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Harper:(In The Lakers'locker room)"we're here, we know what we have to do.One more game! Take it one game at a time,not three at a time, Let's go out and get the job done!

   Let's get seriouis! Fellas.

   One! Two Three! Lakers!

     Play as hard as you can, leave it all up to

   Steal by lverson!Back on Bryant, easy lay-up !Kobe could not afford his third foul1.!

    Elsee led by Horry, left-hand scoop2 is good.

    A left-hand scoop down from the bottom of the net.

    Allan wants to go, watch the baseline, fade away! Yes!Look out!

    He knocks down another one.

(Off the sideline during a long timeout)

Phil jackson(The head coach of the Lakers): Keep the game simple offensively, it got a little bit too tricky3. When you throw to Shaq throw high for example, little things like that .OK, their ball first, let's get our defense4 back in order.

   Bryant ,once again played very well by Bell

   Three on the clock Fish gets it off, Fish makes another three!

   That's silly ,thats silly, five out of six from three-point range. They're one minute away from the championship.

  Fisher has to fire a three,yew ! And there it is . Ladies and gentlemen, you can start the party out in Los Angeles. This baby's headed for the history books.

   It's the most spectacular season for titles for the most valuable player Allan lverson.

    And that will do it. Back to back titles for the  Los Angeles Lakers.

   The Lakers who finish with a fifteen and one run, the best all-time playoff winning percentage in the history of the league.

Ahmad Rashed (A very famous host of the NBA): Joining me here for the trophy5 presentation the owner of the Lakers Dr. Jerry Buss, head coach Phil Jackson and the rest of the  Lakers and now to make the presentation of the  Larry Brown Trophy here is the commissioner6 David Stern.

David Srern: This Laker team beat a game Philadelphia 76er team and ou hat goes off to them .But you had the best record ever in the history of the NBA playoffs, yu should be proud of that. You defended you title with intensity7, passion ,but most important teamwork and grace .Congratulations to the Word Champion 2001 NBA  Los Angeles Lakers!

 Seventeen blocked shot in a five game series, 33 points a game, 16 rebounds8 tow consecutive9 MVPs, congratulations Shaquille ONeil the 2001 Finals MVP.

Larry Brown(The head coach of 76ers): Umm you know I think i One Id like to congratulate the Lakers.i thought they wre phenomenal, they were ah well coached. They played like a class team the whole series and you know certainly deserved to win and ummit was just a phenomenal phenomenal experience being in the playoffs with a group like that .And uh the big guy was unbelievable. I think umm each game our appreciation10 grew for him but he umm I thought Phil did a great job.

Reporter: Larry, have you ever in you career seen a team that didn't win the championship, so admired so apparently11 loved by a city, by an entire area?

Larry Brown: They helped us get here. I don't think I've ever seen a team get any more support than you know, we received.  And it was you know when you consider where we've come, it's been pretty amazing.

Phil Jackson.After the first gamd he got in a scoring contest with Alan lverson. They got 40 points each in that ball game. I went down the stat sheet and said,That ball game you have zero blocked shots.We really need you defens. And the next four games he averaged about four plus blocks a game and his defense is really, I think, is one of the keys for us winning this game. He was a presence inside both offensively and defensively.

 Well you know he came out with a lot of energy post All Star break and said now its time to start going and unfortunately for us it want time. Umm as for as injuries and the scheduling and the things that happened to us we weren't able to get ourselves toing for another six weeks. But he kept motivating the team.He kept his engines going ,he kept conditioning and reconditioning himself and taking a lot of time with free-throw shootingand all the things that are the weak points of his game that he wanted to improve. And I think everybody just took his leadership this year as a big plus. You know Shaq, a lot of times has not been as abvious a leader as he was this year ,he truly was a great leader in this team. And for him to win the second one I think you know this is a validation12 of you greatness, your ability. You know you look back at the great centers who have been in this league, Chamberlain had two championships spaced apart for four or five years. UmmShaq has got more in him and I expect him to have more than two chanpionships befor hes finished with this game.

Shaquille O'Neal: I 'm drunk Uhh the last fifteen, twenty games we just, yu know, became a great team. And uhh you know Kobe did a great job keeping everybody involved and uheverybody shot the ball well. And uhh you know we just played with that hunkering. Its like Toby Knight13 tole me that we made history. We have the best record in winning our championship. So thats another thing I could tell my sons. Im a big historian. Im happy. You know it may not seem like Im happy on my face but Im not done. So Ill take a week off , start working out again, come back leaner and meaner and try to get another one next year.




哈柏(湖人队队长):"我们在这里了, 我们知道我们该怎么做。再拿下一场!比赛要一场一场打,不要(去想)后三场,出发!”


