg to be. They wanted it to be a European capital with a lot of communication, connection to the European culture, and of course European music. And Tchaikovsky wanted to follow that idea. And that was quite unsexy at the time when the Nationalists wanted to bring the real Russian culture into St. Petersburg.

    Tchaikovsky, during his lifetime, was extremely popular in Russia and abroad. His greatest gift was his ability to write flowing, 18)infectious 19)melodies.

William: He wrote to his brotherconstantly, and you... the letters of Tchaikovsky are one of the most remarkably12 20)revelatory series of documents we have in music. That somebody with so talent, so much genius one might argue, was filled with so much doubt about his own ability. And you find that very much in the music. There is a kind of yearning13 21)melancholy at the root of Tchaikovsky's music that seems to come from his own life experience. And no triumph seemed to last forever for him. It was only the prelude14 to the next period of depression. And as a result, it's a very characteristic music. You would never confuse Tchaikovsky with Beethoven. Beethoven knew there was going to be a sunny tomorrow. Tchaikovsky knew there wasn't.












1) enigmatic  a. 谜一般的,高深莫测的 

2) nutcracker  n. 轧碎坚果的钳子,核桃夹子

3) externally  adv. 外表上,外形上      4) pathetic   a. 可怜的,悲惨的

5) exultation n. 狂喜,得意          6) frenzied  a. 狂热的,狂乱的

7) Czar n.(俄国)沙皇 

8) choreographer  n. 编舞者,舞蹈编导(英国英语亦作choregrapher)

9) choreography n. 舞蹈(表演)艺术(英国英语亦作choregraphy)

10) symphony n. 交响乐,交响曲         11) flat  vt.(使)降半音

12) minor  n.(音乐)小调,小音阶         13) concerto  n.(音乐)协奏曲

14) churn  vt. 搅拌。churn out,艰苦地做出;通过机械力产生

15) gentry n. 贵族们    

16) monarchy n. 君主政体   

17) patronage  n. 保护人

18) infectious a. 有感染力的           19) melody n. 悦耳的音调

20) revelatory  a. 启示性的,启示的   

21) melancholy  n. 忧郁



1 intensity 45Ixd     
  • I didn't realize the intensity of people's feelings on this issue.我没有意识到这一问题能引起群情激奋。
  • The strike is growing in intensity.罢工日益加剧。
2 exultation wzeyn     
  • It made him catch his breath, it lit his face with exultation. 听了这个名字,他屏住呼吸,乐得脸上放光。
  • He could get up no exultation that was really worthy the name. 他一点都激动不起来。
3 frustration 4hTxj     
  • He had to fight back tears of frustration.他不得不强忍住失意的泪水。
  • He beat his hands on the steering wheel in frustration.他沮丧地用手打了几下方向盘。
4 regularity sVCxx     
  • The idea is to maintain the regularity of the heartbeat.问题就是要维持心跳的规律性。
  • He exercised with a regularity that amazed us.他锻炼的规律程度令我们非常惊讶。
5 gentry Ygqxe     
  • Landed income was the true measure of the gentry.来自土地的收入是衡量是否士绅阶层的真正标准。
  • Better be the head of the yeomanry than the tail of the gentry.宁做自由民之首,不居贵族之末。
6 futures Isdz1Q     
  • He continued his operations in cotton futures.他继续进行棉花期货交易。
  • Cotton futures are selling at high prices.棉花期货交易的卖价是很高的。
7 aristocrat uvRzb     
  • He was the quintessential english aristocrat.他是典型的英国贵族。
  • He is an aristocrat to the very marrow of his bones.他是一个道道地地的贵族。
8 aristocrats 45f57328b4cffd28a78c031f142ec347     
n.贵族( aristocrat的名词复数 )
  • Many aristocrats were killed in the French Revolution. 许多贵族在法国大革命中被处死。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • To the Guillotine all aristocrats! 把全部贵族都送上断头台! 来自英汉文学 - 双城记
9 reigning nkLzRp     
  • The sky was dark, stars were twinkling high above, night was reigning, and everything was sunk in silken silence. 天很黑,星很繁,夜阑人静。
  • Led by Huang Chao, they brought down the reigning house after 300 years' rule. 在黄巢的带领下,他们推翻了统治了三百年的王朝。
10 monarchy e6Azi     
  • The monarchy in England plays an important role in British culture.英格兰的君主政体在英国文化中起重要作用。
  • The power of the monarchy in Britain today is more symbolical than real.今日英国君主的权力多为象徵性的,无甚实际意义。
11 relatively bkqzS3     
  • The rabbit is a relatively recent introduction in Australia.兔子是相对较新引入澳大利亚的物种。
  • The operation was relatively painless.手术相对来说不痛。
12 remarkably EkPzTW     
  • I thought she was remarkably restrained in the circumstances. 我认为她在那种情况下非常克制。
  • He made a remarkably swift recovery. 他康复得相当快。
13 yearning hezzPJ     
  • a yearning for a quiet life 对宁静生活的向往
  • He felt a great yearning after his old job. 他对过去的工作有一种强烈的渴想。
14 prelude 61Fz6     
  • The prelude to the musical composition is very long.这首乐曲的序曲很长。
  • The German invasion of Poland was a prelude to World War II.德国入侵波兰是第二次世界大战的序幕。
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