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    The leaves change. Its Autumn, right? That means Halloween! $6.8 billion the magic number--- thats how much the National 1)Retail 2)Federation1 says well spend on all Hallos Eve this year. Its just one day in October, but the 3)hype starts early folks. Candy is in the stores in September, and some start even earlier. Rubies2 makes and ships millions of costumes to 4)Wal-Mart, K-mart and Toys-R-Us, from design to production, to the customer, it starts here.

     Halloween is very much affected3 by the toy industry, and what's hot in the movies, and even current events.

     Last year, Star Wars: The Phantom4 Menace was big. This year it's more mixed. I'm gonna be a genie5. You can't forget 5)standbys like Superman, Barbie and a grim reaper, and Halloween's traditional cast of characters always gets its do. Im gonna be a mummy.

     Eighty-four percent of kids under 15 will don a disguise for the day, but it's not just for them. Twenty-six percent of adults will join in the fun. You want to get out of your ordinary life, and be somebody else for a change. We'll spend an average of $27 per costume. To some, money well spent, to others a little too much. I think all holidays have kinda gone overboard, and Halloween is one of them.  I'm an adult, still my favorite holiday.

     Spooky World is a Halloween theme park employing 400 people in Foxborough, Massachusetts. It all  started nine years ago with a 6)hay ride. They've added four haunted houses and three museums. Only on weekends in October, 10,000 thrill seekers a night dare to be scared, and for $23.50 each, they want their moneys worth. Each year the popularity increases in the bar, the level of customer satisfaction increases, the guest is actually looking for us to 7)excel and go to the next step.

     A little further south, look at these New Jersey6 homes. Fifty-seven percent  of us decorate our houses, magazine cover stories and store fronts fuel the holiday as a decorating event. Salem, Massachusetts known for its witches and 8)haunted happenings, bring a quarter of a million people to visit, 9)generating $30 million in income, just for October. That's a major 10)impact for a city of 38,000 people.

     I get lots of candy, it's fun. Then the sweet stuff, the candy commodity exchange on the neighborhood market. Eight in ten parents will give out candy, spending two billion on treats. Thirty-five percent of all the candy sold in a year is sold now. It's a sure thing for candy makers7. Halloween is going to happen whether it rains or whether it snows. And from a candy manufacturer's point of view, the goods are going to be sold ahead of time.

     And after trick or treating is over, the celebrating is in, a third of adults will attend parties. And with all the money spent on a single day, for many the cost of 11)shedding 12)inhibitions is a small price to pay.

I'll never grow out of it, I guess.








  Spooky World是万圣节主题公园,位于马萨诸塞州的福克斯保罗,雇有400名员工,是由9年前坐草车游戏开始的。他们新添了四栋鬼屋和三个博物馆。只在10月份的周末对外开放,每晚有万名游客到此挑战自己的胆量,每人收费23.5美元,他们希望能物有所值。“来这里的游客数量每年递增,游客的满意程度也在增加,他们非常希望我们能不断推陈出新,再上一个台阶。”






1) retail  n. & v. 零售    

2) federation n. 同盟,联盟

3) hype n. 大肆宣传,大做广告 

4) Wal-MartK-Mart均是美国比较有名的大型百货商场,Toys-R-Us是大玩具商场。

5) standby  n. 靠山,候补品

6) hay ride: 坐草车游戏。通常在马车上放满干草,人坐在上面或藏在里面的一种游戏。

7) excel  v. 胜过他人     

8) haunted   a. 闹鬼的 

9) generate  v. 产生 

10) impact n. 影响,冲击,效果

11) shed  v. 流,散发   

12) inhibition  n. 压抑,禁制


1 federation htCzMS     
  • It is a federation of 10 regional unions.它是由十个地方工会结合成的联合会。
  • Mr.Putin was inaugurated as the President of the Russian Federation.普京正式就任俄罗斯联邦总统。
2 rubies 534be3a5d4dab7c1e30149143213b88f     
红宝石( ruby的名词复数 ); 红宝石色,深红色
  • a necklace of rubies intertwined with pearls 缠着珍珠的红宝石项链
  • The crown was set with precious jewels—diamonds, rubies and emeralds. 王冠上镶嵌着稀世珍宝—有钻石、红宝石、绿宝石。
3 affected TzUzg0     
  • She showed an affected interest in our subject.她假装对我们的课题感到兴趣。
  • His manners are affected.他的态度不自然。
4 phantom T36zQ     
  • I found myself staring at her as if she were a phantom.我发现自己瞪大眼睛看着她,好像她是一个幽灵。
  • He is only a phantom of a king.他只是有名无实的国王。
5 genie xstzLd     
  • Now the genie of his darkest and weakest side was speaking.他心灵中最阴暗最软弱的部分有一个精灵在说话。
  • He had to turn to the Genie of the Ring for help.他不得不向戒指神求助。
6 jersey Lp5zzo     
  • He wears a cotton jersey when he plays football.他穿运动衫踢足球。
  • They were dressed alike in blue jersey and knickers.他们穿着一致,都是蓝色的运动衫和灯笼短裤。
7 makers 22a4efff03ac42c1785d09a48313d352     
  • The makers of the product assured us that there had been no sacrifice of quality. 这一产品的制造商向我们保证说他们没有牺牲质量。
  • The makers are about to launch out a new product. 制造商们马上要生产一种新产品。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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