  大家尽力去拼, 其它事情留给……

  埃弗森断球! 布莱恩特过来补防,一个轻松的上篮!科比第三次犯规很不划算。














  在总决赛5场比赛中共拿下17盖帽,平均每场33分、16篮权,连续两 届最有价值球员,祝贺你,2001NBA总决赛最有价值球员沙克奥尼尔。

拉里面朗:嗯 ……你知道,我以为, 我……首先我想祝贺湖人队, 我觉得他们战绩斐然,训练有素。整个总决赛中他们如一支班及球队般齐心协力,你知道他们理所当然。……能在季后赛和这样一支球队交手是十分难得的经验。呃……这个大个子真是让以难以置信。……每场比赛后我们对他的全面的能力都会有新的认识。但是,他……我认为菲尔非常出色。




  在全明星赛后,他精力充沛,说,我们该努力了,但不幸的是我们起色不大。由于伤病及赛程安排等原因,在随后的6周里我们发挥得不好,但是他坚持鼓励大家,他坚持不懈,并在自己罚球等弱点上下工夫。我认为今年全队上下都接受了沙克的领导地位。你知道他今年比以往任何时候都 更像一球队领袖。他今年是球队真正的领袖。第二个总冠军我认为对他来说是对他杰出能力的肯定。你知道当你回去看看那些联盟中出现过的伟大中锋们,张伯伦拿了两个冠军,但期间相隔了45年。沙克现大忆经在这上面超过他了,我希望们的退役前能再多拿几个总冠军。  




1 foul Sfnzy     
  • Take off those foul clothes and let me wash them.脱下那些脏衣服让我洗一洗。
  • What a foul day it is!多么恶劣的天气!
2 scoop QD1zn     
  • In the morning he must get his boy to scoop it out.早上一定得叫佣人把它剜出来。
  • Uh,one scoop of coffee and one scoop of chocolate for me.我要一勺咖啡的和一勺巧克力的。
3 tricky 9fCzyd     
  • I'm in a rather tricky position.Can you help me out?我的处境很棘手,你能帮我吗?
  • He avoided this tricky question and talked in generalities.他回避了这个非常微妙的问题,只做了个笼统的表述。
4 defense AxbxB     
  • The accused has the right to defense.被告人有权获得辩护。
  • The war has impacted the area with military and defense workers.战争使那个地区挤满了军队和防御工程人员。
5 trophy 8UFzI     
  • The cup is a cherished trophy of the company.那只奖杯是该公司很珍惜的奖品。
  • He hung the lion's head as a trophy.他把那狮子头挂起来作为狩猎纪念品。
6 commissioner gq3zX     
  • The commissioner has issued a warrant for her arrest.专员发出了对她的逮捕令。
  • He was tapped for police commissioner.他被任命为警务处长。
7 intensity 45Ixd     
  • I didn't realize the intensity of people's feelings on this issue.我没有意识到这一问题能引起群情激奋。
  • The strike is growing in intensity.罢工日益加剧。
8 rebounds 87b0c2d1da6e752183ab26d425c5acd4     
反弹球( rebound的名词复数 ); 回弹球; 抢断篮板球; 复兴
  • V is the velocity after the gas particle rebounds from the wall. V是粒子从壁上弹开后的速度。
  • In the former case, the first body rebounds with practically its original velocity. 在前一种情况下,第一个物体实际上以原来的速度弹回。
9 consecutive DpPz0     
  • It has rained for four consecutive days.已连续下了四天雨。
  • The policy of our Party is consecutive.我党的政策始终如一。
10 appreciation Pv9zs     
  • I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to you all.我想对你们所有人表达我的感激和谢意。
  • I'll be sending them a donation in appreciation of their help.我将送给他们一笔捐款以感谢他们的帮助。
11 apparently tMmyQ     
  • An apparently blind alley leads suddenly into an open space.山穷水尽,豁然开朗。
  • He was apparently much surprised at the news.他对那个消息显然感到十分惊异。
12 validation a617908b172c473cb8e8cda059e55bf0     
  • If the countdown timer ever hits zero, do your validation processing. 处理这种情况的方法是在输入的同时使用递减计时器,每次击键重新计时。如果递减计时器变为零,就开始验证。 来自About Face 3交互设计精髓
  • Although the validation control is a very widespread idiom, most such controls can be improved. 虽然确认控件是非常广泛的习惯用法,但还有很多有待改进的地方。 来自About Face 3交互设计精髓
13 knight W2Hxk     
  • He was made an honourary knight.他被授予荣誉爵士称号。
  • A knight rode on his richly caparisoned steed.一个骑士骑在装饰华丽的马上。
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